tagMatureThink About Icebergs: That Weekend

Think About Icebergs: That Weekend


Allison Richards smiled as she woke to the feeling of her young lover stroking her softly, his warm fingers gently seeking out the wet core of her passion. In the weeks following his injury, caring for him while he healed, she'd grown used to no longer needing an alarm clock. Max woke her faithfully every morning, whether for quick kisses on his way to the shower before he left for work, or on those rare mornings like today when they both had the day off and all the time in the world ahead of them. She shifted to allow him easier access, purring as she felt the brush of his lips between her shoulder blades.

"Did you finally wake up?" he murmured against her back.

Stretching one long arm backward to draw him closer she smiled to herself again as she felt the stiffness of his shaft nestled between her buttocks.

"Have you and 'Little Max' been up a long time?" she chuckled.

"Long enough." he murmured between kisses along the side of her neck.

His fingers continued to stroke and fondle her, causing her to shift restlessly, simultaneously wanting to relax and enjoy the slow build of passion he was so capable of providing, and at the same time wanting to pull him directly into her heat. She settled for nestling closer to his chest, head tilted up for the light, tender kisses he feathered onto her eyelids and the bridge of her nose. She sighed happily, marvelling once again at the rare "magic" that had brought the two of them together, and that had turned instant attraction into growing affection and budding love. There were times when she wondered what the future might hold for them considering the vast age difference between them but always tried to keep her fears at bay, considering instead the relationships of people like Ashton and Demi - knowing that there were no "roadmaps" existent for such relationships - they would have to figure it out as they went along. For now though, the warmth of his fingers stroking her and the gentle suckling of his lips on a taut nipple was enough. Here she could relax the rigid self-control that she exercised in every other aspect of her life.

As his hands and lips continued to move on her body she could feel the heat and wetness building between her thighs, and when he finally moved to taste her she rose against him, back arching and crying out gladly as she came. Max was just warming up though. Rolling her over, face down on the bed he pulled her backwards until she was perched, belly-down, on the edge of the bed. Sliding onto the floor behind her he paused briefly, admiring the picture she made.

"Now THIS is what I call a room with a view", she heard him say before diving face-first into her pussy, spread open before him.

Licking and sucking he tongued her outer lips free of her accumulated nectar, tongue fucking her in search of more of the delicious nectar. Nose pressed against her he inhaled happily, loving the hot, musky smell of her arousal. Her open sex pulsed wetly in front of him, lips blushing increasingly darker colors of rose as her rut increased, a single drop of moisture clung to the nearly hidden pearl that he knew was the true center of her delight. Suckling it like a teat he heard the muffled cries of her pleasure and felt the wet spasm of her orgasm against his face. Unable to resist the need to bury himself in that wet heat any longer he rose, pulling her hips up with him, pausing only for one brief tonguing of the tight rosebud of her anus. He felt her spasm again at the sensation and he tucked the knowledge away for further investigation at a later date.

Stroking her cleft once or twice with his rigidly aching cock he rubbed the wetness over the head, reaching for her hips even as she stretched eager hands back, between her legs, to open herself and guide him in. Without thought he buried himself to the hilt in her, thinking briefly that steam ought to be rising from something as hot and wet as her cunt below him.

This was no longer the gentle, wakening that he had started with, she thought as she reared back against him, hearing the wet slap of their bodies coming together. Like the great elk, she thought....no....bears. From the color of his hair to the light fur of his chest, he was like a boar black bear - and she was his sow she thought happily, giving herself over to her rising passion.

"Weda'," was the cry that echoed through the room as she came again, muscles spasming tightly around Max's cock - pushing him past the breaking point so that with one last wordless cry of his own he surged against her, emptying his aching balls deep within her. Max collapsed onto his side, pulling her against him, his shaft still buried between her thighs, kissing her tenderly along one shoulder.

She began to chuckle happily, soon reaching the point where she was laughing helplessly, gasping for air. Max wasn't sure if he should feel insulted or not but her laughter was, as always, infectious. He felt his shrunken member slithering from inside her as he too began to chuckle, finally breaking down and asking -

"Are you going to share what's so funny, or just leave me 'in suspenders'?" he joked.

