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Thoughts of an Alpha Male - I Breed


I'm in my late-50s, fit and height/weight proportional. Yes, some gray hair, too. During a bad divorce I decided to "get out there" and explore the swinging lifestyle. So, last summer I made a profile on one of the popular Swinging dating sites. I meet up with a number couples and quickly came to a major realization, I prefer married ladies. Married women are sincere, pure and motivated as lovers they are not looking to settle down, or find financial security. For me, it is more than the physical, it is the mental high. Fucking the wife of someone else is a great taboo. It is wildly erotic. It is naughty. It is something we are not supposed to do. This is exactly why, when the opportunity presents itself, that we do it! There is a certain thrill, a sexual power in having her do things that should be reserved for her husband.

There is something so sexy about a woman who is a good wife and mother...who can become a slut for someone other than her husband. She doesn't want to marry me, doesn't want to love me but she NEEDS to have me. She submits to me and my advances because with me she isn't a wife or mother ...she is simply a woman who has sexual urges to be fulfilled and I satisfy her and those urges. She feels me inside her, taking her, filling her with my seed. She knows that this is what she was made for, that I can make her feel like a woman should. It's a great feeling that I can bring that much pleasure to a women, that her husband and others have never been able to do.

From the beginning of time we men have competed for women, responding with arousal whenever something occurs to stimulate that competition. To win the prize, the trophy, to prove our manhood and validation of ourselves through sexual conquest, seducing a woman for her sexual treasures. It is the male nature to compete, to score in games and other contests. Fucking a new woman gives us that same feeling as winning a game - and that relates back to filling our basic biological needs.

There is nothing else in a guy's "sexual resume" that will give him more prestige than for others to know that he has enjoyed the body of some other guy's wife! There is no greater symbol of power than a throbbing, cock pushing itself inside her pussy. A beautiful image, it represents sexual energy, dominance, and control. And there is no greater act of sacrifice than when a married woman surrenders her pride and self-respect submitting her body to another Man's primal desire to breed her. To see a married couple out in public and be able to say to yourself "I fucked his wife" is a feeling of power that is unpatrolled anywhere else.

I love seeing a woman's wedding ring while she is letting me inside her. It's just such a symbol of her being a whore, her infidelity, and the forbidden sexual act occurring between us. It is true that even the sight of a wedding ring on a woman's finger stimulates a guy to want to move in and see if he can have her. Nothing makes a woman more attractive and desirable than knowing she "belongs" to someone else. The thrill of watching the wife stroking her lover's cock with her wedding ringed hand, making him cum onto her left hand, the anointing of the wedding ring - with large amounts of her lovers semen! The symbolism is very exciting, a wife showing her wedding ring covered with sperm to renounce her wedding vows to her husband, the transfer of the husband's power and the acknowledgement of my power, of her willingness to give herself to me completely.

I do not take somebody's wife for good, I just borrow her. Get her horny and see what happens. My goal is to unleash the sexual tension and unfilled fantasizes that she has locked inside her. In some cases, these wives have never explored their own sexuality and the sexual needs. The task is to turn these wives into a full sexual being, so that she can fulfill her desires without remorse, shame or regret, to explore her sexual fantasies and meet her needs in ways she never could have imagined.

Women are made to be looked at. Women are built to be art. The female body is one of the most beautiful sites in nature. I think curvy is beautiful. I think confidence, poise, and grace are beautiful. I think expressive eyes are beautiful. Someone who is relaxed, composed and confident. What makes a women beautiful and sexy is her attitude about herself and her sensuality. True feminine beauty comes from a woman who embraces her womanhood, who makes no excuses, who knows what she wants, and who can express her love without holding anything back, who can give herself completely to a man.

A woman's body is made for sex. Made to please the entire male race. She enjoys the idea of being attractive to other men. She's looking for the right man who can take her further than her husband or any other man has ever done. She needs to reach new heights and experience new things. Women desire getting fucked and being controlled physically and emotionally. They secretly crave a "real men" to use them sexually. They are willing to be converted into a slut to experience the sexual bliss that their husband can never provide them.

I enjoy taking her out in public where I can show her off, where she's on display. The risk of being seen by her friends or whoever adds excitement for her and for me turned on by the naughtiness of it all. To know she is out with her lover and people wondering just what they are doing flaunting her relationship with her partner in public. Telling her that it makes me proud to have her on my arm while we walk down the street. To prove that she still possesses "traffic stopping" beauty and is always turning heads when she is out in public.

Being kissed in public is a special treat because it proves that the person you are with wants others to know that he or she cares about you. It is a possessive gesture, and sometimes we all want to be possessed. -- "she's mine". To help her to enjoy the added attention of other men and make her feel special, attractive, sexy, and wanted. Dispel any self-doubt she may have in her own desirability she may have and to prove to her she is beautiful. Beautiful enough and confident enough and sexy enough to wear revealing clothes in public and enjoy the thrill when other men look at her with lust in her heart, confident in her sensuality teasing, visual and verbal taunting to show her own worth as a women.

