tagMind ControlThe Wood Nymph Ch. 02

The Wood Nymph Ch. 02


It had the makings of a beautiful summer day as Paul pulled his truck off the highway and into the parking lot of a small diner at the bottom of a logging road leading into the mountains. The sun was shining, the air was clear and he had the sexiest woman in the world leaning against him. They were about to spend a week to themselves, camping in the wilderness.

Paul and Sarah had been together since high school. Paul was 6' 1" with blue eyes, brown hair, and a muscular build while Sarah was 5' 9", slim with hazel eyes, long blonde hair and medium size, soft, round breasts. Now in their late 20's they were celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary by hiking into the back country to hopefully find a pleasant spot to camp and enjoy each other with out any other distractions.

"Good morning, sleepy" Paul said, as he nudged his wife awake. "Ready for a bit of breakfast before we head into the mountains?"

The diner was mostly empty as they walked in, a woman with two children just leaving and an old lady sitting by herself in the corner.

"Looks like we get our choice of seating," Sarah laughed, as she led Paul to a table in the corner across from the old lady.

They had just ordered their food when Paul felt eyes upon him. He looked up into the piercing green eyes of the old lady who had been across the room.

"Good Morning, dearies." rasped the old woman. "I couldn't help but notice that you looked like a couple of young lovebirds off to do something fun for the day."

Sarah smiled up at the lady "We are actually off to do something fun for the week. We're going to drive as far as we can into the mountains and then hike until we find a nice, comfortable spot to hide from the world with just the two us."

"That does sound fun," replied the old lady. "I happen to know of the perfect place. It's a secluded valley between where two of these mountains meet. The trail in is a bit of a hike, but very worth it. I would be willing to tell you how to find it if you would buy me some breakfast."

Laughing, Paul gave in to her demands and ordered another plate of bacon and eggs for the old lady.

After they had eaten and paid for their meal they were about to leave the diner when the old lady stopped them again.

"There is one thing I should probably mention," she whispered. "There are rumors of a beautiful wood nymph that lives somewhere in the mountains. They say she captures young people to keep as her sex slaves for all time."

"Oh, wow," Paul joked, rolling his eyes at her, "You should have mentioned that sooner. I might not have bought you so much food."

July 17 -- Sarah


Paul came up with the wonderful idea that we each take turns writing an erotic journal of all the things we do on our camping trip, so here goes.

Well, here we are. After a three hour hike from where we left the truck we have arrived at the valley just like the lady at the cafe said it was.

The valley is just beautiful. We caught our first glimpse of it as we came out of the trees on the side of the mountain. Looking down we could see it stretching before us, a narrow valley formed in between two of the mountains. There is a creek that runs along the length of the valley with several luscious green meadow along it. We noticed one of the meadows had a little pond on one end of it so that is where we are now camping.

Paul is setting up our camp and storing our supplies so animals can't get at them. He gave me the job of organizing the rest of our stuff inside the tent. I brought along some of my sexier lingerie and a fun little surprise for Paul.

For our anniversary I am going to finally let Paul fuck my ass. I know he has wanted to try it for a long time but I have always been afraid of the pain. That, however, has changed. A month ago I bought an anal training kit. It has three sizes of butt plugs in it and over the last couple of weeks, when Paul wasn't around, I have been slowly working my way up to the biggest size. There was a little pain at first but after a couple times I found myself really enjoying the feel of slowly push one into my ass. I have had some very strong orgasms when I combined the butt plugs with rubbing my vibrator on my clit. I can't wait to try the real thing and I am looking forward to the look on Paul's face when I tell him one of his fantasies is going to come true tonight. I even bought a designer butt plug just for tonight.

It looks like Paul is almost done setting up camp. We are going to go try out a little skinny dipping before the sun goes down.


That was fun!! The water wasn't near as cold as I though it would be. The pond is probably forty feet across and only seven or eight feet deep in the deepest spot. The bottom is mostly gravel, though there are a couple nice sandy spots.