Pressing the heels of her hands against her eyes to stop her tears of laughter she explained -

"I was just wondering how many women would be grateful if their day started with getting a cup of coffee in bed?"

"Well, if you'd prefer coffee...."

Max began, when the sound of pounding feet, approaching outside the bedroom door stopped him. The door rattled on it's hinges with each knock from her son Clayton's heavy fist.

"Hey! You in there! Gonna sleep all day? Surf's UP for cryin' out loud!"

The solid "whap" of Alli's pillow hitting the door was clearly audible as she said, "The SUN is barely friggin' up, "Young Buck"! And ain't nobody SLEEPIN' in here anyway!"

Max shook his head, wondering if he would ever get used to having Clayton around on weekends and classbreaks. It wasn't just the fact of his presence - or the fact that Clayton, at 20 years old, was nearly his own age although several inches taller and pounds heavier - it was more the inexplicable nature of their relationship. For example, he couldn't even begin to conceive of having had the recent exchange with his own mother - but Clayton had gone pounding back down the hall, laughing loudly and saying something in a language Max assumed was Shoshone, and also assumed from the tone of Alli's response in the same language, had been anything but complimentary. But he had learned during the preceding weeks, as long as one or both were laughing, the likelihood of a serious disagreement was slight.

He continued to muse absently while making the bed, as Alli headed off to brush hair and teeth, that at least some of the reason for mother and son's close relationship was due to Alli's young age when she had the boy. Personally he couldn't really imagine being a father at this point in his life, although it would have been fun to watch Allison swell with a baby he'd planted in her. Sighing heavily for a moment with the realization that could never happen now - she'd been so young to have any further opportunities for children taken from her. He recalled bitterly the story she'd told him, soon after they'd met, when he wondered about the issue of birth control - or her failure to use a condom with him - she'd laughed and said, "Don't you remember, when you came in the E.R. and we took your blood - one of the tests we ran was a preliminary HIV screen."

As his eyes narrowed thoughtfully, remembering that day, she smiled and said -

"Baby, I knew YOU were negative before I ever laid an ungloved hand on you....and I also knew I couldn't GIVE you anything since I've always tested negative - and my exposure rate has been, shall we say, less than "spectacular"..."

"Ok", he said. "But what about..."

"Birth control?", she asked, and at his nod, continued -

"I was pregnant with Clayton, my son - near term - over seven months and big with him. His father was a drunk - like so many of the men, once they graduate from high school. There's no money to send them on to college and no grants unless their grades are good and they have strong recommendations from the Elders, among others. Can join the military", she shrugged, "but that doesn't suit most of them - they're young - they don't like being told what to do... Anyway, he got drunk one night - we'd been fighting and he tore me up pretty good to start with, but we were out on the back roads, nighttime - there was an accident - car was totaled. Clayton's dad died - Clayton almost did - he was born that night... I made it okay, but Max, I'll never have children again - if that's something you want..." she trailed off....

"Then I'd have picked a 20 year old woman to start with!" He said adamantly before taking her to bed and attempting once again to prove his love to her...

Alli emerged from the bathroom, skin rosy and glowing, fresh from her shower while Max was continuing to dally. Wrapping her arms around him from behind she hugged him close, enjoying his obvious pleasure at the skin-to-skin contact with her as he nestled his head back between her breasts. She could tell, for instance, from the way his penis was beginning to stir and fill, in his lap, that his mind was not entirely on surfing this morning, but when she asked if he wanted to stay home and "waste the day" he'd replied with a hearty "No WAY!" and a swat to her ass that left her tingling lustfully, as much as it smarted.

# # # # #

On arrival at the beach Max and Clayton had headed out for deeper water with their boards immediately, wanting to catch the last of some storm related 'snappers', while Allison headed straight for an open sunny spot, ostensibly to watch her men but mostly, Max knew, to lay back and enjoy the rays beating down on her. He still felt pretty stoked this morning, despite some dude yelling to tell them the news about Andy Irons passing, and he was enjoying that zen-like feeling when everything seems to come together.

