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Louise has been interested in local theater since before we were married and has been in about 20 plays but has never managed to get the lead role. In fact she has only had one role which was any good at all with all the rest of them as bit parts with no real substance. The next play was going to be a good one and she was very anxious to get the lead role. She had managed to get a copy of the script from the director and was studying very hard to remember all the lines so that she would be ready when the parts were auditioned. She played the part every night with me acting out several roles to make her part easier to learn. We both thought she was ready for the part so now the wait for the auditions seemed very long.

Louise is a very attractive woman - she is 29 with lovely black hair cut short. She has a lovely figure which she shows off magnificently due to her height (she is 5'10") and she is of very slim build except for her wonderful breasts which are much larger than one would expect with her slim build - and I love her! She is becoming very tense about this role and is hoping against hope she will get it.

We have been married for 4 years and we both work during the day - I work as an architect and she as a secretary - but our evenings are free and we spend every moment we can together. Lately, because of the tension of getting this role, our sex life has deteriorated considerably and we haven't made love in over 3 weeks. Saturday and Sunday mornings are our best time because we sleep in and make love at least twice each day but not lately! I am getting rather frustrated and this week she is having her period so that makes her all the more grumpy. I will be glad when she gets the part but I think it will be pretty horrible if she misses out - life for me won't be worth living.

On the night of the first casting interviews, she was very tense but when she returned home afterwards she was quietly confident she would be O.K. but there were 9 women trying for the main part so that meant there was plenty of competition. The second casting interview saw 4 of the women eliminated so now the odds were better but still not great. Louise studied every waking moment and I was trying to help her as best I could but I was worried she might miss out.

After a couple more interviews the chances were good - there were only three of them and according to Louise each was as good as the other. The only difference between the three women was that the other two weren't married and had no ties but I kept telling Louise she should act as though she had no ties either. They were all pretty women and all had good figures so I knew the job of the director in selecting one was going to be difficult.

Louise came home the next night and told me the final selection would be made this week after each of the ladies had a private interview with the director. I asked Louise if she was worried about anything and she confessed that she had heard the other girls in the play group talking amongst themselves but she had overheard that the other two women were going to sleep with the director to secure the role! Louise said she was devastated when she heard this and she began crying. I know just how much she wants this role.

When the evening came around for Louise's private audition I knew I had to do something to make sure she got the part. I took her aside during the afternoon (we had both taken the afternoon off work to get her ready) and told her I wanted to talk seriously with her. I knew this would be so important to her and perhaps I had to make some sacrifices for her. I began the talk with her telling her how much I loved her and how much I wanted her to get the part. I also told her I would do everything possible to help her succeed and would help her get ready for the audition.

I then said to Louise, "Darling, I know just how much you want this role and I also know how much you fear the other women will get it instead of you. The only way you can be sure of getting the role is for you to come on strong to the director so that he wants you more than the others. What I want you to do is to make it obvious you want to get the part and are willing to do anything to get it and then, if that is what it takes, I want you to fuck him! That should surely get you the part." Louise threw her arms around my neck and kissed me so hard I thought she would break my teeth. She thanked me over and over again telling me she would only fuck him if she was sure she would get the role and sincerely hoped I would understand. I told her it was me who suggested she should fuck him so I did understand! She was so grateful she didn't know how to thank me enough. She confided in me that she had thought about it herself but had decided against it because it wouldn't be fair to me.

During the afternoon I helped get Louise ready for the audition. I shaved her legs and her underarms and also trimmed her wild pubic bush just a little bit mainly from the bottom so that her cunt lips were more visible than before. I told her she would have to be careful how she used her sexual favors in case the director wasn't receptive. She told me she had already had some idea of what he was like because he often kissed her and played with her breasts and on a couple of occasions had placed his hand between her legs and played with her cunt. He had only pushed his fingers inside her on one occasion and she had been very turned on then. I was surprised she hadn't told me about that before because we always confide in each other.

I told her she could dispense with her bra even though her breasts are rather large but she looks so lovely when she walks as her breasts bounce so delightfully. I also suggested she leave her panties off as well but she thought that might be a bit risky so she selected the smallest thong she had and pulled that on. The narrow band between her legs only just covered her cunt lips but her pubic hair was visible everywhere in front while from the back the band rode completely in her bum crack and her cheeks were totally visible. Without her other clothes on she look very sexy with just the thong on and I told her she should certainly get the part. She slipped a rather short skirt on which only came a few inches below her bum cheeks. She then pulled her blouse on and that was also short and didn't meet the top of her skirt so there was a gap of about 3" of lovely belly showing and that included her sexy navel.

God she looked lovely as she was ready to leave. She had made up her face beautifully and really looked great. I gave her a very careful kiss as she was leaving the house and I followed her out to the car. When she sat down in the car I could see she short skirt riding up her legs and showing them off beautifully. She didn't wear stockings or pantyhose because we agreed that would be an impediment if she had to get undressed quickly. I whispered to her as she was ready to back the car out, "Louise, I love you. I want you to do what ever you have to do to get the part! All I ask is that you still love me afterwards and that you come home and tell me all about it - every fine detail - that is the least I can ask for." Louise whispered, "I love you too!" and drove off.

