tagIncest/TabooThree Generations of Lesbian Lust

Three Generations of Lesbian Lust


Summary: An 18-year old discovers a shocking family secret and....

Note 1: This is a NUDE DAY 2018 Contest Story so please vote.

Note 2: A few Spanish terms are used in this story including:

Abuela: grandmother

Hija: daughter

Nieta: granddaughter

Coño: pussy (or cunt or twat, but not a polite term for female genitalia)

Puta: slut

Culo: ass

Corazón: sweetheart

Note 3: This story is dedicated to the real KIRA who requested the story.

Note 4: Thanks to: Tex Beethoven, Robert, Mangababy, and Wayne for editing.

Three Generations of Lesbian Lust

It takes just one moment for your life to completely change.

Just one moment when you're at the wrong place at the wrong time... or perhaps the right place at the right time.

I was working at a clothing store in the mall, saving some money for starting college in the fall. One Saturday, there was a break in a major water line and part of the mall was flooded, so the entire mall was closed.

So I got an unexpected day off. I was disappointed as I needed the money, but excited to enjoy a gorgeous summer day.

I went home, figuring I would take a swim and visit with Mama and my Abuela, who was down for two weeks in July like she did every summer since I can remember, when I walked into the most shocking thing imaginable.

It was then that I got the most unexpected revelation of my life.

I slipped out of my heels just inside the front door and headed up to my bedroom to change into a bikini... it was 90 degrees and the sundress and pantyhose I was wearing for work was not good outdoor summer attire.

As I neared my bedroom, having to pass my Mama's room first, I heard words coming out of my Abuela's mouth that would shock any grandchild... or anyone else for that matter.

"That's it, baby girl, you still love munching on Mama's coño, don't you?" I heard in my Abuela's voice.

I froze in mid-step.

My mouth dropped open.

My eyes went wide.

I stifled a gasp as my Mama responded, my prim and proper Mama who had raised me to be a good girl, "Yes, Mama, I missed licking your delicious sweet cunt."


I had never... I mean never... heard my mother swear.

Not fuck, or shit, or even hell... and I couldn't even fathom a scenario where she would say cunt, and of course coño was just as bad.

Abuela scolded Mama, "You have a coño, not some cheap American cunt."

"Sorry, Mama," my Mama apologized.

Yet of course I could also never fathom the scenario I was unexpectedly listening to.

Who could?

Before I continue, I must highlight how 'ordinary' my family is.

We're best compared to lactose free vanilla... we're not even interesting enough to be vanilla... although I always wanted to be more caromel.

First, we're all plain looking. I'd like to think I have the quaint cute señorita next door look, except with an added twenty pounds... all in my tits, waist and ass. I credit that to my nationality: I'm Latina.

Both my parents were born in the República Dominicana, even my deadbeat papa whom I haven't seen since I was five.

So I have the requisite Latina big booty and big tits... and although I am not fat by any means, I'll never be mistaken for skinny. If you've ever have watched the online sensation Aliceafterdark, I look a lot like that physically. In other words Rubenesque, but livelier and sexier.

If I lived in any city in America other than Miami I would probably be considered an exotic and get lots of stares because of my Latina DNA, but in Miami Latinas are a dime a dozen and unfortunately I wasn't even shiny like a proper dime.

My Mama too is plain. I say plain like it's a bad thing... what I mean is we're cute, but just not in the same category as Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Selena or Shakira. I suppose no one is like those celebrity beauties, but my point is that we are average-looking Latinas.

My Abuela had scolded me for calling myself plain just this morning as I was heading to work after she complimented me on my cute dress (I've never taken compliments well). She stressed that all us Ramirez women are beautiful and exotic.

I never saw myself as either.

I was a wallflower in my massive high school, remaining mostly unnoticed.

What I did have, and what my mother and Abuela had too, was intelligence. I had scholarship offers to dozens of colleges and had decided to go to Brown University to get far away from Florida.

There I wouldn't be the generic Latina; no, I'd be seen as beautiful and exotic.

I know that type of thinking is ironic, but I've always been insecure, especially when I compare myself to many of my prettier, skinnier, classmates.

This insecurity led me to seeking attention through sex. I typically sucked a guy's cock in his car on a first date (even swallowing while he held my head on his cock and dominantly forced his load on me). But there wasn't ever a second date, which only enhanced my insecurities. (Was I not good enough? Did he just see me as some cheap puta?) I also once allowed two guys to tit fuck me at the lake (both of them coming on my tits and face, which I found humiliating) and I gave up my V card at prom to my date. (It had lasted less than a minute... a prom to remember? Fuck that!) I'd finished myself off in the washroom with my fingers).

