tagErotic HorrorThe Witch Who Sucked Me

The Witch Who Sucked Me


(A huge thank you to PennLady for excellent editing. It's not easy helping a retard learn to write, but she's slowly getting me there! Happy Halloween!)


Halloween was only days away. Skeletons, ghosts and pumpkins adorned every house. It was foggy at night and the air was cool and crisp. It was almost creepy enough to make a person believe in the undead.

John pulled his car into the gravel parking lot and hopped out. He hadn't intended stop at the pumpkin patch this year, but when he saw Suzy Jones's car there, he couldn't help himself. He parked his car beside hers and walked out towards the field. He spotted her, and made his way over. She waved as soon as she saw him.

"Hi John!" She smiled at him.

"Hi Suzy." John tried to smile back; he always got nervous around her. He thought that she liked him but he hadn't had the nerve to ask her out yet. She was just too beautiful.

"How are you?" Suzy's voice snapped him out of his thoughts.

"I'm great. What are you doing here?" What do you think she's doing here you dumbass! "I mean...I know you're getting a pumpkin." John laughed awkwardly.

"Well, yes, I am." She laughed with him. "You too, I suppose?"

"Yes, I get one here every year," John lied. "It's my little Halloween tradition."

"Me too. How do you like this one?" She bent over and picked up one that was sitting by her feet. She gave John a quick peek at her bountiful cleavage as she did so. The top few buttons of her shirt were unfastened.

"I approve," John said. Oh, God do I approve. John then reached over grabbing the largest pumpkin he could find. "And I'll take this one." Shit, this is heavy!

"Nice." Suzy nodded in approval. "Walk with me over to the check out stand."

As they walked along the path, John decided to take a chance. "So...there's that new coffee stand downtown, have you heard about it?"

"Oh, yes," Suzy said. "I heard they make the best pumpkin spiced drink you could imagine."

"They do!" John looked over at her and took a chance. "I could take you down there and buy you one tonight... if you were free that is." Whew! I didn't even stutter!

Suzy placed her pumpkin on the scale and turned to John. "I'd love that. It's a date."

"Okay, maybe some other...um...what?" John gaped. He had his dejection lines memorized. "I mean...sorry...how about seven?" He hoped he hadn't sounded too dorky.

"You're r funny." Suzy grinned up at him. "Seven sounds great. I'll meet you out front. See ya." She finished and waved as she made her way over to her car.

John watched her ass swaying as she walked away. Perfection.

John was so excited that he nearly forgot to pay for his pumpkin, until the check out girl grabbed his sleeve, pulling him back to the scale. She said yes! Holy shit! I'm the man!

John grinned like an idiot all the way back to his house. He took his pumpkin inside and started carving it almost immediately. This was the first time that he had carved a pumpkin in years. It was much easier to get into the Halloween spirit when you had someone to share it with. John was no artist, and his pumpkin was no work of art, but it gave him a sense of accomplishment that he hadn't felt in a while.

He heard the familiar sound of Suzy's souped up Charger pulling up next door and looked out his kitchen window.

John could have watched her all day long. She was wearing tight jeans that showed off her round ass perfectly and her long blonde hair flowed past her shoulders. He watched her turn to go up the walk toward her house. He couldn't decide what he liked more, her angelic face with wide eyes and full lips or her busty figure. She was like a playboy centerfold, but she was real and she was going out with him tonight.

When he finished carving his pumpkin, he put it out on his front porch, complete with lit candle inside. Just like a real Halloween.

With some time to kill before his date, he plopped down on the couch and turned on the news. He loved all the silly stories that only seemed to happen this time of year. In fact, the first story on tonight was about a bunch of toads hopping around a construction site. Nobody seemed to know where they came from and the newscaster implied that it could have been the work of a witch.

"A witch? Come on!" John rolled his eyes at the television. He clicked it off and went upstairs to take a shower.

At ten minutes to seven, John walked outside. It was already dark and the nightly fog was starting to roll in. It was a crisp night but not too cold. He stepped away from his porch to admire his pumpkin. It was decidedly sinister enough to adorn the front of his house and he thought that Suzy would approve.

