tagNovels and NovellasThere Must Be A Mistake Ch. 19

There Must Be A Mistake Ch. 19


Note: All persons in this novel are fictitious. If you are looking for a great deal of explicit sexual activity, this story is not for you. The scenes that are included will be evocative rather than just for the sake of sex itself. This story is for your reading pleasure. Its length is undetermined at this time, because I do not know where my mind will take me along the way. I hope you will stay with me during this journey until it reaches its inevitable conclusion.

87. Repercussions

"What the hell happened, Jim? You said these people were professionals, and every one of them got caught. I hope like hell they can't be traced to us, otherwise we'd better pack up and leave now."

"There is no way it can lead back to us William. There are four cutouts and two mailboxes between us. Their payments went through a European bank, and we have no ties to any banking establishment in Europe. As to what went wrong, I have no idea. From the newspaper reports, Zabo and his family were not at home. You would think they would make sure they were in there, before they attacked the place."

"That would seem like the logical thing to do, but these guys turned out to be morons."

A member of Pierce's staff walked into the room and waited to be recognized.

"Yes Jeffrey."

"Sir, Mister Zabo is being interviewed on television."

"Put it on."

"I have been an investor all my life. I rarely interact with people, and do most of my trading by wire. I have no idea who or why anyone would attack my home, because there is little of value in it. We have two safe rooms which my wife and son can get into easily.

As far as I am concerned, if they get me they can go to hell. My wife has restricted access to my funds, because of this possibility. I will not allow anyone to extort money from me. Let them go out and get a job."

"How long have you been in Temple, Mister Zabo?"

"I've been here more than four months, because of an illness to a dear friend, Doctor Even Luck. I am the Chief Administrator of the project to get his spacecraft to the stars, while he undergoes treatment for cancer.

I am happy to announce that the exterior of the spacecraft is completed. However, there is much work still to be done on the interior.

One evening, within the next year, we will be taking the spaceship out of the hanger for testing of its celestial navigation capability. We will be aligning our guidance systems with the nighttime stars. Everyone who has ever worked on the spacecraft will be here. They deserve a party for the fantastic work they've done, and this will be a party the likes of which they have never seen before."

"As secretive as your program has been, since the beginning, is the press going to be invited?"

"Could we keep your helicopters away? I don't think so. In an abundance of caution we are going to invite the press to the unveiling of our spacecraft."

"Have you given it a name?"

"Yes, we have named it in honor of the leader of this project, Doctor Even Luck. We have named it, "The Best Luck."


"Turn that damn thing off. I've seen enough of that gloating turkey. Find out everything about him and his connection to that space company, especially if he's financially involved in it. If he is, I want to blow to fucker up, and hit him where it hurts the most: in his wallet. I want to know everything about that place, and I want to know about it yesterday. Do you hear me, Jim? I don't care what it costs; I want that sucker to hurt."

"Isn't this getting a little out of hand William? He didn't do anything wrong. He was on your side. He wanted you to be President. You screwed up not him."

"Do you want me to tell everyone about the little girls you have downstairs, in your soundproof dungeon Jim? You use those girls as your playthings. When they begin to grow breasts, or pubic hair; or they're not fun for you anymore, you ship them off to the Middle East or Japan and get paid handsomely by their new perverts.

If you are in a particularly foul mood, or if one of those little girls becomes disobedient, you kill her with your bare hands, in front of the others, to keep the rest of your harem in line. So don't tell me who screwed up. Do what I tell you to do, and our arrangement will continue to flourish."

"You didn't have to threaten me William. I always do as you ask. It was just a word of caution, because sometimes your heart overrules your head. It is your head that made our arrangement so profitable. It would be a shame to have it go down in flames now. I will make all the arrangements, through our back channels immediately."

"That's the spirit Jim. Make sure the guys that go there don't get caught."

"I wonder if they've been inspected by OSHA lately. It would be a great way to gain access to the entire facility."

"Now you're thinking with a clear head my friend."


"General, we have an eight member team from OSHA here to inspect the facility."

"Keep them there; I will join them in 10 minutes with their escorts."

