tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTheater Flashing & Fun Ch. 03

Theater Flashing & Fun Ch. 03


Exhibitionism in a Porno Movie Theater Part 3

We had a very small audience one night. As we sat down we had one man sitting in front of us and no one was behind. After a little while Jerry started playing with my pussy and the gentleman in front of us looked over and caught a glimpse of my pussy. Well for the next few minutes he was trying to catch more looks without being to obvious. As Jerry continued to finger my pussy the gentleman came right out and said, “I am sorry to bother you, but I have been watching what you are doing and I cannot stop from watching. Would you mind if I were to watch more closely?” Jerry told him that as long as he didn’t bother us he could do, as he wanted.

But I was embarrassed and could not let Jerry just start playing with my pussy again. In a little while I relaxed and let him start to play with me again. Well the gentleman in front finally saw we started again and just turned in his seat and stared right at my pussy as Jerry was playing with me. I was a little embarrassed and scared with him just looking like that, but he never made eye contact with me so I kind of settled down and really didn’t mind him to much after awhile.

Later when he heard me tell Jerry to take out a dildo and fuck me with it, I thought he was going to die. He took in a sharp breath and actually said “Oh my goodness”. Jerry took out a dildo and started slowly fuck me with it. I could hear the breathing of the man as he watched, he had never seen anything like this in his life, and I had never done anything like this so openly in front of someone in my life. I always knew that the men around us were watching, but never had one that was just staring at me like this. It was like giving a private show. I was scared as hell and aroused as hell at the same time. I could not look at him.

A little while later one more gentleman sat down in the row in front of us. He started to look around and as he saw jerry and me you could hear his in-take of breath a mile away. I was so wet and aroused by then that I was worried that the next person who sat in the seat would wonder how it got so wet.

I guess after all the years of flashing in the theaters I was getting used to it and getting braver. With the small audience watching, we went longer then we normally do. I had cum so many times that Jerry finally stopped using the dildo on me and we sat there watching the movies for a while. But soon Jerry opened my coat to expose me again and started to play with my pussy again. I was so aroused I opened his pants and took his cock out and began fondling it. He almost came a few times but I stopped so he would not. The two men in front of us I don’t think ever saw any of the movies. They just watched us all evening. And I enjoyed them watching.

When we left that night so did both of the men. And both of them got another surprise as they realized that they could see my ass as I walked. I even heard a few nice comments about it as they followed. But I was nervous that they did follow us. I didn’t want any trouble when we got outside. But one gentleman just left as we got to our car and the first gentleman then came right up to us and thanked us for the show and told me I had a very beautiful pussy and ass. He wanted to know when we would be back that he would like to watch again. Jerry told him we don’t go out on a set basis. He then came right out and asked if he could have one more look at my pussy. I said no, so he just said goodnight and left.

One night I was sitting there with my coat open, pussy and tits exposed and I was playing with Jerry’s cock. A man sat down about two seats down from me. He didn’t say anything and didn’t look like trouble so I didn’t let him bother me. Well as Jerry started to play with me, this man started to watch (as I figured he would). He finally took his cock out as they all do, but this cock was big. It had to be at least 12” long and quite fat. I had never seen a cock that big in person.

So now I kept looking at him and his cock. I could not stop looking at that cock it was so big. He saw me looking and got up and sat right next to me. Jerry started to say something, but I said it was ok, so we let him stay. Well I couldn’t resist, as I continued to play with jerry’s cock, I reached over and took this mans dick in my other hand. I had never done this before and I could not look at him as I did it. I also shocked the hell out of Jerry. But here I sat stocking two cocks, while being totally exposed to about six other men in a movie theater. Jerry all this time had been fingering my pussy and now this gentleman started to fondle me also. He started on my tits and since I had started playing with his dick there was no way I could tell him not to. I was about ready to explode with excitement.

Well he must have been hotter than me because he started Cumming all over the place, he quickly grabbed my hand and turned his dick toward me and shot most of the cum on my belly and tits. Then without a word, he just got up and left.

