tagGay MaleThey Are A-OK Ch. 28

They Are A-OK Ch. 28


The next morning Adam told me that he preferred to say goodbye in the house and left me to make my own way to the helipad. One of the staff had already taken my small bag out to be loaded. Most of the things I had on the island were island clothes that I did not need to take back home. Just as I reached the front door, Alicia’s mother came running up to me. As she bear hugged me she whispered in my ear.

“We are so happy you have chosen our daughter to be your wife. My husband and I always supported her decisions, but you have made a better life possible for her. Though she doesn’t fully understand what you are doing for her, she is very happy. I promise she will be a very good wife to you. If ever she displeases you, my husband wants you to know that he will stand behind any action you take. If punishment of your wife is against your tradition, all that you need do is speak to Duarte or me and we will see that she is corrected.”

She kissed my cheek before releasing me from her embrace.

“Thank you Carmela, I am also very happy to be joining your family. I do not think it will be necessary for you or your husband to correct Alicia. I am sure she will be a good wife.”

“As am I, but I wanted you to know we are fully supportive of the marriage. You will find that island women have a natural tendency to fail their husbands in small ways. It is part of how we reinforce our husband’s manhood. It gives them reason to assert their dominance.”

“Don’t worry, Carmela, if Alicia demonstrates a need for correction, I can handle the situation.”

She smiled and I gave her a chaste kiss on the cheek. As I walked along the path to the helipad I was suddenly disappointed that Alicia had not come to say goodbye. However, when I reached the helipad, I was very pleased to see that Greg had come to see me off. He explained that Alicia had wanted to come, but such a thing was not permitted. I found that very odd. He further explained that once an island woman was betrothed it was considered wrong to seek out her fiancée. It was the man who had the right to say when they saw each other. I told him to tell her that I was unaware of the custom and sorry I had not sent for her. Then I hugged him before getting on the helicopter.

The flight home was predictably boring. On top of that, since I was surprising my parents, I had to take a bus from the airport to my hometown. It was a long ride added to the long flight. I decided the look of happiness on my mom’s face when she opened the front door was worth all of the discomfort of the long trip. That night during dinner I told my parents about Alicia. It was a difficult evening of explaining, but in the end I was pretty sure they were happy that I had found someone that I loved. I think they were even happier that the wedding wouldn’t’ be for at least a year. The truth was I hadn’t really thought about a time frame. When to get married seemed almost irrelevant on the island. Long engagements were the norm.

“So when do we get to meet our new daughter?” My mom asked after I was done explaining who she was and how we met.

I told her that I wouldn’t be seeing Alicia until winter break and suggested that I bring her home for Christmas. My parents seemed thrilled at the prospect of having company for the holidays. I wasn’t sure how Alicia was going to feel about the news. I almost laughed when my father took me aside and asked about my ability to control my natural urges and remain faithful during my separation from my girlfriend. It was the first time we had had a talk about anything sex related since my last birds and bees talk when I was fourteen. I assured him that both Alicia and I would handle the separation just fine. I think my biggest regret in life is having to keep a part of my life secret from my parents. They have always been completely supportive of me and my decisions. However, there are some things I am sure they could not have understood or accepted.

The next day I looked up my friend, Doug. He looked almost as happy as my mother did to see me standing outside his door. We wasted very little time in getting from his living room to his bedroom and even less getting our clothes off. As soon as I was naked he was on his knees sucking my cock as enthusiastically as a man with a several day thirst gulps water. As I caressed his head while enjoying his attentions, I realized a truth that it would take him years to accept. In his case marriage was a mistake. There was no doubt in my mind that Doug was gay. He had told me as much the previous year. I knew that getting married would not change him. I wanted to tell him that homosexuality was not something that could be cured. But I was certain that he would only deny anything I said if I tried to tell him my feelings. So I resolved to leave the issue alone.

