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The Worst Story Ever


AUTHOR'S NOTE: I've made an effort to make sure this is the worst story ever. Hackneyed, unoriginal, disjointed, etc. I apologize if any of the punctuation or usage is correct. If you chose to vote, Please give this story a one. I'd appreciate any comments about how to make this story worse (Sorry, more bad.)

* * * * *

Thrash Maxim pulled his monster truck into his garage because it was raining and he didn't want to get wet.

"Dammit," grated Thrash Maxim, as the roof of his monster truck scraped along the garage door. His truck was too goddamn big for the goddamn garage, goddammit. The squealing appeal of sheet metal grinding against sheet metal was ignored by Thrash as he pushed on the pedal that made the truck go faster, pushing the pulsating machine into the unwilling garage, which was just seventeen years old.

The babysitter came rushing in, because of the noise she heard.

"Are you okay, Mr. Maxim?" she asked with concern, her blonde hair shining in the spotlight that Thrash used to blind deer when he was hunting. Her really big tits strained against her Catholic school uniform, and Thrash could see that her blue eyes stared admiringly at the muscular muscles in his biceps as he throwed down the rope ladder so she could get in the truck.

"I'm going to take you home now," growled Thrash, admiring her perfect DD 38-24-36 body and 10-7-5 legs and size 5 and 3/4 head as she got in the car. A button popped on her uniform blouse.

"But what about your kids?" she asked with concern, her blonde hair hanging in her eyes as she hungrily stared at his package.

"They'll be fine," grunted Thrash, his powerful and demanding presence impressing the young girl, who had just turned 18 the second after he pulled into the seventeen year old garage.

They drove for a while and the girl talked about something, homework or some shit, and how she hoped she could impress the captain of the football team on their big date, but she was sure she wouldn't know how because she was very inexperienced with what boys wanted her to do, but again she reiterated that she sured hoped she could please him in some way so that he would ask her out again, maybe to the prom.

"What you need to do," Thrash said with his deep voice, "Is learn to suck cock real good."

"Okay, but how?" she asked with concern.

Thrash Maxim unzipped his fly and put the truck in third gear so that she have more room to work on his enormous tool. The babysitter gawked at the size, which was much larger than any she'd seen, especially since she was a virgin. Measuring it, she noted that it was exactly eleven inches long and a full six inches in circumference. She tried to calculate the diameter, but was having problems remembering the formula as Thrash pushed it past her cherry red lips and knocked her tonsils around vigorously with his man meat tool poker thing.

"That's it you damn teenager, suck that cock," grimaced Thrash as the virgin gave his totem pole a tongue job.

"Hmm sish serkum hmmphm-" she said with concern, as he put his hand on the back of her blonde hair and showed her how to bob up and down on his giant member.

"That's right baby, six inches circumference," Thrash replied. "Oooh. Oooh. Oooh. Oooh yeah. I'm going to blow my load right in your virgin mouth."

Thrash blew his load right in her virgin mouth.

"Gawddammint!" yelled Thrash. There was a hitchhiker at the stop sign, watching them, and the hitchhiker was his own sister!!!!!!!

"Hey sis," Thrash grated. "Wassssup!"

His sister noticed that the babysitter was still gulping down a huge load of cum, but she pretended not to notice. "Can I get a lift, bro?"

"Sure thing," Thrash grunted. "Hop on in."

They drove along for a while, listening to All Things Considered on NPR as the storm raged around them. Eventually the rain got so heavy that Thrash had to pull over, for safety, until the storm abated somewhat and got less heavy with the rain.

Thrash's sister, Tina, was blonde and blue, 22, 36-24-35 and was 5'5", but Thrash never knew her hat size, and she'd been away at college. She'd often heard her brother whack off at night when they were growning up, but it really turned her on to see how much he'd cum on the poor babysitter. Now she stared at this package in the dim light, hoping to get an idea of how big her big brother was.

Thrash caught her eyeballing his crotch, and hastily he tried to put his dick back in his pants before she caught him and could tell his wife or his mother what he'd been doing with the babysitter.

"I see what you two have been doing," Tina said.

Thrash explained that he was just showing her how to please a man for the big date she was going to have.

"Then let me show her how it's done, big brother, or I'll tell Mom on you."

"Okay," Thrash grunted, because there was no way out of it now. He was going to have to fuck his own sister!

"What about her," Thrash mumbled as his sister swallowed him, but the babysitter simply lifted her plaid skirt and started fingering herself as she watched and learned.


Thrash noticed that the babysitter wasn't wearing any panties, and that she was very wet, so he fucked her while his sister sucked on her tits. Then she sucked on her clit while he shoved his cock in her mouth, before switching so she could suck it a little while fingered her ass and she licked her pussy, then they switched again so he could fuck her in the ass while she watched and fingered herself, and then he pulled out and came on both of them. There was plenty of room for all this because Thrash had a monster truck and they were all in it.

"DAMN I'M CUMMING ON BOTH OF YOU!!!!!!" Thrashed screamed as he came on them, covering the babysitter and HIS OWN SISTER with his man juice.

"Yes! Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes," yelled his own sister, Tina.

"Oh Mr. Maxim, I'm learning so much. Ah, my eye. This stuff stings!" cried the babysitter.


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