tagFetishThis is Whose Fantasy?

This is Whose Fantasy?


If this was a dream, I didn't want it to end. There just inside the open doorway stood my wife of twenty-two years, wearing only a black lace bustier, crotchless black panties, and black mesh stockings finishing in black 'fuck-me' high heels. Next to her stood her friend from work, Kiesha, who if anything looked even better. A tall, light-skinned African-American probably ten years younger than my wife, she was wearing nothing but sheer white bra and panties, making her skin look deliciously inviting. When they pulled me into the house, believe me I didn't fight back.

When Rebecca had called me a half hour ago, she had told me the TV at Kiesha's house was having some problems, and since her husband Steve was out of town, she wondered if I could take a look at it. I was somewhat pissed about this, as Kiesha was my wife's friend and I had very little to do with her or Steve except for seeing them at company gatherings. As the ladies pulled me through the house, though, I was very glad I came. It appeared that Steve really wasn't around, at that I was about to live one of my fantasies.

Once we got to the bedroom, Rebecca and Keisha started to strip off my clothes, forbidding me to help them. As everything came off, I thought about how lucky I was to have a wife like Becs. She knew I fancied Keisha and here she was setting it up for me. I laughed to myself as I pictured Steve's frustration. I knew he had a thing for my wife, but she always called him "a big dick" and was always sort of rude to him whenever I was around. Now here I was, about to sample his wife while he was out of town. I knew I'd be laughing at him inside whenever I bumped into him from now on.

When they finished stripping me, they pushed me into an office chair by the edge of the bed. I began to wonder where things were headed when they put a blindfold on me, but I was still turned on. My dick wasn't hard (I'd have taken Viagra if I had known what I was getting into when I came here) but I was excited as hell. When I felt them put plastic tie-straps on my arms and legs, and fasten me to the chair, however, I began to wonder just where this was headed.

"What's going on, honey? I promise to sit still if you two just want to put on a show for me. There's no need to tie me up." There was no response other than giggling from the two women. After they were finished making sure I was completely helpless and blind, the two of them stood away from me and laughed even harder.

"OK, he's all yours, Keisha," I heard my wife say. "Be sure to leave me something for when I get back." I felt her lips against mine as she gave me a quick kiss. "Now be a good boy tonight. I'm going to be taking your car, but Keisha promises to deliver you after she through. Have fun you two."

I was suddenly nervous about be alone with a beautiful woman. "Wait a minute! Where are you going?" I pictured how my wife was dressed. "You're not driving dressed like you were when I came in, are you?"

"My, aren't you the nervous one! You're not scared of being naked with a woman who's not me, are you? I know it has been a long time, but you've got to handle it like a man." A hand, presumably hers, gave my cock a tug. "And don't worry about how I'm dressed. It's perfect for what I have planned the rest the night. I'll see you in a couple of hours, darling. I'd tell you to save some energy for me, but I don't think that will be your choice. Now goodnight, you two."

The bedroom door closed behind her, leaving us alone. Without a word, I felt Keisha rubbing my shoulders. Then she wrapped her arms around me, and lowered her face near my ear. "Rebecca's told me how much I turn you on. Am I turning you on now?" I mumbled "Oh, yes!" "Good, I want you real turned on tonight. Tonight will be a night of sex liked you've never had before." I groaned. "I can promise you that."

She spent the next fifteen minutes teasing me, playing my body like a violin, but always avoiding my dick. She had me hard and kept me hard as she talked about how she planned to use me all night. I couldn't wait for the teasing to stop, but I also wanted it to continue. Suddenly, the eroticism was interrupted by the ringing of a cell phone. I heard her answer "Ready? Okay, we're coming out in about two minutes." "What was that about," I asked?

You'll see . . . oops," she giggled at her mistake. "I mean, you'll find out very soon." A sensation of cold swept across my crotch. "HOOOO! What the hell! . ." She was pressing something like an icepack against my cock and balls. Not being restricted like I was, they were quickly heading northward for warmer climates. "What are you doing, Keisha?"

"Just putting on the finishing touches, Gary." She pulled the pack away. I heard another giggle. "There, that looks just perfect. Now pick your feet up. I've got to wheel you out to the living room." A feeling of trepidation started to come over me, but I complied. She opened the door and began to push me down the hall. I could hear low voices and laughter; we clearly were not alone in the house. Apparently, when Steve was gone, Keisha was not above partying a little.