We have already started our week off in a perfect way. While we were swimming Paul pulled me into his arms for a kiss at a spot where the water was up to my neck. I lifted my legs up and wrapped them around his waist so I could float in his arms as he held me. We stayed like that for a while, our lips locked hungrily together, my boobs pressed against his chest. I could feel his erection starting to grow beneath me so I reached down and began sliding my hands along his shaft until he was fully erect. Pushing myself back from him slightly I used his cock the rub my clit, letting the warm sensations begin to build in my body. My nipples began to stiffen even more than they had from the water and Paul must have taken notice because he bent his head forward to suck and nibble on them. I could feel and orgasm beginning to build so I guided Paul's shaft into my opening and allowed myself to slide down it. Paul put both his strong hands on my ass and pulled me tight into him, over and over. Each thrust brought a moan from my lips. The sensations were building, becoming more intense until finally the orgasm hit me and I screamed with pleasure. After only a couple more thrusts I felt Paul's cock begin to throb as he let out a low groan.

With that first encounter over I told Paul he had to stay outside the tent while I get ready. He is building the campfire and finding a soft spot in the grass to put a blanket so we can fuck under the stars.

I have prepared myself for our first night. I'm wearing a sapphire blue satin chemise that ends halfway down my ass. Underneath I have on black boyshort panties with an open crotch. Underneath that, my new butt plug. It's stainless steel, four inches long and the flat base is a blue sapphire the same color as my chemise. Hopefully Paul didn't hear my moan of pleasure as I slid it into my tight ass.

The sensation of the cold metal with the silky smooth lube on it as it slid into my puckered hole almost drove me wild. As I sit here writing this I keep wiggling my ass just to feel it move inside me. My pussy is already dripping wet.

I am hoping that Paul won't even notice the butt plug until I am ready for him to take my anal virginity. With the way my panties are designed he will have full access to my pussy and the material of the panty will hide the rest of me.

I can hear Paul calling for me. I will finish this later.

July 18 -- Paul


What a wild night that was. Sarah told me I get to be the first one to write about it because she wrote about our little swim.

I sat out on the blankets waiting for Sarah to get ready. I was afraid the swim might have left me a little worn out but the anticipation of waiting seemed to have me right back in the game. There is something about this place, maybe the sweet smelling fresh mountain air, that makes me feel like I could go for hours. I could hear the tent flaps rustle as Sarah began to emerge.

A goddess walked out of the tent and into the light from the campfire and the full moon. She wore a blue satin chemise and as she spun around once for me I could see black panties peeking out from under the edge of it. Her blonde hair was tied back with a blue ribbon, her lips a dark shade of red. Her breasts were pressing against the fabric of the chemise and the nipples appeared to be quite stiff. As she came closer I could see that her panties were crotchless and her pussy was already very wet.

"Are you ready for this?" she asked, in a sultry voice.

I wasn't able to get out much more than a whispered "yes"

As Sarah came closer I pulled her down beside me and kissed her deeply, letting my hands cup her full breasts. They felt so perfect, like they had been designed to go in my hands. The smell of her sex was beginning to drive me wild so I pushed her down onto the blankets and moved down between her legs.

She has such a beautiful pussy. The cut out in the panties framed it perfectly and I could still see juices oozing out from between her lips. I began to lick and suck, cleaning up everything she had, listening as her moans increased. Her ass was grinding against the ground and with every press another moan escaped her lips. I moved my tongue in and out, licking her pussy and sucking on her clit. Her ass was wiggling even faster and sensing the time was right I sunk my cock deep into her pussy. With only a couple pumps her eyes opened wide and she let out a long wavering scream as her hot juices squirted out around my shaft. As I began to thrust harder she focused on me again.

"Not yet, babe" she whispered huskily "It's time you fucked my ass."

With those words it was all I could do not to cum.

"Aren't you worried about the pain?"

"Not anymore," she replied. "I have been preparing myself for tonight. I want this to be my anniversary present for you."

She turned over and knelt with her perfect ass in the air, her lingerie riding up to show tight black panties that defined the rounded humps of her butt.

I eased down her panties to be greeted by the sight of a sparkling blue gem clenched firmly between her cheeks.

