tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Wonderful Adventures of Miss K: Testify!

The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K: Testify!


Hello, fair fans, and welcome to another one of my literary orgies of wild, unbridled sex. If you want to read more of my stuff after reading this, please check out my profile. I reserve all commercial and all non-electronic rights to this work. If you are not permitted to read this work in your legal jurisdiction, please don't read it. So, without further ado, let's get on with the show.

* * * * *

"Yum! Barbeque!" Miss K said as she licked her coral pink lips, her slinky rocking back and forth between her fingers.

"You better stop that, missy!" Tracy said with a giggle, gesturing at her friend's stomach. "I don't want you getting all fat on me. I only want two things jiggling in front of you. Well, make that three if we're all alone," she continued, pressing her body seductively against Miss K. "Then again, it's more like four big as that thing is."

"Oh hush up!" Miss K said with a mock lisp before walking down Beale Street again. The two were wearing matching American flag bikinis, just covering enough to be decent while showing off their bouncing breasts and jiggling butts, their chocolate skin glowing from their sweat. Miss K wore an American flag bandana to keep her hair out of the way, while Tracy wore her hair in a simple ponytail. Both of them carried their purses in their hands, and they also both wore hiking boots to complete their outfits, with Tracy wearing a short baby blue pair and Miss K wearing a black pair.

"Damn, there's a lot of food around here," Miss K said as she sniffed out all the food. "I think I've found something else to do on this trip."

"Come on. Eating ain't nothing new. All we've done is eat, sleep and fuck. Heck, it's a miracle we managed to stop and get these without devolving into an orgy."

"Well, when you have some dirty old man following you around the store, it's easy," Miss K said with a smile. "But about this sex thing, well, you may like it, or you may not like it.. But you're gonna learn to love it! 'Cause like it or not baby, it's the best thing going today. Ooowooo!!" Miss K finished off, making sure to pose for emphasis.

"Where the hell did you get that line from?" Tracy said with an incredulous look on her face.

"Ric Flair!"

"Ric who?"

"You know," Miss K said as she let her slinky dangle from her fingers. "Ric Flair. One of wrestling's Four Horsemen, with Dusty Rhoades, Art Anderson and Tully Blan…HEY!"

Miss K bent over, rubbing her tits and belly as she realized that she had walked right into a steamroller. As she looked around, she realized that the scene around her was that of a rally…an anti-porn rally based on what she spotted in front of the steamroller. In the crowd, there were placards decrying the evils of porn, as well as cries of "praise God!" to each of the speakers words.

"And I tell you! With your help, we CAN get rid of this scourge of porn, and make this one nation UNDER GOD!!! Thank you very much!" some speaker said behind the podium on the stage in front of the crowd.

"Miss K?" Tracy said from behind her friend.


"I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

Eyeing the porn in front of the bulldozer, Miss K said, "we never were in Kansas. Now let's loot through this porn here. There's gotta be something good," she said, gesturing to the porn in front of the steamroller.

"Thank you Senator Miller! You are one godly man! Next up, we have his beautiful, intelligent wife, Mrs. Elaine Chang-Miller!!!" the MC boomed from the microphone as Miss K walked over to the pile of porn tapes and DVDs. She got down on her knees and started rooting through what turned out to be a cornucopia of masturbatory pleasure. There was beautiful box covers and sex scenes for as far as the eye can see. She started collecting movies by tossing out a bunch of "My Baby Got Back" videos. She was about to fish out a Kobe Tai DVD when she heard a booming voice come from the microphone.

"See?! Even our innocent young women have been besmirched by the rain of filth! What are you doing young lady?"

"Just looking for some porn tapes. What's it to you?" Miss K said before looking up at the podium. There stood a middle aged Asian woman in a dark blue power suit point at her. Her pretty, fine features were in a scowl, pointing her out as a pervert.

"What is your name, young lady?"

"Kayla," Miss K said before looking down at the pile of porn. "What's it to you?"

"I think young Kayla needs some counseling to deal with her problem," the Asian woman said as she spoke to the crowd. "What do you think?!"

The crowd went wild at her response, with a chant of "Save her!" going through them. Then, Ms. Chang- Miller gestured to Miss K, saying, "so do you want to be counseled for your problem? We can help you!"

Miss K backed away from the pile of porn she was enmeshed in, then gestured towards Tracy to come over. Turning their backs at the crowd, Miss K whispered, "I have a plan."