Instead, I pulled him to his feet and kissed him deeply while our naked flesh pressed together. I could feel his hot warm cock on my upper thigh as my cock pressed into his lower abdomen. I could also feel the heat of his passion and the pent up need he had for gay sex. I pushed him gently backwards toward the bed. Our lips remained locked until the back of his legs came in contact with the mattress and he fell onto the bed. As he lay there with his feet dangling above the floor I dropped down between his legs. I knew that it might be his last time with a guy, at least for awhile and wanted to give him a great time.

I spread his legs and began to nuzzle and kiss his thighs. He giggled and squealed happily as my lips and tongue teased his soft tingling flesh. I wanted to keep teasing him, but I couldn’t resist the allure of his ball sack. His cum laden balls were like a magnet pulling my mouth ever closer. His moans added to my desire. By the time my lips reached his smooth scrotum I was practically drooling. I kissed his sack and then began to lick his heavy balls as he began to squirm on the bed.

“Oh fuck, John, jesus, oh yes,” He gasped as I sucked on his nuts.

As I continued working his sweet nuts with my lips and tongue his cock rubbed against my forhead and left a sticky trail of precum. Again, I was compelled to move on. I wanted to taste the sweet, slippery elixir that was flowing from his hot cock. I licked my way up his twitching tool as he continued moaning and exclaiming how good he felt. I was glad we were alone in the house when I licked the precum form his cock head.

“Fuck, yes! Oh my god, you are the best! Damn suck me please,” He cried out.

I engulfed his dick, sliding my lips down his hard shaft until I could feel his balls touching my chin and his pubic hair tickled my nose. Knowing he was close and aching for release I furiously worked my lips up and down his throbbing cock.

“God, I am gonna fucking, oh shit yes c c c cum!” He screamed as his cock erupted in my mouth.

Though I tried hard his load was so big I couldn’t swallow it all. A small amount seeped out between my lips and his red hot cock as the majority of his essence slid down my throat. I could feel the warmth of his seed in my belly as I milked the last of his load from his slowly deflating cock. Then I kissed my way up his body and joined him in the bed. We lay there, with me caressing him as we cuddled while he enjoyed the afterglow of his orgasm. Then he did for me what I had done for him. He was so much better at sucking cock than he had been previously; I asked him if he had been practicing as we cuddled up after my orgasm.

“Yeah, I have. I didn’t want to get married without having some more guy sex. Since you weren’t around, I actually went looking for someone else. I had heard about this gay bar over in Bennet.”

“You went to a gay bar?” I asked incredulously.

“Yes, but t I couldn’t go through with picking up some random gay guy. I just sat there for a little while and then split. Luckily, I ran into someone I knew in the parking lot.”


“Bo Riddick.”

“From the football team? Fuck no, he’s gay?”

Bo was one of the most popular ladies men in our local school as well as being the star running back on our team. He had always been the poster boy for being a real man. He was also very hot.

“Totally. He told me after high school that he gave up pretending to be straight. He moved to Bennet after flunking out of college and decided to be open about his sexuality. Anyway I explained my situation and we ended up back at his apartment. He is very patient and a good teacher. He also has a great cock to go with that smoking body.”

My first thought was disappointment that I didn’t have time to look Bo up. My second was wondering what the fuck Doug had told Bo.

“So what was it you explained to Bo that got you invited into his bed?” I asked boldly hoping to use the answer to steer Doug to realizing of the truth.

“You know my situation. I am engaged and getting married soon. I like having sex with guys sometime and wanted a little summer fling before I was off the market.”

“Doug, you fucking told me that you were gay last year. Now you go and get engaged and say you just want a last cock fling? What the fuck is up?”

“I was wrong, man. I’m not gay, maybe bisexual or something. Anyway I am in love and getting married. That is the day I will give up cock just like I am giving up other pussy forever.”

I knew I should just drop it and let him live with his ridiculous fantasy. However, I couldn’t let my oldest friend make such a huge mistake without trying to do something.

“Shit, how the hell are you going to do that? It is obvious that you fucking love sucking cock.”

“Honestly, I don’t know. I am sure that giving up other women won’t be a big deal, but the idea of never being with a guy well, damn that does bother me. I guess if I steer clear of you and Bo I will be ok.”

“Are we the only guys you ever...”