"May I offer you gentlemen some refreshments? General Morgan and your escorts will be here in 10 minutes."

"I'd like some cold water please. This dust will get to your throat quickly."

"You should work here for a few years. You will wonder why your voice works at all."


Dan Morgan arrived at the main gate of the facility, and walked inside the reception center.

With a big smile on his face he said, "Good Morning gentlemen, who's in charge of this intrepid group?"

"I am general."

With a movement of his arm that was so swift and accurate the man did not see it coming; the general hit him in the face, and knocked him out.

The agents standing behind him raised their weapons, pointing them at the other members of the group. They were too stunned to move.

"Wake the bastard up."

Using the remains of his cold water it was poured on the man's head.

As he regained consciousness his friends helped him up.

The man said, "How dare you attack a government employee?"

"You are government employee like I am a horse's ass. OSHA was here ten weeks ago and gave us fifteen violations, with a six-month time period to correct them. We've been expecting you idiots since the attack on William's home. You will never get close to him. He's not in this building; he's in our main building. He is so deep in the center of it you would have to kill everyone to get to him. We are not rent-a-cops'. We are fully trained tactical agents. If you come after William, you better come ready for war, because that's what you're going to get. Now get the fuck out of here before I get angry."

As they were walking away Dan Morgan yelled, "You, with the grenade in your pocket, you would have died first."

Reflexively, the man reached for the grenade in his pocket. He looked back and saw eight semiautomatic rifles pointed at him. He moved his hand away from it, very carefully.

The group got into their cars, and drove away.

"How did you know general, I didn't notice it?"

"I knew damn well he didn't have a hard on, so I took a guess."


"Come on Even, it's time to wake up. Please open your eyes and look at me. You are scaring me."

I could hear Jennifer's voice, but everything was still black. I had no dimensional reference. I could not feel anything, not even the beating of my heart. She called to me again, but I couldn't find a way to get to her. She seemed to be coming from everywhere, and nowhere at the same time. I didn't know where to go, or if I could get to her.

I heard her, but I saw, and felt nothing. I remembered what Newton told me about time and space. I tried to think of myself as a cylinder. I was stuck in the middle of time because nothing was moving. Logically I knew I had to be taking up space, even if I was reduced to the size of an atom.

I remembered the quotation, "I think, therefore I am."

I was thinking, and was able to process information. If I was stranded in time, I needed a shortcut to get out of the space I was taking up. I had to make a wormhole. I needed something to cut through the fabric of space I was taking up. This blackness was keeping me from everyone I love.

My mind was functioning. I remembered Doctor Bradley asking me if I was ready for the operation. I remembered Jennifer's lips touching mine, and the burning sensation in my left hand.

Pain, I was supposed to be in pain, but I was free of all sensations; the only part of me that was working was my brain. I needed Newton's pencil, or any other sharp instrument to make a hole for me to climb through to get out of this blackness.

Doctor Bradley took a knife and cut my body open from my sternum to my pubic bone. I concentrated every bit of my mental energy on the knife as it cut me open. I found it speared into the cancerous tumor that was intent on killing me.

It wasn't holding it, I had no hands. I was just charged particle of electrical energy, caught in the vast black void of space, and time. You can't push against something you can't see, touch, or feel with a knife that is attached to the thing that was trying to kill you, but in my mind's eye I tried to move the knife, not knowing if I was doing right or wrong. I could have been pushing the knife through the vacuum of space, or a pool of water.

I said a prayer to the God I discovered in the forests of Alaska. I asked Him if I could see my family one more time before I died. I didn't care if I died. I just wanted the opportunity to say thank you to them for being so wonderful to me, and goodbye, before he took me to His arms.

I lived a life very few people get a chance to live, and I was very grateful for it. I lived a quiet life. I never harmed anyone. I gave money to charities, although maybe not enough. Many of my inventions made this world a better place to live in. I had found my faith later in life than I should have, but I was happy with it now. Most important to me was I found Jennifer, the woman of my dreams, and the love of my life. We were raising a wonderful family together. What else could any man ask for? Well, I guess I just did. I wanted to say goodbye to her and to my family, before I died.

