tagIncest/TabooThere For Her

There For Her


Amy Anderson sat alone at the table, contemplating her husband's words of moments ago. He was again going out-of-town and it was again supposed to be business. This time he'd said it so matter-of-factly that it made Amy realize how easy it was for him to go.

Right on his heels was her daughter, who let Amy know that she had a trip with friends coming up that she needed money for soon. Well, that left Bobby, her son, and she expected he'd be announcing his plans next.

"Hi mom," Bobby said, entering the kitchen as if on cue. He plopped his lean six foot frame down into the chair across from her.

"What a serious look," he said to her with a smile.

"Hi. Yeah, I'm just wondering where you're about to tell me you're going next week. Your sister's going to the mountains with her friends, and your dad's going on his usual business trip. I figured you were about to make it a clean sweep," she replied, immediately wishing she hadn't sounded so pathetic.

"Well, you know next week is..." Bobby started and then stopped abruptly, thinking better of what he was about to say.

"Next week is what?" Amy replied. She thought for a moment, and when she put it together, she slapped her hand to the table and stood-up.

"Of course, it's Valentine's Day next week," she said as she walked to the window over the sink and looked out at the yard, feeling angry at her predicament.

"C'mon," Bobby said as he stood and went to stand next to her at the sink. "If it's any consolation, I've broken up with Becky, so it's not like you'll be the only one just hanging out next week."

"You broke up with Becky? Oh why, Bobby?" Amy had thought Bobby and Becky had gotten along so well.

"There was something I just didn't trust, you know? And, it'd just gotten old, you know?" He looked to her, trying to explain.

"Believe me, I understand," she said, "I don't really trust your father any more, and it's been old for a long, long time... I'm sorry. I shouldn't say those things to you." She looked down and immediately regretted sharing so much with her son.

It was just so easy, as they were always open with each other and got along so well. Even more so now that he was home taking time off from college.

"Look mom, you know it's okay. You can talk to me about anything. I mean, I don't blame you for not liking what's been going on."

Amy turned to him and wanted to know more.

"What do you mean--- 'what's been going on'?"

"I just mean that dad is gone often now and I don't blame you. That's all."

Bobby didn't say more, but he didn't have to, as they both knew what he really meant.

"Listen," he said to reassure her about herself, "he's crazy to leave you so much," Bobby walked behind her and put his hands to her shoulders, rubbing them. "You are a beautiful woman who should never be alone on Valentine's."

Amy let her shoulders lower a little and tilted her head back, enjoying his touch.

"Bobby, that is so sweet of you," she felt more relaxed and better with his words and his soothing touch. "But really, I know you're just being sympathetic, and really I..."

"What," he exclaimed, "sympathetic? I'm serious. I mean what I said."

"Bobby, I'm 44 years old, and I've been married 23 years. It's not like I have much to offer anymore, now really..."

Bobby turned her around to face him. He took a step closer to her and put his palm to her cheek, cupping her face.

"Don't ever talk like that. You are gorgeous, you take care of yourself, and... ," he paused unable to finish.

They looked at each other in an awkward stare. She very slowly brushed her cheek against his hand.

"And what, Bobby?"

Bobby just continued to look into her eyes and she looked into his, willing him not to stop what he was going to say.

When Bobby didn't reply, she reached to him and embraced him in a gentle hug. He felt strong to her, as he put his arms around her and hugged her to him.

She felt a hard bulge press against her abdomen and she felt a mix of emotions at knowing he was excited.

He tilted his face to her cheek and he kissed her softly there, letting his lips linger on her skin there. When she felt his lips leave her skin, she moved her face to look to him, only he hadn't moved much so that their lips were almost touching.

In the moment that it took her to realize the closeness, he put his lips to hers. She didn't know how to react at first, and only thought of how sensual and loving it felt. He kissed more and moved his lips open and she instinctively parted her's, letting him in her mouth. His tongue slowly moved in her mouth, and she recipricated, putting her tongue to his and sucking on his lips and tongue. She felt stirrings and sensations between her legs she hadn't felt in a while.

After several moments, she put her hands to his chest and gently urged him back, breaking their kiss.

"Bobby," she smiled looking up into his face, "stop it now. You know we shouldn't be doing like that."

