tagBDSMThis Lie of Love We Made Ch. 03

This Lie of Love We Made Ch. 03


Note: All characters are over 18.


"So, here's the tour," Sarah told me as she and Lenora set me on my feet once inside the garage. "This is the garage, duh. There's not much in here, but there's a loft we can get to from the house, so we'll go there. I figure since you might wanna spend a lot of time here, you'll want to see it all."

I was kind of confused as to why she was giving me a tour of her house. I figured that she clearly wanted me to come over a lot. As for what she wanted me to do, I wasn't sure, but I certainly was in no state to argue with her.

She and Lenora walked me, which forced me to hop which caused the dildo to move, making me moan a little, into the main house, which gave me a nice view of the living room.

I didn't know what I was expecting. Since she was into kinky stuff, I figured it'd be everywhere in the house. But, it wasn't, which shocked me. That was the first click in my mind that Sarah just did that as a hobby and that she was actually a normal girl... who had decided to kidnap me... which, if I thought about it, wasn't all that bad. Other than the part with my sister and being stuck in a locker I really wasn't too bad off. I mean, yeah, I was kidnapped, which is messed up, but, for some reason, I didn't mind that so much. Maybe I was getting Stockholm, who knows, but I wasn't panicking at this point.

I was actually feeling a bit more secure since it showed she lived at least like a normal human being.

"You like?" Sarah asked. I nodded in genuine like, not having expected it from Sarah. She gave a smirk, but this one wasn't sexy or seductive. It actually looked like one to denote her liking that I approved her place... at the time, I really didn't get why, but I won't spoil that here.

The room was furnished like a normal room. Heck, I'd do similar if I had the space, being forced to live in a dorm since I couldn't afford a place. Though, I got to share with Katherine, so that was a nice part. I still wanted to live in somewhere other than the cramped dorm, though.

"Here's the kitchen," Sarah said. "Not much else to say there, but it's the kitchen."

The kitchen looked like a normal kitchen. The sight of the kitchen made me think about my panties, which were in my mouth and wet with my juices. They tasted sweet, yet disgusting... which probably came from the fact that it was my juices from my orgasm.

Anyway, they then took me to another room, which looked like a bedroom.

"This is the guest bedroom," Sarah said. "But, you won't be needing that."

That statement confused me at the time. However, once it did click, I blushed at the thought... though I figured it out by experience and not by Sarah telling me what she meant.

"What do you think so far?" Sarah asked. At this point, I was certainly confused, having expected to be 'played with' more... at the time, such a thing wouldn't bother me, but now, I'd be getting hornier by the second.

I gave out a muffled "I like it", which Sarah liked. If I knew better at the time, I'd swear she was trying to sell me her house or, better, ask me to live there.

"Cool," Sarah said. "Say, you wanna get those ropes off so you can walk better?"

I nodded, grateful I was finally going to get the ropes off my legs. They weren't too tight, but they were tingly. Also, I could easily fall on my face with the armbinder on.

Sarah nodded and she and Lenora began to untie the knots, dropping the ropes on the floor. Once all the ropes were off, I stretched them, stomping a little until the tingling sensation went away. It then struck me that I was still naked, which caused me to blush in my embarrassment. Sarah reached down and slowly and a little sensually and teasingly removed the vibrator and its harness keeping it in place as she untied my legs.

I sighed in relief as I felt the thing leave me. Though, I felt a twinge of arousal, it left when the dildo was finally gone. Sarah pat me on the head, continuing. At this point, I noticed her actions were less seductive than before. It was as if she wasn't trying to become as such. I did like the less seductive side more, though the seductive side does have its perks.

"This is the hallway, with a bathroom on the left," Sarah said as we kept going. "And, this is my bedroom."

I was led into the bedroom, where I was again surprised to find it furnished like a normal room. Hell it had some of the same posters I put up in my own dorm.

"Here's where the magic happens." Sarah said, chuckling as she led me to the bed, sitting me down. "So, what do you think?"

