tagLoving WivesThis Is What Friends Are For

This Is What Friends Are For


Dave and I had been friends for the past ten years. I got to know him from the office, and our friendship then carried over into our personal lives. Dave went through a rough stretch about a year ago when he got divorced. He caught his wife of nearly ten years cheating on him. It left Dave devastated beyond belief. He never seen it coming and my wife Jen and I were the only ones there for him. Jen felt sorry for him and always thought the world of Dave. She had met him a number of times in the past at work functions, and the two of them had become close friends.

Dave was several years younger than Jen and I, and at 36 he still was very much a ladies man. He had that charisma about him that the ladies loved. He was good looking, extremely fit and very funny. He had a good heart and I could count on him when in need. He loved working out, and especially loved riding his bike. The two of us spent many weekends going on twenty mile excursions together.

Since his divorce, Dave and I spent a lot of time together. When we weren't off biking or golfing he would come over for dinner or to just watch a big game. Over the past few months I began to notice Jen flirting more with him. Jen and I had been happily married for more than twenty years. At 5'5 and around 140 pounds Jen had the kind of body that most men desire. Her tits are nice size and her ass is beautifully curved. I had been her only partner in life, and after being married for so many years I thought it would do her some good to show off once in a while. Dave also loved the attention that Jen showed him. It was always in good fun, and the three of us always had a good time together.

I always knew Dave had a thing for older women. He talked about it all the time at work, and he admitted to me that his sex life with his ex-wife wasn't all that great. He told me that she complained that his cock was too big, and that it hurt when having sex with him. I met his wife a number of times in the past, and I could see why she might not like a big cock. She was good looking, but very much on the petite side. She had small breasts and a small tight butt. I could see why Dave who was over six foot might be a problem for her when having sex.

I told him that my wife Jen would love the opportunity to have a big cock. She rants about it all the time and we role play it out several times in the bedroom. He told me I was a lucky guy to have someone like her, and that he hopes one day he can find happiness like me. Dave then began to ask more questions of Jen. He wanted to know how we met, and if she was this hot when we first met. I told him she was, and that we had sex soon after we met. I told him she looks just as good today if not better than when we first met.

As the months passed Jen and Dave continued to stay close to one another. Their friendship seemed harmless enough, and the fact that the two of them were grown adults didn't bother me. Dave and I talked a lot about sex, and he seemed to be ready to get out there again with the ladies. One day I mentioned how my own sex life had changed over the past year. We used to do it a lot, but now we were lucky to be doing it once or twice a month. I didn't know if it was because we had been too complacent in the bedroom, or if things kept getting in the way. Dave told me not to worry and that he hadn't been with a woman since his divorce. He said with working and trying to get over the divorce there really was no time on meeting anyone.

Dave and I had planned a long bike ride for that coming weekend. I got up early that Saturday, and Dave and I took off around six in the morning. We rode for a good five hours before grabbing a bite to eat. We then decided to go back to my house and chill out the rest of the afternoon. When we got back to the house Jen asked, "How did it go?"

"It was brutal! We need to get into better shape!" Dave laughed out.

"I am the one who needs to get into better shape. Dave had to slow down several times for me so I could catch up," I replied.

"Well, why don't you two rest up and I will make us a nice supper tonight," Jen responded.

That sounded good and Dave and I spent all afternoon out on my new deck enjoying the day. Jen made a few trips out, and I noticed her showing off a few times for Dave. She wore a tight pair of jeans along with an open buttoned up top that showed off her beautiful cleavage. Her tits are fantastic, and I noticed Dave glancing at them as she bent over.

Jen is a great cook, and she made us a delicious meal that night. Afterwards Dave, Jen, and I hung out down in our finished basement. I had opened a bottle of wine and the three of us sat there chatting about Dave's divorce. We had been about thirty minutes into our discussion when the talk suddenly turned to sex. Dave told Jen about how his ex-wife thought his cock was way too big for her, and that sex with him wasn't very good. He blamed that for her cheating on him and there sequent divorce.

Jen replied, "Wow, I didn't know! I am so sorry to hear that. I can't believe she doesn't like big cocks. I can tell you that I like to have a big cock!"