He smiled back with a mischievous look. He took her right hand in his left hand and gave it a squeeze.

"Are you sure?" he asked. He brought her hand to his mouth and kissed her fingers. Then, he moved her hand to his crotch, and he placed it on his bulge there.

It was so unexpected and so blatantly forward that she raised her eyebrows and let out a weak sounding, "oh."

Against all better judgment, her hand squeezed his hardness there. She silently loved how hard he felt and that it was her causing this.

He then shocked her again, by moving her hand down the protruding hardness to where it went to his left thigh. When his hand had her trace him further down so that she realized his length, her mouth opened wider into a silent acknowledgement and surprise at what she was feeling.

Bobby reached to his belt and undid it. When he unfastened his jeans, it was like some reality set in with her and she put her hand to his hip and spoke quietly to him.

"Bobby, stop it." She said it in a soft and almost pleading tone, all the while looking into his eyes.

His eyes looked back at hers in a knowing and determined way she had not seen ever before from him. Still looking to him, she heard his zipper being pulled down, and then sensed his hands tug his jeans down.

He bent forward and rested his face in the nape of her neck, kissing her there while he brought his jeans further down his legs. She closed her eyes, not knowing what would happen next and trying to make herself do something to stop this.

She felt him gather the sides of her dress up in his hands and bring it upward and it startled her.

"No, Bobby," she said just before his mouth covered hers again. He reached between her legs, making her realize her dress was at her waist and all she could do was press her legs together as he kissed her.

She didn't take her mouth from his and she hated herself for the way she pressed her mouth to him, not wanting to release him from her lips.

His kissing her and her wanting his kiss caused her to relax her tension in her legs. With that, she felt him pull her panties down. When she felt the open air on her naked crotch, her legs wanted to buckle and she thought she'd come from that alone.

Her hands rested on top of his shoulders as he pulled the panties completely off of her, and he was raising back up to her when she felt him lift her to the counter.

"AH!" she sharply inhaled when she realized he was firmly between her legs and he had her in a pinned position to the counter, her legs open and to his sides.

"Bobby, please stop this," she pleaded and gave him a desperate look as if she were about to cry.

He took her hand again and then she felt the smooth warm flesh of his hard cock in her grasp. He was thick and her hand barely circled him.

"Aaaaaaa," she nervously panted holding his cock in her hand. He moved himself in her hand, and when she felt him she let her hand slide on his shaft.

He pushed against her so that he moved along her lips there. With her hand still gripping him, she felt her own wetness and for the first time knew how wet she was for him.

His moving against her was only making her more excited as her lips parted and slid along the head of his cock. He pushed a little up and into her and it made her hand go to the base of his cock, and some of him enter her.

"Oooooooo, Bobby... baby," she was past caring now and they both knew.

In one deliberate motion, she moved her hand off his cock so that both hands were around his neck and she put her head to his chest.

He paused as if to let her relax a moment and then he moved his hips a little back from her. He was just inside her and she panted.

In one full lift, he thrust forward into her hard and she screamed, throwing her head back and holding onto his shoulders. She was fully impaled on him and he let her rest on him briefly.

Just as quickly, he squatted his legs slightly and thrust again up and into her.

"Aaaaaaaaaaa Bobby," she yelled.

He started raising her with his arms and thrusts and then letting her fall back onto him.. She started loudly grunting in rhythm to his pounding of her.

Soon she was moving in time and answering his thrusts. When he saw her pushing back at him, he slowed his movement, and he left his hips and cock thrust forward for her. She was getting more into it and she started bouncing up and down on him.

Bobby couldn't believe how she was out of control and going faster and faster bouncing on him, fucking him with everything she had. Soon she was talking loudly between grunts.

"I'm... uh-uh...coming. Bobby uh-uh I'm coming baby."

And with that she threw her head back again and grinded her pussy against him moving his cock back and forth inside her as she shook and trembled through her orgasm.

"Yyyeeeaaaaahhhhh," she cooed as she rode him.

She opened her eyes when she then heard Bobby exclaim.

"OOOOOOOOOOOooooooo," he was looking at her eyes as he came hard and she held his look making him moan and come harder.

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