Then as I was about to graduate it became apparent to me I was probably bisexual. I admired woman from afar... and all my experiences with men had been anticlimactic... literally.

I liked men, although they had spent my entire life disappointing me. My deadbeat father, my equally deadbeat and now dead grandfather who had walked out when my Mama was a little girl, and every boy I had ever dated.

On the other hand I had never been with a girl; was it the popular Joanna, perhaps the quirky Gloria or maybe mama's best friend Mrs. Gomez? In my quiet time those were the women I so often fantasized about. I wondered having no idea whether every girl I'd ever date would also be a disappointment to me like the men that had crossed my path so far.

When I watched porn, always secretly, it was usually lesbian... or would end up being lesbian after I first watched some straight porn... and when I read erotica it was always lesbian. When I jilled off I would imagine being seduced by an older woman or dominated by one of my peers.

It wasn't a race thing though... Joanna was white, Gloria black and Mrs. Gomez Cuban. No, I was attracted to personality... strong ones... because as a Dominican I was surprisingly docile... something my proud Abuela often gave me crap for.

"Get Mama off, my little puta," my Abuela was crying out as I continued to listen, my legs unable to move, my brain unable to think. Was what this sounded like really happening?

"Yes, Mama," my usually strong-willed mother responded obediently.

"Oh yes, suck on my clit," my Abuela moaned loudly, sounding like she was close to coming.

I knew I shouldn't.

I knew I should just turn and walk away, take a walk, try to ignore the heat.

But I was so captivated by what I was hearing, I had to look.

I moved my suddenly heavy legs quietly to Mama's room even as Abuela continued moaning loudly, "Oh yes, baby, Mama's so fucking close."

I reached the open door and paused.

Abuela screamed loud enough to wake the dead, sounding so much more real and raw compared to any of the porn scenes I'd watched, "I'm coming, my eager beaver!"

I couldn't resist peeking. I leaned forward just enough to see my Mama and my Abuela on the bed, both completely naked, with Mama buried between my Abuela's wide-spread legs.

Mama meanwhile had her knees bent close to her chest as she nodded her head up and down furiously, her naked big booty pointing right at me. Abuela's eyes were closed and her entire body was trembling, making her voluptuous breasts shake.

I watched in voyeuristic stunned silence at the shocking sapphic incestual act taking place before my eyes.

Abuela was shivering in the afterglow of an orgasm provoked by the tongue of my Mama... her daughter.

Mama continued to lick and lick.

Abuela eventually moaned, this time softly, "Yes, baby, lick up all of Mama's coño cream."

Coño cream, I thought to myself, that's a new one!

I kept watching until Abuela opened her eyes a minute later and looked directly at me.

They widened.

I jerked myself back away and leaned against the wall, frozen like a statue.

Abuela observed, "You obviously have missed your Mama's boxed lunch."

Boxed lunch, I mused, Abuela was quite the witty lesbian.

"Mama, I wish you lived closer so I could dine between your legs every day," Mama answered.

Hearing my Mama speaking to her Mama in such a way was so bizarre.

"Ready to get that tight twat of yours fucked?" Abuela asked, as I continued to listen, unable to sneak out like I knew I should... I was completely captivated by what I was hearing, what I had briefly witnessed. And Abuela obviously knew I'd seen her come, and likely assumed I was still listening, but she just continued as if I weren't there. Did she want me to listen?

I mean I had read a few, okay more than a few incest stories, even mostly lesbian incest ones, those really turned me on, but I had never considered my Mama or my Abuela in such a way... I just liked the taboo nastiness of the idea. Forbidden sex was a turn on.

But also I wanted to be seen as more than a plain Jane.

I wanted to be seen as Abuela described me: beautiful and exotic.

As I reflected on this, I realized the only people who had always made me feel beautiful were the two women currently in the throes of taboo incestuous lesbian sex... and I couldn't deny the obvious truth... my panties were drenched.

Mom answered, "Yes, Mama, I need your cock in my tight neglected coño."

I couldn't resist, even with the risk of getting caught watching again, I had to see, especially because I was hearing Mom use some naughty Spanish words... coño meaning cunt, for example.

