tagIncest/TabooThe Willing Blonde Ch. 02

The Willing Blonde Ch. 02


It might be better to read the first chapter, "The Willing Blonde" of this story before getting into this one. Either way please enjoys reading it as much as Mike and I did living it.



Ann then saunters over to where I'm sitting on the couch standing between my legs, looking down at me with, if there is such a thing, a submissive smile on her lips. Anyway that is what I was seeing based on how the night had gone so far. As I looked up at her, my gaze moved slowly up her spread thighs coming together at her beautifully shaved cunt lips, glistening with the moisture of arousal. Then over her flat, hard stomach above her cunt to a pair of the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. I linger on her breasts.

She notices my continued stare at her breasts smiles and says, "Would you like to hear a story about my boobs?"

Mike and I say almost at the same time, "For sure!"

Ann giggles as she, still standing between my legs close enough for me to touch her, reaches again for her breasts and begins to fondle and caress them lovingly. She has already figured out that Mike and I were pervy voyeurs par excellence, so she was enjoying playing exhibitionist for our viewing pleasure. Still smiling and fondling she begins, " Would you kind gentlemen care to hear the story of how I got these beautiful boobs?"

"Oh, is there a story behind them?" Mike asks staring at Ann fondle and caress her nearly perfect breasts.

"Of course we would love a story is has to do with your beautiful boobs!" I exclaim quickly.

Ann to get into a more relaxed position turns and takes everything off the coffee table then proceeds to sit cross-legged in the middle of it. Her shaved cunt glistening moistly as she returns to the fondling, caressing her boobs, occasionally taking her nipples between her thumb and forefinger to aggressively pinch them. We are totally under her control by now. Isn't that what sometimes happens in dom/sub situation?

She tells how when she was going up, her older brother never noticed her until she began to get boobs and pubic hair. Then all of a sudden he allowed her very little privacy. He would walk in the bathroom when she was bathing, into her bedroom when he knew she was changing clothes, anytime he could see her naked. No matter how much she pleaded and protested he would not stop and began to grow bolder when he realized she was too ashamed to tell their parents.

The older brother brought out the family Polaroid and made her pose naked in all sorts of lewd and erotic poses. At first she was totally embarrassed with the whole picture scene. Then she found out older brother was masturbating to the Polaroid's. This began to turn her on to the point she no longer protested when brother wanted more pics and began to really get into posing in more erotic ways. Finally her brother told her play with herself. This opened up a whole new level of games. Soon she was fucking herself with any object brother brought into the room. The handle of her hairbrush, cylindrical shaped shampoo containers and finally brother went to the kitchen and brought out the cucumbers. He began working her up to larger and larger sizes as he took pics of any and all this.

Finally all that was left was for them to begin to fuck. She began to think about what it would be like to actually fuck another human being instead of objects. She had learned to enjoy the objects to the point of almost reaching an orgasm, but not quite. She had not had that experience yet. One day about the usual time that brother would come in to play she took off all her clothes, lay spread out on the bed pretending to read a book. When she heard him coming down the hall she reach down and began to play with her fuzz covered cunt lips.

He came in and immediately called her a slut and whore. Not really knowing how or why this really turned her on but it did. She lay the book down and said to her brother, "I'm not really a real slut or whore yet, but if climbed up here and put your dick in my pussy I would be."

Older brother had always felt that he, being her brother should not actually fuck her, but here she was asking for it. So any honorable thought he might have had went to hell in a hand basket. He ripped off his clothes and jumped her for her first actual fuck. It did not feel that much different from the objects other than having a warm body to hold while getting fucked. Brother did not last long until he pulled out and shot large quantities of cum all over her stomach and breasts. In for a penny in for a pound, brother then slide up over Ann and told her to lick his dick clean or he would show the slutty Polaroid pics to everyone in school.

Afraid of being even more exposed she got her first taste of the wonderful juices created by two young people fucking. Being young and never having had his cock in someone's mouth before, brother's dick got hard again really quickly and Ann began to learn about sucking dick. Since brother had just cum he was going to last much longer this time, so he began to fuck Ann's mouth deeper and deeper. Telling her she better not gag or bite his dick. Brother then pulls out and turns around, again cramming his cock into Ann's mouth as he bends over and starts to kiss around her lower stomach and upper thighs. Ann at first is ashamed that he is that close to her privates but slowly begins to get turned on. As he begins to kiss her cunt lips almost involuntarily she slowly spreads her legs as wide as they will go, which allows her cunt lips to open giving access to her clit. Brother all caught up with this first 69, starts licking vigorously up and down her open slit.

