tagGay MaleThey Are A-OK Ch. 25

They Are A-OK Ch. 25


The next morning was so rushed due to over sleeping Brock and I barely had time for a good bye kiss before the limo arrived to take me to the airport. Since Brock had meetings that morning we parted at the apartment. Being alone in the limo gave me too much time to watch the buildings of my summer home disappear as we made our way out of town to the suburban airport. I felt like the last days of my youth were whizzing by outside the expensive car. When we arrived at the airport I discovered that traveling from Belgium to private Caribbean islands was complicated.

The first leg was a hop to London aboard British Airways. Next I was taken from Heathrow to Gatwick by limo to catch an Iberian Air flight to Madrid. After four hours of enjoying a private lounge in the very modern Barajas International Airport, I boarded an Aeromexico flight to Cancun. Though I had first class seats on all the flights, I somehow knew that Adam never had to deal with so many take-offs and landings. My original itinerary listed the final leg as being aboard Adam's yacht. However, the man holding a sign with my name on it informed me that plans had changed. There was a private plane waiting to take me from Cancun to Nassau. In Nassau one of Adam's helicopters would be waiting to take me to the island.

I was disappointed not to be traveling across the Gulf of Mexico on the yacht. I had hoped to have the time to rest up from both the long journey and my last night in Brussels. I also had hoped to possibly reconnect with Hector or even finally have the canceled liaison with the yacht's captain. The advantage to the plane and helicopter transport was arriving at least 24 hours earlier than planned. I was happy to have an extra day with Adam.

As I stood on the helipad on Adam's island looking around I noticed two young workers repairing a retaining wall. Their torsos were bare of clothing and I could see the sweat glistening on their backs. The pilot instructed another young man who was nearby to take my luggage to the main house.

"If there is nothing else, Sir, I need to tend to the bird," The older pilot said with a knowing smile as he looked in the direction of the maintenance workers.

"No think you, I am fine. I can find my way to the house."

I continued watching the two workers as I moved toward the stairway that would take me off the helipad. As I got closer I realized one of them was Alicia's older brother Gregory. Unlike in the dream I had about him, his skin was tanned all over – or at least the part I could see. I couldn't seem to stop ogling him. He was handsomer than I remembered in my conscious thoughts and every bit as sexy as he was in my dreams. I understood why I had conjured him up as a fantasy lover. But I was all but certain that he was totally straight, and even if he wasn't his resentment over my fucking his sister was clear.

"Hello, John welcome back," Shelia said startling me so much that I nearly fell over backwards.

She laughed and reached out to help me regain my balance.

"He is fucking gorgeous, isn't he?" She said.

I managed a half nod and then added, "They are not bad."

I didn't want to seem overly interested in either of the young island men, even though Gregory was so much hotter than his partner that anyone would know who she meant.

"You know Adam won't be back until tomorrow evening. If you are interested in some entertainment, I could have tall, dark and handsome stop by after he finishes here," She suggested coyly.

I immediately remembered how much she liked playing games and her way with sexual innuendos. I wasn't in the mood to play and had no intention of having her order Alicia's brother to come by the house for a date. Added to that, I felt an immediate rush of disappointment that I would not see Adam for another day and a half.

"Shelia, I met Gregory on my last visit. I am pretty sure he is straight and wouldn't have much interest in stopping by the house to suck my cock. Besides, I think I can find my own playmates," I said with a hint of anger in my voice.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to offend. As far as Gregory's sexual preferences, I suppose you might be right. He has just asked permission to marry one of the maids and I have never heard any stories of his escapades. Then again, the inhabitants of the island have a tradition of sexual experimentation, which they seem to keep to themselves. Whatever the case, he is loyal – which means he would accommodate the needs of Adam's guests.

The idea that an otherwise straight young man would have sex with me out of loyalty to Adam was startling to me even after all I had seen. Shelia's cavalier attitude about summoning him to prostitute himself was disturbing and made her less attractive to me. It was not an attitude that I could imagine came from Adam. However, the comment about the islander's tradition of sexual experimentation was intriguing. I couldn't help but imagine what Gregory would look like with his bottom half as naked as his torso and what he might be like in bed.

