tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThere's Something about Sarah Ch. 07

There's Something about Sarah Ch. 07


Chapter Seven -- A Conclusion of Sorts

Tina flatly refused to attend the reading of Amanda's will and to be honest I didn't blame her.

"Sarah; it's between you and Sloane and it's legal shit. I don't think having a former prostitute and current transgendered porn star is in any way going to serve you well. Besides; you need to stand on your own two feet. I know you can do it," she said.

And she was right.

Little did I know what she had planned for the day; but more of that later.

The reading was a debacle; what else would I expect with anything involving Sloane.

I sat in the ante room of the offices of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe, attorneys at law, dressed demurely in a polka dot dress, flesh-toned hose, minimal makeup and low heels. My days of crying over Amanda's death were over.

Sloane was obviously hungover and possibly still a little drunk and wore a navy blue skirt, pink satin blouse, heavy makeup and black pumps. Her hair was a little disarrayed and she toyed with a set of rosary beads that I had never seen before. She was obviously putting on an act; using a tissue to dry eyes that were not actually crying.

That creep Billy Kettering, still dressed in his poorly fitting hand-me-down black suit, which now reeked of perspiration and stale beer was sitting beside her.

I couldn't help but feeling a little peevish when I again noticed that Sloane's belly was protruding over the waist of her skirt and straining the buttons of her blouse. But I decided to try once again to diffuse the acrimony between us.

I moved across the tiny ante room and sat beside her. I tried to take her hand in mine but she pushed my hand away.

"Sloane. We grew up sisters. I have always loved and worshipped you. I don't understand why you became so cruel to me," I said.

Sloane turned towards me and there wasn't a skerrick of compassion in her eyes.

"I was my mother's only daughter until you arrived. When you did I treated you like a sister but you rose above us with your pretentious ways. You thought you were better than us, little miss popular at school, academic lah-de-da dating the football hero. You used to wear my hand-me-downs and was Cinderella while I was the Princess."

Sloane went on.

"The best I could do was to work in a beauty parlour while you graduated with offers from colleges across the country. I made you who you are! You were Stephen Grayson, a little Nancy boy I turned into Sarah the Ice Princess. But that wasn't good enough for you! You thought you were better than us. That's why I fucked up your Prom. I didn't know what those boys were going to you in the playground after the prom, but fuck it! I laughed when Bing Holthouse told me how he fucked you up the ass."

I shed a single tear.

"I'm sorry if I hurt you in any way Sloane. I still love you and I forgive you," I replied, my voice trembling.

"Fuck you Sarah...sorry Stephen. You take yourself and your tranny whore girlfriend back to California to the rest of the creeps and weirdos and leave us good Southern folk alone. We have no need for your kind around here," Sloane replied and raised her middle finger.

Billy Kettering yukked his moronic laugh, showing yellowed and blackened teeth.

I returned to my seat and sat quietly.

The door to the conference room opened and we were ushered inside and sat at an absurdly long conference table given there were only five of us there. Besides Sloane, Billy, and myself was attorney at law Richard Howe and to our surprise Drew Carter.

Mister Howe introduced himself and wasted no time over any form of preamble.

"For the record. Present today in the matter of disbursing the will of one Amanda Grayson is the attorney of record, Richard Howe, the Executor of the will Mr Andrew Carter, and Amanda Grayson's surviving heirs Ms Sloane Grayson and Ms Sarah Grayson," he began.

"Objection your honor. Sarah Grayson is not blood kin to Amanda Grayson and well...she ain't technically a woman," Billy Kettering interrupted.

"Mister Kettering. You have no standing here. This is the reading of the last will and testament of Ms Amanda Grayson and only the beneficiaries and the Executor need be here. You sir, are neither kin nor benefactor and if you do not remain silent I will have you removed from this reading," Richard Howe admonished Sloane's redneck boyfriend.

"However...As the issue has been raised and accordance with the instructions of the deceased I am directed to present to Ms Sarah Grayson the following documents duly sanctioned and certified by Supreme Court of the State of Texas."

"One being an addendum to the birth certificate of one Stephen Grayson, changing the name to Sarah Grayson and a change of sex of said child from male to female due to... and I quote: 'an incorrect assessment of gender of the child at birth by the attending physician'."

"The second being the adoption papers of one Sarah Grayson, legally declaring her the daughter of Amanda Grayson."