"Wow" was what came from my gagged mouth. "It reminds me of my dorm"

"Didn't plan that, but cool," Sarah shrugged. "You don't really need this gag now. It's served its purpose."

She reached up, unbuckling the harness ball gag and pulling it out of my mouth along with my panties.

"Th-Thanks," I worked my slightly aching jaw to get out the stiffness.

"You're welcome," Sarah said, Lenora heading out under the statement of her wanting a drink. "So, I'm gonna ask you and I'll take whatever answer you give. I'm not so twisted or whatever that I'd force you. Do you want to enter into this world of BDSM with me?"

"I-It seems... fun." I said with a bit of a dry throat. "I'd... like to do it some more, but... I don't want to be a pet... it sounds... degrading."

"How about sub then?" Sarah shrugged. "That's what it's mostly called."

"I... I still don't get it," I said.

"I take the lead and you follow," Sarah shrugged. "Pretty much all there is to it."

"Oh." I said, thinking and then responding. "Do I get to lead?"

"Let's see how you follow and then we'll see." Sarah gave a seductive smirk. "But, you'll have to see how I do it first. But, we're not gonna do that today."

"Wh-Why not?" I asked, confused and still slightly aroused.

"I think we should wait." Sarah said. "As cute as you are, we did just start this. We can do this later. It'll give you something to look forward to."

"This... kinda sounds like you want to be friends." I said, the notion coming to me. "But... differently."

"I just kidnapped you,' Sarah raised an eyebrow. "Despite the fact that I'm not going to hurt you, that's pretty fucked up. I don't know how you came to that notion."

"I..." I said, looking down in confusion.

"I mean, you're really cute," Sarah said. "But, I literally just kidnapped you. I'm not so naïve to not know how fucked up that is. Like seriously, that's fucked up..."

"I... I don't know." I said. "I want some time to think this whole thing over... I don't know if I want to do it. I'm sorry."

"Hey, I'm the kidnapper here," Sarah smirked. "Well, I'm sure you wanna go back to your dorm."

"Y-yeah," I said, nodding.

"Well," Sarah leaned in close to my ear, speaking seductively. "I hope to see you around here some more, cutie."

I blushed heavily, her tone setting off a firecracker in my head. Sarah began to undo the straps on my armbinder, pulling it off and untying the ropes under it.

Once free, I stretched my arms, noting the gentle touch she had used on me.

"Here's your clothes." Sarah handed me a small bag. "I even tossed in a pair of panties since yours are all wet."

"Th-thanks." I said surprised at this. I looked in the small bag to see all of them.

"I'll drop you off." Sarah said, watching me as I put them on. I wasn't nervous about her seeing me, considering she'd already seen me naked... which is still kinda messed up.

I finished dressing, Sarah leading me out to her car Lenora joining us. Sarah drove back to the college.

The whole time, something was going on inside of me. I felt... odd. Like a strange feeling. It wasn't arousal and it wasn't fear, it was something else. Something about Sarah. I figured I'd ask Katherine about it.

Sarah dropped me off, giving my ass a little squeeze, which got me to yelp and jump, a blush heavily covering my face.

"Sorry, cutie." Sarah winked at me, driving off. I got my orientation back, heading straight to my dorm, very, very confused.

Katherine was there to greet me, pulling me into a hug. From where my head was, I was staring at her student ID, which for some stupid reason said "Chelsea" instead of Katherine. Even the school was getting her name mixed up now? That's pretty incompetent of them, if you ask me.

"Where's you go?" She asked. "I was worried when you didn't come back."

"I was..." I stopped, not wanting to say where I'd been for several reasons. The first was that if I did, she'd never let me leave her sight. While I love my sister, she's overprotective when she thinks I'm in danger.

The second was that she'd go after Sarah, which wouldn't be good.

The third was that I wanted to see Sarah and her friends, but mostly her, more. There was still that unexplained feeling I had about her. I just couldn't shake it and I didn't know what it was. I wanted to know more about it, but I didn't want to ask her.