"Shelia, your suggestion makes me curious as to why you are offering others for my entertainment. I am certain that you, too, are loyal to Adam. Did you not enjoy the last time we fucked?" I asked in a stern tone.

My bluntness was due to my newly acquired dislike for Shelia. Even though I knew a confrontation with her could cost me in Adam's eyes, I did not care. I was already determined to mention her distasteful attitude toward the islanders. If I was wrong about Adam's sentiments then I felt I would not lose much. If he thought like she did about people then I would no longer want a personal relationship with him. If, in turn, he ended our business relationship, I was certain that there would be other opportunities for me.

"John, I am so sorry. I did not know you would be here tonight. I have a guest on the island and I am afraid he does not share his playthings nicely. Had I known, I would have sent my fiancé packing early. I would have loved to have you fuck me again," she said in what sounded to be a sincere tone.

"You're getting married?" I blurted out, too shocked to remain composed.

"Yes, it came up rather suddenly. Alexander and I have dated off and on for a few years. He is a business associate of Adam's. He is not AOK, by the way, and I am pretty sure he has never entertained the idea of going to bed with another man. Anyway, right after you left the island I saw him at a conference in Miami. As often happens when we run into each other, we ended up in bed. On that occasion we stayed there for three days. A month after that he proposed to me."

"Wow! Congratulations, I think."

"Thank you – why the hesitation?"

"You don't strike me as a one-man woman."

"I'm not and he isn't exactly a one-woman man either. We talked it over and have decided on what the masses call an open marriage. The rule is discretion and not in front of each other or when we are in the same city."

"I hope it works out for you."

"I think it will, and I hope to find myself with you when he is elsewhere on occasion."

I didn't comment as I had nothing nice to say in reply. I was, however, very curious to meet the man that wanted to marry Adam's beautiful assistant and didn't mind her fucking other men. I wondered if he had any idea about Shelia's sexual history and kinky nature. Before we left the area I caught Alicia's brother's eye.

I waved as I yelled over to him, "Hello, Gregory, good to see you again."

He jumped up and pulled off his work gloves as he approached.

"It is good to see you again, sir," he said offering his hand.

I shook his hand as I silently admired his well defined chest and rippled abs.

"Please, Gregory, call me John."

"Yes, si... er, John. My friends call me Greg."

I did not know what to make of his friendliness.

"My sister will be pleased that you have returned to the island. She really enjoyed your last visit."

"I enjoyed meeting her and your family, Greg, but I am puzzled."

"Why is that?"

"Well, I did not think you were pleased that I had spent time with Alicia when I met you. But you seem to be genuinely happy now for me to see her again."

"I am, John. Perhaps we could talk privately about it some time?"

"Of course, when you are done with your work and cleaned up come by the house. I am free all afternoon and evening it seems."

He told me that he would be at the house at six. Shelia and I left him to do his work.

"Well, I guess you can make your own dates, stud," she said as we moved through the tropical foliage.

"I don't think date is exactly what he has in mind. He wants to talk to me about his sister."

"Well we all know about you and Alicia. You can believe what you like, but I saw the look in his eye. It wasn't the look of a man that wants to discuss whoring his sister to the handsome visitor."

"Fuck, she isn't a whore and Gregory would no more whore her out than he would slice his dick off!" I barked at her.

"She isn't yet a whore, but she wants to be one and I am sure she is going to be damned popular. Her mother was once queen of the guest rooms. But it is the old whore's bastard that wants to take a wild walk tonight, I believe."

"Since I do not have any authority over you, I can not demand it, but I ask that you do not speak so vilely about these people in my presence again!"

"For fuck sake, John, you have to learn to embrace your station if you are going to be the success Adam believes you will be."

"If success means that I must embrace the attitude of a stone cold bitch, then I shall be a failure. Shelia, I think it is best that we avoid each other on this visit and in future; which is a shame because I had hoped to meet the man that you ensnared in your web."

"John, please, I am sorry if I was out of line. I am only trying to help you. Adam sees greatness in you and wants all of us to help you achieve great things."