"What is it now?" Tracy said in an annoyed voice. "You aren't trying to…"

"Yes I am gonna try to seduce that wife of a senator up there. Besides, we haven't fucked any Asian girls yet, and her face has held up well. Just follow my lead."

Tracy sighed, then said "OK. But you better make sure I have fun."

"You will," Miss K whispered with a smile and a wink. "Trust me, you will."

"Yes!" Miss K said. "Yes, I will accept your offer for help. I mean, I've been trying to resist this porn for years, but it's proven so irresistible."

Gesturing to some support staff next to the stage, Mrs. Cheng-Miller said, "just hang right there. My assistants will help you get the help you and your friend need."

"See?" Tracy said, jumping around and jiggling in her bikini. "Now you got me looking like a pervert!"

"Do I need to remind you how we ended up out here in the first place, my sweet private dancer?" Miss K said with a wink and a cackle.

Tracy simply stuck out her tongue in response then smiled and walked up to Mrs. Chang-Miller's assistants as they walked up to her.


The two girls ended up a couple of hours later stepping off an elevator and onto the top floor of a four-star hotel. After checking the room number sign against the directions scrawled out on the paper, Miss K led Tracy towards the room.

"So we really are gonna fuck a senator's wife, huh?" Tracy said as she looked at the expensive décor. "And in a nice hotel, too."

"Yep, Trace, if all goes according to plan," Miss K said with a smile. Pulling open her bikini top just enough for her nipples to show and sticking out her chest, she continued, "if these don't get her…" Then, she bent over facing away from Tracy and finished by saying, "I think I have something hidden here that might sway her."

"Oh, really?!" Tracy said, reaching for her friend's ass, squeezing her dick and giving it a few strokes. "Well, I think what you have here could convince me plenty," she said with a giggle.

"Stop that!" Miss K said as she playfully slapped away Tracy's hand. "I don't wanna get started too soon." Gesturing to a door just up ahead, she continued, "here's the room, Tracy. Now remember, just follow my lead, and we'll have a good time."

Miss K knocked on the door, and a clean-cut looking guy answered the door, looking like he recognized Miss K and Tracy. "I take it you're here for Mrs. Cheng- Miller?"

"Yes, definitely."

"Walk straight ahead. She's sitting waiting for you."


Miss K and Tracy walked side by side down the hallway into a room with a panoramic view of the Mississippi. Sitting there in the finely appointed room was Mrs. Chang-Miller, wearing that blue power suit, looking a bit strangely at the two women as they moved into seats facing her.

"What's wrong, Mrs. Chang-Miller?" Tracy asked as she sat down. "Is everything OK?"

"Please, call me Elaine, and yes, everything's fine. I'm just looking at those bikinis you two are wearing. How could you walk around in things like that?"

"3 miles of jogging 4 days a week, plus some calisthenics," Miss K said with a wink and a smile.

"So, ladies. Let's get down to business," Elaine said in accent-free English as she settled into her seat and tugged at the hem of her skirt. "So why don't you tell me about yourselves?"

"Well, me and my friend Trace here were in the midst of a cross-country trip when we ran into your little rally. I'm a former dot-com executive who got out at just the right time," Miss K said. Then gesturing over to Tracy, she continued, "And Tracy over here is someone I met back in New York."

"Oh really?" Elaine asked. "How did you two meet?"

"In a strip club as she was giving a lap dance for me," Miss K said nonchalantly.

"Wow! I can see the problem right now. Not only are you into porn, but it's made you a lesbian. I can see you need some counseling," Elaine said with a concerned look on her face.

"Before we start, can I ask you a question Elaine?"

"Sure, go on ahead."

"How does someone with a name like Chang speak perfect English and end up in the South married to a senator?"

"Well," Elaine said as she sat up in her seat and straightened out her suit. "I'm a child of Chinese diplomats who ended up assigned to the United States when I was a teen. I went to prep school here, then Georgetown, where I met my husband. After settling down, I decided to follow him into politics, being his chief aide and, in the process, took a few diction lessons. But enough about me. Let me help you with your problem, um..."

"Kayla. My name's Kayla."

:"Well, I've found that the easiest way to help people like you is to find where the problem began. When did you first get into pornography?"

