tagGay MaleThis Should Be My Last Time

This Should Be My Last Time


I told myself last time was going to be the last time. I have to stop. If my girlfriend Amy, who I love very much, ever found out I'm sure it would be over. But here I am again driving to his office.

I pull into a parking space, take a deep breath and mentally purge all the reasons I shouldn't be here for the ONLY reason I'm here. His office is on the 4th floor and the elevator ride always seems so slow. He's expecting me, so his secretary smiles and lets me in.

"Hey." he says looking up from the paperwork cluttering his desk.

I smile weakly and nod. I look out the big window at the city and wonder if anyone has ever seen me. I wish that thought was enough to finally make me stop coming here. But I need to be here. It's an addiction. I HAVE to be here.

He's ready for me. He looks up from his desk and turns his chair out to the side. My invitation. I walk over to him without looking at his face. My knees hit the carpet in front of him. My hands reach for his belt and then his zipper. Forgetting the window and my girlfriend, my total focus is his cock and my mouth meeting.

I met him online 6 or so months ago. His wife won't preform oral and I said that I would if it didn't matter that I'm a man. He asked if I was gay and I tried to explain that I am straight but have a cock fetish. He asked how often I give other guys blowjobs. I told him that I had only done it twice (the truth actually). I explained that I was looking for someone who would let me please them with no strings attached, quickly adding that I didn't expect the favor returned.

He decided he would let me try it once, but if he felt too awkward that would be it. We met at an abandoned work site and I blew him in his car. He admitted to me after that he did feel very awkward and that he probably wouldn't call me again. I told him I understood and left. Three days later he called and it's been happening about twice a week since. We don't talk at all really, before or after. I feed my habit and he gets off and that's the extent of it. The arrangement works great, but lately the guilt has really become a burden for me. I really love my girlfriend and I just can't keep doing this but I can't stop either.

When I am between his legs I forget everything. My sole focus is the relationship between his cock and my mouth. It's really a beautiful dick. It's about 7 inches I think. Big enough around to feel ample in my mouth but not uncomfortable at all. He is cut and the head is plump and purple tinged. I love the taste of his pre-cum. Only slightly salty but with a sweet hint as well. I enjoy making it pearl up on the tip and licking the slit over and over.

I go down on it completely, pull it all the way back out and admire it covered in my saliva. I reach for his balls and cup them, gently fondling them as my lips move toward the head again. Now I start to suck him rhythmically. My eyes are closed as I enjoy just the feel of it in my mouth. I am so turned on that I feel light headed but continue to give myself over the pleasure this is giving me.

My own cock is so hard, so very hard, but I will have to wait until I leave to relieve myself. The pleasure for him is intensifying and I'm not ready to be done yet. I pull off him to slow him down and gaze at it again in awe. I simply can't explain what this does for me. It's like the first time I saw naked breasts. But it's like that every time I look at his cock. I feel like I'm about to loose control and cum in my pants. Like I'm 13 again.

I can feel my underwear soaked with my pre-cum as I go down on him again. I have come before from doing this and I feel like it's about to happen again. I manage to calm myself down and continue to pleasure him. His dick just feels so good in my mouth I never want these sessions to end but I feel his hand on the top of my head which means he's ready. His balls tighten, his cock twitches and I push him to the back of my throat. As always, he lets loose a furious torrent of sperm for me to swallow. I keep him in my mouth until he pulls away satisfied. I sit back on my heels still savoring his taste for a moment and then stand up.

We don't speak as I wait for him to pull his pants back up. He is presentable again and I just turn toward the door. I wipe around my mouth to make sure there's no evidence of what I just did. I take a deep breath and open the door. Closing it behind me I smile at his secretary and walk toward the elevator. I wonder if she has any idea. Then I realize that I don't really care.

My phone vibrates in the elevator. It's Amy. She wants me home as soon as possible for a nooner. I smile then feel like crying. This has to stop. It just has to.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/18/18

True felt

I have to believe that IF this did not happen then the desire TO make it happen exists. It mirrors a phase earlier in my life that I had gone through. I ended up dedicated to making a family but nowmore...

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by Anonymous12/14/17

This is so damn believable! I get hard every time I read it. I know that the story is complete in and of itself, but would love to read another chapter possibly for the feeder's point of view.

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