"If the things you said today reflect what is truly in your heart, then I do not want your help; at least not in matters related to the treatment of people. Hopefully, someday, I will again find something likeable in you as I did on our first meeting."

She walked away looking sad and perhaps a little worried. I wondered if she thought I had the power to hurt her position with Adam. I didn't think it really mattered anyway. She was getting married and I was sure her husband would soon want her to leave Adam's employ anyway. When I entered the house I was greeted by the always stoic Steven, Adam's valet.

"Good afternoon, Sir. Welcome back to the island."

"Thank you, Steven, it is good to be back."

"Perhaps, you would care for a shower and a change of clothes?"

"Yes, thank you. But if you won't be offended I prefer to dress myself."

"As you wish, Sir. You are in the same room as last time. Do you need anything?"

"I will call you in the unlikely event that every possible thing I could want or need is not already in my room. Thank you, Steven."

"You are welcome. What time would you like dinner?"

"I have a guest coming at six. Perhaps something could be served in the garden around seven for us?"

"Yes, sir."

I was pleasantly surprised that Steven allowed me to show myself to the bedroom. I had expected to be led upstairs where I would have to suffer through being attended to while undressing and showering. I recalled the annoyance I sensed from the valet on my previous visit when I did not let him help me dress. I was glad he had come to accept my preference so quickly. Once in the room I stripped off my traveling clothes. The one concession I made to having a valet handy was to leave the dirty laundry in a heap on the bedroom floor. I had no doubt that the clothes would vanish before I finished my shower. As I walked through the dressing area to the shower I passed a large, tri-fold mirror that resembled those found in clothing stores.

I was oddly fascinated by the triple reflection of my nude body. I remembered as a kid playing with those mirrors, setting the sides so that there was a seemingly infinite long line of clones standing on each side of me. The little childhood game took on a whole new meaning standing there naked as a fully mature young man. I adjusted the mirrors and looked to each side at the row of naked men. What had been a silly game when I was five turned into a strange erotic moment at nearly twenty-one. I moved my hand to my chest and watched fascinated as an army of look-a-likes tweaked their small nipples. I turned the other way as I moved my hand to my crotch and watched as the other line of naked men began to pull on their penises.

I turned slightly which caused the line of clones to turn slightly toward me. Their cocks grew as my fingers tickled my ball sack. Even though I knew I was looking at my reflection, if I cast my eyes downward it was easy to imagine that what I was seeing was a line of identical looking young men waiting to do my biding. All it took was a gesture to get them to act. That idea brought a fantasy to blossom in my mind. I closed my eyes and saw a real army of men naked and ready to do as I commanded. I closed my fingers around my throbbing cock but did not stroke the rigid shaft. I just held it; I did not need physical stimulation. The fantasy of holding absolute power over an endless array of men was stimulation enough. I felt the full aphrodisiacal effect of such raw power. That was the moment that I knew I wanted to be just like Adam.

I had seen enough examples of my mentor's power over others to know what was possible. I also knew that I held some power over him already. Even though that power was simply born of sexual need on his part, combined with a mysterious chemistry we shared, to me at that moment it was evidence that I could have all he had and more. I opened my eyes and let go of my dick. I did not want to cum through masturbation. If Gregory was coming to offer himself as he had in my dream then I wanted to be fully loaded for him. If not, I was sure I could find his sister and bring her to my bed for the night.

As I looked to my right and left I saw two different endless lines of men. At the angle I was standing one line displayed their hard, enticing, perfectly matching cocks. The other line showed me their delicious looking, rounded buttocks. It was one of the few moments of total narcissism I have experienced. I even imagined making love to myself for a moment before forcing the odd, impossible imagine from my mind. The elation I felt and the absurdity of my fantasy caused me to laugh aloud as I stepped away from the mirror. My cock remained hard as I adjusted the water while stealing peeks at my body in a mirror that hung over the sink. I stepped into the shower and the water began to fall down over me like a warm tropical rain.