He came back to himself some time later, muscles limp with exhaustion and an incipient headache from hunger and dehydration. As he headed to shore he thought, not for the first time, how strange it was to spend the morning surrounded by water and wind up dehydrated. Collapsing on the hot sand next to Alli he accepted the large bowl of mixed fruit salad, knowing now it was the best start to putting himself back together. Later, he hoped, there would be some of her fabulous curried chicken salad, made with fruit, and nuts. The taste was terrific but the balance of carbs and proteins seemed to provide him with a "second wind" of energy and stamina. Maybe she'd pull some potato salad or pasta salad out of the cooler too. He knew she loved to cook but didn't often have the time, or an appreciative "audience" for her endeavors. He also knew, he thought drowsily, whatever it was would be good. It was his last conscious thought for a while.

Brushing the hair back from his forehead, Alli smiled, thinking how very young he looked, when he relaxed in his sleep. She enjoyed watching him sleep for all that it sometimes made her feel like a cradle robber. She'd resisted his importunities to turn them into full-time, permanent room-mates, although he spent so much time at her place it seemed foolish to keep paying rent on his apartment as well. And she'd noticed that "magically" somehow, more and more of his clothes and possessions seemed to be showing up among hers. She knew it was, quite simply, fear, that kept her from saying yes to his pleading.

Continuing to watch the waves stroke the shoreline, while keeping one hand on Max's chest - to maintain body contact, and because truth be told, she enjoyed feeling the soft rise and fall of his sleeping breath as much as he did hers. It wasn't by accident when they fell asleep at night, comma-curled around each other, that he frequently wrapped an arm around her, cupping her nearer tit warmly throughout the night. She let her mind drift with the waves - reminding herself what her life was like before Max arrived on the scene. It had felt full enough, busy enough - but looking back with a pang, she knew now it had been increasingly empty with Clayton away at school much of the time. She contemplated the years ahead - knowing Max knew how she felt about the subject of marriage, and that he'd never ask her, but understanding at the same time how deeply he desired a commitment with her. She knew that ultimately she would have to face the choice of making a full commitment to Max and a relationship...a lifetime with him - or she would have to walk away....

Wiping a surreptitious tear she realized she couldn't do it - couldn't walk away. He'd become too much a part of her life and her thoughts - and glancing down at his sleeping form again she admitted to herself, for better or worse, she loved him. The passion they shared was a wonderful reflection of that love....she smiled ruefully, that mutual love. Pulling her knees to her chin she stared out to sea thoughtfully until Max woke....

# # # # #

Later, after Max woke and ate she had surprised him by asking him to take her out with him for the next set. Startled, Clayton had choked down a mouthful of food before asking -

"What am I, chopped liver? You never asked me to take you out surfing? Don't you trust me to take care of you Ma?"

"Dude!" Max's eyes sparkled and danced, "You don't HONESTLY mean to tell me you think she wants to go out to learn to surf do you?"

He had to pound on Allison's back for several minutes while she tried to cough up the food she'd aspirated - trying to swallow and laugh at the same time. Tears streamed freely down her cheeks while Clayton stood poised to run for the nearest lifeguard if the situation didn't improve. Finally she was able to freely inhale and both men were astonished by her hoots of laughter. Grabbing Max by the ears, she pulled his face close enough to kiss, saying -

"Lord, I love you Max!" Laughing again at the startled delight in his eyes, she continued, "You know me so friggin' well! And you still love me! Go figure!"

He was still grinning as they paddled out to sea. Alli was belly-down, forward on the board, while Max knelt behind her, nestled between her thighs, his more powerful arm and shoulder muscles driving them forward while she tried to help, but mostly trying to stay out of his way. Occasionally as he bent forward she could feel the featherweight of his kiss just above the edge of her suit on her spine and she could feel the waves of contentment radiating from him.