"Are you wearing a butt plug?" I gulped, trying to keep my cock under control.

"Do you like it? I have been training myself for you."

In response I reached out and wiggled the end of the plug. She gasped and then began to moan as I pulled it part way out and then pushed it back in. Using my other had I reached down and began to toy with her pussy again, moving fingers in and out as I moved the butt plug. Her pussy clenched and with a scream she began to cum again. Deciding I didn't have much longer I pulled the plug all the way out.

Pressing the head of my cock against her opening I slowly began to sink inside her.

"Fuck me, baby." Sarah screamed. "Stick your cock in my ass and fuck me."

I obliged her. Thrusting the rest of the way in I began to move quicker, in and out, my balls slapping against her wet pussy. Her screams and moans were constant as she began to orgasm and it finally drove me over the edge. I could feel my cum shoot out deep into her tight ass as my whole body tensed and I almost passed out from the sheer force of the orgasm.

July 18 -- Sarah


That worked out better than I could ever have hoped in my wildest fantasies. I have never had that hard of an orgasm or squirted like that. I will sometimes cum a little when I orgasm but never like that.

It was almost one long orgasm from the moment I stepped out of the tent and saw the look in Paul's eyes as he inspected my body.

When he was licking my pussy the butt plug was moving around inside my ass. The feeling was so exquisite I had to press my ass down harder so it would grind in me more. I must have had at least three orgasms before Paul finally stuck his thick cock into my wet pussy and I came harder than I ever have in my life. Paul rammed hard into me again like he was getting ready to finish off. I wanted nothing so much as for that thick cock deep inside my pussy but I brought my self under control long enough to stop him.

I am pretty sure I had another small orgasm from just the look on Paul's face when I told him it was time to fuck my ass. And even more from the anticipation as he slip my panties down to gaze at the sapphire of my butt plug, but when he began to wiggle it and finger me at the same time I felt like pure electricity was running through my body as another orgasm racked my whole being and my pussy began to spray.

Finally he pulled the plug out. I could feel the softness of his tip as it probed my butt hole. He slowly began to enter me. There was a little bit of pain at this, but my very being wanted him. I was filled with a need like I had never experienced before.

I yelled for Paul to fuck me. My ass craved him. It felt empty without the plug in anymore. The pain turned to pleasure as he filled me up. His balls began to hit against my overly sensitive pussy. My body began to shake as another orgasm built. Paul was breathing heavy and as I started cumming he did as well. I could feel his seed spraying deep in my ass and I orgasmed hard again before finally collapsing to the ground exhausted as fluids leaked from both my holes.

We slept together like that, under the stars, not even having the energy to clean up until we awoke this morning.

We are going to take another swim in the pool and then after that Paul wants to go for a hike. This place is so peaceful and refreshing. The air is warm and the soft breeze has such a wonderful smell to it.

July 18 -- Sarah

Still Morning

We are back from our swim. It was every bit as much fun as the last time. Even being morning like it is the water was quite nice, and there is nothing like a bit of frenzied water activities to keep one from getting cold.

Paul thinks we should go for our hike in nothing but our underwear. The grass here is so soft and the weather couldn't be more pleasant so I have agreed. I am wearing a purple and black satin peek-a-boo bra with a matching low rise thong. Paul has on a pair of tight black boxers that show off the shape of his fine ass. Judging from the bulge I can see in the front of them already I don't think our hike is going to last long.

July 18 -- Paul


Wow. What an awesome hike that was. We started out for a simple hike, in our underwear, cause, hey, we are alone in a secluded valley with soft ground to walk on, Sarah is sexy as hell and always ready to wear something sexy for me and it seemed like a good idea. She put on a real hot purple bra that cupped the lower part of her breasts with some black lace that went over top like it was trying to pretend it could hide the stiff nipples underneath. Then she was wearing a purple thong, tight enough that I could see the perfect outline of her mound underneath it. As she walked past me she gave her ass a little wiggle so I could see the string of her thong, pressed deep in her crack, was holding in her little silver butt plug.