"All said documents have been perused by the deceased's solicitors and attorneys of record and found to be valid not only in the state of Texas but in the Republic of the USA."

I gasped with surprise as the lawyer slid the documents across the table to me.

"Ms Sarah Grayson you are now legally a woman and the daughter of Amanda Grayson," he said solemnly.

Sloane hissed and banged the table but remained silent and seething.

"This is bullshit! She ain't a woman! I bet she's still got a cock! And she ain't legally Sloane's sister," Billy Kettering howled.

Drew leaned over the table to reach for Billy Kettering and only the table's extreme width probably saved Billy Kettering from a beating.

"You sir, may now leave the room. Should you not do so willingly, I have in anticipation, arranged the attendance of a Sheriff's Deputy, who is ready to escort you accordingly and should you resist, arrest you for creating a public nuisance and any other charges that may apply including interfering with court sanctioned legal proceeding," Solicitor Howe said with a certain amount of smugness.

Billy sat there fuming refusing to leave his seat. Sloane was too confused to realise the enormity of what had just occurred.

Richard Howe pressed a button under the table and a door opened and a large black Deputy appeared who must have weighed two hundred and fifty pounds and strode over and stood behind Billy Kettering and put a hand on his shoulder.

Billy was stupid but not moronic and realised that resistance was futile.

He slammed back his seat and shot to his feet.

"This is bullshit!"

"This is bullshit!"

"This is bullshit!"

He ranted as the Deputy led him away.

Sloane looked shocked but still defiant.

"We can now go ahead and read the last will and testament of Amanda Grayson. I will advise both of you benefactors that the will is simple and will be duly executed today by my firm. Mister Andrew Carter as the Executor has already signed the necessary documents permitting my law firm to make disbursements in accordance with the will," solicitor Howe explained.

"To my younger daughter Sarah Grayson I leave twelve thousand dollars cash which is currently held in an account at the Citizens National Bank of Texas," he read solemnly.

Sloane snorted but remained composed.

"To my eldest daughter Sloane Grayson I bequeath the remainder of my estate including my house and the four acres of land on which it sits and all goods and chattels therein," Richard Howe concluded and tapped the documents on the table before him into neat pile.

"So what do I get?" Sloane looked confused.

"Should you wish to engage our services we can assist you Miss Grayson. But having premptively surveyed your estate I would say you might get to keep the house and a couple of acres if you sell the rest of the land to pay the taxes due," Richard Howe replied.

"What about her and that fucking cash! It's worth more than that shitbox house!" she screamed.

"None or your or my business," the lawyer responded.

"I can tell you Sloane. I have an MBA in finance and I estimate that after taxes I'll probably clear around eight thousand. Amanda, I mean mother, gave me the seven thousand remaining in my trust fund when I left but that's gone in student loans and rent, so I guess I can now afford to stay in college and get my Masters," I replied

"So you get the cash and I get the rat-hole of a house and a few worthless acres of land," Sloane hissed.

"Sloane, the house can be renovated and if properly watered, you could run cattle or horses on the land. I can help you. I have the knowledge and business acumen," I tried one last time to reconcile with my sister.

"Fucking acumen this," Sloane raised her finger to me again.

"Hey shyster! Howe or whatever your name is. You can sell the whole parcel and I'll take it in cash," Sloane snapped at the lawyer.

"Should you wish to engage the services of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe to liquidate the whole of your inheritance Ms Grayson we can do so. But I will need to draw up a legally binding contract which includes our commission for doing so," Richard Howe looked down his nose at Sloane.

"Just do it you lawyer fuck and tell me when to come and sign the papers. Fuck this and fuck you all. I got screwed by my own mother!" Sloane stormed out of the conference room.

I stood and followed Sloane, I just wanted to be gone but she was waiting for me in the ante room. She screwed up her face and was about to unleash a barrage of hatefulness towards me but I'd had enough.

"Shut up you fat fucking whore! I'm done with you Sloane," I spat and strode out of the law offices.

Sloane just stood there dumbfounded and I was glad to see the back of her.

I stopped at the local branch of the Citizens National Bank of Texas and showed my new paperwork. After a few preliminaries I was presented with a passbook with twelve thousand dollars in deposit.