“No, there was a guy at school that I was with a few times and well since I have been seeing Bo, I got bolder. I have had a couple of one-nighters with guys from that gay bar.”

“Holy fuck, man! Does Bo know about that?”

“No, and before you ask, yes I felt bad about sneaking out on him. Christ, I just needed more experiences to help figure things out.”

“Have you figured things out?”

“Not really, but I do love Kelly. I want to get married. Hell I want things that will be difficult to have if I am not a regular guy.”

“What the fuck does that mean?” I asked letting my growing anger show.

“Top law firms don’t hire guys that suck cock and my chances of getting elected to do anything other than scrub toilets will be nil if anyone knows about the stuff I have done with guys.”

“I hope it works for you,” I said softly and kissed him.

My anger was mitigated by my concern over his obvious inner turmoil. There was nothing I could do to help him. I knew he was right about being a big shot lawyer or politician not being compatible with being gay in those days. But I knew that there was a greater truth. I saw no way he could ever be truly happy living such a huge lie. As I sucked on his tiny male tit and coaxed his cock back to life with my fingers he thanked me for being suck a good friend.

“I love you, John,” He added so softly it was barely audible.

“I love you and will always be there for you. Now shut up and suck my cock,” I replied as I flipped around and straddle his head.

We licked and sucked each others cock and balls for a long while. At some point he begged me to fuck him. I decided to give him a fucking that he would remember the rest of his life. After lubing him up with baby oil, I rammed my cock in and out of his hot asshole for nearly an hour. I fucked him hard and deep. He came about halfway through but I just kept ramming my cock deep inside his very willing asshole. When I finally came inside of him he was covered in a sheen of sweat and shaking from what can only be described as multiple dry orgasms. I lay in bed with him for a long time holding him. After showering together we went out for pizza then returned to his house. After another session of sucking each other off we slept in his bed with our naked bodies entwined.

The next morning before I left he asked, “John, if I can’t make it without cock after I get married, will you be there for that too?”

I didn’t really know how to answer his question. My gut told me that I should simply assure him that he would make it with Kelly. However, my heart was screaming yes. I knew I would always want him and that I would always be free to be with him. So I said yes.

I left that afternoon to return to school. Even though I had decided to quit the swim team, I needed to get back to school a few days early to settle in to my new room at the AOK house and begin my duties as a council member. Between the AOK trust and Adam my tuition was fully paid so I no longer need the swimming scholarship. Though I knew I would miss the meets, I had no love for five am practices and being on the council meant I would be very busy. In addition, I had learned over the summer that I was chosen to be the AOK representative to the college’s Greek board which was the student oversight body for all frats and sororities.

Arriving at the nearly empty campus with no swim team practices to get to felt very odd. Entering the equally quiet AOK house took odd to eerie. Happily, I ran into Colin as I was heading up the stairs. He grabbed my bag and helped me to my new room. After telling me that all of my stuff had been moved from the dorm to the house, he explained that I was the first council member back. He added that most of the pledges would be back on campus by the next day. That was information I really didn’t need. I knew the majority participated in team sports and would be required to be back for practices. I guessed that there was something else on his mind however.

“Colin, is there something I should be doing as council member that you would care to enlighten me about?” I asked trying to sound formal.

“Well, sir, it isn’t required, but I thought you might like me to have them assemble tomorrow evening for an inspection. I believe one or two other council members will be here by then and I thought it would make a good preview for the formal opening.” He explained.

The idea of inspecting the group of sexy new pledges definitely appealed to me. Although at that moment I was thinking of conduction a little more intimate inspection of Colin. The thought of having so many hot young naked guys lined up and eager to do my bidding was having a definite arousing effect on me. With only one or two other council members around we would each have a large share of the 17 brothers to be.

“That sounds like a good idea. How many pledges do you expect to be here?” I replied trying to keep the formal atmosphere going.

“All seventeen are due back by noon tomorrow. However as of my last count only thirteen have checked in. I will notify those that are here and keep you up to date on the count as additional pledges return.”

“Good, now I think that I would like to take a shower and settle in. Will you have time to meet with me later so I can be sure that I am on track for my council duties?”

