tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Witches' Sabbath Ch. 02

The Witches' Sabbath Ch. 02


If you still insist, I will proceed...as you wish. I shall tell you, then, what I can remember of that terrifying night when I witnessed the witches' sabbath, scattered and fragmented though my memories are by the sheer filth of the deeds I witnessed...

I remember the blonde witch, kneeling before the dog-demon as he held her by a fistful of her golden hair and savagely fucked her mouth, plunging his thick member deep into her throat each time he rammed it forward, the witch's slippery spit pouring out around his thrusting shaft and down her chin and over the demon's balls, drenching her jiggling tits and coursing down her belly.

The witch clearly enjoying being so treated, looking up at the dog-demon eagerly, bright-eyed, using one hand to slather her tits with her prodigious spit and pinch her hard wet nipples, her other hand to slide more of the spit down between her legs to better lubricate her already sopping labia as she furiously rubbed her engorged pink clit, and the sound of her cock-muffled squeals as she orgasmed, quivering and shuddering, so aroused was she by the demonic throatfucking she was receiving...

...and I remember the brunette witch, bent over before the table, getting fucked powerfully from behind by the goat-demon, her tits swinging deliciously as he pounded into her sopping hole, and she leaning forward to suck the balls of the boar-demon, who was himself lying supine on the table as the redhead witch rode his massive hellcock, her ripe tits bouncing as she slid her tight slick cunt up and down the demon's throbbing shaft, screaming with delight as he slapped her juicy ass, leaving great red handprints on her pale, jiggling ass cheeks.

This repeated spanking brought the redhead witch quickly to climax, her pussy fluid pouring down the boar-demon's great red member and onto his balls, where the brunette witch eagerly licked it up, the pussy-ramming she was receiving soon bringing about her own orgasm, at which point the boar-demon's big pussy-soaked nuts fell from her mouth, her tongue lolled and her eyes rolled back as she squealed in unholy ecstasy.

The goat-demon held her up as her knees gave way and continued to fuck her right through her orgasm, her pussy drenching his great red dick, until finally the goat-demon let her fall to the ground like a doll, and he leaped agilely onto the table, straddling the redhead witch as she, still impaled on the boar-demon's cock and struggling to recover from her own orgasm, now faced the goat-demon, who began thrusting his big pussy-slick dick vigorously between her delicious tits...

...and I remember the the lion-demon easily lifting the nun into the air by the waist with his infernal strength, and plunging his great demonic cock into her dripping slit, then withdrawing, rapidly turning her upside down, and burying his cock in her throat, then pulling out, turning her upright again as she giggled and spluttered, and sinking his spit-soaked dick back into her eager pussy, then upending her again to thrust into her throat, and so on and so forth, rotating her like a wheel, each thrust landing alternately in her sopping cunt and her cock-hungry throat...

...and I remember all four demons lying on their backs in the dirt, each mounted by a witch, and each witch seeking to outdo the others in the vigorousness with which she rode her demon's cock, their big wet tits all bouncing wildly as they filled their slippery pussies with infernal cockflesh, changing places periodically so that each could ride a new demon dick, and the lords of hell all encouraging them with the most vile phrases, calling them all manner of filthy names, spurring them on to still more wild feats of lust...

...and I remember the blonde witch on her hands and knees, the boar-demon squatting behind her and power-fucking her dripping cunt, the goat-demon kneeling before her and roughly cock-ramming her slippery throat, and above, the nun suspended face-down, her legs on the boar-demon's shoulders as he buried his face between her thighs and tongue-fucked her juicy slit, the goat-demon holding her by the arms and sucking eagerly on her full tits, his long tongue sliding nastily over her hard nipples as she squealed with delight.

The boar-demon now indulged his love of spanking, slapping first the luscious ass of the blonde witch as it bounced against his thighs, then the gorgeous butt of the nun as he devoured her soaking cunt, and when the nun seemed on the verge of coming, the boar-demon grabbed the blonde witch by her hair and pulled back, yanking her wet mouth off the goat-demon's dick until her back arched and her face pointed straight up, and then he slid his tongue out of the nun's almost-climaxing hole, lifted her up with one hand off of his shoulders, spun her around, and cast her into the arms of the goat-demon, who, holding her from behind by her big tits and clasping her hard nipples between his thick clawed fingers, lowered her down swiftly onto his saliva-drenched cock.

