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The XXXMas Present


Last Christmas, I gave my husband a present he will never forget. I wanted to make his holiday extra special. When he came down the stairs on Christmas morning, he never noticed the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. He never saw the enormous pile of presents. His eyes were instantly drawn to the cute little blonde perched on the mantelpiece wearing nothing but a Christmas stocking.

It had taken me all month to set this up, although the idea had been in the back of my mind for over a year. I felt that it was something Jeff needed.

Before we were married, Jeff had been a very shy man. He couldn’t even speak to a girl unless she spoke first. I had to ask him out the first time, and eventually, I was the one to propose. During our engagement and marriage, his confidence gradually grew until he was like anybody else, but I always felt kind of bad that he’d missed so much. He was a virgin when we met, though he tried to act more experienced. It was kind of cute watching him swagger into the room on our first time, doing his best to seem the macho stud, but I knew from the fear in his eyes and the slight tremble in the fingers that touched me that I was his first girl. There is a powerful biological urge in males to mount as many females as possible. This is true not only in humans, but in many animal species as well. Poor Jeff had never been able to satisfy that urge and while I don’t think he was emotionally stunted or anything like that, I’m sure it bothered him from time to time. It occasionally bothered me. I wanted to help him satisfy his promiscuous instincts, but I couldn’t do it by myself. It would require another girl. I was naturally uncomfortable about that, so I dismissed the idea. I stopped thinking about it, but I never quite forgot it.

When December started looming on the horizon and I had nothing in my mind for Jeff’s Christmas present, the idea popped back into my head. As I thought it over, it grew on me. It isn’t very a traditional gift and a difficult one for me to deal with, but Jeff deserved something extra special. I went to work setting it up.

It was harder than I thought. First, I had to find him a willing partner, preferably a young and beautiful one. I talked to several prostitutes, strippers and some girls who worked for an erotic modeling lounge, but I decided against them. It was too impersonal. For them, sex was a business and that made them cold and detached. It wasn’t real. Even the best of them are only acting. Besides, they were expensive. I wanted this experience to last more than just an hour or two, but I couldn’t afford any more than that. I needed someone who was willing to do it for me or for us, not for money. That narrowed my choices considerably. I needed someone I knew.

Most of my female friends and acquaintances were rejected as soon as I thought of them. Some of them were married. Some of them would never do such a thing. Two of them would be glad of an opportunity to steal Jeff away from me. Others were too old or simply not attractive enough. She, whoever “she” turned out to be, had to be young, gorgeous and unattached. I would not make Jeff the target for someone’s jealous husband or lover. Then I remembered Karen.

Karen was a junior at the university, beautiful, single and nineteen. She’s helped me with my research on frequent occasions. She would be absolutely perfect. She’s bright, enthusiastic and highly energetic, a tiny thing with long, blonde hair and a sweet, fresh face, bouncing like a cheerleader and smiling like an angel. She has a sexy, innocent, perfectly natural charm. The effect she has on the men around her is devastating. I’m sure she’s aware of it, but it’s not deliberate. It’s just part of who she is.

Once I’d made my choice, it took me four days to ask her. I followed her around campus, fabricating projects for her to research, placing myself in spots where I knew she’d turn up, inviting her for lunches and coffees. I wanted to keep her near me at all times. I was waiting for that one brief moment of temporary courage when I would be able to bring up the subject. When the moment came, I wanted her nearby. If I had to spend time searching for her, my cowardice might reassert itself.

The moment finally came in the back corner of the library. We were researching some rather boring family histories when I brought it up. Once I’d started, I refused to let myself stop. I couldn’t look at her. I examined a shelf of books. I stammered and stuttered, but I managed to get through it. When I’d finished, I just stared at those books.

She agreed almost immediately. She loved the idea, although she did ask a few rather blunt questions with none of the little girl shyness I’d attributed to her. She wanted firm assurances that Jeff wasn’t into anything weird, like whips, animals, asphyxiation or anything. She insisted on blood tests for me and Jeff, and also for herself. She also wanted to know, to my embarrassment, if there was anything special Jeff fantasized about. If she was to be his fantasy girl, she wanted to be all of his fantasies, or at least as many as possible. I had to confess that I had no idea. Jeff and I experimented a little, but we had never really discussed fantasies, and I have no idea what guys dream about.