“I am available at your convenience, sir.”

I told him to come back to my room in an hour. After he left I stripped off my clothes and headed straight to the shower room without bothering to unpack. The familiar feeling of walking down the hall naked was comforting. Being alone in the large shower room however, felt very lonely. It was a place made to be used by groups of young men; a place where I had enjoyed being naked with my sexy brothers. As I soaped up my body I closed my eyes and thought of past visits to that room. I saw the exciting naked bodies of many of my brothers enjoying the camaraderie of a shared shower. I saw scenes of group sex. I saw new pledges being fucked up against the cool tiled walls. When I opened my eyes again, I discovered that I was not alone.

Zack Nealon was standing in the doorway to the shower area staring at me, or more accurately my hard cock. He was naked and fully erect also. His hand was between his legs, clearly fondling his ball sack as he watched me. I was sure I saw the tip of his tongue disappear into his mouth also. I had to fight not to smile at him. The thought of him watching me shower while playing with his balls and licking his lips was exciting. But, I was a council member and he was a pledge that had clearly failed to greet me properly.

“See something you like Zack?” I barked causing him to stiffen up.

“Oh shit, damn, fuck you’re just so damn hot brother John.”

“Have you forgotten everything over the summer, pledge?” I asked using my tone to convey the seriousness of the situation.

“No sir, oh god, I am sorry, greetings brother,” He said and extended his hand.

As I shook his hand I asked him to explain why he was in the shower room without escort. Pledges did not have free use of the house.

“Well, sir, I know I have not yet been given use of brotherhood facilities, but when I arrived on campus the other day Colin said that until the first day of class the rules were relaxed. The soccer coach had us on a ten mile run. It ended near here. Running with the guys had me feeling horny and I didn’t really want to go to the locker room shower and risk showing off a hard on to the whole team. Not all of them are cool,” He explained and then stood there looking shaky.

“Since Colin gave you permission I can overlook your being here, but your failure to greet me properly is inexcusable. How long were you watching me anyway?”

“I know I screwed up, but seeing you just, god, I guess I am just a fuck up,” He said sounding totally distraught. “I was only watching you for a minute. I am sorry, you are so hot and I haven’t had sex other than jerking off for like four weeks.”

“Hmmmmmm, come here!” I demanded.

He hurried over to me and I slapped his ass hard. He smiled which pissed me off a bit, so I slapped his cock even harder. The smile disappeared and I told him to get washed up. I rinsed off and stood in the middle of the room watching him wash his hairy muscular body. Neither of our cocks deflated at all.

“Four weeks, huh; break up with your girlfriend back home?” I asked as I watched.

“No sir, I don’t have a girl at home. Last sex I had was with a guy I have been fooling around with for years off and on. We mostly just jerk each other off. This summer though I was sucking him a lot and he occasionally sucked me. He kind of freaked out when I tried to kiss him one day while we were rubbing our hard dicks together. He still let me suck him off and even jerked me off that day, but after wouldn’t play anymore,” He explained as he rinsed the lather of his sexy body.

I couldn’t imagine anyone turning Zack down for sex. Considering it seemed that he was willing to exchange blow jobs for hand jobs, even most straight guys would go for that deal.

“Was he the only one you have had sex with since leaving school?” I asked more out of curiosity than any need I had to know.

“No, there was a girl I used to know who I hooked up with at a party and we fucked a few times. Oh and there were a couple other guys that I did some stuff with a couple of times.”

I could see he was getting anxious, but I was determined to make him tell me about all of his sex partners that summer.

“Tell me more about these guys,” I insisted as I took his hand and led him to the drying room.

As we dried off he began laying out the details. The first one was a guy he knew in high school, but they hadn’t really been friends. Somehow they ended up getting stoned one afternoon and Zack propositioned him. The guy was happy to accept a blow job in exchange for stroking Zack off. A few days later he gave Zack a blow job short of completion in exchange for fucking Zack’s ass. After a few more get togethers Zack realized he was becoming the kids bitch and getting very little in return.

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