I married Alexandra because my mom told me too.

"Look at her," she told me, pointing across the restaurant at the buxom young woman, "Just sitting there, all alone, reading her paper. She's perfect."

"Mom, come on. I'm not that old yet, I don't need to be married."

"No, son, you, come on! She's perfect. Look at those lips. Those are lips that would keep your cock plenty satisfied."

"Mom, stop talking that way."

"Are you serious? Check her out. That rack is enormous; she can barely keep it all stuffed in that tiny little shirt of hers. And those hips could get me a whole litter of little grandkids. Trust me, son, that looks like a devious little sex fiend who could not only keep you happy for the rest of your life, but make you the father of countless little babies."

I groaned. It wasn't unusual for my mom to talk like this. She was a glamor model in high school, but then when she turned 18, she swiftly and amazingly got her barely legal body married to some lecherous old bastard, my rich elderly dad, and was able to get a baby and his entire will out of him before he croaked. So she quit modeling and lived with me off his money, traveling to exotic places and meeting all kinds of sexy exotic people. Right now, she was in a long career with Playboy, writing articles, though she had posed for them in the past too. All of my mom's life revolved around sex.

I didn't want to even go talk to Alexandra because I am just a shy kind of person, but she was forceful and I awkwardly maneuvered a phone number and a few months later, here I am with my sexy black haired bride.

My mom told me the night before that she was probably marrying me for money, and though part of me believed her, I just couldn't deny her when Alex looked me in the eyes and begged me not to ask her for a prenup. It didn't help that her dress plunged down her neck to give me an incredible view of her pushed up cleavage. I couldn't say no. So now that I've signed the papers, the end of our marriage means the end of my fortune.

My mom was furious. She said that since I was so careless with money in this relationship, it made our marriage a risk to her finances. Without her, I would lose my wife in some messy divorce, and both me and my mom would be broke. My mom, it seemed, thought of my marriage as literally her business.

The honeymoon did not go well. My mom called me immediately after, to ask.

"We only fucked once, mom," I told her, "And I couldn't even finish."

For me, even with a gorgeous girl like Alexandra, I just couldn't get hard. On the wedding night, she smothered me with her pillow-like tits for an hour before my cock was hard enough for penetration, and even then I only lasted a few minutes before I once again deflated. I just couldn't keep it up enough for a minx like her.

That night, I tried again to fuck my beautiful wife, but it was no good. She was angry at me now too, telling me about the countless guys she had fucked before, and how they had never had any trouble getting hard to cum inside her amazing curvy figure. I never wanted her more badly than I did then, but my body just wouldn't respond. I ended up on the couch, calling my mom late at night and crying to her. She hushed me and invited us out on the boat the next day, wanting to see us both, as a couple, to talk to us.

When we arrived, my mom was in a small yellow bikini, her youthful tan body exposed to the sun, and her own bouncy tits round and on display on the deck of the boat.

She urged us to relax, we would talk over lunch. My wife changed into a skimpy blue swimsuit, something that showed off her own equal bust and body, while I kept on my clothes and read a book in the cabin.

We began the day journey on the water, with just the three of us, and my mom's boat attendant, a Pacific Island crewman named Lester. After a morning of relaxing, Lester sat us at a table, and served lunch.

My mom wore a sun hat and cut her fish neatly.

"In my years in the adult entertainment industry," she began, "I've seen a lot of people fuck. And a lot of people fuck well. I've seen babies conceived before, if you can believe it. And every time, it was in a passionate animalistic session of fucking that left both partners exhausted and satisfied. Now, you seem to tell me that in your marriage, this is not the case?"

I nodded shyly, but Alex called out enthusiastically.

"This is in no way the case!" she yelled.

My mom nodded.

"Well," my mom started again, "What exactly do you think the problem is? Is it you, Alex?"

Alex shrugged. "I do not think it's me," she said, with a hint of meanness in her voice. She was being polite. Of course she didn't blame herself.

"Why not?" asked my mom, calmly.

"Well for one, I'm sexy as hell," Alex said.

"That's true," my mom coldly answered, "I've always thought that.

Alex glared at me angrily, as if I was supposed to say something. I kept quiet.

"Stand up, Alex," my mom instructed. She did.

