Three Alarm


"It feels so good. Don't stop."

"I ain't about to."

Karen rested her hands on the back of his head as he once more dived into her fragrant folds. Hints of the scent of her arousal tickled her nose. All the while, Leo's tongue flickered over her pussy.

The itch of Karen's next climax built quickly under his hungry assault. She absently thought that he must have paid attention to how she rubbed her clit, because he only rarely let his tongue slip beneath her hood when licking it. Her bud was too sensitive for direct touches most of the time, but the little shocking flashes when he did nearly took her breath away.

Karen unconsciously tugged harder on his head as she spiraled upward toward a peak. "So good. I'm going to come again."

"Mmm hmm," Leo moaned around her hood as he sucked and rolled the swollen bud below with his tongue.

Over and over again, Leo brought her close to the edge, and then pushed his tongue as deep as he could inside her to taste her bittersweet juices. Karen had just enough time to drift down from her peak before he would draw her back to the heights again. She whimpered and panted, begging for release. Every so often, he would peek up from between her legs, meeting her eyes with a knowing expression.

The constantly teased and denied orgasm inside her grew to a steady, almost painful buzz, taking complete control of her body. She shivered and twitched, the pace of her breathing rapid and ragged.

"Please. P-please. Make me... Make me c-come," Karen begged when the pressure became unbearable. A tight squeak punctuated her halting words when Leo looked up into her eyes one last time, and pulled back her hood.

Karen sucked in a long, loud, gasping breath as his tongue mercilessly flickered over her hypersensitive bud. Torturous seconds later, she screamed in release as the unleashed energy of her orgasm ripped through Karen's body. Her hands held him against her with almost superhuman strength, and another pair of screams tapered off into whimpers as the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced refused to let her go.

Had Leo not curled his arms beneath her legs just in time, Karen's violent thrashing might very well have tipped the chair over backwards. She released his head to grip the seat beneath her, her knuckles turning white from the strength of her clenched fingers. A bright red flush colored her face and chest, an outward manifestation of the incredible heat exploding within her.

He gave her no reprieve, drawing out her orgasm until she could no longer even vocalize her pleasure. He only relented when her rapid breathing slipped over the line toward hyperventilation.

Karen had no idea how long it took her to regain control of her body, or recognition of her senses. When she could at last see again, Leo still knelt between her legs, his smiling face covered in her juices. Karen laid her hand over her still quivering pussy, and cried out once more as the touch released another wave of ecstasy through her.

"Oh my... Oh my god. Oh, oh, oh my god. S-so... So..." She couldn't even describe the feeling, and instead tapered off into a quavering moan.

A growling chuckle rumbled from Leo's throat. "You like that?"

Karen took several panting breaths before she managed to say, "Oh yes. You... You're evil."

Leo stood up and leaned over her. Karen didn't even think twice about her juices coating his lips. She kissed him as hard as she could, considering her still labored breathing.

Leo straightened to stroke his cock, prompting a moan from Karen. She couldn't remember the last time that she'd reached orgasm twice in a row, and there he stood, hard and ready to make it three. Her eyes fixated on his hard organ, and she licked her lips. When she glanced up into his eyes, he understood the cue.

Karen managed to sit up, and then leaned forward to kiss the tip of his cock when Leo stepped forward. She swirled her tongue over the flared tip a few times, and then took him in. After a pair of sucks, she released him to lick the underside again while looking up into his eyes.

"Oh, baby," Leo groaned as she sucked him again. Her head bobbed slow and deep at first, followed by several quick, short strokes. She then took another long suck before licking the thick ridge running the length of his cock.

Karen basked in the feeling of him stretching her lips and throbbing against her tongue. Though she'd felt untouchably sensitive only a couple of minutes before, she soon felt a far different ache, deep inside her.

After a few more sucks, she let him slip from her lips and looked up at him to say, "God, I need you. I want to feel you come inside me."

Leo let out a growl and slipped his hands beneath her arms. Karen let him help her stand, and then gasped when he turned her toward the computer desk. She bent down to place her hands on the desk when he pushed on her back.

Karen looked over her shoulder as he moved in behind her and squeezed her bottom. "Ain't no way this is a thirty-seven-year-old ass," he said, and then gave her taut right cheek a playful swat.

The rapidly growing need Karen felt filled her voice when she sensually whispered, "I want you."

"Too fucking sexy," Leo said as he slipped his cock between her parted thighs to rub the tip over her curl-adorned lips.

"Mmm hmm. Mmm hmm," Karen encouraged him while pushing her hips back toward him.

"Been wanting this since I laid eyes on you," Leo said, and then pushed inside her.

Karen let out a loud groan as he penetrated her. If anything, he felt even bigger this time — and he was in control. His tip settled in her depths for only a fraction of a second before sliding back. He took her slowly, taking deep breaths with every push, reveling in her tight squeeze around him.

"Yeah, that pussy is nice and tight."

"Your cock feels so good," Karen responded, and then let her head hang down with a groan.

The speed of Leo's hips increased just a little, and his fingers dug in a little harder where he held her hips. She could feel every contour — every vein — filling her so full and caressing her walls.