"It started back in the 9th grade, Elaine. My family had just gotten cable, and I saw you could get these movies on there like my friends were talking about. So one day, when my parents were out, I decided to go call and order a movie. It was so exciting, so bad, you know? The first thing I saw was this scene where it was two girls kissing, and it got me kinda, um, excited, you know. It was kinda like this…"

Miss K leaned over the arm of her chair and reached over to Tracy, their lips meeting in a deep tongue kiss. She wrapped her arms around Tracy's shoulders as the two stood up from their chairs and pressed themselves into another deep kiss, their bodies grinding against each other as their lips slid around each other. Miss K palmed Tracy's breasts in her hand, then licked her way over to one of Tracy's ears, licking along the ridges. She whispered to her, "are you comfortable with what's going on?", and Tracy replied with a simple nod of her head.

"T-this is what goes on in those…things?" Elaine asked, looking a bit of her practiced composure.

"Yes, ma'am," Miss K said as she tugged aside the cups on Tracy's bikini top and started tugging on her nipples. "I could show you more, if you can."

"Yes, yes, please do," Elaine said as she sat back up. "For research of course. I need to know what I'm fighting."

Miss K looked into Elaine's eyes, then stuck out her tongue as she swirled it around Tracy's areola. She then took the nipple in her mouth and softly sucked on it as she lightly pinched on the other, eliciting a soft moan from Tracy. She swirled her tongue around the nipple, then sucked on it harder as she slid her lips back and forth around it. Giving her areola one last lick, she licked up Tracy's chest to the nape of her neck, licking on her collar bone before sucking on the nape of Tracy's neck. Realizing that she had an audience, she bent down to Tracy's other breast and did the same thing she did to the first one, licking and sucking on it gently. Her left hand went up to maul the free breast as her right hand slid her fingertips back and forth over Tracy's belly before sliding into her bikini bottoms, making her moan as Miss K brushed over her clit. As Miss K nursed on Tracy's breast, she curled her fingers inside the tiny bikini bottoms and used her fingertips to brush and rub Tracy's pussy, lingering over her clit with each passing stroke and making Tracy purr softly. While her fingers were caressing Tracy's bare lower folds, Miss K sucked as hard as she could on one nipple, then did the same to the other. Standing up straight, she then pulled off Tracy's bikini bottoms, took her hand and sat her down in a chair before getting down on her knees and spreading her friend's legs.

"What are you about to do?" Elaine asked with a worried tone.

"Eating pussy. Ever heard of it?" Miss K said as she looked over her shoulder at Elaine.

"No, um, I mean I never thought someone would actually eat someone's flesh. I mean..."

"Shh," Miss K said as she smiled at Elaine. "Relax. It isn't like that. Just watch and enjoy the show. This is research, remember?"

"Yes, yes. Go on."

Miss K lifted up one of Tracy's legs to the armrest, then planted a kiss on the inside of her friend's knee, feeling Tracy run her hands through her hair. She deliberately kissed her way down the inside of Tracy's thigh, flicking out her tongue and dribbling her spit onto her skin to make her squirm. She then placed her tongue to one side of her teeth and dragged both down to her friend's honey pot, her head being pressed into the skin by Tracy's hands. She wetly licked down one, then the other juncture of her hips, just along the outside of her outer labia, then reached up to palm both of Tracy's breasts in her hands as she sucked on her inner lips. As she mauled Tracy's breasts in her hands, her friend's hands covering hers, she sucked on Tracy's pussy, her tongue barely parting the labia as she felt Tracy's press her pussy into her mouth. She just kept on her knees, running her tongue up and down along Tracy's sweet cunt and pulling on her friend's nipples.

Miss K pulled her hands away from Tracy's heaving chest and wrapped her arms around her hips, holding on tight as she gave her clit a series of light kisses. She then took her friend's clit into her mouth, sucking on it as she rolled her tongue around it, as she took one hand off of Tracy's hips, then slid two fingers between her slick labia. She pressed her fingertips to those sugar walls and swirled then around inside of Tracy as she swirled her tongue and sucked on Tracy's clit. Finally, she twitched her fingers on Tracy's g-spot as she took her clit between her teeth, lightly biting on it as she flicked her tongue against it. She felt Tracy stiffed up in her free arm, then start bucking her hips and gasping for air as she came, letting her ride her lips and clit to a nice cum. As she felt Tracy come down, Miss K licked some of her friend's juices off of her bare cooch, savoring the taste. Then she got to her feet, pulled Tracy up to hers and began kissing her hard as she felt Tracy's small hands on her huge tits.

Tracy pulled away from Miss K's lips, pulled off Miss K's bikini top, and then started wildly tonguing her friend's nipples, dragging her tongue all over them as she saw Elaine sitting there flustered, yet staring at the scene in front of her.