My next stop was the liquor store where I bought a bottle of Jack Daniel's and carton of Marlborough Menthol Lights then I went back to the hotel.

I burst into our room but found that Tina was gone. She'd left a note on my pillow.

'Devon Devine is making another movie. I need the money. See you back in Berkeley after I finish filming, love Tina'

"Oh shithouse mouse!" I cried to the empty room.

"I finally have good news and my best friend and lover has left me to make a porno!" I laughed.

I wanted to celebrate but being on my own I just wasn't up to it. I didn't even bother kicking off my heels I just leapt on the bed, opened the Jack and lit a cigarette. I turned on the TV and started watching some inane show and was ready to nod off having drunk three drinks and smoked as many cigarettes.

There was a soft tapping at the door and I leapt to my feet expecting Tina to have returned but when I opened it there stood Andrew Carter holding a bunch of flowers.

"Drew you are three years too late and way too complicated to deal with right now. Go on back to April Bouvier and the University of Houston where you belong. I appreciate you executing my mother's will but I'll tell you up front; every time I see you it brings back memories I'd rather forget," I said holding the door open but barring his entrance.

Drew pushed the flowers towards me.

"Sarah, please take these as a token of your victory over Sloane and the final validation from your Aunt Amanda who, besides her failings, loved you enough to see you right," he said.

I snatched the flowers and pushed Drew outside and slammed the door.

I leaned my back against the door and there was now a purposeful knocking.

I opened the door and Drew had that smile on his face. The smile I could never resist.

"It's customary to toast a victory," he grinned.

"And April Bouvier; does she know you are here," I asked.

"April Bouvier took the first bus back to Houston when she found out I used to have a transvestite girlfriend," he grinned.

"Had I been with a black woman, a Jew, or a Catholic; she probably could have forgiven me but only grudgingly. But she could not forgive me for being with a trans woman. She told me she thinks I'm a homo."

I opened the door and pointed to a seat next to the coffee table.

"I'm sorry Drew. I'll phone her or write her a letter and tell her that you didn't know. That I deceived you and that when you found out you despised me for my subterfuge," I poured us both a large drink.

Drew took my hand in his.

"Stop apologising for your existence Sarah. Every time I meet you, you are sorry for something that isn't your fault."

"Drew; I lied to everyone. I lied to my friends and I lied to the man I loved. I sometimes I think I really I am a freak," I cried.

Drew pulled me to him and kissed me on the cheek.

"Don't you dare sat that! I loved you! I still love you!" he sighed.

He pulled me to him and kissed me. Softly at first and then passionately.

"I still love you Sarah. I think of you every minute I'm awake and when I'm asleep I dream of you," he lifted me out of my chair and pulled me close.

"But, but, but..." I whimpered.

"You are my Sarah and I love you," he whispered in my ear.

He guided me towards the bed and fell on top of me. He kissed me harder and he gasped as his hand slid up my legs and found the soft flesh above the welts of my hold-up stockings. I instinctively closed my legs.

Drew didn't stop; his fingers stroked the front panel of my panties.

"Drew...you know what's inside my panties, are you sure?" I whispered.

Drew stared lovingly into my eyes.

"I'm sure," he whispered in return.

His fingers caressed the top of my thighs and drifted across the front of my panties again. I could feel his erection pushing against me through his jeans. I was becoming erect myself, my penis pushing against my gaff and leaking pre-cum.

When Drew quickly slid his fingers inside my panties and tore away my gaff I gasped. Drew flung the pad of cosmetic tape across the room and began to stroke my erection through the cool satin of my panties.

"Are you sure Drew?" I searched his eyes.

"Sarah, will you please shut up so I can make love to you," he grinned and pulled my hand down to his throbbing cock.

I unzipped his jeans and reached inside but Drew stopped me. He got to his knees, ripped off his shirt and shucked off his boots, sox and jeans. He was naked and I wanted his hard muscled body pressed again mine but he hadn't finished. He helped me take off my dress and brassiere leaving me dressed only in panties and my sheer stay-up stockings. I went to kick off my heels but he stopped me and shook his head.

"Leave them on. Goddamn you look so beautiful and sexy lying on the bed like that," he sighed.

I smiled up at him and then pulled him to me. His hard body pressed against mine his penis rubbed against mine, still trapped in my satin panties. We kissed and caressed and before long the front of my panties were wet with the combined juices of our pre-seminal fluid.