"Here he is, everyone, the night's entertainment!" The laughter swelled over me. "Amidst the amusement, I heard comments like "Look at how small it is" and "That would embarrass a hobbit," making my cock retreat even further like a tortoise into its shell. This night was not going to be one I had ever fantasized about.

"All right, Gary, you're here so everyone can watch you jerk off. Your wife says you love playing with yourself, so we thought you like a chance to do it with an audience."

"You can't be fucking serious, Keisha!"

"Watch your language, Gary. I know you have to take my word for it, but there are ladies here." I heard what sounded like several voices in concurrence. "As well as several men." More voices. "They were all promised a show, and you are going to provide it." This was crazy! How had my wife ever done this to me?

"Hell, it won't be much of a show with that little pecker," a male voice interjected. "Christ, it's hiding in his damn pubic hair!" Lots of agreement and laughter, then someone opined, "Let's get rid of the hair!"

"What a great idea!" Keisha rejoined. "I'm sure Rebecca won't mind."

"Well, I mind, damn it! You're not going to shave my pubic hair."

"Oh, yes we are! Why don't you two help me? The rest of you have fun until we're back. He'll look even cuter, I promise."

There wasn't much I could do. With the help of two women, they pushed and pulled me back down the hall to the master bathroom. If I tried to struggle too much, one of them would not so gently remind me of my predicament by grabbing my balls and giving them a squeeze. Once they started shaving, I stopped moving, not wanting to take any chances. They were having so much fun, they shaved off all my hair from my neck down, including my underarm hair. It probably took a half an hour, and all the while the three of them kept telling me how much better I looked. "You look so much younger, prepubescent even" one of them said. Before they wheeled me out, Keisha applied the ice pack again ('it helps make you look younger too', they agreed). Before we left the bedroom, the women began to whisper to each other. Then they cut the plastic ties around my feet. I felt them slip something over my legs, and begin to pull them upwards, making me raise my ass so they could slide them all the way up. It was clear they had put women's panties on me, and as they adjusted them for me, it was also clear they were crotchless. One of the voices said, "They look better on him then on me!"

They wheeled me down the hall to the greetings of catcalls and hootings. "Looks like a clit now!" "Let's see him try to make it bigger, let alone make it shoot!" Clapping began as Keisha stood behind me and whispered, "Okay, Gary. Showtime. Guess what your lovely wife is doing right now?" I didn't know, but a big part of me was hoping she wasn't witnessing this. I felt a hand, which I assumed to belong to Keisha, rubbing oil on my cock. "She's with two men right now, and I can tell you what they're doing to her." What was she talking about? Rebecca had never cheated on me. Had she? "Do you want to know? If so, put your hand on your little weinie and try to make it bigger for the audience." The crowd was still clapping and hollering. Despite the humiliating circumstances, I couldn't help myself. I started to play with my dick as Keisha continued to describe what my wife—my wife!—was doing with two strange men. "I'll bet she's loving having two big cocks to play with, don't you? Nice and hard and ready to please her. Can't you just see the first cock stretching out her pussy, going places yours has never reached? As it fucks her, she's sucking another one, getting it ready to fill her up after the first one shoots his seed into her." Damn, I could picture it! I had never thought about it before, but the idea of my wife being pleasured by two studs was turning me on. I forgot everything else, and began to stroke my cock for all I was worth. When Keisha describe Becs being double-penetrated, I shot off like a volcano, to a round of cheers and jeers.

Keisha whispered in my ear, "That's a good boy, you were perfect. Time for you reward." She scraped my cum off my belly and rubbed it all over my lips, forcing her fingers into my mouth. "Does your cum taste good, Gary?" Some of the people were still cheering, while others were complaining that the show was over too fast. "Sorry", Keisha responded, "but his wife tells me he's only good for one show per night. Which is why she's not with us this evening." This brought roars of laughter. As it died down, I could make out some discussion going on, but it was too quiet to make out. After a few minutes I heard a male voice say, "Hell, I'll do it! A mouth's a mouth, right." The same male voice said, much closer to me this time, "Open up, Gary. Everyone wants to see if you're a cocksucker as well as a jerk-off!"