The sudden irruption of demonic dickflesh into her tongue-primed pussy proved sufficient to launch the nun's orgasm, which reached its screaming peak as she sank down to the base of the goat-demon's throbbing pole, and now the boar-demon, still holding the blonde witch by the hair, pushed her face forward, mashing it against the nun's cock-filled climaxing slit, which the blonde witch eagerly licked, tonguing the nun's pink clit.

And as the blonde witch heard the nun's orgasmic screams, and tasted the nun's delectable juices, and felt the boar-demon's cock plunging into her slippery twat, and the boar-demon's balls slapping against her sensitive clit, and the boar-demon's free hand spanking her ripe young ass, she came as well, squealing into the nun's pussy as she ran her wet tongue over the nun's quivering slit and the base of the goat-demon's cunt-soaked cock, as her own orgasming fuckhole clenched around the boar-demon's thick red rod...

...and I remember the lion-demon lifting up the redhead witch, and bidding her take hold of his lower horns, and lowering her onto his mighty red cock as she moaned, her legs spread wide, and how he leaned back against the table on his clawed hands, and with a forward flick of his powerful hips, propelled her up almost to the tip of his cock, and as she slid back down he was ready with another thrust, which bounced her up again, and so he fucked her for a time, bouncing her up to the tip of his cock, her hold on his horns all that kept her from tumbling off, her delicious tits bouncing gorgeously as he slammed into her at the nadir of her descent and sent her rising once more along his dick.

These powerful thrusts had the redhead witch squealing like a maid on a hayride, and then the lion-demon suddenly hooked his arms beneath her knees, spun around, and bent over, planting his upper horns against the table so that the witch was suspended beneath him, still holding his lower horns, and then the lion-demon took hold of her tits, which he used as handles to swing her forward and back, sending her pussy sliding up and down the length of his great unholy member.

The lion-demon swung her faster and faster, the redhead witch moaning and squealing beneath him as her pussy was filled again and again, the lion-demon's great balls slapping against her juicy ass, his powerful hands squeezing her luscious tits, his forked tongue spattering her nipples with hot demon spit, his fearsome yellow eyes staring into hers as he brought all his hellish powers of lust to bear on her nubile young body, and soon her orgasm overtook her, and her grip on the lion-demon's horns failed, and he lifted her upright by her tits and continued to fuck her as she shuddered and screamed, her plentiful juices pouring down over his balls and spattering the ground beneath his feet...

...and I remember the brunette witch riding the dog-demon's cock, her juicy ass bouncing as she slid her slick slit up and down the thick shaft, and now the boar-demon led the nun over, and the nun lowered her pussy onto the dog-demon's mouth, her ass in the brunette witch's face, and as the dog-demon began lapping at the moaning nun's pussy he pulled the brunette's face down as well, and together they sucked at the nun's pussy, the dog-demon running his wet tongue over the nun's clit as the brunette witch slid her tongue between the dripping pink lips, her face bobbing back and forth as she rode the dog-demon's thick cock.

And as the nun looked up at the boar-demon, her back arched, drooling with delight as she enjoyed her double pussylicking, the boar-demon squatted, pulled her hair back to raise her face, slipped his cock between her lovely wet lips, and began fucking her mouth, leaning forward and seizing her around the waist as he sank his infernal dick into her tight wet throat, looking down at her beautiful round ass and the brunette's lovely face between the cheeks, smeared with pussy juice as she sucked the nun's sopping slit.

And the dog-demon now grabbed the brunette witch's ass in his great clawed hands and began pounding her pussy furiously, the slick pink labia stretched taut around his huge cock, and the brunette witch now folded her arms behind her back, placing herself entirely at his mercy, her face buried in the nun's cunt.