Dave sat there a bit embarrassed, and the three of us laughed out loudly for the next few minutes. It must had been the alcohol that made my wife so giddy, and I couldn't believe she blurted something like that out in front of Dave. A short time later Jen brought up the idea of playing a game of pool with Dave. I sat and watched from the bar, and the two of them walked over toward the pool table. Jen can play some, but she really isn't that good at playing. Her and Dave played several games, and I watched Jen flaunt her tits at Dave any chance she got. I had no problem with her showing off for him, and I felt a huge amount of arousal come over me. I watched as she bent slightly over onto the table as Dave stood on the other side. Dave couldn't but help look inside my wife's partly open shirt. Her bra was quite visible and Dave took notice of it.

She also bent over in in front of him in another game. I could see Dave's eyes tune in on her beautiful ass as she went to take a shot. She looked extremely hot leaning over the table angling for her shot, and I could see Dave's emotions stir inside him. I wouldn't blame him at all for not wanting to go over to her and ripping down her jeans and fucking her senseless across the pool table.

They played for a good hour and I began to zonk out at the bar. I am usually in bed before ten and with getting up early and riding a bike for five hours I had no energy left in me. I was ready for bed.

"I don't know about you guys, but I am ready to call it a night," I said a short time later.

"That's alright honey! Dave and I are going to play a few more games of pool. I will up to bed in a little bit," Jen replied.

"Ok!" I said as I headed up the flight of stairs.

I made my way up two flights of steps to our bedroom. I did a few things first and then climbed into bed. It was then I discovered I left my cell phone downstairs in the basement. I was frustrated, and I began to retrace my steps back downstairs to the basement. I had just reached the top of the basement steps when I heard my wife and Dave whispering out to one another. I couldn't pick up what was being said, so I quietly made my way half way down the steps.

There was a small opening half way down by the hand rail where I could see fully down into the basement. I peeked through the opening to see my wife Jen kissing Dave. I instantly froze and sat there on the steps dumbfounded. I didn't know how to react, and I sat there for a good minute in a subdue trance. I sat there waiting to see what happens next.

I watched as Jen ran her hand across the front of Dave's pants. She felt his cock expand, and she looked up toward him with a huge smile. Dave didn't know how to react to Jen's advances initially, and he stood there as she began to undo his pants. She slowly lowered them and got down onto her knees in front of him. She looked up at him and slid down his boxers exposing his big lovely cock. His cock was every bit of nine inches, and my wife wrapped her hand around the shaft of it and began to stroke gently on it.

"Oh my! Your cock is so big!" my wife said to him a few seconds later.

She began to stroke a bit harder on it, and a few seconds later she wrapped her mouth around the head of it. My wife loves to suck my smaller cock, but Dave's cock was in a league of its own. She worked over Dave's cock for several minutes with her mouth. She gave each of his balls a thorough cleansing, and her hands groped tightly at his butt. She then got back up and began to kiss him once again. A few minutes later Dave began to work open the front of Jen's shirt. Her shirt was wide open and he unhooked her bra a few seconds later. Her lovely tits were now exposed, and Dave ran his hands over each of them with great excitement. He had talked in the past how he loved to be with a woman with big tits, and now Dave was experiencing his ultimate fantasy.

His hands fondle Jen's tits for a good few minutes, while she gave him a deep penetrating kiss. I thought this would be the time to barge in on them, but the thrill of seeing the two of them together had my cock bursting with excitement.

I had mix emotions watching the two of them continue to make out like they were teenagers again. Dave then removed his shirt, while Jen stood there with only her jeans on. He then ran his hand down into the front of Jen's jeans. Her body suddenly jolted, and she felt Dave's finger glide across her aroused clit. I could see Jen was extremely aroused, and once she gets going there is no stopping her.

A few minutes had passed when Jen spun around. She placed her hands down onto the pool table, and bent her ass back towards him. I heard Dave mumble out, "What about..."

"Don't worry about him, he is already asleep. He won't be able to hear us down here in the basement," Jen replied.

