tagNonHumanThen I Shall Call You Beauty

Then I Shall Call You Beauty


It was Earth Day 2003 and like every Earth Day I would take a long walk in the woods and enjoy nature. That particular earth day, I was a little down in the dumps. My girlfriend had just broken up with me a few weeks ago and I was still hurting. As the wind blew through the trees I let out a big sigh. The forest was truly beautiful but I longed to share this beautiful scenery with someone special. Little did I know I wasn't alone.

As I walked down the path I heard to my right what sounded like someone walking on leaves.

I said, "Hello? Is someone there?"

No one replied. I laughed and continued my walk. Then I heard it again!

I yelled, "Ok, I know someone is out there so come on out! Joke's over!"

All of a sudden a beautiful girl walked out from behind a tree. She was about my age, 20. She was 5-5 and about 100 pounds. She had brown eyes and long curly brown hair that reached to the middle of her back. Her skin was as white as ivory. Her breasts were small but firm and she had no body hair.

How did I know this? She was completely in the nude! Her beauty stole my breath away.

The wind picked up and leaves blew around my feet then I heard a whisper on the wind. I heard, "Kevin follow me."

I looked at the girl , she smiled then began to run away. I quickly ran after her. Through the woods we ran but everytime I would get within 10 feet of her it was like she would disappear from my view then would reappear far away from me.

We finaly came to a small clearing where there was tall green grass and pretty flowers scattered about.

I asked, "What is your name, pretty girl?"

She smiled and replied in a whisper, "You could not pronounce my name."

I said, "Then I shall call you Beauty because that is what you are."

I could see this pleased her because she gave me a big grin.

I asked, "What are you and where do you come from?"

Beauty smiled and said, "I'm a fairy of the woods and have lived here my entire life." She giggled and said, "I remember when you were a little boy and you would play in the woods. You were curious about everything and never hurt any animals. I thought you were very sweet, even when I would watch you go pee on one of my trees."

I got embarrassed and said, "Yeah, well, I . . ."

She laughed and said, "But you're not a little boy any longer. You're a handsome man and now I am curious about you."

I said, "I thought fairies were small and had wings."

She replied, "We do but some nights and one day we are able to take human form. Today is that day."

I said, "Beauty, you said you were curious about me. What did you mean?"

She replied, "You always hear about how a beautiful fairy can enchant a human male and the human male will fall deep into love with her."

I said, "Yes, I have heard stories like that."

She giggled and said, "Well, sometimes a fairy will become enchanted by a human male." Then she looked deep in the eyes and smiled.

My mouth dropped open and I said, "You're enchanted with me? But you're so beautiful. Never in my wildest dreams did I think anything as beautiful as you existed."

She replied, "I love when you compliment me, Kevin. I've been with male fairies just like you've been with female humans, but when it came to mating, it always seemed empty."

I replied, "Yeah, like you were just going through the motions."

Beauty said, "Exactly. It would always feel like love when I was in a relationship and even hurt when it was over but when I would look back on it, it really wasn't true love."

I could feel myself shaking. What she said went right to my heart. She was right about all of it.

I took her in my arms and kissed her. My tongue playing with hers.

Her hands tore open my shirt as the buttons flew everywhere. We laid down in the grass and kissed and caressed each over and over. I gently took her breast in my hand and began to kiss it all over. Then I slipped her soft pink nipple into my mouth. Beauty moaned with pleasure. My other hand gently caressed and squeezed her other breast.

She rolled me on my back and began to unbuckle my belt. Then she slowly unzipped my pants. Her eyes were fixed on the bulge that was there. She had my pants off and removed my briefs to expose my hard member. Beauty took it delicately into her hand. She rubbed the tip of my cock with her thumb. She began to kiss the tip then proceeded to kiss all the way down my hard shaft. Her other hand cupped my balls gently, her mouth surrounded my cock then went down my shaft. Up and down she went as her tongue licked away inside her soft, wet mouth.

I pulled my hard shaft from her lips and rolled her onto her back. I kissed her belly and hips then went down her abdomen. She raised her legs and I spread her wide open. I kissed and licked her inner thighs and soft white flesh that surrounded her little slit. I rubbed her belly then slid my hands down to her pussy. I spread her open to me. I saw her bright pink pussy and ran my nose up and down the crack. She smelled like a flower. I ran my tongue up into her snatch to retrieve her nectar.

Beauty cried, "Oh, Kevin."

