tagSci-Fi & FantasyThose Who Fuck Elves Ch. 02

Those Who Fuck Elves Ch. 02


It was a beautiful warm day with a cool gentle breeze when Princess Felicia went down to the glade with her friend Morgan. The two elf maidens wandered through the lush forest grove until they emerged in a beautiful sunlit clearing covered in soft grass and moss. Butterflies flitted about, and the tall trees around the glade cast shifting shadows on the rolling slopes of the ground below.

There were elves all about, most of them young elven aristocrats like them, having come of age and eager to begin exploring their newfound physical desires with each other. The glade was a popular escape for them from the formalities of court life and the demands of politics, academics and war. Here they could be elves in their most natural state; enjoying music, poetry, wine, dance, and sex.

The elves hung about in little clusters, lazily lying on the grass enjoying fruits and wine, chatting and gossiping. A few couples stole away into the trees to find a quiet place to make love or experiment with delightful new expressions of pleasure. Others had no such inhibitions and simply copulated in the glade in full sight of the other elves, providing a kind of background ambience of moans and grunts. Whoever wished to watch could do so, though such things were so commonplace that most were too involved in their own affairs to pay much attention unless something particularly interesting was happening.

Princess Felicia had only been to the glade a few times since her eighteenth birthday. She had only watched in fascination as the other elves enjoyed themselves without inhibition. Sex was still quite new to her, and limited experiences were only just being further explored with the guidance of her friend and mentor Morgan.

As Felicia and Morgan made their way into the glade, a few of the elves sitting and lying about turned to watch them and offer courteous greetings of friendship and acknowledgement. Felicia was the King's only daughter and heir after all, but she was also already a great beauty.

Felicia was tall, slender and willowy in form. Her skin was pale and fair and freckled. She had stunning blue eyes and a fountain of coppery red hair flowing down her back. Today she had worn her hair up in a high ponytail today, and it looked like a stream of flame trailing behind her. Her breasts were not large, but very round and firm with youth. Felicia had chosen to show them off today by wearing a dancer's style bustier of black with red floral patterns upon it. The bustier pushed Felicia's breasts into a most eye-catching cleavage as they swelled up and down with each breath she took. Matching the bustier Felicia had a high waisted layered frilly red mini skirt and lace topped stockings. Her silky bare thighs shown off between the skirt and the stockings were a creamy coloured contrast to the black and red of her outfit.

It was an unambiguously sexual outfit, and not typically what Felicia would wear. But Morgan was insistent that Felicia wear it if she was to come to the glade today.

Felicia felt dozens of eyes on her as the elves in the glade stared with undisguised lust and admiration. Her chosen outfit was having the effect she desired. Today she wanted to be the centre of attention, and Morgan's fashion advice was right on target.

Morgan herself, petite and curvy, with flashing green eyes and raven black hair and ruby lips, was usually the sexual provocateur in dress. But today she happily switched to a more subtle look. Morgan had turned in her typical skin tight leather outfits to don a sexy white dress, cinched around the waist with a ribboned sash. While Morgan still looked gorgeous, she was happily playing second fiddle to Felicia today.

The two elven girls found a soft patch of mossy ground and sat down, still making small talk with one another as they caught the eyes of the other elves in the glade.

"Are you sure this is going to work, Morgan?" asked Felicia. "I feel ridiculous in this outfit."

"You look stunning, princess," Morgan reassured her. "Believe me; every hot blooded elven man here is checking you out right now. We just have to wait and see who is going to make a move first."

They didn't have long to wait. Not a moment later two young elven men were making their way over, flashing warm smiles as they sat down beside Felicia and Morgan, joining them on the grass.

Morgan seemed to recognise them both.

"Ah, Lothar, Aravir, my lords," smiled Morgan. "This is our young Princess Felicia. She has come to explore the full pleasures the glade has to offer."

"Wonderful," said Lothar, as he sat down beside Felicia, drinking in her body with his warm brown eyes. The young elf man was bare chested, and wearing nothing more than silken trousers and brown hair that fell past his shoulders. "She is as glorious as you have said, Morgan."

Felicia could not help herself and stared wide eyed at Lothar's hunky body. His muscles were so perfectly sculpted; Felicia felt herself imagining running her fingers all over him.