And now the boar-demon, as was his wont, began to spank the nun as he face-fucked her, slapping her juicy cheeks with both hands, the luscious assflesh rippling against the brunette witch's face, and then the dog-demon's relentlessly thrusting cock finally brought the brunette witch to orgasm, and she screamed into the nun's pussy, the vibrations and the dog-demon's tireless clit-licking sufficing to trigger the nun's own orgasm, and she too would have screamed were it not for the boar-demon's huge cock filling her throat, so she was left to moan and splutter around his shaft, her eyes rolling back as her cunt juices poured forth over the still-orgasming brunette witch's slack mouth and into the open maw of the dog-demon, who eagerly swallowed the nun's tart orgasmic fluid...

...and I remember the goat-demon leading the blonde and redhead witches toward the table, holding them by their hair as they crawled on their hands and knees, their perfect asses and plump slits shining wet in the firelight, soaked with spit and sweat and pussy juice, and then the goat-demon pulled them upright so they knelt before him, and he took turns in their mouths, roughly fucking their eager throats until their slobber came cascading from their mouths and drenched their lovely tits.

And when he judged their tits wet enough he lifted the witches to their feet, had each witch kneel on the bench on each side of the table, and then he laid down on the table between them, his legs hanging off the end, and bade them lean over him, and press their wet tits around his shaft from each side until his great demonic dick was fully surrounded in luscious wet breast meat, and the witches, grasping his intent, began sliding their slippery tits up and down his pole, massaging his throbbing cock with their sopping mammaries and rubbing their hard nipples against each other.

And now the dog-demon and the boar-demon approached the table, their eyes on the nicely displayed asses of the blonde and the redhead witches, whose backs were arched as they worshipped the goat-demon's cock with their wet breasts, and the dog-demon came up behind the redhead witch, and the boar-demon behind the blonde witch, and they grabbed the witches around their slender waists and began plunging their great hard demon-cocks into the witches' dripping tight cunts, and the witches squealed with delight, their wet tits jiggling around the goat-demon's cock as they were fucked powerfully from behind.

And now approached the lion-demon, squeezing the asses of the nun and the brunette witch as they walked on either side of him, and as he reached the end of the table he bent the nun over the table and pressed her face between the goat-demon's legs so she could suck his balls as he received his wet titfucking.

And then the lion-demon began fucking the nun from behind, and lifted the brunette witch up so she could stand on the table, and he turned her around and bent her over, her legs straight, so that he could feast on her sopping pussy as she leaned down and began sucking tip of the goat-demon's upright cock, and now the goat-demon groaned in pure delight, enjoying all at once the nun's mouth on his balls, the redhead and blonde witches' wet tits sliding up and down his shaft, and the brunette's slippery lips on his cockhead, dispensing plentiful spit to keep his dick well lubricated, and one by one the witches came as they worshipped the goat-demon's cock, and so impressed were the other demons that each insisted on taking a turn in the goat-demon's place...

...and I remember other variegated and lascivious arrangements, too vague and indistinct to recount here, for my memories do not become clear again until the demons initiated a new stage in their fornications. For there came a point when the witches, having all achieved orgasm at least a dozen times each, lay wet and quivering about the clearing, recovering from their latest climaxes, and the demons exchanged some words in their hellish tongue, at which point the dog-demon said to the witches:

"We see you have enjoyed our cocks, young witch-sluts, and we are pleased at the abandon with which you give yourselves over to the fulfillment of your insatiable cunts. Now the time has come for us to take our pleasure, and grant you the unholy honor of being anointed, and fed, and filled with our hell-seed, so that your delicious young bodies and souls may be utterly defiled for the glory of Our Dark Lord."

This announcement inspired in the fuck-drunk witches a new wave of lust, and they immediately climbed to their feet, squeezing their ripe tits and plump asses, rubbing their soaking slits, and licking their lips as they begged the demons for their cum in terms most obscene and salacious. The demons smiled at one another, pleased at this display of whorish eagerness, and closed in again on the four beautiful young witches to bring their infernal intercourse to fulfillment...

If I may, sir, let me rest again, and prepare myself, for what followed exceeds in filthiness and vile debauchery all that I have recounted thus far. Then, if you still dare to hear more, I shall complete my fearful tale...

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