tagMatureThink About Icebergs-Intermezzo

Think About Icebergs-Intermezzo


Max woke as the cold of the morning air hit his skin. Rolling in the sleeping bag he watched as Alli walked to the edge of the clearing, squatting to take her morning pee. Seeing her braid bounce between her shoulder blades, the early morning sun glistening rosy off her copper skin, and the bounce of her full buttocks as she walked, Max thought again that Mother Eve in all her glory must have looked much the same. As Alli began to pee, he noticed steam rising in the morning chill and felt a faint stirring of more prurient interest, despite his own need to take a piss.

The sulfur smell rising from the hot spring was more noticeable in the morning damp she thought. Hearing the light crunch of Max's steps moving behind her, she shifted her weight, turning her head to smile over her shoulder at him.

"Morning baby! I'm sorry. I didn't wake you did I?"

"You didn't - your absence did! There was a cold spot cuddled up next to me instead of a warm woman."

Standing next to her, dick in hand, he winced noticeably. Reaching up and stroking his leg Alli inquired -

"Are you okay?"

"Oh yeah," he grunted. "I'm FINE. It's just hard to pee when you're hard....and you're NOT making it easier?"

"Me?" She stood now, moving against him. "What did I do?"

"Well to start with," he chuckled, giving up on the idea of peeing momentarily and using his morning wood to stroke her damp cleft instead, "there was how appropriately hot you looked with steam rising up your crack."

Pressing into her wet heat he stroked her with his fingertips, separating her folds in search of her deeper core of heat and wetness. He chuckled as she leaned against his hand.

"I take it that feels good," he murmured against her forehead.

A muffled moan was his only answer as she clung to him tightly, her hips moving against his hand. Her knees buckled slightly as her passion began to climb.


He grabbed her around the waist, pulling her against him tightly and supporting her weight momentarily till she could stand again. Licking his fingers he grinned through his growing beard.

"Mmmmmm. Tasty!"

"NOT!" She exclaimed. "I am SO not fresh and I just peed - let me go wash off!"

"No WAY!" He pulled her to him even more tightly as she squirmed to get away. "Right now you taste like girl! NOT like mineral hot spring! Come with me..."

Half pulling her, half carrying her they moved back to the comfort of the sleeping bags. Letting her down he turned and hurriedly threw some wood on the fire, grabbing a towel from his pack to toss beside her. Standing over her, his cock aching now, he enjoyed the look of her sprawled across the surface of the joined bags, goosebumps pebbling her skin from the morning chill, her nipples hard and ridged, begging to be sucked, rubbing her thighs together in her excitement. Dropping to his knees he bent and wrapped his lips firmly around one puckered tip, hearing her catch her breath and feeling her back arch under him as he moved to separate her thighs. Sliding between them, feeling her move to wrap her legs around his waist, he pressed both breasts firmly together stretching his mouth wide to suckle both nipples briefly.

She hissed in delight, moving her own hands to cover the warmth left behind by his mouth as he slid further down her body. Kissing and nuzzling as he went, he avoided her upthrust hips to lick and nuzzle the sweet spot behind each knee. Max paused briefly, admiring this view of her - thumbing her nipples, head tossed back, tongue clasped firmly between her lips as she writhed against him. Finally becoming cognizant he had stopped she raised her head to look at him.

"Just wondering what you'd like next m'lady?"

Oh gawd, baby...EAT me...." nearly sobbing now with frustrated desire. "Tongue fuck me! Suck my clittie....just....eat me!"

"No more nonsense about washing first?" He stroked the folds of her slit with his knuckles, rubbing them gently across her clit, watching as her hips lifted to maintain contact with his hand.

She shook her head firmly, "No Sir! Never! Just....oh baby....EAT ME!"

"My pleasure..." bending his head to her he took one lingering lick, separating her folds. "Mmmmmm....tangy! A little musky...but ALL pussy!"