When they reached a distance from the shore that Max thought might offer them some measure of privacy, versus the crowd of surfers and their groupies on the beach, he deftly turned the board, sitting back on his heels and admiring the rise and slope of Alli's ass in front of him. He'd been half-erect just paddling out, the warm smell of her sex rising around him like incense. He bent to her again, nuzzling her backside and inhaling deeply and happily. She tried to turn toward him but the board tipped, threatening to dump both of them into the water, and smiling to himself again he told her -

"Sweetie, you're just going to have to hold on and lie still for now so you don't swamp us."

Thinking to himself that he was never going to have a more perfect opportunity to check some things out, he peeled her suit to one side, revealing not only the closely folded furls of her cunt, but also the sweet, compelling rosebud of her anus. Wetting his fingers in the seawater he stroked her gently, front to back, loving the sounds of arousal she began making as the lips of her cunt began to swell and moisten under his touch. The board took several sudden dips as she tried again to shift her weight and he reminded her again -

"Just lie still Allison, let me do all the work this time."

Stroking her more firmly, he slid two fingers just into the mouth of her vagina. She was already hot and wet and he wished for a moment that the circumstances would allow him to eat her out - she had the sweetest cunt and she was so responsive to him. He loved the taste of her and he loved the way she would grind herself against his mouth and face as her excitement built, and the spasming of her muscles as she climaxed - tightening around his cock, fingers or tongue in involuntary seizures. As if his thoughts had caused it, he felt the onset of her first orgasm and renewed his efforts stroking firmly against the roof of her channel with index and middle finger while his thumb rubbed firmly against her clit.

She was trying so hard to remain still on the board but the urge to thrust against Max's hand was becoming maddeningly imperative. Just when she thought they would have to wind up in the water because she needed to buck and writhe and maybe even scream....just as she thought she was going to lose her mind, Max bent forward and glued his lips around her anus, his pointed tongue piercing her to the core. She did scream then as she came, she thought later, but fortunately her only movement was to levitate straight up against his mouth, so although the board dipped sharply again they remained balanced on top.

She stilled again as his lips continued to tease and torment her, with the added torment of the teasing of his fingertips, pressing against her anus as well. She gasped when Max slid the first finger completely into her. He stilled and asked if it hurt, if she wanted him to stop but she shook her head forcefully -

"NO! Don't stop..."

He was hard as a rock and throbbing now. Good thing he'd left his wetsuit in the car this time he thought - probably would've broken his dick in half - he grinned to himself and slid the second finger into her ass - the other hand, fingers in her cunt and thumb on her throbbing clit were providing stability now for the fingers driving into her ass. He feathered his thumb against her clit once, and again and winced from the speed of her orgasm and the tightness of the muscles clamping around his fingers.

Sliding forward now, balancing carefully still he slid his trunks down far enough to allow him to ease his penis up and out. He was oozing pre-cum and using the cum-wet fingers he'd had inside Alli, he smeared the moisture around the head, praying it would be enough. Sliding the head into her he paused briefly to allow both of them time to adapt - Alli to stretch and him because she was quite snug. In response to his whispered question of whether or not she was okay and wanted him to continue she nodded vigorously again and he slid forward, deeper into her, allowing the motion of the waves to rock them together now.

The clamp of her anal ring milking him, the motion of the waves, and the knowledge that they were not, in fact, entirely alone or out of sight of others if anyone wanted to observe them was helping to send him over the edge very quickly but he wanted Alli to enjoy herself too. He was puzzling over how to reach for her clit again, now that they needed the extra stability and balance when he heard her moaning hiss. The rising sound was a sure indication of her level of arousal and as he inched forward, rocking a little deeper insider her he felt the first tremors of her orgasm in the muscles around him. As the hot, wet velvet tunnel of her ass tightened around him, he heard her say -

"Cum inside me Max. Fill me up baby....Cum with me nnnnnnoooooowwwww!!!"

And he did, cutting loose and pumping her ass full of thick jets of his cum.

# # # # #

Later that evening, in the shower, letting the hot soapy water run down her back and ease the ache in her ass, she let Max soap and rinse her - delighting both in the attention and in the thoughtful care he gave her. Parting her legs to allow Max to "check and make sure all the soap was rinsed off" she had one hand on the shower door for balance, the other on the back of his head, pressing him closer to her groin as he licked and suckled her sex.

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