He sat down on the first step, enjoying the evening air and waited for Suzy. John waited and waited and waited. No Suzy. He checked the time on his cell phone and it was quarter after seven. He had never known Suzy to be late for anything. He'd lived next to her for a few years now and knew her routine pretty well. Did she stand me up?

John wasn't sure what to do. Should he walk over and knock on her door or give her another fifteen minutes? He decided to go over to her house.

She had placed her pumpkin outside as well but there was no candle in it. Hmmmm. Maybe she had an emergency come up? John was about to knock on the door, when he noticed that it was slightly ajar. He heard a sound from inside.

"Suzy?" he called through the doorway. "It's me, John. Is everything ok?"

The sounds stopped. He started to worry. Maybe she fell and the sounds I heard were her having a seizure on the kitchen floor, or maybe I've been watching too many Halloween movies on HBO!

Gathering every last bit of his nerve, John entered her house. "Suzy?" he called out as he walked through the doorway and down the hallway to what he imagined led to her kitchen. That's where the noises he heard appeared to be coming from. "Suzy?"

When he entered the kitchen, he noticed a dozen short candles scattered across the floor. He also noticed a little whiteboard on the refrigerator with the handwritten message: John tonight 7 and then a little smiley face.

Awesome! John thought, before he noticed one of Suzy's tennis shoes on the floor and some muddy foot prints leading out the open back door of the kitchen. Shit, something is so not right here.

John ran out the back door and smack into a large man who was standing with his back to the house. The man fell forward, facedown into Suzy's muddy backyard. He didn't move. John feared for the man's life for a moment before he looked a little further down Suzy's back yard. What the fuck!?

There was a tall woman dressed from head to toe in long flowing black robes and a tall black pointed hat, dragging Suzy's bound, unconscious body through the mud.

"Suzy!" John called out, running after her. He wasn't sure what he was going to do, but he had to do something.

The tall woman turned, flashing John a wicked grin and pointing something that looked like a stick at him. There was a brief flash and John found himself flying backwards and landing in the thick mud beside the large man who was still facedown in the mud.

It took John a few seconds to clear his head and get to his feet again, but he charged at the woman again. He thought he had been shot at first but there was no hole or blood. She must have some sort of stun gun.

By the time John reached her, she had Suzy tied up to a long stick. The black robed woman straddled it. It took John a moment to realize that it was a long broomstick. A fucking witch? No way!

The woman cackled and kicked her feet against the ground and the broom started to rise into the air. John had just enough time to jump after it and grabbed it with both hands as it shot off towards moon.

John screamed as he was carried far above the rooftops of his town and off towards God knew where. He was expecting to be shot with the stun gun, the psycho lady had, any minute and fall to his death. That didn't happen. Suzy's limp body hung off the broom just in front of him. There was nothing to do but hang on for his life and hope for the best. Maybe I'm just dreaming. It has to be a dream. John knew deep down that this was no dream. Fuck!

It seemed like they were in the air for less than a minute when they swooped down towards the forest on the north end of town. They flew just above the tree tops and then down into a clearing. The broom stopped moving, hovering above the ground.

"Let go!" the woman screeched at him.

John did as he was told and dropped the last couple of feet to the ground. Suzy thudded to the ground right beside him. He ran over to her. She was still breathing and didn't appear to be hurt but he couldn't tell for sure.

"Pick her up and at least make yourself useful, freeloader," the woman ordered. Her voice was rough, horrible and painful to hear.

John struggled to lift Suzy up, too afraid to look at the woman. He was breathing fast, trying to gather his bearings. Here I am with the girl of my dreams in my arms, about to die. Maybe not? He had to be patient and wait for a chance to do something.

The woman grabbed John's sleeve and pulled him forward. He nearly stumbled and fell but managed to stay on his feet. She was incredibly strong.

John was finally able to focus on the woman as she led him along. She was tall, very tall. John was just over six feet himself, and this woman was at least a foot taller. She had a long, black, tangled mess of hair that sat upon her shoulders and her skin was pale green.

She led him towards a stone cottage that sat in the middle of the clearing. Once there, the door opened by itself and she pulled John inside. The large front room was sparsely furnished with a few chairs. She dragged him past this, into a large kitchen.

