tagMind ControlThe Word Ch. 01

The Word Ch. 01


The word...

Slipping through the silver strands of moonlight, his form was as dark as the deepest woodland shadows. A practiced, silent, tread carried him slowly towards his destination. Through the gaps in the thick underbrush, his blue-gray eyes could occasionally catch glimpses of the brightly-lit structure that waited at the top of the hill. Clouds, as silent in their passage as he had been in his, covered the full moon. The spreading gloom suits both his mood and his purpose.

It had been months since she had been this relaxed, refreshed, alive. For once, the lingering pain and humiliation of her divorce seemed to have drained away with the warm waters of her bath. Perhaps it was the wine; or perhaps it was a true healing – no matter its cause, a long sought after calm had settled over her this evening. Catching a glimpse of herself in the full-length mirror of her dressing room – she paused. Her skin glowed with the soft pink vibrancy of a rose petal. The years had been kind to her, she knew, a subtle repayment for the awkwardness of her youth. There she stood, in the glass, the fullness of her form complimented by its youthful firmness. Lingering a moment longer – she allows herself the indulgence of the touch of her small, soft, hands. Cupping the weight of her breasts; she knows – for the first time in a long time – she is ready to move forward with her life.

To call it a house would fail to capture the vibrancy of the building that now stood before him. A warm glow of comfort flowed freely from the many windows that looked out over the hill slope he had ascended. This dwelling was indeed a home – a living shelter filled with the quiet comfort of tender love.

As he waited patiently in the shadows of the garden his thoughts drifted back through the whirlwind of the past few months and roamed freely forward in time to the changes that he know would be driven by this night's events.

His silent reflections were broken by movement within the house. As he watched, the reality of the situation filled him with a calm quiet confidence. A sense of power, control, destiny, surged through him. This was his time, his night, his moment, the perfect culmination of months of careful cultivation. He could feel the steady beat of his pulse surging through his loins. Slipping the blackness of his hood over his head he knew, as clearly as he had ever known anything, fate was his to control tonight.

Amid the soft sweet strains of jazz, she filled her wineglass again. Not bothering with clothing, she had moved from her bath, to her kitchen, to her den. Stepping closer, she could feel the warmth of the fireplace that awaited her. Caring not for the shadows she cast on the windows overlooking her garden, she sipped the fine California merlot and basked in her newfound contentment. Sitting on the floor, her feet drawn under the curve of her flank, her mind wandered to the thoughts, dreams, fantasies that had slowly seeped into her consciousness. Without realization, her fingertips played over large, taught nipples then sensuously descended across her belly only to rest against the silky smoothness between her thighs.

His journey had been easy, perhaps too easy. With silent precision, he now stood only a pace behind her. The darkness of his clothing standing in sharp contrast to the soft and happy brightness flowing from the fire and the several candles scattered about the room. With the suddenness of a viper – his large right hand clamped across her mouth while the fingers of his left pressed upon her throat. With a quiet whisper, he spoke the only word that could halt her struggles. A single word of magic and power, that had linked these two together for months... the word that bound her, body, mind and soul to him... the word that was the key to the erotic drama to unfold throughout the rest of this night... the word.. her word... his word... their word...

This night, the first night, was a beginning, a new beginning to a new world. From this day on she would never be alone, never again afraid. For now, they were bound together by the word.

Each day ever after would be a new beginning for her. A new group of experiences she would come to love and crave. Nothing was as it had been.

The most delicious part of all was... no one would ever know... the changes he had made in her that night. The secret was in the word... and the word was power and love intertwined into a delicious chain of response.

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