Ann begins to feel a sensation never before felt or dreamed of. She begins to hunch her cunt up into brothers slashing tongue. Finally when brother sucks her clit into his mother she screams, "There! Right there! Don't stop! Please! Right there! Please, don't stop. Please! Please, please plea..." As she has her first orgasm she realizes she will certainly do this again and again and again and again.

Brother, who is still fucking her mouth realizes what has just happened and it sends him over the top again. He fucks down as deep as he can into Ann's mouth and shoots another load of cum. This time not on her stomach but down her throat, which she greedily gobbles, down.

Brother rolls over and they both know they have discovered something they like very much. They just lay there spent, smiling and not sure where all this came from or where it might go, but both knowing it will happen again. Brother being the jerk that he is begins to tell Ann what a slut and whore she is and how she better not ever tell anyone or he will use the pics against her. And that he will fuck her and she will suck his dick whenever he wants. She will be his fuck slut and she better not argue or fight about it either.

Ann still trying to overcome the rapture of her first orgasm simply smiles and agrees to whatever he says. She feels the wetness on her stomach and breasts reaches down and begins to rub the slowly drying cum into her body and tits. Finally she raises her hand to her mouth and begins to lick it clean.

Brother shaking his head says, "You are going to be one nasty slut. Even more so when I get through with you and you go get some birth control pills right now." He stands up gets dressed and leaves Ann spread eagle on the bed rubbing his cum into her youthful breasts and licking the remainder off her hands.

They continue to fuck whenever brother wants which is quite often. She learns to get off while fucking because brother did not spend a lot of time eating her out, not caring whether she got off or not. She also learns about masturbation, which she does many times when he is not there to use her. She becomes obsessed with sex, sex and more sex. Wishing her brother would use her more than he does.

After a year of so of this brother realizes the amount of control her has over Ann and expands the sexual activities. One day after school Ann is in her rooms thinking it was about time for brother to come in for his afternoon fuck and blowjob. She is already naked and playing with her nipples and cunt in antisipation, ready, willing and able to provide a great time.

But brother has other plans for this day. He walks in and tells Ann to shut the fuck up and to listen up. "Spread you arms out as far as they will go above your head, whore."

Ann not used to this much gruff language and attitude, does as she is told for fear of making him mad. He walks over to the side of the bed and ties a rope around her wrist, pulling her arm straight out and up, then ties the other end of the rope to the bedstead. Ann is getting more scared but won't protest because of that fear. Brother then goes to the other side and ties the other arm the same as the first. Then he takes a scarf out of her chest of drawers, grabs the hair on the top of head and lifts her head up. The he wraps the scarf around her head covering her eyes, insuring he does a good job of cutting her vision off completely. Ann is really scared now tied helpless and blindfolded. Doesn't he know by now that he doesn't have to bind me to fuck me? I enjoy it as much or more than he does. What's happening?

The she hears brother yell out, "Ok guys come on in."

"Brother, what going on? Who are you talking to? Is someone else going to see me naked? What?" Ann blurts out in an anxious voice.

"Shut the fuck up, whore. Or I will gag your slut mouth. Do you understand?" he says in a very menacing voice, which is enough to create silence despite the fear.

"Ok, guys, see I'm keeping my part of the deal. Now let me see the color of you money." Brother says for all to hear.

"No shit, you are gonna let us fuck you sister for five dollars each?" someone said in a voice she did not recognize.

"That was the deal, five dollars for a fuck and ten dollars for a blow job. Whadda think, now?" Brother stated with some pride in his ability to produce pussy for his friends at a reasonable rate.

Ann could hear clothes being rustled around and the guys mumbling between themselves.

Thus began Ann's life as a used slut, whore being pimped by her brother until he left to go to college a year or so later. Ann was hooked by then, firmly believing she was only good for one thing. She was known as and was used as the school "easy slut" from then on.

She graduated from college and began to figure out that she could turn this whole way of life around on her brother, who was by now a very wealthy and successful attorney. She threatened to go to their parents, the police and tell the whole world what her big brother had done to her over the earlier years. Unless he agreed to support her with a monthly check and pay for a boob job. He did not want all that to get out and ruin his "reputation" so he begrudgedly agreed to her conditions.

"So kind gentlemen that is where these lovely boobs you are now admiring came from." She says offering her beautiful boobs in the palms of her hands like a delicacy on a platter.

Mike with dry humor said, "Well God bless big brothers."

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