I saw a pinhole shaft of light. My mind pressed forward towards that light. I tried focusing on the knife, with all the remaining conscious energy I had. I was weakening. I wasn't sure how I knew it, I could just sense it. Suddenly, I lost sight of the tip of the knife. My mind went blank, I thought all was lost.

Light Burst Through: Somehow the knife made a larger hole through the fabric of time that I could fit through. I was taken on a ride through a cosmic wormhole of space as my body began to coalesce.

They both caught up with me, and stopped at my hospital bed. I hated both of them equally. As my eyes opened I was racked with a pain I cannot begin to explain with mere words. I wanted to scream out in agony, but I couldn't. Something was blocking my airway. I began to cry.

Jennifer's reaction was the opposite of mine. Hers was Sheer Joy. She was Exuberant.

"Oh Even, thank goodness your back. I was so worried. The doctors said you should have been up hours ago. They were not going to use any artificial means to wake you up; they wanted you to do it on your own. I know you can't talk. You have a tube down your throat to help you breathe. I love you Even. Blink your eyes if you can hear me."

I blinked my eyes, as more tears flowed.

She kissed my eyes, as she kissed my tears away. She cried happy tears.

"Even blink twice for no and three times for yes."

"Do you need pain medication?"

I blinked three times.

"Blink once if the pain is severe, twice if it is very severe, three times if it is unbearable."

I blinked three times.

"I'm going to get the nurse, I'll be right back."

I started blinking twice, repeatedly, not wanting her to leave me. I needed her beside me. I needed to reconnect with life, after the dark of nothingness. I know I preferred the church's version of hell, with its' fire and brimstone, then what I had just been through. Nothing is terrifying. Nothing would drive anyone insane. Nothing should be reserved for the likes of the mass murderers: Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Perone, Amin, Stakic, and Milosevic. They deserve each other, and NOTHINGNESS!

I felt Jennifer's hand on my arm, as I reopened my eyes. She smiled down at me. I began blinking my eyes twice, over, and over, and over.

"What is it even? What are you trying to tell me?"

I couldn't move. All I could do was blink twice to beg her not to leave me again.

Somehow she got my message.

"Even are you upset because I went to get the nurse?"

I blinked three times. I blinked three times. I blinked three times.

"Okay darling, I will never leave you again. I will be at your side always."

I blinked three times, I blinked three times, and tears roll from my eyes.

Jen kissed the tears away, as she kissed my lips. The damn tube in my throat was annoying the hell out of me, but it was keeping me alive. I guess there was a decent pay off in the end.

Doctor Mozia walked into the room, with an intern at his arm, and a nurse standing beside him.

"Welcome back Doctor Luck. I'll talk, you listen. Your surgery went very well, and was less extensive than we thought it would be. Doctor Bradley was able to resect your pancreas, with a lot less damage than he previously thought. Your lymph nodes were clear, which is a wonderful sign. Everything else went as you were told, with one exception. You are also missing your appendix. Doctor Bradley said he was in the area, and instead of leaving it to chance for some future surgery, he removed it.

Now it is up to your body, and its ability to heal itself. I know you can't feel it, but there is a tube in your navel that is attached to your intestine. For the next three weeks that's how you're going to be eating, while your stomach and the area where your duodenum was heals. When that period is over, we will do microsurgery to remove the tube from your intestine, and suture it closed. Then we will remove the tube from your stomach and suture your navel closed.

As you can see Doctor Luck, from this point forward it is all up to TIME: (WHY DID HE HAVE TO USE THAT DAMN WORD) Healing time, recovery time, and patience. If you are thinking of rushing back to work, you should go to a local gun shop; buy a secondhand weapon, and one bullet. I don't think I have to say anything more about that.

Within a week we will have the results of all the tests of the organs we removed. If they come back benign, you are a very lucky man. You will come back here in nine months for a checkup. If not, you'll be back here in six months to begin a course of radiation and chemotherapy.

The nurse is going to give you medication that is going to put you back to sleep for four hours, and take your pain away. We are going to manage your pain medication very carefully. We don't want you to become addicted to it. Go to sleep Doctor Luck, your healing period has just begun. I am in charge of you now, and I don't like failing."