I reached down and took his hard hot member in my hand. It felt firm; the skin silky and sleek. I slid my fingers up the shaft and tickled his fraenulum. Drew gasped and kissed me harder; he gripped the shaft of my penis through my panties began to stroke me and I reciprocated.

Out tongues were intertwined and we explored each other's bodies and we stroked each other's penises and before long I felt the slippery wetness of his precum.

"You're getting wet," I giggled in his ear.

"You too," he whispered in mine.

"Do you want me to...you know use my mouth on you?" I asked a little sheepishly.

"Yes, but not now. I'm close to coming and really want to do this," Drew opened my legs and lay between them.

I gasped when he whipped my legs up high in the air and put my ankles over his shoulders. He slid his erection inside my panties and pushed his glans against my anal bud.

"I've never done this before. Am I going to hurt you?" he looked down at me, concern evident in his eyes.

"Your pre-cum will lubricate me but please take it slow," I smiled up at him.

Drew pushed forward and I hissed with pain as the head of penis pushed aside my sphincter. I pressed my palms against his shoulders.

"Slow babe," I whimpered.

"I don't want to hurt you Sarah but god this feels amazing," he smiled down at me.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pushed up slowly impaling myself on his hard phallus. Drew groaned and lowered his face to mine and we kissed as I ground against him. I felt his penis throbbing inside me and I knew he was close.

"I'm going to come Sarah; this is just wonderful I can't hold back," he moaned.

I kissed him harder and pulled him firmly against me and ground my buttocks against his groin as my anus tightened on his shaft and milked him of his seed. His hot semen flooded my back passage and I orgasmed with him; flooding my panties. Drew fucked me hard as his semen lubricated me and I rode my orgasm and fucked him back. We both moaned and gasped until we were sated.

Drew lay on top of me kissing me and gently lowered my legs but he remained inside me. His fingers lazily flicked my nipple.

"You are wonderful and that was wonderful," Drew grinned down at me.

"No post coital regret? No concerns you're becoming gay?" I teased him.

"I ain't gay! You're a woman with a piece of paper to prove it," he grinned.

" Anyway; I don't know anything about being gay; all I know is I love you and I love this."

"You don't mind that I've only got these little titties," Drew was still playing with my nipple.

"Hey I love you and I think you're sexy just the way you are," Drew replied.

"Now I'm rich I can afford to get real tits. Not too big...just a nice handful," I tormented him a little.

"Now that would be nice," he grinned.

"But I'd love you anyway Sarah. I was crazy to let you go."

"When I tracked you down I was so confused. I knew I loved you but I was so flustered; I didn't know what to do."

"But not now?" I asked.

"No." he replied.

"What about April Bouvier?" I asked.

"She was just arm candy Sarah. Being a college footballer it's expected that I have a cute girlfriend but it was all platonic. I doubt she even misses me she's so self absorbed," Drew explained.

"So are we going keep this a secret? I understand if that's what you want," I blushed.

"No we are not going to keep it a secret. That would ruin something beautiful. I want us to be a couple or more precisely back to being a couple. I want to take you to places, I want you to meet my college friends and my family and I want to meet your friends too," he kissed away my tear.

"I'm seriously in love with you Sarah and I'm not going to lose you again."

"I love you too Drew but I don't think its going to be so easy. A lot of people won't understand," I replied.

"I didn't say it was going to be easy, but we will work it out," he kissed me again.

"But let's discuss this later. I have something I need to take care of," he grinned.

"I can feel it you naughty boy," I wriggled my buttocks as I felt Drew's penis begin to harden inside me.

Our second session of lovemaking took a lot longer and was a lot tenderer. We took our time building to our climax; Drew's semen had lubricated me and he was able to fuck me with long slow strokes and this time he took off my panties and gripped my penis and stroked me to climax, coming at the same time as he did.

We lay side by side sated. Smoking and drinking glasses of Jack. My left leg straddled Drew's and he lazily stroked my thigh as we chatted.

Little did I know that across the courtyard in a different room of the same Holiday Inn hotel Tina was up to shenanigans.

Whilst I was at the offices of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe, Tina had taken a walk down Main Street. She deliberately dressed provocatively: slinky black micro-mini, black stockings, black high-heels, and lashings of makeup and gaudy jewellery.

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