It was Steve! He was here, and now he expected me to give him a blowjob. No way! "Fuck you, Steve. I know it's you. Just because you can't get my wife to give you the time of day doesn't mean I'm going anywhere near your dick. Why don't you jerk off for the crowd, show them what a jerkoff you are." This got a big laugh from everyone watching. It felt good to score a little payback.

"Big talk from a little man getting littler all the time. I think you'll be begging me to let you suck me off, 'cause some of the women here have been wanting to see you take it up the ass." Holy shit, an ass fucking! It didn't even feel good the time Becs had put a finger in there, much less something the size of a cock! And in front of a room full of witnesses! Anything but that. "That seems a little too faggoty to me, but if you insist, I'll drive this dick up your backside with no lube at all." There were yells, mostly female of "do it!" "So what do you say, guys? Want to get this guy up for me, and bend him over this ottoman?" I felt a couple of hands on my arms.

"No, no! I'd rather give you a blowjob than that."

"Now how is that supposed to make me feel, Gary? That doesn't sound as if you really like me at all. Come on, make me believe you want to suck me off. Otherwise, I'm kind of thinking a little butt-fucking might feel pretty good right now."

"Let me suck you cock, Steve." No response. I swallowed and continued. "Please, I really want it." Silence. "I'm begging to suck your big black cock. I've dreamed about having it in my mouth since I met you. Give me that black snake."

"Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a cocksucker here." Laughter and cheers. "Here it is, faggot. Make sure you tell Rebecca how good it is." He fed it into my mouth, and I struggled to take it between my lips. It was impossibly wide, and I struggled to get past the head for a minute or so, but he took no mercy on me. He literally face fucked me for ten minutes before he told the crowd he was getting ready to cum, and asking them whether they wanted "swallow or facial". "Facial" was the overwhelming response, so moments later he pulled out of my mouth and sent a flood of cum into my face. There was applause and a few comments on the impressive amount, but I was just thankful I was done. Or so I thought.

Three more guys wanted blowjobs, two of them at the same time. I had to take care of them before I was released. Two made me swallow while the last one came on my face again. Only then did they let me out of the chair and take me, still blindfolded and hands tied, out of the house, with unknown voice thanking me for an unforgettable night and unseen hands playing with my shriveled dick and ass. They didn't even let me dress as I was escorted to the back seat of a car to be driven home by Keisha and another female whose voice I didn't recognize.

The ride itself was an adventure, with the girls laughing the whole time with the windows rolled down, trying to get the attention of everyone we drove by. I have no idea how many people we passed or what they could see, but Keisha and her friend made it seem as if dozens of people had witnessed my predicament. They were no doubt exaggerating to increase my humiliation; nonetheless, I was happy when I felt the car stop at what I assumed was front of my house. The women helped me out and led me up the walkway to the front door and let themselves in (somehow they had a key, so I figured this was all planned well in advance). They led me through the house to our bedroom, where they helped me go to the bathroom. This would have been humiliating all by itself, having two women handle my prick as I peed, then shake it off for me, but after tonight I was too far gone to worry about it. Immediately afterwards, they led me to the bed and tide me down face up with some plastic ties and what they said were some of my ties from my closet.

"Rebecca will be home soon," Keisha assured me. "I called to tell her the first part of your fantasy night was over, and that you'd be here waiting for her. She sounded disappointed; I think she was hoping for more time to complete her part, but I don't think she wants you to be tied up for too long. Enjoy the rest of the night, Gary." I had nothing to say because something she had said struck me as odd. What was it? I heard the other woman whispering something to Keisha while I thought. Keisha exploded with laughter. "That's a great fucking idea! I've got the perfect thing for it!"

In a few moments, I felt Keisha writing something on my stomach amidst much giggling and whispering. She also wrote on my chest and on my legs. "Now just a couple of pictures, and that will be that. Oh, wait 'til the others see this! Great idea! Bye bye, Gary. I hope we've made this a night to remember for you!" I was left alone.