Her pussy tasted sweet like an orange. I was in awe of Beauty in every way. I licked the walls of her pussy then searched for her clit. Once I found her little cum bump I sucked on it.

Beauty said, "Oh, that's good!"

I picked up my pace and she cried, "Oh, that's too good!"

I grabbed her hips and fucked her clit with my mouth as hard as I could. That took my fairy girl right over the edge.

Beauty cried, "I'm going to explode! Oh, Kevin, I'm going to -"

Then her body quivered and her legs shook uncontrollably. The wind blew hard and the trees swayed to where I thought they would crash down upon us.

Beauty's orgasm slowly subsided and I laid next to her and caressed her face.

She looked dreamily at me and said, "I've never felt like that in my entire life! What did you do to me?"

I said, "I made you have an orgasm."

She replied, "I would have to say I love orgasms."

I laughed and said, "All girls do."

Beauty then looked at my face, bit her body lip, smiled and said, "You have me dripping down your chin."

I replied, "Oh, do I?"

I took my finger and wiped her juice off my chin then sucked my finger clean.

Beauty sighed, "Oh, god, I love you, Kevin."

I laid on top of her and replied, "I love you too."

She asked, "Are you going to mate with me?"

I said, "I'd like to see you try to stop me."

She laughed and kissed my lips.

When I went to raise her legs up I noticed there were animals all around us. They were all about twenty feet away.

I said, "What's up with that?"

Beauty smiled and said, "Oh, they thought a fairy was in distress. But it's okay now, I explained it to them."

I laughed and said, "I see."

She asked, "How do you want me?"

I replied, "I want you face up so when I seed you I can look into your pretty brown eyes."

She beamed with happiness.

I raised her legs and spread them wide open. My rubbed my hard cock up and down her soft slit. I slowly pushed into her vagina until I was as deep inside of her as I could go. She moaned with pleasure. Her soft little pussy was so hot and tight. I put my hands on her hips and began to mate her. Her hands were on my wide shoulders, her legs were wrapped around me, urging me to seed her.

I was slow at first, just gently tapping into her. Then I pumped harder and faster into her soft little cunt. Her eyes were fixed on mine, her breathing was getting hard and soft moans of pleasure were coming out.

My breathing was getting hard and my body was covered with sweat. We were like animals mating. She was in heat and I needed to seed her.

Now I really pounded into her body. With every pound Beauty cried out. I made sure my positioning was perfect so that when I pounded into her pussy her clit got the same pounding.

Anyone nearby could hear smack, smack, smack as I rammed my cock deep inside her pussy. My skin smacking against hers.

She cried, "It feels so good, so good! I don't think I can. . . I can. . . " Then she yelled out, "Oh, god!"

Her orgasm had taken over her body. Again the wind blew and the trees swayed. All the animals that were there bolted into the forest.

As I pumped my seed into her soft, pink breeding hole, I yelled, "Take it out of me! Take it out of me!"

When the first wave of cum hit her she gasped like she was in shock. As I kept pumping wave after wave of my baby making cream into her, she cried, "There's so much! It's so hot and sticky! Oh, god, and so thick! You're coating me! You're coating me!"

When I pumped the last drop of me into her, I collapsed on top of her. She was still going, surge after surge of her orgasm ripped through her body. All she could do now was moan with pleasure and let her orgasm pass through her. Her legs trembled and her body shook. Her eyes rolled into her head and her back arched up and down.

I ran my fingers through her hair and I placed gentle kisses all over her face. I whispered, "I love you."

As her orgasm passed, tears ran down her face and she whispered, "I love you too."

We mated over and over until the sun set.

Before she left me, I asked, "Is there any way you could be mine forever?"

She smiled and said, "Every full moon we take human form. If you want me for your own, you must come here every night there is a full moon and seed me. You must do this for one year. If you miss one night of the full moon with me, you will never see me again. But if you do seed me every night of the full moon for one year, I will take human form forever."

I held her and kissed her on the lips. I whispered in her ear, "I will have you for my own."

She gave me a big smile then ran into the forest. The sun was gone now and all I could think about was the next full moon.

It's been two years now and I did make Beauty my own. She now goes by the name Annie and we are very happy. She is also very pregnant. Many of you out there are probably laughing and thinking that now that she is human you bet she doesn't smell like a flower or taste sweet like an orange. Well, you're right. Now she smells and tastes like home.

The End


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