tagFetishThree Old Tarts and a Sissy

Three Old Tarts and a Sissy

bySissy Adele Howells©

At 50 years old, I have started to have kinky thoughts about older women. This fantasy that I am about to narrate to you concerns three neighbours of mine. Between them their ages total 200 years. They have found out that I'm a kinky sissy, but this seems to make them crave for more sexual activity. The eldest of the three Joan Harries, encourages the other two to be slags. Joan is 70 years of age, but is a stunner. She won't say no to an orgy. Allow me to describe these beautiful black widows.

Joan Harries is the smallest out of the three, with short, blonde hair. Joan is certainly not the prettiest, but has more sexual experience than the others. Her large nose is the most prominent feature on her face. Joan has been married twice. Her late husbands Jack and Graham could not keep up with Joan's sexual appetite.

Diane Bennett is 65 years of age. She is tall , also with blonde hair, but longer than Joan's. The love of her life Roy Bennett died twenty years ago. Diane has a very wide mouth, which is at its finest when she smiles. It reminds me of a letter box. Would enjoy posting my cock through it. Her son Simon is a friend of mine. She has a daughter called Nikki and an 18 year old grand daughter, Francesca. Diane has such a sweet ,kinky voice. I love her very much.

Sonia White is also 65. Sonia makes up the three blondes. Sonia is the prettiest out of these mature women. She tends to wear heavy makeup. Her bright, red lipstick is thick against her kissable lips. Sonia was married to Arthur. Since his death, about 8 years ago, she has been desperate for sex. Her daughter Sian is a few years younger than me.

Picture the scene, sitting on the back seat of Diane Bennett's car. On the front seat next to Diane is Sonia White. Sitting next to me is a sex mad 70 year old women. Joan Harries was wearing a white trouser suit. To my horror, I was dressed in a frilly, pink, short, satin dress, with matching pink tights, I could feel the softness of my pink, frilly, satin panties. Joan put her makeup mirror in front of me. I could not believe it, my face was the spitting image of the singer Charlotte Church aged 18.

"Hi sissy Charlotte, well babe I think you look a pretty, welsh slut," said Joan, as she sucked on a hard boiled sweet.

"Am I really Charlotte Church, Auntie Joan?" I said in a quiet voice.

"Yes babe, sissy Charlotte Church, my kinky welsh twat," said Joan.

I was falling in love with Auntie Joan Harries. Joan picked her large nose, as she sucked her sweet in a provocative way. Sonia turned around, smiling at me through her caked, red lipstick lips.

"Hello Charlotte, I'm your Auntie Sonia, you're the same age as my grand-daughters Emily and Jemimah," said Sonia in her sweet ,high pitched voice.

"That's funny so is my grand-daughter Francesca, all eighteen, begging for kinky sex with each other," laughed Diane.

"Why not sing for us Charlotte, you have such a beautiful voice," teased Joan.

To my amazement, I found my self singing in my Charlotte Church operatic voice. Auntie Joan tied my hair in bunches, with pink ribbons, to show her thanks. Auntie Joan moved closer to me, pulling my head against her white, satin blouse. My face was now squashed against her bouncy breasts.

"You are a lucky girl Charlotte," teased Sonia.

"Yes I am Auntie Sonia, I love you Auntie Sonia White," I replied pathetically.

" You must have some kinky crushes on some women in the entertainment world Charlotte," said Joan.

"Oh yes Auntie Joan, I have a crush on the Prime Ministers wife Sherrie Blair," I said blushing.

Joan Harries laughed, as she unbuttoned her blouse. I licked Joan's white brassiere. Joan lifted my head up, I watched her pull out a slimy bogie from her right nostril. Joan was the sexiest 70 year old women, I had ever seen. Joan smeared the bogie over my lips. Joan pulled a green bogie from her other nostril. Feeling an erection inside my panties, I begged Auntie Joan to stick her snobby finger into my mouth. Joan gave me what I wanted.. I chewed her bogie in my mouth, swallowing it with pride. Diane parked the car outside a local shop, so that everyone could see us. Joan unclipped her brassiere. Her large breasts fell against my face.

"Come on Charlotte babe, let Auntie Joan breast-feed you," said Joan.

"You 18 year old sluts are all the same," said Diane smiling.

Joan Harries looked so proud as she breast-fed me, her warm ,sweet milk poured into my mouth. I sucked her nipples as hard as I could. Joan lifted me up for air every few minutes, wiping my lips with her snotty, crumpled, paper hanky. Joan Harries had me in the palm of her hand. There was no escape, not that I wanted to run away. I was in love with Auntie Joan Harries. A fantastic women, still sexy at 70. I was unaware as I was being breast-fed by Auntie Joan, That three women that I knew well were, watching through the car window. One of these was Jean Chaplin who was in her early 70's. She was a small women with a chubby, round face. Her large, squashed nose, did nothing for her plain, ugly face. I had always had a kinky fantasy of fucking her and her daughter Sue Walkey. That would have to wait. Auntie Joan's breast- milk was far more important.

"When you have finished, there are two, fresh, cream cakes in the bag opposite you," said Diane.

"I'm sure we will find some kinky use for them," laughed Joan.

"My Roy used to cream a lot, especially when Nikki came home in her school uniform," said Diane.

"Ok Charlotte have a rest from my milk, take my sweet from my mouth , taste Auntie Joan's saliva," taunted Joan.

Joan forced her crimson lips onto mine, She transferred her well sucked sweet from her mouth to mine. Sonia giggled like a schoolgirl. I was now getting very excited. Chewing Joan's sweet while watching Jean Chaplin outside the window. Jean picked her nose especially for me.

"Force that cream cake into my face Charlotte," ordered Joan.

"Yes Auntie Joan, oh look its all over your nose and lips," I said.

"Lick it off Miss Church, you kinky granny fucker," shouted Joan.

As I licked Joan's face, she stuffed some of the cake into her mouth, spat it into her hand and forced the gooey mess into my mouth. I licked her nose, darting my tongue up her snotty nostrils. Joan screamed with sexual pleasure. Then we started kissing sloppily, as I opened the front of Joan's white trousers, revealing her white, frilly panties. I was now on top of her, still wearing my pretty dress, but my pink panties were round my ankles.

"Fuck the filthy prostitute," chanted Diane.

"I think you have an important question to ask me first," said Joan.

"Will you marry me Auntie Joan Harries," I asked her.

"Of course I will sissy Charlotte Church," she replied happily.

I stuck my cock between Joan's legs, shafting her on the back seat of the car. Diane and Sonia clapped their hands, as Joan and I made love. I picked Joan's nose with both my fingers, then exploded my semen inside her.

Joan Harries at 70 was a fantastic shag, being married twice had made her into a kinky fucking machine. Diane and Sonia promised to be our bridesmaids. I wanted to chose my wedding dress. My main aim in this fantasy world, was to make Joan Harries pregnant, giving her the daughter she never had. I wanted to achieve what Jack and Graham could not manage. We were still shagging as Diane drove us back to her house.

Don't miss the next episode of my kinky adventures with three old tarts. Diane Bennett would soon realise that Roy was nothing compared to me. As you for you Arthur White, your pretty wife Sonia will be fucked to death. For my wife to be Joan Harries, there would be no rest. If I could I would fuck Joan every minute of my life. Her sister Beryl Sullivan would have been proud of her.

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