tagMind ControlThe Witch's Assistant Ch. 01

The Witch's Assistant Ch. 01


Author's note: Hey, I hope you enhoy this story it's my first attempt at writing Erotica so I hope you enjoy it. I hope to continue the story but I also work and I am also working on other forms of fiction but if you like it enough maybe I'll find the time to continue the story, thanks and enjoy.

* * *

Chapter One: The Capture

Debbie was walking through the park trying to get home as soon as possible to get ready for the girls night in her friends had planned, just a simple slumber party for the girls to enjoy together. Things at school were getting stressful at the moment with the end of year exams coming up.

Debbie is an 18 year old girl who goes to a strict catholic school her parents set up for her to go to, it was horrible for her as she wore a School Uniform that men loved to whistle at her in while she walked by. Being 5, 8 with shoulder length red hair defiantly added to the imagination of the perverted old men who loved to see her walk by. Sometimes she got wild images of flashing them just to see the stunned looks on their faces, but the Catholic side of her put those thoughts directly out of her mind.

She always walked home through the park as she enjoyed the look and sound of nature which hid the fact she lived in a big city, the park was the perfect getaway for her as long as she stuck to the path, she had heard horrible stories of girls who wandered off and got attacked just because they left the path under the street lamps, but not her, sticking to the path was best. The worst part was coming up, the small wooded area of the park left her feeling vulnerable to attack as it was darker and the woods was the perfect hiding place for anyone to grab an unsuspecting walker by.

It was also the history of the woods; legend told that a witch used to live deep in the woods of the park, which used to cover a vaster area of land back in the day. The witch in the story was caught and sentenced to death by burning, but the morning of her sentence, she disappeared leaving only a message scratched on her walls saying that one day she would rise again to have her revenge on the world of man. The story also tells that she loved women, young women; she would somehow seduce them into becoming her assistants in witchcraft, and then would send them out into the world to lure and capture men for sacrifice, her last assistant wasn't lucky enough to escape her death sentence.

Debbie stopped at the entrance, took a deep breath and walked into the wooded area. It was weird how dark and it became once you walked through, the exit though was in clear view so she quickened her pace but froze when she heard a rustling to her right. Debbie looked through the area but only saw lots of trees, deep in shadow. Her heart racing she decided to make a run for it, but was halted by a voice. "Help me, please help me?" Said a female voice.

Debbie curiously looked into the woods trying to locate the voice. "Hello, is someone there?"

"Yes help me, I was attacked. I need help, please help me!"

Debbie quickly looked around her and saw no one else around who could help her, she quickly fumbled her cell phone out of her bag and dialed 911, but didn't press the call button, and she kept her finger on it and walked through the woods. "I'm coming, where are you?"

"Over here, please hurry."

Debbie followed the voice and went on through the woods trying to get to her; she kept calling and was told to go deeper to find her. It seemed ages before Debbie looked around and realized she couldn't see the path anymore, or which way she came in. "Where are you, I think I'm lost." Debbie called out.

"Perfect" said the voice followed by a laugh that echoed around the wood.

Debbie froze in fear, some crazy woman had lured her into the woods and god knows what is about to happen to her. She quickly pulls out her cell but finds the signal has gone completely, no one to call. Suddenly a rustling noise rose all around her, she couldn't locate the source of the sound but it was getting closer, the fear built up in Debbie so much that tears started to run down her face. "Please, no!" She cried.

But the noise got closer and closer until out of nowhere a black shadow appeared in front of her, Debbie tried to scream but the shadow had thrown a weird purple powder right into Debbie's face, the world began to spin and Debbie felt the ground and leaves on her face as the laugh of the shadow echoed around the forest.

* * *

Debbie started to wake, just a strange orange glow at first began to shine through her eyes, and then as her eyes adjusted, she looked around her. She was in a strange Cave, lit by flaming torches and a cauldron fire brewing just to the left of her. Hanging on the walls were various dead animals and other strange herbs and plants. Confusion of her predicament was replaced by fear remembering what happened to her in the woods. She tried to move but found her hands were restrained above her head and her ankles were restrained but making her legs wide open exposing her. She also noticed she was no longer wearing her school uniform, she was now wearing a black lingerie set, around her body was a black silk girdle lingerie set that had cups covering her breasts which was attached to a pair of stockings and on her feet was a black pair of high heeled boots, and she looked and saw she now wore a laced silk black thong.