But now all the other men around wanted me to do them and were even willing to pay. Jerry and I whispered together real quick, He told the men that we wanted no problem and that one by one I would jerk them all off and they could fondle my tits. But there was to be no rough stuff, no playing with my pussy, I would not blow any of them and that were to leave the seat as soon as they were done cumming.

It was almost like a race to see who would get to sit next to me next. But we worked it out and one by one the men sat next to me and I would fondle their cocks and jerk them off as they played with my tits. I let all of them shoot their cum on me as well if they could. By now it seemed the entire movie theater knew what was going on and all were trying to get a look.

As we were doing this a slightly heavy set woman came over and sat next to Jerry and exposed her tits to him and asked if he would like to suck them. Jerry declined but all the other men said they would. She then moved my hand from jerry cock (as I was still holding him) and she knelt down and started to give him a blowjob. I just told Jerry to enjoy it, which he did for a few moments then he came like hell and she took every drop of him. She then just got up and moved to the aisle next to us and about half the men followed her. All this time I was still playing with some guy’s dick and he was playing with my tits. I jerked off 11 different men that evening and I came more times than I can count. After I jerked off the last one we got up to leave as usual with my coat open in the back and my ass exposed when I walked. The gentleman I had just jerked off leaned right over and kissed by ass as I stood up. I just smiled at him and we left. I left in a highly aroused state, but I told Jerry I did not think I could ever do that again.

But we did run into the gentleman with the large cock once again. Jerry and I were in the theater and Jerry had just exposed me to the gentleman around us when these two men sat down right next to me. Jerry started to say something until he told us who he was. He asked if I would like to play with his cock again and also his friends. I said that what I did that night was unusual for me, that it was just the size of his prick that made me do that. He said he had a surprise for me them. His friend took out his cock and it was bigger than his was. It was BIG, as long but MUCH fatter it looked like a salami. We spoke for a few minutes and I told Jerry it might be fun to play with both. I know this is all out of charter for men and I was shocked at myself agreeing to all this. But I was excited as hell the last time I did it and I really wanted to do it again.

We moved to the back row with the gentleman sitting on each side of me. Jerry sat in front of us so he could watch. They took their cocks out and I began to play with them. It was a little hard at first, as one man liked it soft and the other hard. But we worked it out. They also stated to play with me; one took on my tits the other my pussy. They would switch back and forth and I was careful not to make them cum to quickly.

I was getting hotter by the minute and they picked up on this and both started to talk to me a bit sexually and what they would like to do to me. I got a bit scared until I was assured it was all just to arouse me, which it did pretty good. And they knew it I was cumming all over the place. I was so wet and aroused the gentleman could almost stick their entire hand up my pussy. They had opened my coat all the way and I was totally exposed to anyone looking. I tried to stop them but Jerry said to relax and enjoy it, so I did. God I came buckets that night. I could smell my own cunt that night. Soon one of them could not hold back and came all over my tummy and tits again soon after the other did the same. I still could not get over how big his dick was. I could not wrap my hand around it. I though we were finished after they came but they continued to play with me and soon I had both of them hard again.

We now had quite a crowd of men sitting in the area watching all this. Jerry took out the dildo we always bring and gave it to the men to use on me, and did they have a ball fucking me with that. At one point one of them shoved the dildo so far up me I was afraid he was not going to get it out. But soon I had them worked up pretty good again and they both came a second time all over me. Jerry not could not stand it anymore and came into the row I was in and stood in front of me. I knew exactly what he wanted and I did it. I took his cock out and with the two men still playing with my tits and pussy and fucking me with the dildo I gave him one hell of a blowjob. Jerry came and I just kept right on sucking that cock, I did not want this to end. I was in heaven. But soon jerry had me stop and we told the men we had to go. They tried to find out when we would be back or to give me their phone number so I could call but we declined. They left when we did and I did let them feel up my ass as we walked out. The dildo, my pussy, their hands and my legs were soaking wet from my excitement that night.