Aravir, who was handsome with flowing blonde hair and grey eyes, had a more fierce look upon his face, and took his seat beside Morgan. He was more sexually aggressive too, and immediately had a hand upon Morgan's bare legs, stroking steadily along her tanned thigh.

After the initial introductions, the foursome of elves spent a time making polite small talk. They watched dancers perform in the grove, and a talented elf maiden sing. From the outskirts of the trees, some human slaves several of the elves had brought along periodically brought food and wine when summoned.

This had offended Lothar, and now the talk had turned to elven politics, and the unequal relationship between elves and the humans.

"My apologies, princess," said Aravir. "My friend Lothar here is something of a radical. He disputes the inherent superiority of us elves. If these were the early days of Elvendom, he would have been beheaded as a traitor."

"I do not dispute elven superiority," said Lothar. "It is precisely because we elves are a superior people of pure and noble blood and culture that we must take a different policy regarding the humans under our care."

"What do you mean by that, Lothar?" asked Felicia, curious.

"I am happy you have asked, my princess," said Lothar. "The elven kingdoms are powerful indeed, and we have many humans living under our dominion. Not all, but a great many of them are entirely enslaved as our servants and labourers. The rest live in wretched poverty, and suffer from crime, drunkenness and violent behaviour. As elves it should be our responsibility to govern these humans with more wisdom and compassion, to teach them to live with dignity. In essence, to civilize them."

"So you still wish to rule the humans, Lothar?" asked Morgan. "Only you seek to elevate their place among us?"

Lothar nodded.

"Indeed, my lady Morgan," said Lothar. "Alas there is little support for my ideas among the elven nobility. Perhaps I could persuade you and our lovely princess here of its merits."

"You can't civilize humans," scoffed Aravir. "They are not like us. They live in the dirt and they belong in the dirt. They are weak. They are meant to be slaves. Why try to make them like us?"

"They were not always so," said Lothar. "They are like children and we are as their parents and guardians. We must care for them. The slavery of humans is an abomination."

"You have no human slaves, Lothar?" asked Felicia.

"I will keep no humans as slaves," said Lothar. "Slavery itself is a crime which Elvendom is yet to fully appreciate the severity of."

"They are good for little else," laughed Aravir. "We are the masters. We take what we wish. The humans must serve, or else be crushed."

"Charming, Aravir," said Morgan, eyebrows raised.

"We take too much from them," said Lothar. "We have over taxed the human domains to the point that they face famine and starvation. When they riot, we then quell them through steel and bloodshed. It is unsustainable to treat them so cruelly."

"Are you proposing we waste all this good food on the humans now?" asked Aravir, bewildered. "Fresh fruits and roasted meats? Good wine and warm bread? They're humans! They like eating scraps and gruel. They wouldn't be able to appreciate the good stuff."

"This is the very belief that is brewing such trouble now, Aravir," countered Lothar. "Have you not heard of the spreading rebellions? Slave revolts are increasingly commonplace along the frontiers. The petty human kingdoms are not as weak as they once were. They fight and resist to aid their enslaved brethren. If we continue to treat the humans as play things, we will suffer the consequences of it, one way or another."

Felicia was confused, but somehow exhilarated. She had never heard such talk before at court. Lothar was so defiant of elven tradition and beliefs. Somehow it made him all the more attractive. Felicia wasn't sure if she quite believed what he said, but he said it with such passion that it made him irresistible.

"Lothar, I think you need a demonstration of precisely what humans are to be treated," said Aravir icily. "Let me show you exactly the kind of play things they are..."

Aravir turned his attention to a young human woman waiting silently by the treeline. With a sharp bark he ordered her to come to him, and without hesitation she obeyed and made her way to the group of young elves.

Felicia watched as the young human woman, who must have been Felicia's age if not a bit older, stood at attention by Aravir, face downcast. She was wearing only a simple brown frock, one could hardly call it a dress, and a steel collar that was common to human slaves. She had a bob of brown hair and brown eyes. She was pretty, Felicia thought, for a human at least, despite her poor dress.

"What is your name, human?" said Aravir.

The human girl looked shock. Elves rarely addressed humans by name, and indeed treated them as if they had none.

"Um, Emma, master," said the human.

"Emma, my friend Lothar here believes the humans should be set free and educated and fed just like elves," said Aravir casually. "He doesn't think that their proper place is at the feet of an elf, serving their betters."