We spent probably 15 minutes just walking along the meadow in the soft grass, casually touching each other and talking. I asked Sarah what she thought she would do for our next anniversary that could possibly top the wild fuck we had last night. She grinned wickedly at me and said maybe it was time she found a girlfriend and gave me a wild threesome. At the same time she reached down my boxers and started stroking my cock. The whole thing was very erotic and my knees went weak as I almost came in her hand. She pushed me down onto my back and pulled my boxers down off my legs.

"Well, looks like you enjoy that thought," she said as she began stroking my shaft. "I might have to see if I can find a girl sooner than next year. Maybe we can find that wood nymph the old lady was talking about."

She then leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth, slowly working her way up and down the shaft. The sensation was amazing as her soft, moist lips worked their way down until she had me all the way in her mouth. Suddenly she began to move her head up and down, letting her lips play over the tip of my cock with each repetition before taking me back in. I could feel my orgasm building, like a dam about to burst.

"I am going to cum" I groaned, "You had better stop or you are going to get more than you want."

Her only response was a wicked grin as she looked eagerly into my eyes and began to fondle my balls with one hand.

With that I lost all control. The wave rushed over me and I shot my load into the back of her throat. Far from seeming displeased, Sarah smiled again and began to suck, cleaning my shaft completely.

"I thought maybe we would get a few more of those sexual desires out of the way," she whispered softly into my ear.

Talking like that it didn't take her long to have me ready again. I rolled her onto her back slid her thong to the side and moved in between her legs. As I entered her she lifted up her legs so I could grab them and push them up farther. It allowed me a real hot view of her moist lips sliding along my cock and at the same time Sarah says it makes so my shaft rubs perfectly inside her and her clit tends to get mashed between us, giving her a bit of a thrill with each thrust. It was even hotter today. I could feel her butt plug nestled firmly between her cheeks as my balls swung into and the way she was moaning she must have really been enjoying the action it was getting. Within a couple thrusts I had Sarah screaming and it didn't take me much longer to finish.

July 18 -- Sarah


I don't even know what to say about what happened after our hike. It started simple enough.

After giving Paul a blow job, and swallowing for the first time, we had another wild bit of fucking and then, feeling tired, we came back to camp and had a nap. That's were things got strange.

I came slowly awake to the feel of lips caressing my pussy. A tongue darted out and began to flick into me. Then it was a gentle sucking on my clit. And this point I began to get very turned on as my tormentor began to place tiny kisses all around my pubic area. There was a gentle breath on the moistness of my mound, fingers scraped slowly up my belly a quick suck on each stiff nipple and then light kisses back down to my pussy again. The tongue licked the moisture from my pussy and then the whole process was repeated.

"That feels so good, Paul." I moaned. My eyes still closed as I lay back enjoying the sensations, little waves of pleasure rolling over my body.

"Sarah?" a sleepy voice responded beside me.

I opened my eyes and looked over to see Paul still laying to the side of me. Looking down my body I met a pair of green eyes framed by long, dark blonde hair. Her tongue shot into my pussy as our gaze met.

I could feel an orgasm starting to building. At that stage I didn't care about what a strange woman was doing between my legs. She had sucked my clit in between red lips and started flicking it against the roof of her mouth. A slender finger entered me and curved up to stroke my g-spot. The orgasm that had been so close rolled over me and I began to cum. The lady fastened her lips over me and drank in everything I had.

I'm not sure what came over me but the sight of her drinking from me filled me with excitement. I grabbed her and pulled her in to share a deep kiss and then rolled her onto her back.

As she lay there I finally got a good look at her. The long blonde hair and green eyes I had already seen, a small nose, lips the color of ripe strawberries, slim and well built, about the same height as myself, wearing a short green babydoll that did nothing to hide her small, firm breasts. There was a bit of lacy fabric that did more to highlight the erect nipples than to hide them. She wore a white thong of a sheer material that because of how damp it was hid nothing from me. I could see her smooth hairless pussy underneath it, lips almost pulsing against the fabric as she let out a small sigh and stretched. My eyes were drawn in by the sight of her sex. I had never before been so close to another woman's pussy like this.

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