tagMatureThe Young Woman Next Door

The Young Woman Next Door


I'm a widower for two years now. We had lived-in the same house for eighteen years. I had watched the neighbor kids grow up with my step-kids. The girls next door just couldn't seem to get away. The youngest was disabled so I could understand that. The oldest one, she just couldn't find a job that paid enough even with a college degree. Not too sure why but that is not my problem yet.

I was up and out in the yard early before it got hot. I hate the heat of the day. I was tending my flower beds and yard. I heard the door slam on the house next door. I look up to see Betty, the oldest, storming toward her car.

"Don't take my car out of the driveway." Her father shouted.

She stopped, turned and stomped toward me and the road. I just continued pulling weeds and thinking that she was damn good-looking. Twenty years younger than me but still damn. She walked into my yard and flopped down into one of my Adirondack lawn chairs. I looked at her and stood. I walked into the house. I poured two tall glasses of ice tea. I returned to the yard. She still sat there fuming. I sat a glass of tea on the arm of the chair. She looked at me, "Thank you"

She took a drink as I sat down in the chair next to her.

"I'm working two jobs. I still can't make enough to get out of my parent's house." She said.

"Dental Hygienist is not a good job?" I ask.

"Yeah, it's a great job. Only thing is there are so many of us now most dentists won't hire a full-time hygienist at full pay. When they can hire two or three part-time at partial pay." She said.

"What about your boyfriend?" I ask.

"That jack-ass, he cares more about his hot rods than me. He told me to leave he still wanted to see me but couldn't afford me in the house. I left him." She said.

"That sounds about right I was the same way at that age. Now I have neither to care about. I can't see well enough to drive. I have no need for a hot rod. My wife is dead so I have no need to care about her. I might have a solution that will help both of us. I was just thinking. I need a housekeeper to help me. I have a spare room unoccupied. Why not rent you the room for your housekeeping. It would not cost you anything. I will buy a car that you can use to drive me around and for your personal use also. If needed I can throw in some spending money." I said.

"You want me to work for room and board?" She asks.

"Yeah" I said.

She sat quiet for some time.

"I have run of the house?" She asks.

"You will have free roam of the house. I run the house." I said.

"What about my daughter?" She asks.

"There is a second room, if you want her to stay. I will expect more from you then." I said.

"What kind of more?" She asks.

"Housework and such" I said.

She sat some, thinking about it more. She looked at me and then said, "I think I will take the offer. I will be your housekeeper and driver for room and board." She said.

"Good, I will be glad to train you to meet my standards. They are not high." I said, "Shall we go in and see your new home."

"Yes" She said.

I lead her into the house. It had been remodeled within the last two years. Since my wife died, I had money several million. I was not telling Betty here about that. I spent the next few days moving her in and teaching her how to clean my house. The things she was to leave alone and the things she could touch.

Several months passed, we were getting along fine. Her daughter wanted to stay where she was. So I let Betty have use of the second room. She would set out in the living room with me watching TV in the evenings. Her jobs were slowly becoming nothing. Her one boss had hired two more hygienist and cut her hours. Her other boss laid her off. She was spending more time with me.

One afternoon I said, "I'm going to take a shower." As a joke, "Would you care to join me and wash my back?" I ask.

"Sure, I need one too. Plus I have not been with a man for some time now." She said, "That is what you want to fuck me?"

"Well, I was just joking, but yeah, if you are willing." I said.

"We are spending a lot of time together. It only seems natural we sleep together." She said, "I would like that too."

We got our stuff and met in the bathroom. I stood there naked when she came into the room. She smiled shyly I kissed her.

"May I remove your clothing?" I ask.

"Yes" She said.

I kissed her again. I unbuttoned her top and pulled it from her jeans. I removed the blouse and dropped it to the floor. I unsnapped her bra and added it to the top. I cupped her tits. They were large, firm and stood up nicely.

"Their not bad for a thirty-two year old woman." She said.

"Not bad at all" I said and squeezed them. I unsnapped her jeans and pushed them down. I knelt and removed each shoe then her jeans and socks. She stood there in a sky blue thong. I turned her around her ass was small, solid and well-toned. Her whole body was toned.

"Do you work out?" I ask.

"Every morning before I leave my room, always have." She said.

"It shows, don't stop." I said. I stepped into the custom shower stall. I started the water and set it mild for her.

"You need to adjust the temp to your taste. If I set it for me, you won't able to take it." I said.