Of course no rain was ever that warm or that deliciously stimulating. My flesh began to tingle as the jets of water bounced off my upper body and cascaded down my legs. I took the brand new expensive bar of soap and worked up a lather over my chest and down my abdomen. As I washed my cock and balls I closed my eyes and pictured Gregory. I knew it was foolish to obsess over someone I likely could never have, at least not willingly on his part. But I was beyond curious at that point. While I would have been happy to end up with Alicia that night, after the mirror play I wanted cock. The only other option I could imagine for finding a male sex partner that evening would be to ask for Shelia's help. After the exchange I had had with her at the helipad, I knew I would never ask for her help with obtaining a sex partner. I managed to force all thoughts of sexual encounters out of my head and quickly finished my shower.

After drying off, I dropped the towel on the floor and returned to the bedroom. As I had suspected would be the case, my dirty clothes were gone. I smiled at the thought of Steven sneaking in to gather my smelly underwear and other clothes while I was likely admiring hundreds of images of my cock in the next room. He had also laid out a couple of outfit choices. I chose the more casual of the two as I did not imagine Gregory was used to formal dining.

Once dressed I decided to take a walk since I still had over an hour before my guest was due to arrive. It was odd how quickly I fell into the mode of lord of the manor. With Adam not there it was easy to feel that it was my house and Gregory was my guest even when neither was true. The island and everything on it clearly belonged to Adam. Gregory was in a very real sense one of Adam's possessions. He was not a guest he was a servant and his purpose in visiting was likely not social. I should have been more concerned. For all I knew he might be planning to take revenge on me for despoiling his little sister. But my curiosity seemed to have wiped away any caution. I was feeling completely carefree as I walked along the garden paths enjoying the tropical weather.

I was totally nonplused when I walked around a blind corner and encountered a couple on a bench that was making out and in the early stages of undressing one another. Unfortunately before I could retreat my presence was noticed by Shelia's future husband. He was clearly trying to put his cock away as he did his best to greet me casually. Shelia turned toward me looking as embarrassed as a teenager caught necking by her dad.

"Um, John, oh, hello. Did you need something?" She managed to stammer.

"No, sorry to disturb you, I was just taking a spur of the moment walk in the garden." I said, not really all that sorry.

"You didn't disturb anything," she lied. "Alex, this is an associate of Adam's, John Campanelli. John this is my fiancée, Alexander Durant."

When he stood to shake my hand, I saw the same confidant manner I always saw in Adam. But Alex was not nearly as imposing a presence as my mentor. However, he was at least ten years younger than Adam and almost as handsome and sexy. In addition, his smile was disarming and endearing.

"Nice to meet you, Alex," I said as sincerely as possible as I took his hand.

"Very nice to meet you, John. Adam talked glowingly about you the last time I saw him," he said warmly with a smile and a little wink.

I immediately got the idea that Shelia might be wrong about Alex and men. It was not a hypothesis I was anxious to test, however. I thought bedding Shelia's supposedly straight boyfriend seemed a hostile act.

"Anyway, I should go. I am sorry to have interrupted," I said in a way that must have sounded impish.

"Don't be silly, we weren't doing anything we couldn't in public," Shelia insisted.

"Darling, I am sure the young man knows what lovers look like. No sense in denying the obvious. But, John, you have nothing to apologize for, the occasional interruption just adds spice to life. An occasional dash of spice is good a thing," Alex said in a tone that made me sure he was trying to suggest something.

Whatever it was, I was not taking the bait. While he was hot enough that I would have happily had sex with him under different circumstances, I could not move past Shelia's attitudes to consider a threesome. Since she was right there next to us it seemed unlikely he could be going in any other direction.

"Well, I am meeting someone at the house shortly anyway, so I will leave you two to whatever," I said with a smile and turned away before he could add any more innuendo.

"Hopefully, we will have a chance to talk and get to know each other better before I leave the island," Alex said to my back.

I acknowledge the comment and told him that I would like that without turning back around. If he wanted to talk and get to know me better, there was no way I could deny him. He did business with Adam so I was certain that, at least in some measure, knowing him would be important to my future. If his desire to know me better was more sexual than businesslike, as I suspected, I would deal with that as seemed prudent when it happened. As I neared the house I spied Gregory walking along a back path that led toward the servant's entrance.

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