Debbie felt some disgust at what she was wearing and struggled still, to her left was a mirror and Debbie saw that some makeup had been applied to her as well, her eyes deep in black mascara and black lip stick was applied to her lips. Her hair was also styled differently to before, her hair band was gone and her hair had moose or gel in it as it had a wet look to it and strands of it were now coming down her face, but her hair was still red.

Debbie looked at what she was lying on, a stone table with a sheet of black silk covering it, she was determined to get out, but before she could, she heard footsteps enter the area she was in, a cloaked figure walked and looked at Debbie. "Your awake I see, tell me dear, what is your name?"

"Debbie. Where the hell am I?"

"Debbie, such a beautiful name, for such a beautiful girl."

The figure removed the cloak uncovering her face, she was beautiful, at least early thirties by look, she wore red lipstick and a light shade of mascara around her eyes, she had long raven black hair and was in height around 6 feet tall. She was wearing a long black dress, which exposed her breasts quite magnificently, a large DD bust. "Who are you?"

"How rude of me to not introduce myself to my new assistant. My name is Andrea Smith."

Debbie knew the name, and knew it well.

"Andrea Smith, as in the Witch of the Woods!"

"The very same my dear, haven't I aged well. You see, when I was caught and sentenced to death I managed to escape. But my poor assistant had to be left behind. I however knew my only way of escape would be to simply hideaway in my cave here and wait for things to calm down. 200 years I waited until I looked through my cave and saw how much the world had changed. It was wonderful, women exposing themselves in freedom and such wonderful clothing and makeup around for me to have fun with. My favorite is the undergarments you now wear, which you call lingerie. So much more fun than it was 200 years ago, I love the new corsets, doing enough to tease with, so sexual. The best part is, no one believes in witches anymore, so I can do as I please."

"What do you want with me?" Debbie asked.

Andrea smiled at Debbie and started to run her finger along her belly, which Debbie found uncomfortable. "I have been so lonely these past 200 years Debbie. No one to touch, no one to hold, no one to love. After I got new clothes and some fun things, I realized just how lonely I was, so I looked out and the first person I saw with my eyes, was you! You captivated me, so for months I watched you walk to and fro along the path, always walking quickly. You seemed so alone like me, you never had a boy or any friends with you as you walked by, and there was something about you that made me know that you were going to be the perfect assistant."

Debbie looked up at Andrea looking more afraid than before. "Assistant?"

"Yes my dear, I want to make you my new assistant."

Debbie shook her head. "No I don't want to be your assistant, and I'm not lonely, I have friends, and a boy friend."

Andrea put a finger on Debbie's lips; Debbie was shocked as her lips involuntarily stopped moving. "Debbie dear, I looked through you Cell phone, and there is still a rather angry message from your now ex-boyfriend, he just didn't understand you did he? And your friends, yes the laugh and hang out with you but they don't truly know you, do they? You hide so much of yourself from them, don't you now, they will never truly know you? You have felt so lonely recently, so unattractive so, unloved. You're not unattractive Debbie, your beautiful, you will never be lonely again, you will be loved, by me. What do you say to that?"

Debbie couldn't help it, tears began to flood down her face as everything Andrea said is true, she did feel lonely and unloved since David left her, and she couldn't help it. She had felt so alone for months now and she hated it.

Andrea lifted her finger from Debbie lips and wiped away the tears. "Please let me go."

"Shh, Debbie, you will be loved. Do you know that all my assistants didn't want to be my assistants? But I have ways Debbie, and your need for love will be your downfall."

Andrea kissed Debbie fore head and walked to a cabinet at the wall of the Cave and rummaged through it, pulling out a bottle full of a blue liquid and a strange red jeweled necklace. She walked back to Debbie with them and placed them next to her. "You see this necklace?" Debbie nodded. "It's a special necklace, it can tap deep into the human mind and can make me do what I want with it. Already you are finding it hard to look away." Debbie did suddenly realize that she couldn't look away, and then Andrea started to swing it back and forth. "Look deep into the red jewel as is swings back and forth Debbie, feel its power penetrate you mind Debbie, feel it inside you, become a part of you, can you feel it?"