Burying his face against her, mouth wide, he licked and sucked, nibbling her lips, sucking them before moving to the wet heat of her core. Pointed tongue darting in and out now he fucked her with his mouth, arms wrapped under her hips as she thrashed against his mouth, grinding herself against the burn of his whiskers and the steel of his teeth. Already sensitive from their exploits last night her pleasure was building fast.

"Don't stop. Yes baby! Soooo Good!"

He heard the steady litany, loving the sights and sounds of her pleasure - burying his face deeper against her - and the taste of her pleasure he thought. Stroking the pearl of her desire with his thumb he felt the first pulsing of her orgasm. Sliding two fingers inside her, rubbing along the roof of her vagina. As he stroked smoothly he turned his attention and focus to the throbbing bud at the top of her slit, alternately rubbing it smoothly and flicking with his tongue. She came again, the wet velvet sheath of her sex milking his fingers while her thighs locked on the side of his head. She bucked against him again and he nearly bit his tongue.

Sliding up and forward, her legs draped over his upper arms he teased her, keeping the head of his cock just between the lips of her cunt. Regardless of her struggles she was unable to force herself further onto his length. She was whimpering now, her clawed hands pulling at him.

"What do you want now, baby girl?"

"FUCK ME!!!"

The echoes of her scream bounced off the nearby trees and the far hills. He laughed out loud then -

"They probably heard THAT in town."

He slid forward another inch so that the head of his cock nestled just within the mouth of her pussy. Her hips seemed to have a life of their own as she trashed against him.

"Is this what you want?" he asked, teasing her by pressing forward half an inch, only to withdraw again.

Her legs still locked over his upper arms she was unable to use their powerful muscles to pull him into her, and her arms weren't quite long enough to get hold of his hips and pull him in that way. Her teeth were buried in her bottom lip nearly to the point of drawing blood and she was nodding frantically.

Finally acknowledging that the tease was torturing himself as much as it was her, he pushed home, burying himself to the hilt in her pulsing wet heat. Closing his eyes in relief at the pleasure they shared he moved against her once, feeling her immediately begin to spasm around him. The clasp of her inner muscles milking his length was exquisite. Groaning he leaned forward against her briefly, kissing her deeply. Pulling back and away he pulled almost entirely out of her, the cool morning air providing a delicious counterpoint to her heat. Locking eyes with her, he buried himself against her again, pounding hard, the wet slap of their bodies coming together clearly audible over the crackle of the fire and morning bird calls. Over and over he hammered against her, losing track of how many times she thrashed and came under him.

Her wide brown eyes now soft and unfocused, all of her attention narrowed to the central focus of her pleasure. No longer capable of rational thought only the knowledge that she had never come so often...so hard...never before this...that understanding pounded through her with every beat of her pulse and every smack of their bodies joining. Just then, feeling himself nearing the point of losing control, Max slid one hand between them, and one hand under her ass. Continuing to pound forward into her, feeling from the electric tingle and drawing sensation how close he was to cumming, he rubbed her swollen clitoris with his thumb, once - twice, and when she bucked against him, he slid the index finger of his other hand into the tight rosebud of her anus.

All of her muscles seized against him and it took all his strength to hold himself against her. Her heat seemed to increase from fever to volcanic level as he felt the first of his own emissions exploding out of him, feeling as though it was pulling his nuts inside out in the process. In one wild instant he thought, 'now I know where that saying comes from - getting your nut off'. But until he felt Alli begin wiggling, quickly escalating to giggles and eventual gales of laughter he had no idea he'd said the words aloud.

Pulling him down to wrap her arms around his neck she kissed him soundly, and with lips still pressed together she murmured, "I ADORE you! But I have to pee again so let me up and don't make me laugh again or I can't be held responsible..."

His eyes gleaming mischievously he pulled away just far enough to grin widely.

"Is that so?"

Pouncing on her he began to tickle all her most sensitive spots that were within his reach.

"You BASTARD!" she howled, pounding him on the chest with her fists while trying to push him away using the leverage of her legs.