Karen had several suggestions, to my red-faced surprise. I had always thought her to be a naive country girl. She has a very innocent face, but there was nothing innocent about the things she was bringing up. She spoke with the authority of an expert and the enthusiasm of an artist. I think she enjoyed my embarrassment. According to Karen, most guys loved to see girls with their pussies shaved. Some want to watch a girl masturbate. Many fantasized about anal sex. A lot of them like a girl to be tied down and helpless. A few like to be tied down themselves. Then she gave me a wicked smile and said that the one thing that every guy wants is to do two girls at once and to watch them do each other. Was I planning to be a part of this?

My face turned an even deeper shade of crimson and I gasped. I wasn’t even planning to be in the house during the event. I mumbled something to that effect and then, gaining back a little of my self-control, I said Jeff would have to be satisfied with one of the other ideas. I asked which one of them she preferred. Still wearing that dirty little smile, she said she was open to all of them. She had never been anyone’s Christmas present and wanted to be the best he’d ever had. She wanted to make all of his fantasies come true.

She was reminding me that this whole thing was being planned as the most erotic experience of Jeff’s entire life. It was a subtle hint that I reconsider participating. I tried to think about it in that light, but I was too squeamish to even consider it.

Over the next few weeks, we met frequently to plan the event down to the last detail. It didn’t really require all the time we put into it, but it was fun to have this naughty secret and we were both enjoying the discussions and we got to be very close friends.

The only other person allowed into the secret was my doctor. In order to get Jeff’s blood test done, I told him I had some minor infection and that he should get a checkup as well. I needed the doctor to support me, so I confided in her.

Around midnight on Christmas Eve, I got out of bed to let Karen in and make some final preparations. I told Jeff that I had some last-minute wrapping to do and warned him not to come downstairs for any reason. He tried to delay me. He was in the mood for a late night fuck, but I put him off. I said I was a little under the weather. Really, I wanted it as much as he did, but I knew he’d be better able to enjoy Karen if he was fresh. I went downstairs, creeping as quietly as I could down that old, creaky staircase.

I let Karen inside and helped her bring in a few wrapped packages. We were very quiet. In that great big house, Jeff probably couldn’t hear us, but he was just as probably listening. Karen went straight to the bathroom to shave. She had said that she wanted to wait until Christmas was just a few hours away so her pussy would be nice and soft with no regrowth. She had invited me to watch and I’d timidly agreed. I had never seen a shaved pussy before and I was curious to see how much of a difference it really made and what made it so appealing to guys.

As she took off her sweater and peeled off her jeans without a trace of self-consciousness, it took all of my willpower and self-control to keep from rushing out of the room. But I’d made myself a vow to stay through the entire process. I had to get used to being around her while she was naked. Karen had finally talked me into sticking around Christmas morning, if not to participate, then at least to watch. She said that after all the trouble I’d gone to, I owed it to myself and to Jeff to share his enjoyment and appreciation. I deserved to see his astonishment and surprise when he found what I’d gotten him.

Karen was getting a huge kick out of thinking of herself as Jeff’s present. I think she enjoyed turning herself into a sex toy solely for another person’s pleasure. As long as she was in control, she got an erotic thrill from being used.

As Karen removed her bra and panties and maneuvered around the bathroom to set up her tools, I forced myself to relax and watch closely. To my very pleasant surprise, I enjoyed it very much. I’ve very seldom been around other women while they were naked. Even in health clubs, I avoided it whenever I could. But when Karen had removed her clothes, I felt a strange new kinship with her that I’ve never felt toward anyone before. For the first time in my life, I realized that here was someone who had had some of the same experiences I had; the fear and thrill of menarche, the indignity of a gynecologist’s exam, and the rather frightening knowledge that every man that saw me wanted to invade my body with his penis. When I was thirteen, I had had some nightmares about that and I finally felt that someone else might have had similar ones. It was a profound moment in my life.