Any hints of self-consciousness fled as his cock made her feel so good. "God — I've masturbated so many times imagining a big, strong fireman fucking me. It was never this good." Her intimate muscles clenched even tighter around him.

"Damn," Leo groaned when she squeezed him. "Fuck — you know how to work that pussy."

Karen squeezed him again. "You like that?"

"Hell yeah," Leo responded, and then gave her a few quicker pumps of his hips.

"Ah! Yes!" Karen cried out as the hot friction sent electric tingles running through her. "Oh, faster."

Leo shifted his stance a little, and increased the speed of his thrusts, now grunting from the effort.

"Oh! Oh yeah. Right there. Right there. Harder. Give it to me."

Leo did exactly that, the first tickles of his own eruption building in the buried head of his cock. "Damn, I love that sexy talk."

"Take me. Make me come. Fill me up," Karen continued to encourage him as she reached back to rub her clit.

A loud, sharp grunt burst from Leo's lips as he thrust hard into her depths, tugging her hips back toward him at the same time. Karen cried out as his cock penetrated even farther, just shy of bumping against her cervix. Her breasts began to swing as his body collided with hers, causing loud smacks to echo throughout the room. Her fingers moved faster over her bud, building the itch in the center of her pleasure and the chills shooting through her.

"Fucking too good," Leo growled as he pounded his cock home with all the power of his muscular frame. "Come for me," he continued, the strain in his voice letting Karen know that he was struggling against an explosion of his own.

Karen's fingers increased to blurring speed, the effort to keep them centered over her clit difficult because of how hard he was fucking her. "I'm getting close."

"Come for me," Leo repeated, his voice even tighter than before.

Karen's muscles tightened as orgasmic energy bubbled up for release inside her. Loud, inarticulate sounds tumbled from her lips with every hard thrust. "Going to — come. A-almost there. So c-close," she managed to force out.

Fighting with all his will against his own climax, Leo could only answer with a series of pained-sounding grunts and growls. He pounded his cock home, his cum threatening to erupt with every stroke. He let one hand drop to allow his pussy-slick cock to moisten his thumb. Almost at the point of no-return, he pressed his slippery thumb against the puckered iris of her ass.

Karen yelped in surprise, completely unprepared for his thumb violating her back door. The shocking stimulation pricked the swollen bubble deep inside her, and she loosed an ear-piercing shriek as she came.

"Fuck! Yeah — here I come."

"Come — in — me!" Karen squealed, a pause between each of the words, and punctuated by another loud scream. Her scream choked off into a croak when Leo's cock slammed into her hard enough to almost make her supporting hand slip out from under her. She could feel him swelling and pulsing in her tightly clenched canal.

"Yeah, there it is," Leo growled as he pumped her full of cum. He let out several grunts and growls, twitching from the ecstasy shooting through his body, and then added, "Still coming."

Karen's left leg trembled as if shaken by an earthquake from within. Her uterus rhythmically contracted with every wave of orgasm, and she imagined that she could feel the heat of his cum pooling deep inside her. She bumped her hips back at him, which resulted in both of them crying out in ecstasy. Leo grabbed her hips hard to hold her still, though his own twitches continued to send jolts through him as his cock slipped in her satiny sheathe.

For long minutes, the couple remained joined, the contractions of her walls causing him to throb, and his throbs setting her off again. Finally, Leo cried out, "Fuck," and pulled his over-sensitive cock free.

Karen let out a disappointed moan as cool air washed over her pussy, and let her head fall against the desk. She could already feel his cum dribbling from inside her to weigh down the fiery curls on her mound, and then to drip onto the floor below.

She didn't care in the slightest that she was dripping all over the floor. She might well have remained bent over the desk, her ass high in the air and her pussy leaking cum, but she knew that her son would be home soon.

Leo sat down heavily in the chair, his cock covered in a creamy mixture of their juices. Karen pushed upwards after a false start, and stood up to find her knees weak. Leo crooked his finger to beckon her to him, a weak smile on his face.

The kiss the couple shared this time was soft and languid. When their lips parted, Leo said, "I know. Your son will be home before long."

With a slightly sad smile, Karen nodded. "Thank you. I've never come like that before."

"I thought I was never going to stop coming," Leo agreed, and then glanced at the cream running down her thighs.

"I guess I won't have to fantasize about my handsome fireman from now on. I can just remember."

"Or we could just do it again," Leo suggested with a mischievous grin.

"Surely you don't want to waste your time with an old woman."

"You ain't old, and I could waste days in that pussy. You're a real woman, and you've got a fire inside you."

"Do you want to put it out?"

"More like make it even hotter."

"Mmm — stop tempting me. We need to clean up and get dressed."

Twenty minutes later, the pair stood at the front door — dressed and with all the evidence of their tryst cleaned up. Leo tore a piece off of the shopping list hanging near the door, and used the pen to write down his cell number.

He handed it to her, ran his fingers through her curly red locks, and said, "You just give me a call if you need me to come tame that fire for you — twenty-four-seven." He then pulled her into a brief, passionate, groping kiss.

Karen closed the door behind him and leaned against it with a shiver. She looked at the piece of paper in her hand and knew that Leo would be responding to a three-alarm emergency — soon.

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