I remember one guy that watched us all night; he was very similar to a gentleman we had once before. After awhile I don't think he ever turned to watch the movie. He kept watching us and rubbing his dick. I saw him come at lease twice that night. He also followed us out that night and got a good look at my ass checks. After we got outside he came up to us and asked us if we would like to join a swingers club and gave us his business card so we could call him. He really just wanted to see more of us in action.

Only once did we have someone try to really try to bother us. He was sitting in front of us watching as Jerry was slowly playing with my pussy. He dropped his hand over the seat and started to rub my leg. Jerry leaned forward and asked him to stop, and he did. I must tell you though that I did get a good feeling when this happened. Because of what we did in the theater we always knew this could happen. So we were prepared for it. Unless it was a special time I did not want to be touched and did not like men just doing it. Only Jerry is to touch me, the rest is just for show. And most men realize this, and no problem.

But like I said when he rubbed my leg it was like a hot flash went right up my pussy. He sat there then watching and took out his own prick and started to play with it. This is not at all unusual as I see it all the time here. But a few minutes later he reached over again and slid his hand up my leg. Before I could move Jerry had his arm and leaned forward and said something to him. He never tried that again, but he did talk to us a little. He asked if we were swingers or swapped partners and we told him no. He then asked if he could sit next to me, and again we said no. Next he wanted to know if I would like him to take pictures of me or us in action. Again we said no and asked him to leave us alone. He then just sat there and watched us. He really tried as hard as he could to see as much as possible and a few times very quietly would ask that we open my coat a little more. It was really quite funny. As we were getting ready to leave he asked when we would be back and we told him we did not know. He then came right out and said he would give me fifty dollars if I would jerk him off. Talk about desperate! Jerry started to laugh and I just smiled and said no. I stood up to go and he then saw my ass was exposed and followed us out of the theater. But outside never said a word to us, just watch us leave.

Another of the nights I remember is the night that we went into the movies and we saw a couple sitting a few rows in front of us with men sitting behind them. We made a comment to each other about how that is what happens to us, and we wondered if they were doing anything. Well a few moments later the man stands up and turned and face in our direction. At first we couldn't figure out what was going on, but when we took a good look at them we realized that the woman sitting in the seat, had taken his cock out of him pants and was giving the guy a blow job right in front of every one. A few minutes later they got in a 69 position right in the theater seats and were sucking each other off. I don’t know how they were able to stand that with the way the seats are made, but they did it, and got a crowd around them. We couldn't believe what we were seeing.

But it really turned us on; Jerry’s cock got as hard as a rock and I felt all wet and warm around my cunt. I took jerry dick out and started to play with him and he started playing with me as we watched all this in front of us. I was a bit more open this evening also, I sat with my coat open all the way, my legs wide open and let Jerry play with my pussy all he wanted without having to try and spread my legs further apart. When he motioned with his hand I spread my legs as wide as he wanted, and I didn't care who saw what.

I then pulled out the big dildo right there and told Jerry to fuck me with it. I handed Jerry the dildo and spread my legs wide apart and slid down in the seat a little so he could shove the big dildo up my cunt in one push. As soon as it was up me I told Jerry to really fuck me with it. I was excited and after seeing what was going on in front of us as she was now sitting in his lap. I wanted to be fucked with that dildo in front of everyone.

All the men around us who were trying to see what was going on in front were now looking at us and could see the dildo going in and out of my cunt, and I didn't care. This drove the men around us crazy. I think we helped a lot of them come that night because almost all of them had their pricks out and were jerking-off while they watched us. The men around us must have really been excited that night because first they watched the blowjob, the 69ing from the couple up front and then when we started, they looked at us as to say can you top that. The gentleman around us got a better show of cunt and dildos from us then they got from the movie that night.

Jerry actually turned sideways in his seat so he could us the dildo on me with the full force of his hands. He was pumping the dildo in and out of me like crazy. Most of the men in the theater were still paying attention to what the couple in front was doing so we had our own small private audience, and I gave them a show. Jerry fucked me with that dildo right out in the open and just like they do on the movie. Jerry said that I had taken the entire large dildo right up my cunt after awhile. He teased me and said he was afraid that if we went too much longer his arm would have been next to go up me. But god I was excited. I reached over as Jerry was doing this and grabbed his dick again and tried to jerk him off. I know I got a little rough on him but he never said a word and I couldn’t believe that he controlled himself and did not come all over the place. I even started to rub my own tits with my other hand I was so excited.

