tagLoving WivesThey Came to Portland

They Came to Portland


I posted one of my stories on a web site that allowed people to give feedback. Shortly after the posting I got an e-mail from a reader that really loved the story. The feedback is always anonymous, however, Bill provided his address.

I wrote him back and thanked him for his praise of my story. Then I asked him some questions like, does your wife know of your fantasy, are you into exhibitionism, have you ever shared her with someone else, do you like to eat her after other guys have fucked her. You get the idea. I also included my phone number so he could call or e-mail with his answers. I really didn't expect to hear from him again.

That night the phone rang about 7:30 and Bill asked for me. When I identified myself he asked if it was a good time to talk. I assured him it was.

Bill told me how hot my story was and how real to life it was. He then told me that he had shared his wife with others on many occasions and still does. He said they enjoy flashing, but they would rather she just fuck and suck other guys. And yes, he does love to eat juicy creampies. He also talked about how incredibly hot her cunt is after some guy has fucked her and then he slides his cock into her for sloppy seconds.

As we talked, Bill said that he had actually shared his fantasies with Dana before they got married. Then one day after they had been dating for quite a while he got a phone call from her ex-boyfriend. It seems that all three of them had worked together at one time and Bill had shared his desires with Rick also.

"You'd better get ready. Dana just left here and will be at your place in a few minutes with her cunt full of cum. She's expecting you to suck out every last drop. I hope you enjoy it and want lots more."

"Dana hadn't even told me what she was going to do. My god! I was so hot to hear what Rick said. My cock was standing out like a steel battering ram and I couldn't wait for her to get home. I was actually drooling at the thought of lapping at her juicy cunt."

"When Dana came in the door she had a kind of apprehensive smile on her face. Her hair was mussed and her makeup was smeared. It was obvious the way her nipples were sticking out that she was very aroused."

"She asked me if Rick had called and I couldn't answer. My mouth just refused to work, so I nodded. Then she asked me if I wanted to lie down. As fast as I could move I lay down on the floor on my back. At that her smile became more confident."

"She didn't bother undressing. As she walked over to me she raised her skirt up around her waist. Looking down at me staring at her soaked panties, her smile grew broader."

"She straddled my head and knelt down. With her pussy just inches from my face I caught the rich musky odor of sex. I inhaled deeply of the mixture of a man and woman's coupling."

"With a will of it's own my head raised up until my lips were against the crotch of those redolent panties. I opened my mouth and felt the dampness with my tongue while I again breathed in the swampy odors."

"Dana, who's always been quick to cum, had an orgasm as soon as she felt my tongue through her soaked panties. I felt her reach down between us and pull her panties aside, baring her cunt to my questing tongue."

"Naturally, I'd felt her this wet before because I've often gone down on her after we had sex. But, it was just so incredible to realize that she was feeding me another man's cum for what I knew was to be only the first time."

"I just lay there softly licking her, wanting the experience to last as long as possible. I became intoxicated with the aroma or their fucking."

"Finally, I couldn't take it any more and I drove my tongue as deep into her being as I possibly could. Dana had another orgasm and pushed her cunt down on my face, forcing my head down to the floor. It was like she was trying to shove my head down through the floor, or up into her insides."

"It was then that I felt a flow of lava hot liquid on my tongue. I opened my mouth to let the nectar drown me. The taste was unbelievable. Some Dana, but a lot of bitter salty fluid that I'd never tasted before. I knew that it was Rick's cum."

"Dana had another orgasm as her cunt drained into my hungry mouth. Then she demanded that I fuck her. She raised up and rolled over. Lying down on the floor and pulling me with her. She grabbed my head and tugged until I followed. I moved up her body as her hand reached for my cock. When she grasped it she guided it into her steaming hot depths."

"Well, you get the idea."

I don't know about Bill, but I had already cum as he talked. I think I know when he did too because his voice changed for a few moments.

Bill asked about my own experience and I admitted that I had none. My wife would never consent to having sex with another. And if she ever heard of my doing so, she would cut off my cock and balls and feed them to me. I didn't believe her, but I did know I couldn't do that to her. Besides, I had no desire for others.

That's when I told Bill that we should get together and play. At first he was reluctant as they live half way across the country from me. So I started asking him questions about all the games they play. He admitted that one of his favorites is DP. But, Dana isn't real fond of anal and only does it on rare occasion. He then asked how big I am and I told him that I'm small "Just 6 inches long and thin." He said he's over 8 inches and very thick. Then he wanted to know just how thin I am and I told him not much bigger around than a medium sized thumb. Right away he started getting excited. "You could lay down and Dana could get on top of you and take you cock in her ass. Then I could push mine into her pussy. God that's so hot. Feeling another guys cock through that thin membrane as you both fuck her. That's when he decided that they had to take a trip to Portland, for some good food and a show and....

I told him that I would pick them up at the airport in my limo. I explained that I have an older model Cadillac factory limo. It's the kind they used to use for minor dignitaries, before the stretch jobs started showing up. Even though it's only a few feet longer that a standard Cad from that year, there is enough room in the back seat for half a dozen people to have an orgy.

Bill liked the sound of that. He knew just the kind of car I was talking about and I could tell he was becoming excited about the idea.

We left it at that, agreeing that we would talk more soon.

Over the next few months we talked several times. We always ended our conversations by agreeing that we needed to get together. Then one evening Bill said, "Why don't you pick a date for Dana and I to come out to Portland." I told him I was available at any time and if he set a date I would be there.

Bill thought it would be a good idea if we refrained from cumming for a week or so before they came out so we could dump really big loads of cum in Dana's pussy and then take turns eating each other's sperm. I readily agreed. Even though I knew I would be so hot all week that I would have to jack-off. Hell, I'd swell up and explode if I didn't.