With this new feeling of sisterhood and expanded understanding of what it means to be female, I was able to really appreciate how beautiful a woman’s body can be, and Karen’s body was fantastic. Jeff was in for an unbelievable time. I didn’t even have to feel jealous, wondering whether he would find her attractive. I knew he would. I wanted him to. Karen looked at my face and smiled. I think she sensed some of what was going on in my mind.

She sat on the edge of the tub and turned the hot water on very slightly. If we turned it too high, Jeff would hear the water rushing through the old pipes. She wet a washcloth, and pressed it to her pussy, softening the skin in preparation. When the heat was exhausted, she put it back under the water. I found myself staring at her pussy. She had quite a nice bush, thick but neatly trimmed. The hair was dark and damp, matted against her skin. Beneath it could be seen the tightly sealed seam of her vulva. She repeated the process with the washcloth several times, then picked up a small pair of scissors. The hair was snipped away to a short stubble, then shaving cream was applied. She picked up her razor and took a deep breath.

“This part always makes me nervous,” she said. Slowly, the blade scraped away the hairs and foam. That tight seam was growing quickly more visible. Soon, those pretty lips were naked. I now knew why men found this so appealing. That smooth, soft skin was bold and sexy, and extremely feminine.

“Shall we do you now?” she asked, her wicked smile returning. I was excited and turned on by the sexual energy and adventure of the moment, so I nodded. I took off my dress, trying to forget that Karen was watching me. I tried doing everything the way she had, but when I touched the blade to my skin, the nervous tension got to be too much. I started giggling. I couldn’t hold the razor still. Karen seized the blade and took it upon herself to shave me. I leaned back a little and spread my legs. I watched as my own hair was sheared away until I was as bare between my legs as Karen. It was so weird, feeling another woman touch my pussy and even grip and pull on the lips while she shaved them. Karen winked at me and slipped her finger up inside me. Her expression held an offer and an invitation. She would do as much and go as far as I felt ready for. A second finger entered me while she waited for some clue as to my feelings.

I couldn’t react at all. I wanted her to stop, but I wanted her to continue. Both choices scared me. What would I become if I let her continue? What was I giving up if I didn’t?

She seemed to understand and resumed shaving. The moment of choice had passed, for now. But she left her fingers inside to let me know that there would be other moments. The choice was still open.

I examined myself afterwards with mixed feelings. It was exciting and erotic, but extremely scary. I didn’t feel like myself. I couldn’t believe that I had actually done that, or let her do it. I felt completely different. I certainly looked different, at least between my legs, but after I’d put on a robe and looked in the mirror, my face seemed changed as well. My expression was sexy and dangerous and showed more energy and life than I’d ever seen there before. I was looking at a stranger. She was mysterious and seductive and I liked her immediately. She smiled at me, then her eyes went wide with astonishment. The smile I’d seen in the mirror was almost the twin of Karen’s naughty grin.

We were nearly ready now. Karen was ready, beautiful and inviting. I was ready. We only had a few details left. We wanted to make it perfect. From the moment he entered the room, Jeff’s entire reality had to change. His very first impressions should tell him that the world he knew was temporarily on hold.

First, we had to decide where Jeff would find her. It had to be someplace unique. If she was just sitting in a chair, he might think her just a visiting friend caught in an embarrassing moment. At first, Karen wanted to put adhesive Christmas ribbons on her breasts and pussy and lie under the tree, but that turned out to be unsafe. The tree wasn’t very secure in its stand and nearly toppled as she tried to get comfortable. We ended up settling for the mantelpiece. Our house is very old and very large. It was built by Jeff’s great-great-grandfather and designed in a very grand style. It is filled with cavernous rooms lit by enormous chandeliers and in the main family room, there is a massive mantelpiece. It’s made of brick and sticks out from the wall nearly two feet. The top of the mantelpiece is polished wood. Normally, we decorate it with knick-knacks and figurines, but we decided that for this Christmas, Karen would be the only decoration. She would be naked, except for Jeff’s Christmas stocking on one foot. What a stocking-stuffer she was. I was to sit in the couch at the side of the room. I wouldn’t be immediately noticed when Jeff entered, but I would have a good view of his reaction. I had my camera ready.