Debbie began to feel light headed as she watched the beautiful red jewel. "Yes." She said softly.

"Good, you can feel it understand you Debbie, you have always been lonely haven't you?"

"Yes...so alone."

"So unloved."


"You can be loved Debbie, you can, just feel those thoughts Debbie, feel the need for companionship and love Debbie, feel the need for them grow, you feel so tired, you need to sleep Debbie, you can feel yourself falling into a deep sleep. Your eyes are feeling heavy, so very heavy, you cannot fight it any longer Debbie, you will sleep, sleep."

Debbie felt her eyes shut and she was in a deep sleep, ready to take in any instructions given to her. "Debbie, can you hear me?"

"Yes" Debbie replied to the voice.

"Good, you will only obey this voice, this voice commands you."

"Commands me."

"This is the Voice of Andrea, your new mistress, repeat."

"My Mistress."

"Have you ever thought of women in a sexual way Debbie?"

"No, never."

"You do now Debbie, you love Andrea your mistress, say it."

"I love my Mistress Andrea."

"You will please your mistress."

"I will please my mistress."

"You want to feel loved by your mistress."

"I want to feel loved by my mistress."

"You want to be the Mistress' assistant, forever."

"I want to be the Mistress' Assistant, forever."

"Good girl, now when I snap my fingers Debbie, you will not remember a thing about the hypnosis, but when I say the word "Assistant" you will become my assistant as instructed, do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Good, but when I say "unloved", you will turn back into Debbie, do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Good, but when I say "I announce you my assistant" Debbie will be gone forever and you will be my assistant, forever, you will never be the lonely Debbie again, do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Now when I snap my fingers you will wake up as Debbie with no memory of the hypnosis." Before Andrea woke her up, she placed the necklace around Debbie's neck. "With this necklace in place, your hypnotic commands will be permanent." Andrea snapped her fingers and Debbie woke up. "Well Debbie, you fought it well, I suppose I will let you go."

Debbie looked at Andrea in shock. "Really?"

"Yes I suppose. If you really don't want to be my Assistant!"

Debbie felt an instant change; she looked at her mistress in desire and love. "Mistress, please love me mistress."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I don't want to be alone anymore."

Andrea leaned down to her and started to rub her between her thighs. Debbie shook from her touch.

"Do you like it when I touch you there?"

"Yes mistress Andrea, please don't stop."

Andrea continued to stimulate Debbie, which was hard for Debbie as she was still restrained by her ankles and wrists. Debbie felt so wet between her legs, all she wanted was for her mistress to play with her pussy forever, and to make her feel loved. "Do you like this?"

"Yes my mistress, please don't stop."

"You don't feel, unloved?"

Instantly Debbie was back to normal and was horrified that Andrea was stimulating her, and she felt sickened that she appeared to be enjoying it. "What...are...you...doing?"

"Aren't you enjoying it?"

Andrea rubbed harder, even putting her finger under the thong panties and sticking her finger in.

Debbie jumped up. "Ahh, don't...please!"

"Finding it hard to speak, you must be loving, you're so warm and wet down there."

Debbie could feel her clit being played with and she knew an involuntary orgasm was coming and she couldn't help it. "Please...no!"


Debbie changed again, feeling lustful towards her mistress. "Do you really want me to stop?"

"No...Mistress...please carry on!" Debbie closed her eyes as she felt an orgasm coming.

"That's it, give in." Andrea said and she continued to play with her clit. Then she reached up with her other hand and removed the cup cover from the corset and exposed Debbie's breast and started to play with it.

"Yes...oh god yes mistress, please don't stop."

"Do you love me?"

"Yes Mistress, ah, I love you so much."

Andrea smiled as she felt Debbie's body stiffening as the orgasm was coming. "So your not" Debbie moaned as she came on Andrea's finger as the orgasm surged through her body. "unloved."

Suddenly Debbie felt love to disgust as she came back mid way through this incredible orgasm which she was now trying to hide, and she felt Andrea now playing with her breast. "Stop, please, I want to go home."

Andrea lifted her finger and licked the cum and pussy juice off of it, she smiled in pleasure. "You taste so sweet Debbie, I can't let a sweet tasting girl like you go home, to feel loveless and lonely. But if you insist."