"I was with a... friend." I said, saying the first thing that came to my head.

"A friend?" Katherine looked at me, that mischievous grin coming to her face. It always reminded me of the Cheshire Cat. "Like a boyfriend?"

I blushed heavily at the fact that she jumped straight to a dating relationship. Sarah and I weren't a couple... but the mention of it did set something off in my mind... was I attracted to Sarah? Did I want that? I had always thought I'd be into boys. I mean, I'd never seen a boy I liked, but still. Though... if I were to think about it, there's been more times I've liked looking at a girl than I've liked looking at a boy.

It hit me like a train wreck even though I didn't move. I might be attracted to Sarah. I couldn't tell Katherine that, certainly not. Even if I said I was attracted to someone, I couldn't give names. She'd figure out it could be her and then I'd have to hear that lecture from her. You know, the one about bad influences.

I became nervous as I tried to think of something to hide my feelings.

"N-No" I replied to her. It wasn't a lie...

"Are you sure?" She asked.

"I-I'm sure." I was still blushing heavily from her thinking I was dating.

"Well, I guess I'll just have to find out then." Katherine's grin widened as she began to tickle me. "You can make this go away if you just tell me."

"I wasn't with a boyfriend!" I squirmed under my sister's childish torture method. I didn't think she'd buy it, but after a bit, she did. I caught my breath and looked at her.

"You're gonna be a tough nut to crack." She said. "But, I'll find out who you were with. And, when I do, I'm gonna get you double for not spilling the beans about 'em earlier."

"O-Okay," I panted, still laughing a bit.

"Now, I'm gonna go get dinner for us." She said. "I'll bring back your favorite."

"Okay.' I said, nodding to her. When she left, I sat down on my bed. Feeling something in my pocket, I pulled it out to see the piece of paper with Sarah's number written on it and a note that said "for later, cutie". I blushed, hiding it in my pocket again and hoping it wouldn't be seen by Katherine.

What I didn't know at the time was that Sarah was having a little discussion with Lenora over the same subject of our feelings. Though, theirs went a bit different, the two of us both came to the same conclusion... but that's for the next chapter of the story.

I tried to sort out what I felt, but I was too confused. At that point, I just decided to talk to Sarah about it for answers.

Waiting for my sister to get back, I decided to get a shower and wash up to make sure my orgasm wasn't noticeable. I hid the note in the clothes I was going to wear after my shower and went into the shower that was in our dorm. The dorms on the wing Katherine and I resided in had showers in the bathrooms, but they were only showers, not tubs.

The shower felt nice and I enjoyed it. Putting my new clothes back on, I sat down on my bed and decided on a plan to talk to Sarah later.

Present time

"That was a tonal shift." Katherine told me.

"Hey, it's what happened." Sarah said.

"I still can't believe this is how you two got together." Katherine sighed.

"Well, it is." I giggled. "It was weird at first, but after we got over the whole "her kidnapping me" part, we started off good."

"And fucked like little rabbits." Katherine grinned her trademark grin.

"Hey, I liked it." I pouted. "Besides, she got me into BDSM. I was more than willing to indulge within moderation."

"You were locked in a chastity belt at your wedding." Katherine said.

"Because someone lost the key." I giggled, nudging Sarah, who donned her sheepish grin.

"I found it later." Sarah said.

"After you cut it off and realized it was inside me." I said.

"You were into it." Sarah smirked.

"Well, I've got to write the next chapter," I said. "you guys want to get food before I start?"

"Sure," Sarah said. "Only if you write the part where we—"

"I will, I promise." I giggled, knowing how much that was Sarah's favorite part of our first official date.

"Good,' Sarah said. "Now, let's go get some Chinese food."

"I could use some of that." Katherine said. "Let's go. I know the best place to get some."

"Alright." I giggled, following my wife and sister out the door to Sarah's waiting car to go get our meal before I began writing the next chapter of my semi-autobiographical erotica story.

I'll be back later and I'll tell the next part of my story.

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