"You are sexy," my mom continued, "But I've only ever seen you clothed. Right now, it's obvious to me that you have big perfect round titties, a flat pale stomach, big flirtatious eyes, and wide curvy hips. But could you take off the swimsuit?"

Alex waited no moment before she undid her top, letting her big round breasts fall out into the fresh sea air.

"Well, nothing wrong there," my mom concluded, reaching out and squeezing my wife's bouncy firm breasts with her hand, petting the big pink nipple and watching it harden.

Alex slipped the blue bottoms down her legs and threw them aside, exposing not only her tight shaved pussy, but her juicy round ass and buttocks.

My mom didn't even need to say anything, she just smiled at Alex and then at me.

"Do you think she's sexy, son?"

"Uhh, what mom?"

"Do you think she's sexy?"

I didn't know what to say. Of course I was blown away by this gorgeous naked woman I had married, her bountiful amazing body exposed in the fresh air before me like a marble statue.

"Uhhh yes," I finally said.

"Lester!" called my mom, summoning the obedient crewman from his quarters. He arrived quickly.

"Lester, do you think this woman is sexy?" my mom asked nonchalantly. Alex turned to face him, giving him a coy smile and shrugging her shoulders inwards so that her breasts dangled and bounced for a moment.

"Very much so, ma'am," Lester answered, staring closely at my wife's pale bare skin.

"Excellent, Lester, thank you. You may leave." Lester exited.

"It seems," my mom continued, "That we've concluded that Alex is very very sexy. Which she is. You can sit down, Alex." My wife didn't bother to redress; she just sat back down at the table.

"So, son," my mom said, turning to me, "It looks like you're the problem." I gulped.

"Umm," I started, getting nervous at my mom's correct accusations and my wife's cold glare, "Yes."

"Stand up."

I got on my feet before my mom and naked wife.


Quickly, I obeyed her, getting off everything until I was naked before the two.

"It's been a long time since I've seen you naked, dear," my mom remarked, smiling to herself, "But it looks like LITTLE has changed."


"Sorry, son, just a SMALL comment to myself."

I turned to Alex, who frowned at me, then looked down at my package, then up again my eyes, still frowning. I understood.

"Did you realize your penis wasn't averagely sized?" asked my mom.

"Uhh, well, I guess not," I said, nervously, "I mean, I haven't seen a lot of other penises, really."

"I have," Alex chirped in, "And you're small."

"She's right, dear," my mom added, "You're very small."

"Are you sure?" I asked them, again.

My mom smiled again. "See for yourself. Lester!" The servant reappeared.

"Yes, ma'am."

"Can you please show my son your member?"


The servant undid his pants' button and pulled out his long soft rod of cock meat. It was at least three times the length of mine, and thicker than me in every way.

"This is an average sized cock," explained my mom, "Not yours."

I gulped, frightened of both women, and this servant. "I understand."

"Good. You may leave, Lester."

"Yes ma'am." And Lester redressed and left.

"Now, having a small penis is horrendous," my mom said, "But men with small penises can still conceive children. Look at your father," she said to me. My mom laughed out loud, and Alex joined her, quietly giggling. I just frowned.

"What this means," she continued, "Is that I'm not going to be able to make a real judgement until I see you fuck. I need to see exactly why you're failing, and I need to see it now. Alex, are you okay with this?"

"Absolutely," my wife answered immediately.

"Good," she said, "Let's go."

She stood up, asking us both nakedly to follow her to the cabin. We did. There she took a seat on a chair and directed us to the big bed in the center. Lester's room was just on the other side of a door.

"Please, go ahead," my mom said, leaning back. Alex sprawled herself out on the comforter, naked and gorgeous, calling for me to come over in a voice that betrayed she never expected me to follow through.

The next half hour was a pathetic show. Alex wrapped her luscious lips around my cock to try to make it rise, but it wouldn't. She kneaded her breasts again my face, letting me taste her sweet nipples and bouncy flesh. She reached three orgasms from my tongue, dripping her fluids down my chest until my mom stood up and yelled for us to stop.

"Why aren't you hard?" she demanded of me, "When you have this amazing woman feeding you her juices, and massaging you with her spectacular breasts, and letting you inside her red puckered lips? Are you gay?"

I implored my mom that I was not, and she only barely believed me.

"This is just as I worried," she concluded, Alex just shrugging in agreement. I was completely failing. She called up to sit with her on the couch next to the bed.