"Enjoying your research there, huh?" Tracy said with a wink before making a show of taking Miss K's nipple into her mouth. She kept her eyes on the nervous woman as she sucked hard on the nipple, making Miss K moan as she squeezed her ass. As she subtlely slid her hand over Miss K's bubble butt to grope at her dick, she pulled at the other nipple with her free hand. She continued with the treatment as Miss K pushed her chest into her mouth, switching breasts and hand positions as she kept sucking and licking all over her friend's tits. She took both of Miss K's breasts in her hands and squeezed them together, flicking her tongue quickly back and forth from one hard nipple to another as her friend cooed in pleasure. As she held onto one breast with one hand, her other hand slid under Miss K's bikini bottoms to check and see how hard she was. Her mouth watering as she knew what she felt, she gave Miss K's nipple one last little bite before getting down on her knees and lifting up Miss K's foot to rest on a nearby chair. She pulled aside the crotch of Miss K's bikini and pulled out her semi-hard dick. She ran her lips from the base of her friend's cock to the tip, then took the tip into her mouth as sucked on it, causing Miss K to gasp as she began a nice, slow nursing on her friend's hardening dick.

"Wh-wh, I mean, what the…"

Miss K smiled a bit, then pinched and pulled at her nipples before turning to look at Elaine. "What's wrong, Elaine? Need me to help you out with something?"

"WHAT THE FUCKING HELL ARE YOU DOING? I THOUGHT YOU WERE A GIRL!" Elaine blurted out in frustration, very confused as to what was going on in her mind…and between her legs.

"Well, that's another part of the insidious influence of pornography," Miss K said between licks of her nipples. "As you can see, I was born a guy. However, after seeing some shemale porn where guys were turned into beautiful women, I just had to give it a shot," Miss K said as she mauled her breasts in her hands.

"Um…I guess that explains, um, why you're so tall," Elaine said, searching for something to say.

"I'm six-five by the way," Miss K said with a smile. Looking down at Tracy, who was lightly stroking her dick in her small hand, she continued, "now, I'm going to demonstrate to you a blowjob. My friend here also has the ability to do something called a deep throat, where a girl swallows an entire penis. Would you like to see that?"

"Yes, um, er, please do," Elaine said, crossing her legs and rocking her top one as she got a bit flustered.

Miss K looked down at Tracy as she opened her mouth and slipped her swollen head in. As her friend wrapped her lips around the shaft just below the tip and began to suck, she closed her eyes, tossing her head back as she pulled on her hard nipples. She gently pushed her hips at Tracy's mouth, easing more and more of her dick into Tracy's wet, sucking mouth. She purred gently as she felt Tracy whip her tongue along the bottom of her shaft as she swallowed more and more of her dick. She felt those lips stop about three-quarters of the way down, as she felt Tracy swirl her tongue and suck her dick as hard as she could while her hands played with her ass and balls. Finally, Miss K could take any more and forced the rest of her dick into Tracy's mouth, impaling her friend's throat with her thick chocolate shaft. She felt Tracy's tongue snake out to lash her balls, then felt her lips slide back up her hard dick as she went to catch her breath. She felt Tracy's soft sucking slips slide up and down her shaft, her tongue teasing ever inch of her hard cock as it passed through her lips. She felt Tracy sucking hard on the head as her tongue was flicking at the ridge on top, causing herself to get lost in the moment, her body feeling hotter than before.

"K-Kayla?!" Elaine cried out.

"Yes?" Miss K replied, annoyed that her blowjob was being interrupted.

"Can I try what your friend is doing? I'm really curious as to how that works," Elaine said, her brow glowing with sweat.

"Well, I doubt you can swallow all of me, since that takes practice, but I think you can have a suck," Miss K said. "What do you think Trace?"

"Sure," Tracy said between sucks on Miss K's swollen head. "Come on, and give it a shot," she said as she gestured over to Elaine.

"OK," Elaine said as she walked over to Tracy and Miss K and got on her knees next to Tracy. "Now how do you do this? Is it safe?"

"Sure it is," Tracy said as she stroked Miss K's dick with both of her hands. "Just suck on the tip, and you'll be fine," she continued as she aimed her friend's dick at Elaine's mouth.

Elaine strained to open her mouth, then surrounded Miss K's tip with it. "Now close your mouth slowly, and make sure not to bite," Miss K said as Tracy kept stroking her shaft. When she felt Elaine's lips press on her shaft just below the head, Miss K took a glance down at her dick to see what the Asian woman looked like sucking her dick. She loved the way her porcelain face looked sucking the shaft, her dark slitted eyes looking at her with a bit of lust.

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