Now we were set. We each took a short nap to refresh us and Karen had a shower. After that, we just waited. I had put a string of bells across the stairs about halfway down to warn us when Jeff was on the way. When he moved it out of his way, we’d hear it. For the next few hours, we had whispered conversations, and strained our ears listening for the bells. Naturally, as the waiting grew tedious, our discussions became work-related. We were planning the steps of a January research project when the ringing finally came.

Our excitement returned full-force. We hissed at each other, “Places!” I gave her a boost to the mantelpiece and leapt to my place on the couch. Karen arched her back and thrust her breasts out and spread her legs, extending one of them out to her right along the mantle.

All the hard work, all the planning, all the trouble I’d had convincing myself to do this, it was all rewarded when I saw Jeff’s expression. Such astonishment I had never seen in my life. I keep a copy of the photograph on my desk. The camera flash startled him and he noticed me for the first time. I smiled at him and gestured toward Karen. When realization dawned on his face, I got another great shot.

Jeff went to her and then hesitated. Karen leaned down and kissed him, then asked him to help her down. She slid down into his arms and wrapped her legs around his waist, clinging to his neck with her arms. Softly whispering, she directed him to a large rug near the tree, then climbed slowly off him. She kissed him hard, her hands pressing on the back of his head. Dropping to her knees, she took hold of his pajama bottoms and yanked them to the floor. His hard cock jumped out and batted Karen’s face.

She squealed in excitement and grabbed it with her hand. Gently, she rubbed it up and down a couple of times, then kissed the tip. She lifted it, so that it was pointing almost straight up, and licked it. Her tongue started on his soft, hairy balls and slowly ran up to the crown of his penis. Several times she did this, then kissed the tip again. With her lips still slightly open she pushed her head forward, slowly taking him into her mouth. He was staring down at her in disbelieving ecstasy.

I quickly burned up the first roll of film and loaded a second. I was watching with increasing excitement. I was really enjoying this! She took almost all of his cock into her mouth. He was in heaven. I could almost taste his cum, but she didn’t let him get that far. When his orgasm was getting close, she stopped moving. She let him rest in her mouth until he’d regained control, then slowly pulled away.

Karen pulled off the rest of his clothes, then lay on the rug with her eyes closed. She stretched her arms out and spread her legs. It was a clear invitation. Jeff looked at me as if asking for permission. I smiled my sexy new smile and said “Fuck her.”

He was startled. I never talk like that unless I’m very, very angry. I wasn’t angry now, but the feelings I had were nearly as powerful and the language seemed appropriate. He stared at me with a puzzled grin. He wasn’t moving, so I said it again, louder and more emphatically, “Fuck her!”

“Please!” Karen whimpered.

Jeff got on his hands and knees over her and placed his hand on her pussy. He stroked it and rubbed it kneaded it with his fingers. I could see that he was enjoying her naked, hairless flesh. I could hardly wait until he touched me that way. One of his fingers slid between her lips, then pierced her. She lifted her hips to press against his hand, forcing his finger deeper. The sounds she was making were incredibly erotic. She was moaning and gasping and laughing and weeping. Tears were running down her cheeks as she thrust against his finger. She was in the grip of orgasm and it was a delight to watch.

Her twitching and jerking gradually slowed and her bottom dropped back to the rug. Jeff removed his finger, a little stunned by the suddenness and the intensity of her orgasm.

Karen was panting slightly, but she wasn’t finished yet. She sat up a little, reached out with her hand and grabbed his cock. She pulled him into position over her and spread her legs to receive him. Jeff placed his penis at her inviting entrance and with a mighty shove, he opened his present.

A faint shriek escaped me. I had never watched two people having sex before. It was amazing. I had felt him inside countless times, and I loved to watch him penetrate me, but this was Karen. I loved this new perspective. My pussy ached and throbbed in empathy and envy with each stabbing thrust. I knew exactly what that firm shaft felt like sliding inside. I had memorized every pulsing vein on that beautiful cock. I could almost feel that upward curve probing me, that thick base filling me, those hairy balls tickling my ass. It was like my very own cock, and now my cock was fucking Karen. I was fucking Karen, and I could feel Karen getting fucked.

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