My wife bent over even more and Dave got down onto his knees behind her. He slowly worked down her tight jeans over the cheeks of her nicely curved ass. He then grabbed her panties and slid them down to the floor. Dave hadn't been with a woman in a long time, and he began to adore my wife's lovely ass with his tongue. He kissed it all over and ran his hands gently across it as Jen began to let out several soft moans. He told Jen how great her ass was and a few minutes later got up and said, Oh god I want to fuck you so badly!"

My cock was throbbing even harder now, and Dave positioned himself back behind her ass.

"Oh god Dave! I need your big cock inside me!" Jen quietly cried out.

I hadn't see Jen this anxious for sex in a long time, and Dave moved his large erection up against my wife's butt. Seconds later Dave pushed several inches of his cock deeply into her from behind. She let out a muzzled cry, and she held tightly onto the pool table with both hands. He fucked her with long even strokes and Jen loved every second of it.

Jen began to cry out, "Oh god! Oh god!"

She loved the way Dave was fucking her with his big cock and she cried out minutes later, "Give it to me Dave! Harder!"

Dave then began to pound her hard from behind. The sound of his big balls banging against my wife's ass filled the small basement room. A few minutes later Jen cried out into a very powerful orgasm. It shook her body hard like never before, and I hadn't seen her cum like that in years. A short time later Jen turned around and sat up on the rails of the table. Dave moved in between her legs and pulled them wide part as he plunged his big cock back into her. She held tightly onto the back of his ass and begged him to fuck her hard.

Several minutes had passed and Jen was ready to orgasm again. Her body now laid flat on the pool table, and Dave gave it to her good and hard.

Seconds later Jen let out a hollowing cry, and her body shook uncontrollable hard on the table. Her orgasm was so powerful that it rip through her like a tidal wave leaving her speechless. I had never seen her experience an orgasm like that ever before.

I couldn't believe what I had just watched, but it was about to get even better. A short time later Dave was on the verge of cumming. Jen cried out to him, "I want you to cum all over me!"

Then just seconds later Dave's cock began to erupt. He pulled his cock out of Jen at the last possible moment and began to shoot several streams of cum all over her tits. My cock was about to go off at that exact moment, and I couldn't believe how much cum Dave had deposited all over her tits.

I thought they were done at that point, but Dave's cock still remained in a semi hard state. Jen then got down on her knees in front of him a few minutes later. She began to take his cock into her mouth once again, and sucked it hard in no time. Dave enjoyed every second of it as my wife had her lips wrapped tightly around the shaft of his cock.

Several minutes had passed, and Dave moved onto his back on the floor. Jen lowered herself down onto the shaft of his big cock. She rode Dave hard for several minutes, and I watched as her lovely tits bounced up and down at a frantic pace. She was close to another orgasm when Dave pulled her body down against his. He held tightly onto the back of Jen's ass and pounded his cock hard up into her, and soon afterwards Jen cried out into another mind blowing orgasm.

A short while later, Dave had my wife get onto all fours. He got in behind her gorgeous round ass, and pushed his cock back into her. He grabbed each of her arms and pulled her lovely body back against his. She felt every inch of his big cock being forced into her aroused pussy, and I heard her cry out, "Oh fuck me! Fuck me Dave!"

A few minutes later she once again screamed out into an earth shattering orgasm that rocked her body like an explosion. Her face was plastered against the rug, and her arms were stretched out on the floor. The only thing left in the air was her adorable ass, and Dave pounded it with his huge cock. He fucked Jen hard from behind for several minutes and his body began to tighten up. He moaned out that was going to cum, and he gave Jen several hard thrust with his cock.

She cried out, "Give it to me! Harder! Harder! You are going to make me cum!"

Then a few seconds later Dave grunted out loudly that he was cumming. He began to cum hard inside Jen's pussy, and she began to cry out into another very intense orgasm with him. I was in shocked that he came inside her, but with the sexual tension between the two of them I shouldn't had been all that surprised.

"Oh god Dave that was so good," Jen cried out a few seconds later as she turned and looked back towards Dave's face. She was exhausted and her body now laid flat against the floor.