Louise had the advantage of being the first of the three girls to have the individual audition so if she allowed him to fuck her it might give her the edge on the others. I spent a very anxious 4 hours waiting for her to come home. At last at 11.30pm I heard the car in the drive and hurried to the door to greet her. She was all smiles when I took her in my arms and we kissed as we entered our home. Of course I wanted to know what had happened and I think she was just as anxious to tell me.

We rushed into the bedroom and I took a very close look at her. Her lipstick was a little smudged - what there was of it - and her hair which is always so neat was slightly ruffled. Her blouse had a couple of buttons undone showing part of her breasts and her skirt was intact but it was slightly twisted around her body with the pleat at the side now in the front. I knew she had been doing something with the director so I wanted to know all the details.

Louise began her story. "Steven (the director) welcomed me to the audition and told me he thought I would be very good for the part. That made me feel very good indeed and it also made me think I wouldn't have to fuck him for the role. We sat down in his lounge room and he asked me lots of questions about the part, what I understood was necessary for the role and how much I had rehearsed it already. We talked generally for about an hour before he asked me point blank what I was prepared to do to make sure I got the part! Now I knew the crunch was coming so I told him I wanted this part desperately and would do anything necessary. He told me it would be a good idea if I showed him just how much I wanted the part and perhaps getting to know his cock might be a good start!"

"Then he told me to take his cock out and suck it for him. I undid his pants and rather than just undo his fly I pulled them down and off his legs. I was then looking at the biggest cock ever. I had seen a few before we were married but nothing prepared me for this one - it was absolutely huge. He then told me to suck him until he came and to swallow his cum!"

She continued "I started to lick his huge cock wondering if I could possibly get all of that in my mouth and I did but it certainly stretched my mouth to the limit. While I was sucking his cock I suddenly wondered if I would be able to take that great cock in my cunt - if it came to that. I was concentrating on sucking his cock and suddenly he came in my mouth - it was the largest load of cum I have ever taken by far and I had a lot of difficulty swallowing it all. I sort of didn't expect that - I just expected him to fuck me and that would be that."

"He then came over to sit next to me and put his arm around my shoulder and then turned me and kissed me. He kept on kissing me for some minutes and I didn't do anything to stop him so he began undoing the buttons on my blouse. Soon it was open and he was playing with my breasts and kissing me at the same time. It was obvious he knew he was going to fuck me but I didn't want to give in too easily. He took my blouse right off and then began kissing my breasts and then sucking my nipples until I was completely turned on by it all. I felt terrible sitting there naked to the waist while this man was pawing my body and sucking my nipples. Next I felt his hand on my leg and knew this was going to be it. As his hand worked its way up my leg I moved my legs apart to give him room and soon his hand was right at my cunt and feeling me through, or rather, around my thong."

At this point Louise took a deep breath and undid her blouse and took it off. Her lovely breasts had several hickeys on them where he had bitten and sucked her breasts and her nipples were very red also probably from a lot of biting and sucking. I felt sorry for her because she had obviously had to endure a deal of abuse from Steven to get the part. She then continued her story. "Steven then told me he thought I would be most suitable for the part but he wanted to make sure I looked right and suggested I stand up in front of him and remove the rest of my clothes. I knew this was just a ruse to get me naked but I slowly took off my skirt and stood there with just my thong on and this was showing all my pubic hair around the thong. He made me turn around several times looking at my butt and my pubic bush and then asked that I remove my thong. Once I was naked I really didn't know what to do next so I just stood there in front of him. He beckoned me over to him and he placed his hand between my legs and told me I was certainly just the person he was looking for and was surprised how wet I was down there. He slipped his fingers inside me and I was getting very turned on by now."

I was so excited by her story my cock was like a steel rod but she did nothing to relieve my pressure yet. Louise was kissing me trying to say she was sorry for what had happened but I wanted to hear the rest of the story. I loved the way she kissed me and when I squeezed her breast she moaned and it was obvious she was sore but I squeezed it just the same. She pulled her mouth off mine and continued, "He kept his fingers inside me and because he was moving them around so much I came while standing in front of him. I was embarrassed but he just smiled at me and said if I wanted the part in his play I had better get used to this pleasure. With that he pulled me close so I was actually straddling his legs and he pulled me down so that my cunt lips were touching his very hard cock which was sticking straight up ready for me. I eased down because I knew that was what I would have to do and he entered my cunt! I was thinking of you and what you might think of me be it was too late anyway and next thing I knew his huge cock was right up inside me - right to the absolute limit! I could feel it pressing against my cervix and this was making me cum without any movement of his cock inside me. He then told me to fuck him! I then started raising and lowering myself on his cock and eventually he came inside me. I know it was a huge load because it started to run out of me even before he pulled his cock out of me!"

I was so aroused I just had to make Louise do something for me so I asked her to play with my cock but she would only hold it - not stroke it - and although that felt good I was still aching to cum.

