tagLoving WivesThe Wondrous Secret

The Wondrous Secret


His name was Paul. James met him at a meeting and they started talking about sex. He told James that it was so hard for him to meet women and he seldom got to share their bed once they discovered his terrible secret.

James looked at him with that deer in the headlight stare and waited to hear his terrible secret.

After a few seconds, Paul realized that James was waiting for more and proceeded to tell him what many others have never heard.

Once the secret was told, James' smile broadened and invited him to our house for dinner.

"I know my Mistress would love to get to know you; you're just what she's looking for," James assured him.

He gave me a call and told me he was bringing someone special home for dinner and asked me to put on the sexiest dress I had.

I was so excited to have a new lover that I didn't even scold him for being so bossy.

I jumped into the shower and let the hot water play with my clit as my fingers massaged my full breasts. My fingers dove deep into the fluids in my cunt and I pleasured myself in anticipation of the promise from James.

Drying my hair, I looked through my closet. I wanted something that was really sexy. It had been two weeks since I'd had a lover. I was so horny.

James has a great mouth, but no prick to speak of. He promised that this guy would give me all that I wanted, needed, and more.

James has a good mouth, but it surely doesn't come close to a really long cock. And there are times when I just need a really good fuck!

Nervous and excited I primped, and then waited for the sound of his car driving into the driveway.

I couldn't sit still. At one point, I sat on the side of the bed, pulled out one of my dongs and masturbated until my body fluttered with a magical orgasm that calmed me only slightly.

I slipped my fingers into my mouth and tasted my lust. A shiver ran down my spine and I pushed the dong deeper and arched my back to get the full enjoyment of the nine inch dong. I had just rolled off the bed when I heard the car in the driveway. My nipples became hard and I took a deep breath. I walked slowly to the living room in my blue silk dress and four-inch stilettos.

James walked in followed by a guy that towered over his five feet by about a foot and a half.

He introduced his friend as Jacob.

Jacob smiled and said, "Nice to meet you Ma'am!"

"It's my pleasure, Jacob," I replied and smiled. Fluids were pouring into my pussy and my silk panties were getting really wet.

Nervous, for some reason, I licked at my lips time after time. Like a hungry puppy looking for a snack from it's master. I was eager to find out what lay under those tight jeans of his.

We sat and talked for maybe twenty-minutes then James asked Paul if he would like a beer.

"Yeah, that would be great man!" he replied.

James looked to me to see if I cared for anything but I declined.

Once James was gone, Jacob turned to me and said, "Ma'am, may I say that you look very nice tonight and I hope that I am able to please you in a wonderful way."

"Well, Jacob, that makes two of us. It's been a long while since I've been satisfied. James has his good qualities, but sex isn't his best. Nice mouth, but no dick to speak of," I assured him.

"I will do my best to please you in that area, Ma'am!" Jacob smiled nervously.

"I'm sure that you will, Jacob," I smiled.

James came back into the room and handed Jacob a beer and then came to me and took me by the hand. This is how he introduces me to my intended lovers. He sat me on his lap and slipped the straps of my dress down off my arms.

He slipped his hands into the breast cups and slid it down revealing my eager breast with their hard nipples standing erect and ready to be suckled.

"Aren't these the most beautiful breasts you've ever seen?" he asked Jacob while stroking my erect teat.

I could feel my pussy filling with lubrication juices. I licked my dry lips and took a deep, cleansing breath and smiled.

"I've never seen more sensual breasts in my life," Jacob obliged me and his smile grew.

James excused himself and headed for the bedroom.

Jacob and I made chitchat while James readied the room. He had a pleasant smile and very large hands. I thought, you know what they say about a man with large hands, don't you? And a giggle ran through my mind and hope into my wanton pussy.

I felt the fluids flowing to lubricate deeply and completely. I knew he had to be at least ten inches.

When James returned, he took my hand and led me into the bedroom while motioning for Paul to follow.

He lumbered into the room, once James had me settled on the bed.

James had lay me out with my legs slightly open; just enough to see my smooth Venus lips and the glistening of my fluids as they prepared for his penetration.

"Would you mind if we turn the lights down and cover all of the windows?" he asked James shyly.

"No problem, man!" James replied as he closed the curtains and turned off the lights.

It was now very dark in the room; almost as dark as the night.

Jacob stood at the foot of the bed, hidden behind James who blocked my view of he man James had assured me was just what I needed.

I started to fear that he wasn't all that James had promised. Why else would he hide to take of his jeans?

When he finally crawled onto the bed, he asked James for some lubricant. James scrambled for the KY and handed it to Jacob. He sat on the side of the bed and stroked his dong with the lubricant and then crawled up to me.