We must have kept this up for a good fifteen or twenty minutes. But then one man got so excited that with his prick still in his hand he jumped over the seats to try and sit next to me and spoiled everything. I don't know how far I would have gone that night. Jerry had asked me a few times if I ever wanted to let him lick my pussy of let him fuck me in the theater and I always thought about doing it but never got up the nerve. This night I might have done both.

But when he jumped over the row of seats I got scared and we had to stop. I could not get back into it even after Jerry told him to leave. But Jerry was still greatly aroused so we went and sat on the other side of the theater to get away from this guy.

All of the men who were sitting around us before, now slowly followed us. I did let Jerry play with my pussy a little and let the men look at my tits and pussy. I mean they had seen everything already, but I could just not get into to it again. But like I said I let Jerry unbutton the front of my coat and play with my pussy. I did not let him use the dildos again but I did take out his cock for a while. A little later Jerry unbuttoned the back of my coat so it would be open as it always was when we left but he did not let me button up the front this time. Jerry was still very aroused, so I did as he requested and left the front open also as we left. As I walked up the aisle it really made for quite a peep show. My legs would show as I walked also showing a hint of my pussy and the same was happening from behind, as my ass was playing peek-a-boo. It seemed like half the theater walked out with us that night, and I am sure none of them were disappointed. On the way home I leaned over and opened Jerry pants, took his prick out and gave him a blowjob as he drove.

All of the theaters were closing on Long Island and we knew that this was going to be our last time there. We went thru our usual routine with Jerry first showing my pussy and tits, and then playing with my nipples and then my pussy, finally taking out the dildos and Jerry fucking me in the middle of all these men with them. I did take Jerry’s dick out that night and play with it. But something was missing. I guess knowing the theaters were closing was making it kind of sad.

I told Jerry I wanted to have men play with me like we did a few times before. But none of the men here looked the type I wanted to start with. So we let it drop. But like always the men around us change a lot as soon a nice looking man came in and sat a few seats away from us. He soon came out and asked if we would like him to join us.

Now we get this a lot but tonight I said ok and he moved next to me. He asked right away what my limits were. As I was starting to tell him a black man sat behind us and listed to all I said. He leaned forward and asked if he could join in. I looked at Jerry and he smiled and I said ok but according to my rules. Jerry and the gentleman opened my coat all the way and I took the cock out of the man next to me pants and started to fondle him, he started playing with my pussy and the man behind me was playing with my tits. Jerry was also plying with me but soon told the black guy to sit next to me. As soon as he did he took his own dick out and placed my other hand on it and I started to fondle him also. Well that slow feeling was gone and I was in heaven, I had two strange men feeling me up and two strange cocks to play with.

We kept this up and soon the black guy came. I continued to play with his dick and soon after the white guy came. And I continued to fondle him. But he said he was done and could not get hard again so Jerry took his seat and he left. As soon as he sat down he had the dildo up my pussy. The black guy asked if he could use it on me and Jerry let him. It was not long before I was cumming time after time and I had the black guy ready to cum again. And he did. He stood up and let it all hit me in the tits. As soon as he finished jerry was ready and I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth. As I was sucking my husband off the black guy spread my legs and knelt down and started licking my pussy. I could not believe I was letting all this happen to me in an adult theater, but I could not stop either. Jerry finished cumming, and I let the black guy lick my pussy for a while longer. When we were all finished jerry stuck the dildo in my pussy and said let’s go. I walked out with jerry using the dildo on my pussy and the black gut feeling up my ass. He walked all the way to out van with me and then asked for one last lick. I said no but Jerry said to let him so I sat and opened my legs. Well that last lick lasted about 10 minutes and God I loved it.

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