One of the things which turns me on is the act of seduction, watching the reluctant women being seduced by a determined lover. Watching her, how sexy she is, is very erotic. The flirting and seduction leading up to her complete surrender is incredibly hot. Sex is much more satisfying when there's a slow build-up to it. I get turned on when I know a woman wants to have sex with me, because she desires me, and I've made her hot and horny. My job is to be a man, to take charge and control, and make her feel like a woman. To be a man and to take her as often as he likes, anytime and anywhere he likes.

A real Man is the one that not only dominates a women's body but also her mind, and her desires. First you make love to a women's mind, and then you can make love to their bodies. A woman's mind is very powerful and very sexual and it is your passion for giving her pleasure that brings her sexuality to life. She surrenders to your voice and touch, totally lets go, melts into completeness, feels naked to you in every way, and her mind and body naturally slips into an orgasm. Some women learn to enjoy it, embracing it taking it to new levels finding a whole new world to explore. She wants a man to be in charge and to make her sexually submissive to his wishes, as long as he really wants to focus on her and nothing else. To do as he desires because this type of man is the kind of man who leaves her breathless and paralyzed with pleasure. He is a man she is proud to be with, to submit to and to do as he desires with her.

Open her mind and body and prove that you are a man who deserve her womanly gift and she will surrender herself to you, she will offer her pussy to you and the complete surrender of her body. By surrendering her body to me her entire body becomes an erogenous zone. To follow me no matter where I take her. This is a way to give herself wholly and completely to her partner, and for your partner to accept you that way as well. She wants a man who will take her deeper than she can take herself. She want a man she can trust, someone she can really surrender to, who will be the masculine center, that her feminine energy can flow around. She is married to her husband, but her body is not his. Her body belongs to the man inside her, inside her mind and her body.

I believe in the saying, "Treat a Whore like a Princess and A Princess like a Whore". When the "submissive" woman is forced, it frees her from the guilt as she was forced regardless of her desire to have wanted to do the act. The female act of submission is a way of turning the responsibility for her care over to the one whom she submits herself to. She is now able to ride the waves of intimate thrills this is a time full of intimate sharing, thoughts and fantasies, excitement and adventurous longing.

Her overriding urge in loving is to use her sexual power to transcend beyond herself and to lose herself sexually in her partner in an almost mystical ecstasy, thus discovering the meaning of that union which is greater than individuality, and is a merging of the spirit as well as of flesh. She is thus capable of the greatest heights of sensuality and eroticism. The act of offering and opening her body to others, her celebration of her desire and lust, her need for companionship and intimacy with male-kind, her submissiveness towards male sexuality, exchanging her time and intimacy for the sexual fulfillment of her partner, her commitment to satisfying the sexual and emotional needs of others and her ability to feel her spiritual linkage with the universe. Enjoying the full sphere of her sexuality as a woman leaves her feeling true to herself and complete.

I love enticing her to her knees to suck my cock for the first time or seducing her into being a slave totally devoted to my pleasures. I love a women with this much adventure. The world is theirs to surrender to me. I let myself be pulled inside her body and into her whole being. It is a wonderful and hot experience for me and I am honored to have been brought into her bed and to have experienced a lovely woman. She is there for my pleasure, and in being so receives all the pleasure a man to give her.

The hottest part for me is that moment when she is put on her back and prepared for penetration. When she arches her back and presents her body and her whole being to me in this ultimate act of surrender. It is the look on her face that stirs me, watching her fuck bareback and take every ounce of my load deep inside of her womb. When I finally shoot my cum into her, I am intoxicated with the notion that she will return home to her husband with my cum deep inside of her! Like a dog, I have marked her as my property as my breeding whore! My cum inside her, confirms and validates the fact that she is a women of great value that other men want and desire her and are willing to pursue and take her at any cost.

The most erotic sex act for me is impregnating a woman. I have often fantasized about impregnating a woman. As a man, you know you were put on this earth to spread your seed and to give and receive pleasure through sex. I find it so erotic when I pumping my hot cum into another man's wife, especially when she is eager to be bred and to accept my seed into her womb and my baby in her belly.

The idea of a ritual impregnation ceremony is an especially erotic fantasy of mine. I think it would be the ultimate act of submission. I consider the body and the womb of other men's wives as my sacred property and it is my lifelong mission to claim it by ejaculating my wife-breeding sperm into as many wives as possible.

I enjoy being a strong, powerful and dominant male. I enjoy the feeling of having a wife freely given to me for my use. I especially like being able to fuck the unprotected pussies of these wives, knowing that there is a chance of making them pregnant. Knowing that she is taking my baby into her belly and making it part of her, is a big turn on for me and the ultimate confirmation of my existence and of my value and worth as a man.

While I am dominant, aggressive and assertive by nature, I am a complete gentleman by choice and am respectful of boundaries, feelings and desires and know that balancing her emotions and desires is a learned art. The art of love-making one of the great gifts of the gods and making love to another man's wife is my way of feeling like a God.

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