Emma was silent but went red in the face.

Aravir climbed to his feet and stood before Emma, tossing his golden hair about.

"I'm going to show him a human's proper place," said Aravir. "Kneel, slave."

Emma dropped to her knees before the elf lord.

"Aravir, there's no need to play such a childish game," said Morgan.

Aravir ignored her. He had loosened his trouser strings and dropped them, revealing a hard, slender elven cock. Erect and red, it throbbed menacingly before Emma's face.

"Suck it, human," ordered Aravir.

Emma flinched, but did not disobery. She leaned her head forward and took the trembling shaft into her mouth. Her lips wrapped tight, and her head bobbed up and down with practiced proficiency. Emma had clearly done this many times before, Felicia thought, unlike her own limited experience from her lesson with Morgan.

Strangely, Felicia felt a small pang of jealousy at this. This only confused her further, since she couldn't think of why she would be envious of a slave. The whole scene taking place before her was strange and full of conflicting emotions for Felicia. She felt uncomfortable at Aravir's arrogance, yet ordering slaves about was nothing unusual to her. Indeed, Felicia and Morgan had sexually exploited a male slave not long before. This was no different than that.

Yet despite this line of reasoning, Felicia felt uncomfortable. Something about what Lothar had been saying and Aravir's cruelty was bothering Felicia. But she could not look away.

Emma was sucking adroitly, her soft lips sliding up and down the long elven shaft. But Aravir's pleasure was already peaking and he grew impatient with her steady rhythm. Grasping the back of her head, Aravir held Emma's face down on his cock, forcing her deep until he found himself buried in the human's clutching throat.

"Ugghh Unnnghh Bmmnnfh!" gagged Emma as she choked on Aravir's cock, struggling to take him all.

Felicia looked over at Lothar. He seemed cold and angry, but didn't challenge Aravir. After all, Emma was just a slave, and Aravir's slave at that. No matter how much Lothar detested it, there was nothing he could do.

Felicia wondered if Lothar knew that if he protested, it would only make things worse. Aravir could grow angry and take it out on the slave. Perhaps Lothar remained silent so that Aravir would simply finish and be done with it, and the slave spared a worse humiliation.

Aravir let out a loud grunt, and Felicia's attention returned to him and the human slave whose mouth and throat he was using without remorse for his pleasure.

Felicia watched as Aravir withdrew from Emma's mouth, and as she gasped for air, he stroked himself over her face.

With a roar of sexual triumph, Aravir came. He unleashed a flurry of elven cum all over Emma's face. The hot white seed sprayed onto her nose and cheeks, then more on her collar and even over her brown frock. The human slave flinched and wrinkled her nose in disgust as she took the facial, but she did not dare turn away.

When Aravir was done he wiped his sticky cock on Emma's lips and chin and then collapsed onto the soft grassy ground beside Morgan.

Laughing, and now relieved of his earlier intensity, Aravir needled Lothar once more.

"That is how you treat a human, my friend," chuckled Aravir.

Lothar simply got up and stalked away into the trees silently.

Felicia turned aghast to Morgan, eyes wide. Before Felicia could even get her question out, Morgan had answered.

"Go after him, princess," said Morgan. "He needs you now."

Felicia followed Lothar into the wooded grove until soon they were alone among the trees and birdsong.

"Are you alright, Lothar?" asked Felicia.

"Yes, my princess, I just needed to get away from all that. Aravir is a dear friend, but he can be an obnoxious man at times," said Lothar.

"You don't approve of his sexual congress?" asked Felicia.

"Oh no, it is not the sex I am opposed to," laughed Lothar. "I know well the demanding call of the loins. I do not think it should be forced on an unwilling slave however. It should be desired by both partners."

Felicia looked adoringly at Lothar. He looked so gorgeous with his big strong arms crossed over his chest as he leaned back against a tall tree. She glanced down at his silken trousers and noticed with exhilaration that a large bulge had formed in his private region.

Blushing, Felicia asked, "Lothar, I notice your passions are stirred? Is it from watching Aravir's congress? Or has something else aroused you so?"

Lothar's dreamy eyes locked on Felicia's and he smiled.

"The only thing that has aroused me to fullness has been gazing on your luscious form," flirted Lothar. "Every elf's eyes were on you the moment you entered the glade."