"The way I see it," she said, "You cannot pleasure your wife. You're not providing for her in the bedroom, no matter how well you can provide for her financially, which is really my money, to start." She was right.

"I don't want to divorce," Alex interrupted, anticipating my mother's fears, "I don't want to end this marriage. I just want to get fucked like I deserve."

"I'm glad you said that Alex," my mom agreed, "Because I was hoping you felt that way. Now, you're absolutely right, you deserve to get fucked, fucked by a hard long cock that my son just can't give you. And I was thinking about that, last night, when I first heard about your troubles. And so I made this."

My mom reached into the drawer next to her and pulled out a plain yellow folder that matched her bright bikini.

"This is a list," she said, "Of three very specific long hard cocks. Cocks that can fill you up, fuck you till you cream, and give me the grandbabies I deserve."

I gulped. "I thought you didn't want divorce!" I yelled.

"I don't," answered my mom, "But even the bible agrees that if a husband can't do his duties, it's not a crime to bring in some extra help. And you would raise the baby, it would be your son. You just wouldn't get to fuck it into her."

"That's not fair!" I yelled.

"What's not fair," said my calm naked wife beside me, "Is that I've got the body of a sex goddess, and you've got the cock of a baby cockroach." I cringed.

"Well, he has a point," answered my mom, "It isn't fair. It's not fair that you don't get a fighting chance to father your own children. And so, if you agree Alex, I've designed this program with that kind of fairness in mind."

"Explain," asked my wife, eagerly listening to my mom.

"I work with sex models every day," she started, "I know thousands of big hard fertile cocks that would be here in an instant to have rough wild sex with a gorgeous young woman like you, Alex. But I picked these three specifically because they're more than hard cocks. They're instigators."

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"I'll get to that later. You tried to fuck your wife just now, and you failed miserably. This failure means that she's earned the right to seek outside help. And so Alex, if you consent, you're welcome to try your hand at fucking cock number one. And he's going to give you the pleasure of a lifetime, while you, son, sit right there and watch. But let's say the odds are with you. With a fertile cock like this, there's maybe a 35% chance that she gets pregnant. But if she doesn't, the next day, son, you get her back. You get to try again. But if you fail, out comes cock number two, and so on. All the way to cock number three. Because by cock number three, son, the odds are no longer an issue. She will have gotten pregnant somewhere along the line."

"Mom, this is sadistic," I said.

"No it's not," Alex answered, "It's perfect. Because maybe watching what you're missing will finally give you the balls to rise up and fuck me like a man. Maybe you'll learn something."

"Exactly, sweetie," my mom said, "And I've arranged the cocks in just that way. From a cock that will make your rage boil at having to raise his son, all the way to the worst person you could imagine."

"Who?" I yelled at my mom, "Who is on that list?"

"Nope!" she smiled, holding the folder tight to her breasts, "This list is private. You get to see them as they unroll."

Alex stood up, standing naked before my mom.

"Well, let's see the first one, at least," she said, "It's time, isn't' it?"

"Not yet," my mom said to Alex, "We have time. Let's spend the afternoon enjoying the ocean, and we'll reveal tonight's entertainment over dinner."


My mom stood up quietly and left us alone in the cabin. Sitting next to my beautiful wife, I burst into tears.

Alex rolled her eyes. "Seriously?"

"How could you do this?"

"Calm down," she said, patting me on the back, "I'm sorry if I was cruel. I guess your mom can have a certain effect."

"You were horrible!" I yelled, "Talking about all the cocks you've had, and how inadequate I am."

"Oh honey," she said, patting my back further, "You see, I really mean it when I say I don't want a divorce. You're not a bad guy, baby. You're just not a satisfying lover"

I looked up at her.

"Marriage is a messy, complicated, crazy thing," she told me, "And each one is different, each one is unique. Maybe our marriage isn't sexual. Maybe it's just a man and woman who enjoy each other's company, but never fuck."

"I don't want that kind of marriage," I told her, "I don't want you to fuck these guys and have me raise their children."

"Well," answered my wife, "You better hope your 65% odds are working, and that you do well in your next chance." With that, she stood up and walked onto the deck.

In the late afternoon, we docked at a secluded island on which my mother had a cabin. Alone on the beach, she continued to tan until we all retreated inside for dinner.