Andrea now reached over and first released Debbie's ankles followed by her wrists. Debbie shot up and tried to run, but the heels were impossible to run in, but she tried to run. "Assistant."

Debbie stopped, why would she run from her mistress? She slowly turned and walked back towards her. Andrea held open her arms and Debbie hugged her, squeezed her tight so she wouldn't let go.

"You can never be lonely again my dear, do you want that?"

"No, I don't want to be lonely again. Please love me mistress, please love me."

Andrea lifted Debbie's face to face her and she had some tears in her eyes. "I will love you Debbie, all you have to do is love me, and be my assistant."

Debbie smiled at Andrea and nodded. "I will be your assistant; I don't want to be alone."

Andrea leaned in and kissed Debbie on the lips, Debbie returned the kiss as they stood. Andrea pulled away and lifted Debbie up and place her back on the table. "To complete your obedience to me, you must make love to me."

"Yes mistress, I will."

Andrea slowly undid the zip on the back of her dress and let it fall to the ground, revealing perfect DD breast and a black thong and garter belt holding up her stockings. As she laid her self above Debbie, Debbie leaned in and began to suck on her mistress's perfect breasts. Andrea breathed in deeply as her arousal shot up as her new assistant began to play with the other breast while sucking the other. "Good girl. Yes that's it." Andrea pulled her away and reached behind her and began to undo the clasps on the corset, and then she removed the holders for the stockings and removed the corset. Although Debbie didn't have Breasts as big as her Mistress, her mistress reached over and enjoyed playing with them. "You are so beautiful Debbie."

"So are you my mistress."

Andrea reached down and removed her panties and looked at Debbie. "Lick me!"

Debbie without hesitation went down on her mistress and began to lick her clit. Andrea was shocked that Debbie said she never thought of girls in a sexual way as she seemed to know what she was doing perfectly. Her tong worked its way around her pussy until Andrea felt an orgasm coming, and coming fast. "Yes, that's it Debbie, don't stop, show me you love your mistress." That got Debbie to go faster with even more energy and she worked her mistress. Suddenly Andrea tensed up and she came and came again. Andrea grabbed Debbie's hair and pulled her up to face her. "You're turn."

Andrea pushed her down and removed her panties, then placed her head between Debbie's legs. Debbie felt the pro that was her mistresses begin to lick her pussy. "Mistress, oh yes mistress." She felt so much pleasure and pressure on her clit as Andrea worked her way on her. She grabbed her breasts and started to play with them to help her stimulation. She could feel it coming as the tongue slowly teased her. "Please make me...cum mistress." Then she felt it, her body stiffened as it hit hard, she came and came again and Andrea's tongue worked her clit. "Yes, oh mistress yes." She was panting and out of breath when Andrea looked up at her smiling.

"Ever done a sixty-nine?" Mistress asked.

Debbie didn't need telling twice as they both worked each other's clits. Debbie found it difficult to work her mistress's clit while hers was being played with as well, but she wanted to love and please her mistress and she carried on while moaning. Debbie felt delight knowing her mistress was struggling as much as her as she worked her. After awhile, Debbie and Andrea had cum shooting into each other's mouths as they both had an orgasm at the same time. Andrea lifted herself off of Debbie and then sat with her legs apart on Debbie forcing her down. She leaned in and kissed Debbie. "You are perfect, you will be the perfect Assistant."

Debbie felt joy and love towards her. "Thank you my mistress."

"You will never be" She grabbed her arms and forced them above her head. "unloved."

Debbie remembered everything that had happened. She could still taste Andrea's cum and pussy juice in her mouth. "Oh god, what did you do to me?"

Andrea smiled and Debbie tried to struggle. "I just fucked you, and you me. And you were wonderful Debbie; I will never let you go. No I will send you out into the world, eventually, to find me males to sacrifice, and how can such a cock tease like you fail to find me some perfect specimens."

"Please no, let me go."

"Answer me this one question Debbie, you remember it. Did you enjoy it? Did you feel loved?"

Debbie felt tears rolling down her face. "Please, don't"

"Answer me, don't lie either because I will know."

Debbie looked at Andrea and answered. "Yes!"

"To both questions?"

Debbie paused before nodding, feeling guilty and sick that she had felt loved and passion for Andrea. "Please let me go."

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