I'm not sure how long it was before my wife got home, probably not more than 20 minutes, but it seemed like much longer. In the silence, I was able to recall what Keisha had said that bothered me. She had said "your fantasy night". Was to this supposed to be for me? What kind of idiot would think this is the kind of fantasy I had? Fucking Keisha in the ass, yes! Sucking off her husband in front of strangers, no! I could only imagine she was teasing in some way, but I would have to ask Becs when she arrived.

I heard the front door open, and her heels walking down the hall. I was ready to be rescued, but I wasn't ready for the gails of laughter that erupted from her as soon as I heard the bedroom door swing open. It sounded as if she were watching the best of Robin Williams. It was a full five minutes before she responded to my repeated requested that she untie me. And the response she gave was not what I expected.

"I'm sorry, Gary, for laughing so much, but you really are something to see. Wow, you must have had some night tonight. Keisha told me you had a great time jerking off for everybody, and it sure looks like everybody else enjoyed the show as well. But no, I'm not untying you now. You know the night's not over quite yet." With that she pulled her dress up over her hips, climbed up on the bed, and planted herself atop my face. "Eat up, darling!"

It was obvious Keisha's wasn't lying; my wife had been fucking somebody. Her lips were swollen against my lips, and as my tongue worked its way in between them, it quickly became clear that there was much more fluid than her own juices could account for. The taste was also different; saltier, muskier. Becs moaned loudly as I licked her, saying "Is this how you pictured it, Gary? Is it everything you wanted? Eat it all, swallow it!" She didn't get off my face for some twenty minutes, falling off me only after reaching her second orgasm. Becs sighed contentedly, "Damn, that was fantastic! You really are a great cum-sucker!"

"What the hell is going on, Rebecca! How the hell can you think it's okay to fuck other guys? And why did you leave me at Keisha's and Steve's? Where did you get the idea that I would like being treated like that? Damn it, untie me and explain what is going on!"

Rebecca sat up, and began to work on one of the ties, but she was looking genuinely confused. "What do you . . . I mean, it was your idea . . . Gary, I found your collection of fantasies months ago. That's where the idea came from, darling. I thought . . . It sounded like you desperately wanted the fantasies to come true."

"I've got no idea what you're talking about! What collection? What fantasies?"

"You can stop pretending!" My wife was becoming angry rather than confused. She stopped trying to loosen my bonds. She thought I was lying to her. "They were on your computer! Story after story of me cheating on you. Saying how you wished I was wicked enough to fuck other men behind your back, especially black guys. Especially Steve! Don't pretend you didn't recognize what happened tonight as one of your sick fantasies! Keisha and I followed it almost to the letter. I'm sorry I didn't have the six loads in my pussy that you requested, but she called sooner than we expected. What, four loads of cum wasn't enough?"

"Are you fucking insane? You're saying I wrote a story about tonight? Believe me, Becs, I never in a million years would write about having to suck off four guys in front of a roomful of people. And I sure wouldn't . . ."

My wife stopped me. "You what? You sucked off four guys?" She started giggling. "That wasn't in the story. I guess you just wanted to try some cum straight from the source, huh you perve. You can't complain that I didn't bring enough home then. Eight loads in one day! That's more than I've ever swallowed!"

"Can't you get it through your head, I didn't write any fantasies! I have lots of porn on the computer, I admit that, but it's pictures and videos, not stories. I don't have about jerking off in front of groups, or about you cheating on me, and sure as hell not sucking off guys! Why can't you believe that?"

Becs was looking at me with real concern. "Oh my God, I've been fucking Steve and other guys for months, thinking it would turn you on. This whole night was supposed to be for you! It didn't turn you on at all?"

If I were honest, I would have said that parts had turned me on. I had liked the idea of her giving herself to other men; the pictures Keisha had created in my mind did create an urge I had never felt before. Now did not seem the time to admit it, however. "No, Becs, it didn't! It was humiliating! Now I'll always wonder who was watching me while I jerked off and sucked off Steve and the others. Every time someone smiles or laughs at me when I greet them I'll wonder, 'Were they one of the one's who were there'? You have any idea how that makes me feel?"

My wife giggled again. "I can imagine! I'd never want to leave the house again if a bunch of people had seen me do that. That's why I was surprised to see you write that one." I started to object. "I mean, when I thought you wrote that! And jerking yourself off was bad enough. You actually were willing to suck off four dicks with an audience? That must be really humiliating!"

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