He then handed the KY to James and James crawled between my legs and squirted the cold liquid into my pussy.

This shocked me because I had never needed lube before; I'm always wet, even when I'm not getting ready to have sex.

First Jacob kissed me, deeply. His tongue was thick and long; he tasted of peppermints. Then his hand stroked my hard nipples and he suckled one tit deep into his mouth and nibbled on it; then suckled it like a baby on its mother's teat.

James licked at my pussy while Jacob lapped at my breasts. Jacob moaned with pleasure, as he tasted my body.

Then he told James to get off the bed and proceeded to open my legs as wide as he could stretch them. He took his cock into his hand and started stroking it.

It was too dark in the room to see the large dick that James had promised me, but Jacob took a long time to get it hard.

James knelled beside me and opened up my pussy lips so that Jacob could enter me unrestricted.

But the first attempt to penetrate my barriers was difficult. I seemed to be much too small for him to get his large prick in.

I felt the cold lube as James sprayed it on the prick and then in my pussy. He hadn't lied to me; Jacob was truly large! I didn't know how large, but larger than any man James had brought to my bed.

Finally, I heard the pop; as his massive prick forced its way into my still hungry and wonton pussy. I felt my skin split to allow his phallus deeper but it hit bottom only half way in.

He slowly rocked back and forth trying to fill my pussy with more and more of him. I believe he succeeded in getting maybe two thirds of his long, thick dick into my once loose now tight pussy.

In my mind, I wondered how big this man really was. Each thrust of this body towards mine caused more and more pressure on my cervix. I thought he was going to push through the barrier and end up in my ass.

But the sensation was explosive! I wanted him to keep fucking until I collapsed with exhaustion from his massive prick. It had to be at least six inches around and easily a foot or more long.

His balls banged against my but cheeks as he lifted my legs over his broad shoulders to get a better aim at my now stretched cunt.

I thought he was going to rip me apart. It was so thick and long and it burned as he stroked in and out of my loosening pussy.

I could barely breathe and I wanted more and more of his manhood. I wanted to crawl between his legs and suck that thick head that had torn me and made my cunt burn.

Finally, after maybe an hour, he spewed his thick seed deep into my pussy and its overflow soaked the bed sheets.

Jacob fell backwards onto the bed as he slid out of my cunt. His chest rose and fell in rhythm with his breathing.

I managed to crawl to the middle of the bed, and there between his legs hung the largest dick I had ever seen. It was easily nearly a foot long, if not longer.

Thick, white cum still spewed from its head. I licked my lips then with the tip of my tongue tasted the seed he had filled me with. It was salty and very thick.

I looked to James, "Clean this up!" I demanded.

He quickly crawled between Jacob's legs and lapped my tastes off of Jacob's prick and then lingered there savoring Jacob's seed and my juices.

I slapped him on his bare ass; he had been masturbating while this giant of a man was pleasuring me.

I spread my legs and he crawled between them and cleaned out my overflowing pussy. He licked and sucked for a good twenty-minutes and just as he finished with me, Jacob awoke and demanded James sucked him clean.

While James took care of Jacob, I rode his face. His tongue was nearly as good as his prick. As his tongue darted in and out of my vibrating pussy, he pinched and rubbed my aching clit.

Once cleaned, Jacob demanded James take the position.

James looked to me for help, but I only smiled and helped Jacob by spreading James' buttocks wind and lubricating his little hole with KY.

Straddling him Jacob lubed his head and stuck a long finger into James' ass as I continued to hold his cheeks wide.

I heard James take a deep breath and let it out ad Jacob forced his head deep into his ass and take up a nice rhythm that I masturbated to.

When Jacob came again, he fell onto the bed, his cum spewing everywhere.

James rolled over, his little dick standing as tall as it could. A smile was on his face. I leaned over him and took his small, hard dicklett into my mouth and suckled until his useless seed headed for my orifice. I released it and it spilled on the bed.

I kissed him and demanded he go run me a shower.

Jacob knelt between my legs once James was gone and licked the soreness from my cunt. Then he looked up at me and said, "You have a beautiful pussy, Mistress!"

I smiled and rolled off the bed. "Care to join in the shower?"

"I'd love tom my lady," he smiled and followed me into the bathroom.

James was just coming out as we entered and Jacob closed the door behind him.

An hour later he carried me out and lay me on the bed.

I slept until the following morning.

James told me that Jacob said he fucked me crazy.

And indeed, that is what had happened. I can't wait to see him again.

~ LadyDora

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