"Steven then made me stand up and you couldn't imagine the amount of cum which ran out of me! I was just dripping and he was smiling at me and he told me to be careful where I made a mess because I would have to clean it up! He arranged a towel on the lounge for me to sit on while we continued to talk - I am still naked you understand - and we discussed the part, the lines and my attitude to being in the play. All this time I had to play with his cock. He wouldn't let me take my hand off it and it was very sticky to start with but his pre-cum sort of lubed it up so I was easier to play with him after that. He regained his erection not long after that but we kept on talking about the play and I had to continue stroking his cock." I now begged Louise to play with me and make me cum or at least let me fuck her but she protested and told me I had to wait for the main part!

"After about 45 minutes of discussion when he was making it fairly obvious I was going to get the part, he suggested I roll over on the lounge because he felt like fucking me again! I thought I was past that but it was not to be the case. I was lying on my back with my legs spread and he moved over me and pushed that great cock into my cunt again. Perhaps it was because he had cum twice already of maybe it was just that he liked fucking me but he took for ever to cum and I was getting rather sore. Then he came gallons in me and again it started to run out of me, down my crack and onto the towel he had spread out."

Knowing he had fucked her twice made my poor cock really ache and I had to have relief somehow. I told Louise I just had to fuck her or she would have to play with me now or I would go into the bathroom and wank myself! She told me I had to wait just one minute. She then moved away from me and stood in front of me and undid the catch on her short skirt. With a flourish she whipped the skirt from her hips and it dropped to the floor and she was standing there naked but the most amazing thing was that she didn't have any pubic hair! The bastard had shaved it all off! She then didn't hesitate she just rolled over on her back and said, "Fuck me hard, my loving husband, fuck me hard!" I was inside her cunt in seconds but I had never felt her cunt so sloppy and loose! I imagine she still had lots of his cum inside her and she had been stretched a lot. Sure her cunt was still nicely around my cock but it wasn't as tight as it usually was and she didn't seem to have the same muscle control - but never-the-less I fucked her hard.

Once I had cum and was much relieved I rolled off her and we lay side by side on the bed as she began talking again.

"Steven told me he liked my pubic hair and asked if you liked it too. I told him you wouldn't let me shave it off - I was allowed to trim it but never shave it all off - in fact I told him you worshipped my pubic hair! He then told me to go into the bathroom and sit on the side of the bath. When I did that he came in and lathered me up and shaved all of my beautiful pubic hair off! I cried as he was shaving me because I knew you would be upset but he just went ahead and shaved me totally. When you have a chance to look at me closely you will see he not only shaved my pubic hair but also around between my legs, down the insides of my thighs and also the light hair between my pubic hair and my navel! He shaved me completely! He wouldn't allow me to have a shower but made me come back into his lounge room where we again discussed the play at length."

Louise was again playing with my cock and it was hard again. She continued, "About an hour later when I was sure I had the part he told me to get on my hands and knees because he wanted to fuck me again! I did as he wanted and he got behind me and pushed that great cock into my cunt again. It felt absolutely huge because it will go in further from the back than the front. I had just about adjusted to the length and was started to climax when he pulled it right out of me. Before I could protest (I love being fucked by that huge weapon) he had it nudging my asshole. I don't like being fucked there as you know but he just pushed and when I tried to relax, he pushed right into me as far as he could go. He fucked my asshole and came inside me. I must have been aroused because I came as he did. After he had pulled it out of me he turned me around and stuck his soiled cock into my mouth and told me to lick him clean. This was the greatest indignity I had suffered but I did as he said. I must admit it tasted mostly like cum but it did smell like shit! He then said, "Now, go home bitch and I will let you know after I have interviewed the other girls if you have the part!" I knew then that it wasn't a certainty I would get the part!"

I made Louise get on her hands and knees and I got behind her and plunged my cock into her cunt again but pulled out and pushed it into her asshole. I was surprised how easily it slipped inside her - the few times she has allowed me to fuck her asshole it has been terribly hard to get inside her even with lubrication. I came in her asshole and then left her to clean myself up in the bathroom. I came back to the bed and held her in my arms but before we went to sleep I stroked her bare pubic area - it was incredibly smooth and soft - he had done a good job!

Next morning Louise was very stiff and sore indeed. He breasts looked bad where they had been sucked and bitten but I couldn't get over her bare pubic area. I just had to stroke it! Discussion over the breakfast table was mainly about the previous night and although Louise didn't give any more details of her night with Steven, I knew she was worried she mightn't have secured the role. I tried to cheer her up but I wasn't succeeding. We showered, dressed and left for work. I dearly wanted to fuck her again even if it was only to show her I loved her but there just wasn't enough time so that could wait until tonight.

I rang her several times at work and she seemed to be alright. Our sex life for the next few days was wonderful because I think she was trying to makeup for what she had done with Steven.

At last she got the dreaded phone call from Steven - he made her wait 6 days before ringing - he wanted to meet with her again for further discussions. I just knew he was going to fuck her again. As before we both took the time to get her ready to meet Steven. I shaved her legs and underarms as before but now I had her pubic area to shave as well. I really enjoyed shaving this area for the first time - I was starting to like the effect of a nude pubic area.

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