tagBDSMThree by Moonlight

Three by Moonlight


You lead me into your flat and kissing passionately we fumble our way to your bedroom. Throwing the door open we stop kissing while I look around. You grin as I gasp in pleasure.

The room is sparsely furnished and is dominated by the bed. It stands in the centre of the room, solid wood corner posts arching overhead, hooks and clasps gleaming. I lean to stroke the sheets, for they are made of PVC and shine in the moonlight.

I turn to you laughing in delight. Then the laughter stops and for a second we watch each other silently before reaching for each other again, hands exploring our faces, necks, me pulling your t-shirt over your head, you undoing my blouse and pencil skirt. All I have on now is a leather basque with stockings, but when I reach for the clasps at the back you stop me.

Kneeling at your feet I undo your boots and kiss your feet, your legs as I pull down your trousers. I look up at you and run my hands slowly up and down your bare legs, not meeting your eye, instead watching your cock as it pushes against the cotton of your briefs. I go to kiss it but suddenly you are pulling me up by the hair so I gasp out in surprise and pain before you throw me forwards onto the bed, feeling the PVC cold against my breasts.

You’re dragging me up the bed and I squirm along with you. Kneeling on my chest you stretch out one arm and attach a leather cuff, which you clip to the post, the same with the other arm. I’m wriggling and writhing, intensely aroused, wanting you bad and purring for you. From under the bed you fetch a gag and my eyes widen when I see it – one side has a 3” dildo and the other a 7” one. Eagerly I open wide for you to slide in the 7”, but have to make do with the small one. Roughly you do it up tight behind my head, pulling the clasps until they bite in.

You kneel over me and you’re slapping me, calling me bitch, whore, cunt, slut, telling me you’re in charge, you’re going to use me and take me and play with me and make me please you, and I’m arching towards you silently begging, and you can see it in my eyes for you slap me some more.

Then you’re gone out of the room and I’m there in the moonlight alone, wriggling on your PVC sheets, just waiting for you, wanting you, needing you. The door opens again and you’re back, but not alone.

A girl stands beside you, and you indicate for her to come over to the bed. She crawls up between my legs, and I look up into her brown eyes. Slowly she slides her soft fingers inside the cup of my basque, untucks my breasts and leaning down tugs my nipples with her teeth, nipping them as you slap her ass, making me cry out with pain.

She looks at you enquiringly and when you nod she crawls further up my body and kneels over the dildo, playing with herself, rubbing it against her cunt as I look up at her, the moonlight shining on her breasts like white marble. Her juices start to trickle down the dildo and into my mouth as she writhes and moans, and then her thighs are against my face and she’s sliding down the dildo, gasping as it fills her up, and she’s so close to me and I want her so bad and I can’t touch her and it’s so frustrating.

But then I gasp again for I feel your hands on my ass, prying it open, and sliding in a long ridged vibe. One twist to turn it on and I’m straining upwards against the girl making her moan as the dildo fucks her harder. I’m spreading my legs for you now, as far as they’ll go and I feel what I’ve been wanting so bad, your tongue in my cunt, exploring, licking my clit, making me scream round the gag.

Obviously too much pleasure there, for you stop again and instead I feel your cock filling me up, and I’m totally trapped, totally taken, used, ridden for your pleasure. The girl is playing with herself and screaming now, you’re thrusting harder and harder, and the intensity is so immense it’s blowing my mind, with the vibe filling up my ass too. I’m screaming and laughing at the same time, riding the girl above me like you’re riding me, both of us your sluts, to please you, to be taken.

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