She adjusted the water. I use a net scrubber and soaped her body. I cleaned her body. I got to her crotch and she has a thick blonde bush. I stepped out and got a disposal razor and gel. I applied the gel and shaved her crotch down along her pussy. I did under her arms and her legs.

"Not one has ever done that before I usually do it once a month." She said.

"You will keep it smooth from now on." I said.

I put the razor away. I washed her down again. While I was washing her legs I knelt in front of her. I pushed her back against the wall. I lifted her right leg and put it over my shoulder. I licked at her clean, smooth pussy. She moaned. I sucked at her pussy lips. Licking ever closer to her clit when I got to it she shrieked. I sucked her clit between my lips. She slid her hands onto my head and pulled me closer. "Eat me, Old man." She cried.

I did, I stuck two fingers into her cunt. She spread her legs wider, lifting the one from my shoulder and holding it at the knee. She screamed, "I am coming, fuck, finger-fuck my pussy, suck my clit."

I tongued her cunt as her juices poured from it. She tasted sweet. I got my fill for now. I stood without moving her and pushed my cock into her cunt. Her one knee buckled, I grabbed her around the waist. I pinned her against the wall lifting the other leg up to my shoulder. I fucked her hard this way. Her arms around my neck, she moaned and rolled her eyes up into her head. I pounded her till I noticed the water turning cooler. I pulled from her, setting her feet to the floor. She dropped slowly to the floor into a sitting position. "I can't stand just yet." She said.

I washed up quickly, I shut the water off. I grabbed a towel and dried myself off. When I was done, I helped Betty to her feet. I dried her off. I walked her to my bed. I laid her down on it. I lay down beside her and kissed her again. I squeezed her tits and then slid my hand between her legs. I fingered her clit soon she was wet and coming. I spread her legs and mounted her missionary style. I pushed my cock into her twat she forced her legs wider. I fucked her hard as she moaned, mewed and cooed. I think other than my cock slamming her. She didn't even know I was there. Her pleasure level was so high she was gone. I pulled her legs up over my shoulder again. She didn't mind when I pulled from her and pushed her legs up. This brought her ass out for me to see, I guided my cock to her asshole. She was still in her pleasure as I pushed my dick into her tight asshole. She moaned and I parted the ring with my cock. I pushed my dick into her ass as far as I could. She started trembling. She was coming again. I jack-hammered her asshole as long as I could she was humping her hips to meet my thrust. Her orgasms were flooding her mind. Her mouth was open and a soft moan poured from it. Her nipples were rock hard she had both hands in her crotch rubbing her clit. She loved this fucking. I fucked her till she pasted out. I pulled from her. I went and washed my cock. When I returned to the bed she was still out. I woke her, she smiled at me.

"Please fuck me some more. Damn, I didn't know a man could fuck like this."

I sat on her abdomen; I placed my cock between her large tits. She wrapped them around my cock. I started fucking her tits. It was dry and the friction was making it hurt. I leaned forward and got some sex oil. I poured a bit between her tits. Now fucking her tits felt better I drove my cock in and out of her tits. I felt the pressure building. I moved her hands and slid forward. I shoved my cock into her mouth, "Suck me off, Betty" I said. She turned her head.

"No, I don't suck cock." She said.

I grabbed her hair and turned her back. I forced my cock into her mouth.

"Suck bitch" I said.

She didn't pull away as I pumped into her mouth. Her lips tight around my shaft she sucked hard on my cock. I released a load into her mouth. I didn't have to tell her she swallowed my jizz down her throat. When I finish she sucked and licked it clean. I rolled off to the side. She smacked me. I grabbed her arm and held it still.

"What the hell?" I ask.

I said, "No but you forced me to suck your cock. You raped my face."

"You didn't fight hard to stop me." I said, "I think you liked it that way."

"I don't like sucking cock but I will do it." She said.

"Good, because you are going to spend a lot of time doing it living here." I said.

"No" She said.

"Yes, you are, it's that or back to your parents' house." I said.

"You wouldn't" She said.

"Yeah, I would. Suck my cock or get out." I said.

She looked at me and slid down my body and sucked my cock into her mouth. She sucked me hard again. I pushed her around so she was face down. I straddled her thighs and spread her asscheeks. I pushed my cock into her asshole. She rose to meet me. I started humping her asshole; I fucked that ass for an hour.

"Please, you're started to hurt me." She said.

I pulled from her ass. I went in and cleaned up. I come back and I pulled her into her room. I dug through her things till I found a top for her to wear and then I found a pair of jeans.

"Do these fit you tight?" I ask.