Jennifer did not let go of my arm, while the doctor talked to me. She did not move from my side, while the nurse injected the medication into my IV line. She kissed my eyes again as they began to close.

"I will be here when you wake up Even; I am not letting you go."

I fell asleep, but I didn't go to that 'Nothing' place again. I was able to see Jennifer smiling at me, and worrying about me. I didn't like that... I had to get better for her. She didn't deserve what I was putting her through. I had to get better. It was my mantra. I had to do it, for my wife, the love of my life.

88. Bumps

Gray was lying in bed next to Delicious, early Sunday morning, rubbing his hand over her moist, velvet skin, when he stopped on her abdomen.

"What the hell is this? You have a bump in your belly."

"Thank God you went to Penn; otherwise you may never have found out that I had a bump in my belly. Do you want to guess what it is?"

"How many guesses do I get?"

"It's a little after 1AM; Newt shouldn't get up until 7 or 8 in the morning; that gives you six or seven hours' worth of guesses. If you're right you take care of Newt all day. If you are wrong, you take care of Newt all day."

"Now there is an offer I can't refuse. First, I have to inspect the bump."

Gray turned on his bedside lamp and kissed his wife.

"Gray the bump is lower."

"I'll get there. I'm just taking the scenic route."

He kissed her jaw, and up to her ear, licking and biting as he went along.

"Gray, we just finished doing that. Look for the bump."

"You said I had until 7 o'clock, don't rush me woman."

He kissed her tenderly, along the back of her neck, and the front for chest. After putting the nipple of her breasts between his teeth, he began feasting on the succulent flesh around it. He knew she was lost, when she started pulling his hair, and her legs wrapped around his ass.

"You're not playing fair Gray. You were just supposed to inspect my belly."

"I'm getting there, look how close I'm getting."

As he switched to her left breast, she moaned and bit her lip.

When Gray finished torturing her breasts, he proceeded down her left flank and pushed her legs apart. He suckled on the tender white flesh on the inside of her left thigh, moving towards her center. As his lips reached the junction of her thigh and her body, Delicious raised her hips anticipating his tongue entering her.

It didn't. His tongue moved over her pubic ridge, and onto her right thigh. He licked and kissed the flesh as he did on the left side, as he continued torturing her.

She pulled his hair. "Gray you missed the bump."

"I guess I'll have to make a U-turn."

As he moved back towards her middle, Delicious was flowing like a mountain stream. He knew he was going to get hell for what he had planned, but it would be worth it, just to hear her laugh afterwards.

His tongue touched her labia and her hips reached for the sky. He placed his hands underneath her butt to keep her in that position. He feasted on her outer lips, until he recognized the signs of her impending orgasm.

He stopped, placed his mouth at the opening to her vagina, and said, "Hello in there!"

Mad; mad was not the word for her. She was furious. She closed her legs around his neck and started pounding his head with her fists.

All Gray could do was laugh.

"You bastard, what are you laughing about?"

"You are seventeen years old again, and I never want you to change. You did exactly what I knew you would do, and I love you."

"Grayson that was mean."

He pulled her down to him and kissed her. "Delicious, it was also funny as hell."

She hit him with a pillow, as she joined his laughter.

He pushed her down on the bed, and kissed her baby bump.

"I see you finally found it."

"It's not an it, according to your mother. It's Teddy."

"I can't figure out what her full name would be. I would never name a child Theodora."

"Just check all the baby names that join with Teddy. If nothing comes close, we will name her Teddy with and 'i' at the end."

"Okay, do you think you can give me my orgasm now? You stole the last one from me by talking to my baby."

"Teddy is our baby, courtesy of your mother, and yes, out of the goodness of my heart, I will give you your orgasm."

"Doctor Thyme, my mother said that Newton would have four brothers and two sisters. She didn't say who the father would be. Be nice, or it won't be you."

"How much would you like to bet?"

"You were taking an awful lot for granted."

"No I'm not; I just know how much I love you. I know you love me the same way. I'm not going anywhere, are you?"

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