I sat with my mom in her room as she got dressed for dinner.

"Please mom," I begged, "Don't make us go through with this."

"Oh hush," said my mom, removing her bikini top and bottom. I had seen her naked too many times to bother.

"Please, mom. I don't want other people to fuck my wife."

"You don't have an option anymore," she answered, her big brown tits dangling as she stepped into a long pink dress.


"Hush," she yelled, and that was the end.

My mom and I entered the dining room to find the table set with candles and plates of food, ready for consumption. But there were only two.

"Mom, what's up with this?" I asked, noting the number.

"Sit," she instructed, taking the seat beside me, "Eat, and watch."

As we both sat, the lights dimmed and the door in front of us opened. Coming out of the door was Alex, and when I saw her, my eyes nearly poppped out. She was wearing her hair in two sexy pigtails, long silver high heels shoes, but very little else. The rest of her body was covered in shiny silver sparkles, and a big silver bow was wrapped around her waist. The entire costume was immaculate, with her big pale boobs perky and bare, and her sexy behind pressed up from the heels. All together, she looked like the most amazing present any horny guy could ask for.

"Mom," I said nervously, "Really? Now? During dinner?" But she hushed me up real quickly.

Alex reclined on the couch in front of us, and out of another door came Lester, buck naked and sporting a monstrously hard erection.

"Cock number one," he introduced himself, taking big steps towards my wife with his raging hard erection. Alex sat up on the couch, smiling before opening her red lips wide, ready to take him in her mouth.

Really? I thought. Lester?! My mom's servant is going to impregnate my wife? I'm going to have to raise HIS children?!

My mom chewed her dinner as I watched in seeming slow motion as the big hard cock jetted between the open lips of my wife, disappearing as he pressed it deeper and deeper down her throat until she finally closed her lips around the warm dick and began to slurp.

I didn't dare touch my food as I watched Lester play with my wife's pony tailed hair and shove further his cock down my wife's eager throat. Alex was displaying a talent that I of course had never been able to see from her: a cock sucking fervor that demonstrated the lust she had been trying so hard to explain to me. She was worshipping the cock before her like a religious idol, licking it and slurping her thick saliva all along its impressive shaft.

Lester played his her boobs while she sucked him off, the boobs that I thought were mine forever. They looked so big and shiny as his grubby fingers played with them, saliva dripping from her lips and sticking down her cleavage.

She cupped his big balls with her hands, playing with their massive folds of flesh, and I imagined the heat of that massive sat as it swung back and forth in my wife's face and torso.

I eventually managed to take a bite of the food, but realized immediately that the hands that prepared my meal were the very same that were now pawing away at the big glittery boobs of my wife. Staring at Lester's wild hairy bush that was brushing against my wife's forehead, I searched through my casserole, dreading finding one of the long greasy black pubes in my food.

"Ohh, I'd like to come now, you pretty present," Lester smiled, rolling her pigtails around. Alex popped the cock out of her mouth and urged him to enter her pussy so that he could fill her up with his cream.

For the first time since dinner started, Alex turned her head to face me. She looked me right in the eyes and locked focus with me, staring me down as Lester took his slippery slimy cock and entered it right between her raised up legs.

In three pumps, Lester was finished. He convulsed her build up against my wife, shooting semen into the depths of her uterus, utterly annihilating her pussy with his creamy load. But then he stopped and pulled out his softening cock, sitting down besides her panting and lighting a cigarette from the table.

My wife let her legs down and closed her eyes, resting. She didn't seemed to have been fucked long, but you could tell from the look on her face that she was thrilled and satisfying. And from the look of the cum dribbling out of her pussy, possibly pregnant.

My mom had not finished eating, and so she said nothing as she continue her meal. Alex was just passed out there, resting with her eyes closed quietly, and Lester was smoking.

In a few minutes, when Lester had finished his cigarette, he stood up. His cock was no longer soft; it was back at its long raging hardness like before. As he advanced towards my sleeping wife's open pussy, my mom finally interrupted.

"What do you think you're doing?" she asked.

"Getting ready to fuck her again, ma'am."

"I don't know about that," answered my mom, "The rule said one fuck. If you deposited any more semen into her, now, that wouldn't be fair to my son here, would it?"

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