"Yea, so tight, I don't wear them." She said.

"Good, come along." I said pulling her into the living room. I run around naked so much I kept the blinds closed all the time. I opened the sewing box and found the scissors. I cut the legs off of the jeans. I nipped the waist band in a couple of places.

"Try these on" I said.

She put them on. She zippered them up, the waistband give enough she could wear them. The legs still covered too much. I marked them. "Take them off" I said.

I cut the markings, "Here, put them on again."

She did, I had her turn so I could inspect. I stepped to her and cut the blouse just below her nipples all the way around.

"That is good, now go put on a pair of high-heels. You are going to dress for me. If you are going to do for me, then you do as I want." I said.

"Yes, Sir" She said and went to her room. She returned wearing a pair of white six inch heels.

"That is fine," I said and sat on the couch. I grabbed several pillows and dropped them on the floor in front of me.

"Get over here on your knees." I said.

She strode over and knelt in front of me. She looked at me.

"I am not your slave." She said.

"No, I'm paying for this. You are living here full time. I am taking care of you, now you will take care of me." I said.

"So I am your whore?" She asks.

"Are you, are you my whore?" I ask her.

"Yes, I guess I am." She said and sucked my cock into her mouth.

"Yes, but you are yet so much more than just my whore. You are my housekeeper, my cook, my driver. You do what I need adding the sex just makes you my woman, lover everything but my wife." I said.

She pulled from my cock, "Are you proposing to me now?" She asks.

"No, not at all, maybe someday, I want to live this way for a while." I said.

"I agree, I love it here. I even love you but I'm not ready to marry you." She said.

"I am not sure on the love part totally yet. I love you in many ways but not completely." I said.

"Let's give it a year. If things haven't changed I will say yes if you ask." She said.

"Suck on my balls, I agree one year and I will ask you then." I said.

She lowered her mouth and sucked a ball in. I laid my head back and enjoyed the oral she was giving.

Several months later, I was watching some evening TV. Betty was right where she was every night. On her knees sucking my cock and balls, she didn't watch TV. She enjoyed my cock too much to waste time watching TV. We had become a loving couple she obeyed my every command sexually. Neither of us worked, living off the interest of ten million dollars. We lived well we stayed in this little house so she could see her daughter every day. The kid was fourteen and a total teenage bitch. I spoiled the kid rotten. She wanted for nothing. She said she loved me. I think she loved my money. But you can never tell with teenagers.

It was the one year mark, we were in love. We went to dinner that night, and then we went to a local park to walk the trails. I loved walking the wooded areas around the city. We were on the back trail when I pulled her into the woods. I guided her way off the trail. She was wearing a white blouse, no bra, a denim vest that pushed her tits upright and a denim mini-skirt. She wore a thong the only underwear I allowed with a skirt and knee-high leather boots with four inch heels. Her blonde hair was heavily curled and bound into pigtails on each side of her head.

I had a pack with me. I pulled out some rope. I bound each wrist to a separate tree. I gagged her because she got loud when I fucked her. I pulled her back till she was bent over. I looked we were far enough from the trail no one could see us. I stood behind her. I flipped her skirt up. I pulled my dick out. I fingered her; she was dripping fluids on the ground already. I pulled some of those fluids to her asshole. Once it was wet, I pushed my cock into her ass. She moaned. I fucked her slowly I put my hand around her and rubbed her clit. She pulled at the ropes on her wrists. I drove my cock into her asshole. She was begging but I couldn't understand her. She came and came. Ten minutes into the fucking, her ass massaging my dick. She hit the big one. Her ass clamped down on me as her orgasm swept through her. I came in her ass. She hung from the ropes I pulled out of her and cleaned my cock. I put it away. She walked herself upright. I moved in front of her and held out a box with a ring in it.

"I know our age difference is great but I don't think it matters anymore. Betty will you marry me?" I ask.

She nodded yes, the gag still in her mouth. I pulled it free.

"Yes, fucking hell yes. I love you. No man has treated me the way you have. No man has ever fucked me harder. Yes, untie me I want to ride you right here on the ground." She said.

I untied her. I spread a blanket the best I could and laid down. She opened my pants and pulled them to my knees. She sucked my dick till it become hard. She pulled the thong aside and lowered her cunt down around my cock. She fucked me till she came. She continued riding me till I came. She sucked my cock clean. She cleaned herself by catching my cum and eating it. She wiped herself with wet wipes. We made sure we didn't leave any trash and returned to the trail.

Three months later we were married. Our life together is good.

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