I quickly got up and made my way back upstairs. I climbed into bed with a huge hard on, and waited for Jen to come up to our bedroom. I pretended to be asleep when Jen came upstairs ten minutes later. I should had been angry, but I felt the complete opposite. I was extremely turned on, and when Jen got undress and climbed into our bed I was all over her. I began to suck hard on each of her beautiful tits that Dave had just cum all over a little earlier, and my tongue made its way down over her lovely body.

I had just reached the top of her aroused pussy. I smelt the aroma of Dave's cum, and that only turned me that much more. I couldn't control myself, and my tongue now darted in between my wife's closed legs. Her legs opened slowly, and she began to moan out seconds later as she felt my tongue glide across her swollen clit. A few minutes later she no longer could take it, and she open her legs wide apart for me. My tongue now began to taste the pleasures of the two of them. I sucked hard on my wife's pussy, and she began to cry out seconds later, "Don't stop! You are going to make cum!"

I gave all I had, and my tongue began to race in and out of her just fucked pussy. A few minutes had passed and my wife was on the verge of cumming. She placed her hands on the back of my head and pulled it tightly against her. I felt her legs tighten up around my neck, and she began to scream out into a very intense orgasm seconds later. I hadn't gotten her off like this in years, and her body trembled hard for the next few minutes on the bed.

I explained to her that I had seen everything between her and Dave. She instantly tried to apologize, but I cut her off and told her I was ok with it. I understood why she did it and I told her how turned on I was watching them. Jen then slid down and began to suck on my aroused cock. My wife hadn't sucked my cock in months, and before I knew it I began to explode inside her mouth. She had never let me cum in her mouth ever before, and I watched as cum slithered from the corners of her mouth back down the shaft of my cock.

She couldn't believe I took it so well, and couldn't explain what had come over her. The thought of being fucked by Dave's huge cock had overwhelmed her to a point that she had lost all control. She told me that this was the first time that she had ever done anything remotely like this.

"Would you like to fuck him again?" I asked.

"I don't know? Maybe? I don't know?" she nervously replied.

I kept it to myself and I didn't tell Dave that I knew what had happened the following week. I couldn't really blame him for what he had done. I would had done the same thing if the tables were reversed. I could see a difference in him after that night, and maybe this was what he needed to go forward with his life. In the mean time I thought about having him over once again for some more fun.

I asked Jen a few days later if she would be open to the idea of entertaining once Dave again. Her eyes lit up and she said to me, "Would you be ok with that?"

"Yeah! You can entertain the both of us!" I replied.

"Alright!" she replied.

The next day at lunch I mentioned to Dave that I knew what had happened at my house with Jen. I told him the story how I watched the two of them fuck one another for a good hour.

"I am so sorry! It shouldn't had happened!" he blurted out.

"Hold on Dave! Slow down!" I said.

"Jen and I talked it over and everything is ok. We talked about the three of us getting together again this coming weekend. Would you be interested? I asked.

Dave was extremely confused, and he didn't know if I was joking or not. He thought about for a few seconds before he said, "Are you joking?"

"No! I am not joking! I am serious." I replied.

"Heck yeah! I would love to be with Jen again. She has a fantastic body and I would be a complete fool not to say yes. The big question is are you alright with it? I don't want to ruin your marriage or our friendship." Dave replied.

"I am ok with it! It was a huge turn to watch the two of you together. It has given us a new lease to life in the bedroom. Why don't you come over Saturday night for dinner and we can go from there," I then said.

That following Saturday the three of us got together at our place. Jen made us all another outstanding dinner. She flirted with Dave most of the evening and after dinner we retreated down into my man cave. I sprung for a good bottle of wine this time around, and we all sat at the bar chatting about different things. Jen was extremely aroused, and I could see she was a bit nervous sitting there. It was a bit different this time around, and we found ourselves in unchartered waters. It took two bottles of wine and thirty minutes for the three of us to feel comfortable with one another. It was then that I surprised Jen with a special gift.

"What's this?" she asked.

"Open it!" I said.

She open the box and pull out something special for the night. I bought her a new sexy outfit just for this special occasion.

"Wow! You want me to wear this? It doesn't leave much to the imagination," she said.

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