Just the thought of being able, for the first time, to suck another guy's cum from a woman's pussy was causing me to shake with anticipation.

Bill has a lot of experience so he probably held out. I couldn't last more than two days before the pain was so great that I had to bring myself some relief.

The day finally arrived and I drove to the airport. I waited outside in the pick-up area until this nice looking man and woman started walking toward me. I knew it had to be Bill and Dana.

We all smiled at each other and went through a few awkward moments of introduction. I held the back door of the limo open for them and they steeped in. I had already decided that I was going to try to start the ball rolling as soon as they got in the car. I followed them in and closed the door behind me.

They didn't ask what I was doing. They just sat and smiled at me. I knelt down on the floor and put my hands on Dana's legs. When that got no response I slid my hands right up her legs and under her skirt. I went right to the top of her panties. I took hold of them and started tugging them down. Dana quickly raised her ass up so I could slide them off her ass and down her legs. Once I had pulled them off and thrown them aside I spread her legs and leaned in to taste her pussy for the firs time. When she realized what I was doing, she spread her legs wider and slid forward on the seat, giving me complete access to her luscious cunt.

I knew we couldn't stay there long before security came to tell us to move. I pulled as much of her pussy into my mouth as I could and then sucked as hard as I could. Dana moaned and I felt her shudder. I hoped I had given her an orgasm.

That's when there was a knock on the door and it opened. One of the airport cops stood there looking. "You gotta get this" . He stopped and put his arm on the roof of the car and leaned in, pulling the door against him so no one else could see. No one said anything for a few moments then the cop grabbed his crotch and told me to get out of the way. He told me to get out of the car and close the door.

I moved out of the way and the cop got in the car. I just closed the door as far as I could and still have my head inside. Bill and Dana just sat there watching the cop as he opened his fly and pulled his cock out. He got down on the floor and grabbed Dana's legs and lifted them up onto his shoulders. Dana helped him by raising her ass up as high as she could.

Then the cop moved forward and Bill reached over and took hold of his cock and guided it into Dana's cunt. Bill hardly had time to get his hand out of the way before the cop started banging away at Dana's pussy. He was grunting with each thrust as he hammered into her. It only took a couple of minutes before he slammed into her and let out a gasp as he started pumping his cum into her.

It seemed like it was over as quick as it started. The cop pulled out and put his cock away and backed out of the car. He told me to get the hell out of there and I closed the door and walked around the car and got in behind the wheel. I turned around and looked at Bill. He smiled at me, "Like that?" he asked.

"Oh hell yeah."

"Wanna eat her cunt now?"

"Jesus yes. But we have to get out of here."

He told Dana to give me a taste and she put three fingers in her cunt as far as they would go. When she pulled them out they were covered with her juice and the cops' cum. She leaned forward and held he hand out to me. I opened my mouth and when she stuck her fingers in I closed my lips tightly around them and sucked. She let me suck her fingers for a few moments then she sat back in the seat.

"Like?" Bill asked. I couldn't talk so I just nodded. Then I watched Bill get down of the floor and bury his head in Dana's pussy. I could hear him sucking and licking away at her sloppy cunt.

I turned around and started driving. I didn't have to see any more because I knew that in a little bit I would be the lucky one to suck the cum out of that luscious pussy.

While I was driving I smiled in the rear-view mirror at them and they looked back with big smiles of their own. At that we all laughed and realized we were already good friends and we didn't need to hold back.

I looked at Dana and asked her if she wouldn't like to blow Bill. Her answer was to open his pants and pull out his cock. She got on her knees on the seat and her head dropped down and I heard Bill let out a sigh as she engulfed his cock. It'd been a long time for him and he really needed to cum.

I pulled off the freeway at the Lloyd Center and pulled into the first parking lot. I parked away from any other cars and got out and joined them in the back seat.

I sat on the floor in front of Bill so I could be as close as possible to watch Dana work on his cock. Knowing this was the first, and maybe last, time I would do anything like this I was going to go all out.

I reached over with my left hand and started finger-fucking Dana. She made approving sounds, but never let Bill's cock out of her mouth. Then I reached up with my right hand and started fondling Bill's balls. That brought a moan of appreciation from him.

I felt such intense pressure in my own dick. Here I was for the first time in my life touching another man. And I wasn't going to stop. I pulled Dana's hand off his shaft and put it on his balls. Then I wrapped my own hand around his shaft and started stroking him.

The skin was so velvety soft, while his cock felt like a steel pole. As I slid my hand up and down his shaft in rhythm with Dana's bobbing head I leaned forward. When I felt her hair brushing my face I stabbed my tongue into her ear. I felt her shudder with another orgasm. Our action was transmitted through my hand and Dana's mouth to Bill's cock.

"Ahhh SHIT!" he roared and then he started cumming. I could feel his cock jerk over and over as cum blasted from the end of his dick. There was no way Dana could keep up and swallow it all. Soon there was a small river of hot cum flowing over my hand. I wondered if it would ever end.

Bill gave a grunt and his body sagged on the seat. I pulled back a bit but I didn't let go of his cock. Dana raised her head up and looked at me. She put her hand behind my neck and pulled me toward her. I tipped my head back a little and opened my mouth. I've never felt lips so hot. When her lips touched me she opened her mouth and I thought I was going to drown. It felt like a gallon of thick molten metal flowed into my mouth. I had to swallow quickly, three times. Then Dana pulled back and looked at Bill's cock. She reached out and slid her hand up his cock, gathering a puddle of cum in the palm of her hand. She looked at me with a question in her eyes. I nodded and opened my mouth.

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