I again quietly moved to the door as Abuela said, "Beg for it, baby girl."

I turned to see Mama on all fours with Abuela fastening a big black strap-on onto her impressive but indeed Latina body. I admired her big booty and breasts. Her breasts were still impressively firm for a woman in her late fifties.

My first thought was, whose strap-on is that? Mama's? Abuela's?

I had bought a rabbit vibe on amazon and had it sent to my bestie Jillian as I sure didn't want my Mama to know... of course that little bunny paled in comparison to the mammoth toy I was staring at emerging from Abuela's hips.

My second thought was, like many of the videos I watched where older women seduced younger girls, my wish to be captivated by my Abuela.

My Mama begged, in a way so much more authentic than any video I'd watched, "Oh Mama, fuck your puta daughter's wet coño like you did all those years ago when you took my virginity."

Oh my God! I thought to myself, covering my mouth not to gasp. Abuela took Mama's virginity?

Abuela laughed, as she rubbed the cock between Mama's coño lips, "Your coño or that big culo of yours?"

Oh my God, the sequel, I thought to myself... Mama takes it in the ass? I'd wondered what it would feel like to have something in my ass, but I hadn't gotten up the nerve to try it. Sure, in porn films it looked amazing and the women went wild, but online stories had a vast range of experiences, and the pain aspect always scared me. In truth, I was a major pain wuss.

"I haven't had anything in my culo since last Christmas, Mama," Mama replied.

"Yeah, when Kira almost caught us," Abuela laughed, as she slid her cock into Mama.

"Oh God," Mama moaned loudly, as I recalled hearing Mama scream last Christmas and I'd rushed to her locked door and asked if she was okay, and she'd said she had just banged her toe. Apparently, the banging part had been true.

"Fuck me, Mama," Mama moaned as Abuela slowly moved in and out.

I didn't even realize I was doing it at first and I'm not sure when I started, but I was rubbing my own coño over my pantyhose.

"That's what I'm doing," Abuela chuckled softly.

"No, Mama," my horny Mama said, "I mean pound me, Mama, fuck me harder!"

"You're such an insatiable puta," Abuela said, as she obliged the request and my hand moved inside my pantyhose and panties, my own coño burning as much as Mama's must be doing.

"I love you so much, Mama," my Mama moaned loudly.

"I love you too, baby puta," Abuela returned the strange declaration of family love, during the even stranger action of family lust.

For the next few minutes I lost track of time; I rubbed myself, wondering what it would be like to be fucked that roughly... my sexual encounters having been impersonal and quick sex sessions since boys had the sexual stamina of a jack rabbit.

Suddenly Abuela turned to me, looked me right in the eye and smiled.

I was frozen in mid-masturbation, paralyzed by urgency and indecision as I stared back. Literally caught with my hand in my panties.

She asked, not me, but Mama, even though her eyes remained fixed directly on me, "So why haven't you seduced your own baby girl yet?"

"I want to Mama, but I don't know how," Mama answered, adding one more stunning shock to this bizarre day.

My eyes went wide as Mama added, "I'm not the seductress that you are."

Abuela kept slamming into Mama while staring at me, putting a finger to her lips to instruct me to keep quiet, and also a palm-down gesture to instruct me not to leave, "No, you're a natural submissive just like Kira is."

"Oh Mama, I'm so close," Mama declared, her head buried in a pillow... as I noticed I was being called a submissive. I'd always respected my Abuela and realized she was probably correct. She had just given me two silent orders and even though I didn't want my Mama to catch me like this, I wanted even more to obey.

"Do you want Kira between your legs licking your coño?" Abuela asked Mama, holding me in place through the sheer force of her eye contact with me, while fucking Mama furiously.

"Oh yes, Mama," Mom answered without hesitation. "More than anything else!"

"And do you want to taste that young ripe coño?" Abuela added, as she beckoned me with a forefinger to come to her.

I was unable to move.

"Yes, Mama, I'd love to bury my face in my daughter's delicious ripe coño," Mama admitted, before adding one more shocking revelation, "I often sniff her dirty panties."

"You really are a little puta," Abuela added, as she again beckoned, this time with a look that forced me to obey. That made me want to obey. I pulled my hand out of my panties and began walking to the bed as Abuela had ordered, as she slowed the pace of her fucking my Mama even though it was obvious Mama was near the brink of an apocalyptic orgasm, "Close your eyes, puta."