"Am NOT! My parents were married when I was....ouch!!! SHIT!!! Geez, Alli, not so rough!"

Laughing nearly as hard now as she was he clutched her more tightly, dropping her legs, but he never stopped tickling her ribs and the fold of skin where her ass met the back of her leg. He was deflating but not as quickly as usual and still had enough of a semi to be able to stay buried, so he was aware nearly as quickly as she was when her overburdened bladder finally cut loose, flooding both of them, and the bedding under them with her hot pungent stream.

Quick as thought he grabbed the nearby towel to shove under them, hopefully catching the worst of it or they'd be sleeping cold for a few nights he thought. Then realized he was hard as steel inside her again. Alli, oblivious to his arousal, was mortified. Red with embarrassment she had buried her face under one arm. Pulling her arm down he kissed her nose and eyes, pulling her hand down to the site of their joined bodies.

"Alli, no...sweetie...it's okay. Feel this sweetheart?"

Wrapping her hand around his granite length he pulled back far enough that she could see the wetness curling his public hair was a mixture of their cum, liberally spattered with her yellow urine.

"Ohhh Max, I'm sorry!"

"Hush woman! Nothing to be sorry for if you can't tell."

He kissed her soundly, rubbing the head of his cock, up and down her wet slit, unable to tell from which source the wetness came. Following that contact he stroked her with his fingers, feeling the aftershock spasms of her orgasms still radiating through her.

"There IS just one little problem, though..." he said, arching his eyebrows and looking meaningfully at the edge of the woods.

She looked at him blankly so he continued, "I still haven't pissed and I REALLY have to go now, but I may need some help, because I'm still hard as a rock."

Giggling a little she asked, "Would it help if I turn on the faucet for you baby?"

"Don't be disrespectful woman!" He laughed down at her to take the sting from the words and make the joke apparent. "Actually, I WAS thinking it might help a little to get in the warm water, but I wondered if you wanted to share in the fun a little...maybe...I dunno, give me a target?"

He thought for a minute she was going to turn him down cold but she surprised him by thinking it over. Then, without saying anything she slid out from under him, striding to the edge of the hot springs and laying back on the cold ground. Legs spread wide, knees up, leaning back on her elbows she called back to him -

"How's this for a target, baby?"

Heart swelling with love for the woman, he thought briefly that nowhere else on earth was there a female so perfect for him.

"Beautiful!" he called, getting to his feet. Dick in hand he walked into the warm water, thigh deep, feeling the sharp contrast between air and water temperature beginning to act on him. Finally, with a head-rush that nearly made him dizzy he felt his bladder release, his stream arcing strongly away from him, golden in the clear morning sun. Holding himself and aiming carefully he began by spattering her feet, striding further out of the water once he began to realize his "range". Ending standing nearly between her feet he painted her with his stream, breasts and belly, finishing with a strong surge of hot pee directed against her open sex.

He wasn't entirely surprised to see a tremor run through her, as though she had another little climax, but he was a little surprised when she let down her urine again, peeing against the force of his stream against her.

"Wow! That was inten...," he started, pausing as he saw her getting to her feet - a fiery glint in her eyes. "Wha...?" He managed to get out before she tackled him, launching both of them back into the water her hand searching frantically between his legs. As he splashed, spluttering to the surface he was about to ask her 'what the fuck was the idea?' when he realized that was exactly her idea. Plastered against him, limpet tight, she settled onto his length, sighing in delight.

"That was so friggin' HOT baby!" she exclaimed.

Simultaneously he was saying, "I gather you didn't find that entirely offensive?"

They laughed together, even as his hands moved her on his cock. Nearly weightless in the water she clung to him, rocking her hips. Both already sensitive and stimulated, their loving this time was more leisurely. There was time for long passionate kisses, for tweaking the raspberry points of her nipples and stroking the cleft of her ass. Time for her to reach below and fondle his testicles, drawn up tight, hard and smooth against his groin even in the heat of the water.

There was, they both began to realize, all the time in the world....

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