"Put her on the table!" the green-skinned woman spat at him. John did and then cowered back into the corner.

For the first time he saw the woman's face. It was one thing to see her pale green hand clutching his sleeve, but quite another to see her pale green face glaring back at him. She had the longest nose that John had ever seen on a person. Several large warts were scattered across her face and a large scar ran down her left cheek. There was no doubt in his mind. She was a witch.

"Well?" she asked quietly, cocking her head to one side. She stood there, frozen, staring at him and waiting.

"Uh...I...what?" he managed to stammer back at her.

"Uh...I...what?" she mocked him.

"What are you going to do with her?" he managed to squeak out, pointing to Suzy. He had eyed what looked like an iron skillet on the kitchen counter that he thought he could reach before she could do anything about it. Her hands were empty.

"What are you going to do with her?" she mocked him again.

"What do you want with her?" John managed. Anger was getting the better of him and his voice was getting stronger.

"Full of questions, aren't you?' She sneered at him and then froze again, head cocked and staring at him. Her eyes were roaming up and down his body as if sizing him up.

John reached over and grabbed the skillet and swung it at her head as hard as he could. This shit is ending now!

She must have anticipated this action and the skillet swung through empty air. She moved forward and grabbed John's wrist before he could swing at her again. With her other hand, the witch pushed John back against the kitchen wall and moved so close to him that he could feel her breath on his face. Her strength was impossible. John couldn't move. He knew that he was going to die.

"My, my aren't you just the worst little house guest Glenda has ever had," she hissed at him, grinning wickedly from ear to ear. "You came all this way just to bash Glenda's head in?"

The witch muttered something under her breath and then walked away from him. John, however, remained stuck to the wall. He couldn't move a muscle. He watched helplessly as the witch took two small green pendants off of her kitchen counter. She put one around Suzy's neck and the other around her own. Then she went over to the fireplace and muttered something under her breath, whilst waving that little stick of hers through the air. When she was done, she removed her robes and hat and stood there naked staring at Suzy.

John felt some type of energy in the room before he saw anything. His skin was crawling and every hair on his body stood on end. What John saw next completely blew his mind. John could only describe them as spirits; barely-discernable man-like forms moving around the table. There were two of them and if he squinted hard enough he could make out the forms of two muscular men within the misty forms. They worked on the rope that bound Suzy, letting it drop to the floor, and then removed her clothes. John let out an audible gasp when Suzy's naked body came into view

Suzy was flawless, with smooth, unblemished skin and large full breasts that jutted upwards, defying gravity. Despite the hopeless situation, he started to harden. He tried to yell out at the spirits to leave her alone, but his mouth was as stuck and frozen as the rest of him. He could only move his eyes around and hope for the best. He'd always been one to hope for the best. Maybe it's time to get a new philosophy. This shit's about to get real. Just then, things took a turn for the worse.

The witch remained as still as a statue, standing there with her legs slightly spread and arms outstretched, staring at Suzy and the two spirits. She was totally naked except for the strange green pendant around her neck. She was horribly withered and worn. John looked away, but the view towards Suzy was much worse.

The spirits had moved to the ends of the table and Suzy's eyes had opened. She smiled at the two spirits, but John could see that her eyes were glassy, like she was drugged or...was under a spell? It's a spell dumbass! We've been abducted by a real fucking witch. John saw with horror that the spirits were becoming more solid and that they both had large, thick erections.

Suzy spread her legs and one of the spirits flew down between her legs. She moaned in pleasure as the spirit started lapping at her pussy. He had an impossibly long tongue.

Fuck no! John thought. She's mine! This can't be happening!

Suzy opened her mouth and let the other spirit slide his cock into it. The spirit man between her legs had pulled his head away and had buried his cock inside her now. Suzy was being fucked hard and was moaning around the ethereal cock in her mouth. She seemed to be enjoying herself.

She has to be under a spell! John was frantic.

"Oh!" the witch moaned suddenly.

John looked over at her. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling and softly moaning. Her body was swaying in rhythm with Suzy's.