"They already are, Mama," Mama answered, as she asked, more like begged, "please let me come, Mama."

"Not yet, my baby girl," Abuela purred, as she slowed down the fucking even further.

"Mama, please stop teasing your dirty puta and fuck her coño hard!" Mama pleaded.

"I decide when you come, you bad girl," Abuela scolded, stopping completely, deep inside Mama.

"Yes, Mama," Mama said with a reluctant sigh.

"Now, slowly fuck yourself on me," Abuela ordered before adding, "but keep your eyes closed."

"Yes, Mama," Mama moaned excitedly, as she repositioned herself onto all fours and began riding the cock. If she looked back at all, she would see me.

I watched, completely captivated by what I was witnessing.

My Abuela grabbed my fingers out of my wet coño and drew them to her mouth. I watched in stunned silence as she sucked my wetness off my fingers... Never breaking eye contact with me.

"Can I fuck myself faster, Mama?" Mama pleaded, desperate to come.

"I don't know if I should allow that," she said, as she pulled the cock completely out of Mama and turned to me. "You still haven't given me my granddaughter as a pet."

I looked at Abuela and then at the wet cock that was almost level with my face as Abuela kneeled on the bed with me standing beside it. I then did what I knew she was expecting me to do, just as Mama answered, I took the cock, wet with my Mama's juices, into my mouth.

As I sucked on the cock, captivated by Mama's sweet taste and the naughty taboo act, Mama answered, "I'll have her begging to eat your coño before the day is done, Mama. Just please fuck your puta and make her come like you used to do every day."

"So you will have your adorable Kira eating my coño today?" Abuela asked, as I bobbed slowly on the strap-on cock attached to her waist... the coño under discussion literally inches away from my open mouth.

"Yes, yes, Mama," Mama pleaded, "I don't know how, maybe I'll just walk into her room and sit on her face... I mean you used to wake me up that way every morning."

I loved all the shocking secrets I was learning, as Abuela pulled the cock out of my mouth and laughed, "Yes, I called it the alarm snack."

"Best wakeup call ever," Mama admitted, as she felt her Mama's hands back on her hips.

"Now keep your eyes closed and roll onto your back," Abuela demanded.

"Yes, Mama," Mama replied, as she obeyed without hesitation, spreading her legs instinctively... unaware she was showcasing her wet coño to her daughter.

I, Of course, stared at it in awe.

It looked so inviting... glistening with my Mama's own wetness.

I had tasted my own coño juices off my fingers or a cock, but never had I had the opportunity to lick one for real and taste a woman's cum directly from the source... and after tasting her wetness on the fake cock I was more than ready to do just that.

Abuela pointed to the junction of Mama's spread legs, raised an eyebrow and I nodded, climbing onto the bed and crawling between Mama's legs.

I knew this was wrong... at least society said it was, yet all I felt was eager lust as I extended my tongue and began licking my Mama's very wet coño.

"Oh Mama," Mama moaned, "you almost never do this!"

Abuela didn't respond as I felt her hands slowly, quietly, trying to rip open my pantyhose. After a brief resistance, my pantyhose ripped as I wondered if Abuela was planning to fuck me with her strap-on... God, I hoped so!

I tried to focus on Mama's coño, which tasted so good. She was so wet. And as I licked, parting her coño lips she moaned loudly, "Yes, Mama, lick my coño, eat your puta."

I loved that Mama was actually telling, even begging me to eat her. As I obeyed, exploring her coño, provoking more wetness and moans, I felt my panties tugged aside and then hands on my hips.

Abuela moved her cock to my coño and asked loudly, commanding Mama's attention, "Who wants to get fucked by their Abuela?"

At the question, Mama opened her eyes... Abuela wasn't her Abuela... and gasped as she saw my wet face between her legs.

I answered without hesitation as I looked straight at Mama, "Your nieta needs your big cock, Abuela."

"Oh my God!" Mama exclaimed, as she watched her daughter and her Mama.

I repeated the same words, "Oh my God!" as Abuela slid the cock inside my wet coño. "Yes, Abuela, fuck your nieta!" I moaned loudly, as I continued to look into Mama's eyes and added, "make me your dirty puta just like my Mama is!"

"Mama!" Mama cried, "¿Que esta pesando?" (What is happening?) bewildered by what she was witnessing... looking as shocked as I must have looked when I first saw the two of them. Apparently it was one thing to talk dirty about making me her puta and another to actually go through with it.

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