"Oh, well I'm just pleased I had such an effect on you," smiled Felicia as she drew close to Lothar.

Lothar drank in Felicia with his eyes; gazing down the top of her bustier at her generous elven tits; the narrowness of her cinched waist; the creamy exposure of her thighs between her frilled mini skirt and patterned stockings.

"I don't mean to force you to anything, my princess, I know you are only recently of age and new to the world of intimacy," said Lothar, his manners overcoming his rising urges.

"I have had some experience of late, Morgan has been instructing me in the practice of sex to great effect," Felicia reassured him as she gently grabbed Lothar's hands and placed them on her breasts. "Perhaps I could practice on you, Lothar?"

"I would be honoured to assist, your highness," moaned Lothar as he squeezed Felicia's young tits through her bustier, bending down to lick and suck her plentiful cleavage.

Felicia craned her head back and sighed with pleasure as Lothar buried his face in her perky elven breasts, his lips and tongue feasting on her exposed cleavage while his hands groped the rest of her tits through the delicate bustier.

"After all, I feel responsible for the burden of your hardened condition," said Felicia as she reached down to slip her hands into Lothar's trousers. "I feel obliged to relieve it."

Felicia's small hands found Lothar's cock curved to the side within his trousers and hot and hard to the touch. She wrapped her fingers delicately around the erect elven shaft and tugged and stroked as Morgan had taught her, enjoying the feel of the spongy flesh around the head and the rigidity beneath.

Lothar groaned and squeezed Felicia's breasts more firmly, causing her to gasp.

Felicia wanted to see Lothar's cock now, she could already feel herself grow damp below with excitement. To her frustration she knew she could not take the hunky elf into her pussy, for as a princess she was required to save her sacred virginity for marriage. At least, she thought with a wicked smile, she could find other uses for it.

Pulling Lothar's trousers to the ground, Felicia exposed his erect elven cock to the open air. Felicia immediately went to her knees to inspect the dick more closely. It was magnificent. Long and slender and smooth, it was so different to the vulgar human cock she had sucked under Morgan's tuition. Elven cocks were not as thick in girth as human's it seemed, though they were usually lengthier. The human cock had a brutish, animalistic feel to it that was in many ways quite magnetic, but Lothar's elven phallus was like a sculpture. A piece of fine art that needed to be worshipped reverently.

And worship it Felicia intended to.

"Ohhhh, Goddess," Lothar moaned loudly as Felicia bent her head forward to take the head of his cock into her moist mouth.

He had been watching her inspect his cock, and hoped feverishly that it met with satisfaction for the princess. Lothar was almost caught aback when Felicia took him between her lips, and now he watched with feverish delight as the young princess' head bobbed enthusiastically upon his member, her ponytail fountain of copper red hair swaying back and forth as she sucked.

Felicia could feel Lothar's cock quivering and throbbing upon her tongue, and each time she slid her lips further down upon the shaft she was met by a heavy moan or grunt of pleasure from above. Felicia tilted her face to look up at Lothar while she blew the young elven lord, and when their eyes met, she felt such a surge of lust and emotion, his heavy long cock still deep in her mouth.

Lothar thought he may cum at the sight of this, but with his usual discipline he willed the feeling away. Still, he thought, he needed to get Felicia's amazing warm and wet mouth off his cock or he surely would not last much longer no matter how hard he tried. The princess was a natural cocksucker, despite her relative inexperience.

Boldly, Lothar grasped Felicia's ponytail and with a firm grip on it and the back of her head, he pushed her up and down upon his cock several more times, enjoying the unbelievable suction and deft tongue work, before pulling her off of him.

Felicia knelt there, breathing fast, a trail of spit hanging from her lips to the tip of his member.

With his hands still upon her head, Lothar guided the young redhead elf to his ball sack. His balls had tightened and risen, and he gently pushed her face onto his balls until with a noisy slurp Felicia was licking and sucking them with slow but intense passion.

Lothar groaned and leaned his head back against the tree as his churning balls were worked on by Felicia's skilful tongue and lips. Her mouth enveloped one at a time and bathed them in such wet warmth that Lothar shivered from the pleasure.

Pulling her off once again, Lothar pulled Felicia to her feet.

"Are you disappointed?" asked Felicia, looking confused.

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