As John watched, the witch's skin seemed to soften and smooth out before his eyes. The wrinkles on her face started to disappear. She appeared to be getting younger by the second. He glanced over at Suzy and noticed that she appeared to be getting older. Her breasts were sagging and her face was scrunching up.

What the fuck? John glanced over at the witch and his eyes nearly bugged out of his head. Her breasts were growing. Where they had been sagging patches of skin before, they were now expanding fleshy mounds. They kept growing and growing and growing until they were like large melons, majestically thrusting out from her chest. Her skin was tight and unblemished now. Her face had softened considerably and her lips were plump, but she still had the long hooked nose and warts. There was no mistaking her for anything but a witch and she wasn't going to be winning any beauty contests, ever.

John was so mesmerized by the witch's transformation that he hadn't noticed when the spirits had disappeared. He looked over at Suzy and she was thin and withered lying on the table. She was still alive though and that meant that there was still hope.

John fell to the floor with a thud. "Shit!" he yelled and sprang to his feet.

"I'm done with her, boy," the witch said. "You can have her."

John ran over to Suzy. She was aged and wasted. She was nothing but skin and bones. Her hair had gone from blonde to white. Her face was a mass of wrinkles, and her body was withered. John helped her to a sitting position.

"John...What happened to me?" She rasped at him. "Where am I?"

"It's ok...there's been...there's been an accident," he said, trying to comfort her. He picked up her clothes from the floor and helped her get dressed. She sobbed quietly the whole time. When she was dressed he helped her to a chair by the door. Just maybe we can get out of here. It's all in the preparations. There is always hope.

"Oh...isn't that sweet!?" The witch cackled behind him. "Helping your sweetheart to the chair. You make such a cute couple."

John turned on her. "What do you want with us?"

"You? You? Nobody wanted you, but maybe I can find a use for you," The witch walked over to him, her huge green breasts bouncing. "I only wanted her, but you had to invite yourself along didn't you?"

"I...I didn't....what did you do to Suzy?" He stepped back, suddenly all the rage faded away as fear took over. "Please turn her back," he managed weakly.

"Turn her back? Turn her back? And give up these?" She cupped her huge boobs. "This is what I needed her for. I've waited years and years for one such as her. I've watched her for years and prepared for this night longer than you could know! It's too late now. The spell is complete and we are what we are."

"Please, I don't...will she be ok?" John said taking another step back. The witch was right in front of him now, towering over him. He was so scared he was starting to shake. He had to do something for Suzy. Anything.

The witch laughed then, her whole body shaking with mirth. "She's alive now isn't she? Isn't that enough for you? Oh I see, you want to know how long she'll live and if she's as weak and sickly as she looks. Is that it, boy?"

John was backed up against a wall and the witch pressed up against him. He was waiting for her to rip out his heart or something. She was so fast and so strong. He thought about trying to buckle her knee with his and take her down to the floor. If he could just stun her for a moment, he might be able to at least knock her out with one of the iron skillets hanging from the kitchen ceiling.

"What are you waiting for, boy?" she asked. He could smell her breath hot and surprisingly sweet in his face. Her large chest was pressed against him. Her long thick nipples were poking into his chest. "Try to bash my head in again. I know you want to. I can smell it on you."

"No...I..." he muttered. He knew right then, that he would never be able to take her down unless she was asleep. How do I get her asleep?

Suzy groaned in the chair. She was crying and obviously in pain. John looked over at her. It must hurt to have almost all of the life sucked out of you.

"She'll live. She'll live for years, I assume. At least a few more," the witch taunted him "Who knows the future?" It felt like she was staring right into his skull. His cock twitched in his pants. Those large breasts were hard to ignore.

He knew he was going to die. It was just a matter of how, but he had to save Suzy.

"Can you take some of my...my energy...my life and give it back to her? I'll do anything. Just let her live. Switch the pendants. Give me the one that she was wearing and give her the one around your neck. Please," John begged, trying to look everywhere but at the face of the horrible naked witch pressed against his body.

She stepped back suddenly laughing and cackling. "Oh my! What a great idea the boy has! Why didn't I think of that?"

She ran over to Suzy, yanking the pendant off of her and then throwing it at John and then replacing it with her own.

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