tagLesbian SexThree On One!

Three On One!


THREE ON ONE! - Nan's First Lesson, Sure is fun!

Nan was really mellow, from drinking four beers. Everyone else had only had two. Nan, shy as she was, was really excited from the stories the other girls told, and from what she had seen in the movie.

Viki spoke, "Let's all go to the bedroom. I'm glad Paul's bed is a king size."

Nan said, "Okay, but I have to go to the bathroom first."

Nan stopped at the bathroom and the other three girls went into the bedroom. Betsy turned the covers down. Viki moved the two pillows down to the middle of the bed. Susie went to the closet, and came back with the soft straps she and Paul had used to tie Betsy down.

Susie spoke, "I love that Paul's bed is a heavy old four-poster!"

Nan came into the bedroom. The others were waiting for her like little kids at Christmas. Ready to unwrap their new toy!

Betsy spoke, "Come here, Nan, we need to get your PJ's off."

Nan walked over to them. Betsy pulled Nan's top off over her head, without bothering to unbutton it. She turned Nan around, and backed her up to the edge of the bed. She then pulled Nan's pajama pants down to her knees. Next came her plain white cotton panties.

Betsy said, "Okay Nan, sit down so I can get these off."

Nan sat down on the bed. "It's a good thing we're all friends, and that I trust you all. I've never done anything before."

Betsy pulled Nan's PJ pants and her panties off over her feet. She looked at Viki and Susie. Without saying a word, all three stripped naked.

Viki said, "Okay, Nan, sit down on the pillows, and lay back."

Nan tried to stand up on the bed, but almost fell. Viki and Betsy took her hands to steady her, and sat her on the pillows. Nan sort of just flopped back on the bed.

Susie asked, "Okay, Nan. Are you sure you want us to teach you?"

Nan looked at Susie, standing there with the soft straps in her hand.

"Do you have to tie me down?"

"We don't have to.... But it'll be more fun if we do!"

Nan stretched out, spread-eagle on the bed. "Okay, go ahead."

The three girls had Nan stretched and securely tied down tight in nothing flat.

Betsy asked, "Where do we start?"

Viki answered, "I don't know about you, but I'm dying to play with her Double D's. They look really soft." She climbed on the bed, and started gently squeezing Nan's mounds of soft flesh.

Betsy got on the bed, and moved up to Nan's head. She said, "Nan, just relax, and let me show you how to deep kiss." She placed her lips on Nan's, which were slightly parted, and slipped her tongue in, just teasing and gently probing with it."

Nan moaned, "Uuummm. Ooohhh.

Susie got on the bed between Nan's widely spread legs. She lowered her face down to Nan's waiting pussy, and took a long slow lick, from as far down as she could reach, all the way to the top.

Nan reacted, "Uuunnnggh!" She couldn't really speak, with Betsy kissing her.

Viki started sucking on one pink little nipple. Nan groaned again.

The three girl's kept teasing Nan for about five minutes. She was starting to perspire, her breathing was short and ragged, and she was really squirming, pulling at the straps.

Betsy moved down to suck on Nan's nipple. Viki was still sucking on the other one.

Nan thought, "At least I can get a little breath now. But, Oh my God, they're finding nerves I didn't know I had."

Susie held Nan's outer lips apart with her fingers, and pushed the hood up to expose her clit. Nan's little button was poking out, engorged with blood. Susie put her lips tightly around her button, and started flicking her tongue up and down, just like she loved for Paul to do to her.

Nan exploded! "Uuunnggh! Ooohhh! Daaamnnn! Stop! It's too much!"

The girls ignored her pleas, and continued for a couple of minutes more. Finally they all raised up, and smiled at each other.

Nan was panting for air. She was speechless. Her body just kept convulsing for a couple of minutes after the girls had stopped.

"OOOHH! FUCK!!" She took a couple more quick breaths and said, "I've never used that word before! But, I've never had this done to me before either. Will you untie me, so I can let my muscles relax?"

Everyone grabbed a strap, and untied her. She rolled off the pillows, and sat up on the edge of the bed. She was still panting for breath.

Finally she spoke, "Will some one explain something to me?"

Susie asked, "What's that?"

Nan replied, "Why didn't we have this party a long time ago?!"

Betsy answered, "Maybe you weren't ready, 'til now. And maybe the beer helped you relax."

Viki added, "Maybe hearing our stories, made you want to try it."

Susie spoke, "Maybe you've been thinking about Paul, and how good his hands felt at the pool party. Now, being at Paul's, and on his bed, maybe curiosity just got the best of you."

Nan answered, "But he's not even here!"

Susie teased, "You told me he better not be here. Are you changing your mind?"

"Well, isn't it a girl's prerogative, to change her mind?"

"I suppose. I suppose you want me to share Paul with you, too."

"I'd be your best friend for life, if you let him be my first!"

"Well, I guess he can be your first guy. But we three were your first girls!"

"After I rest a little, can we change positions? I want to learn and experience everything. You've all just awakened a sex starved girl."

Nan wanted to watch and see just what it was that Susie had been doing to her. Viki laid down, spread her legs, and Betsy crawled in between her legs. Nan was sitting on the bed, leaning in from one side, and Susie was leaning in from the other.

Susie said, "See, Nan, this whole area is sensitive, but your clit is just loaded with nerve endings. As you get excited, it will fill with blood and poke out. The more you are played with, the more you will want to be played with. It's a wicked circle. Just watch while Betsy gets Viki going."

Viki spoke, "Hurry up, Betsy, I'm tired of just being talked about. I want to be pleasured!"

Betsy answered, "Oh, don't you worry. I'm going to get you started, then let Nan have her very first taste of pussy. Yours!"

Nan said quietly, "But I don't know what to do."

Betsy answered, "Just watch what I'm doing, then you can try it. Viki will let you know if you're doing it right, or if she wants you to do something a little different, she'll tell you."

Betsy started licking and occasionally nibbling on Viki's outer lips. Then she pulled them open with her fingers, and pushed her tongue as deep as she could. When she pulled her tongue out, she flicked it up and down over Viki's button, making Viki start to squirm and moan.

Betsy moved out from between Viki's legs and said, "Okay, Nan, your turn."

Nan hesitantly crawled in between Viki's legs. She put her face down close, but was just looking, not doing anything. She had never inspected a pussy up close like this, not even her own with a mirror.

Viki reached up and pulled Nan's face right down to her pussy. "Nan, I need you to lick me good. Go ahead. You know how good it felt when Susie was doing you. Now it's time for you to learn, and do me."

Nan took her first tentative little lick. Then another, and another. Viki started to squirm, and was giving her verbal encouragement. It wasn't long until Nan was really getting into it. Literally. Licking and probing with her tongue.

Susie said, "Suck on her clit, Nan. And use your tongue on it."

Nan pressed her lips down tight around Viki's button, sucked gently, and started moving her tongue back and forth, and up and down. She was really surprised when Viki had an orgasm, and got really wet, but she just kept licking.

Finally she stopped, to catch her breath.

Viki moaned, "That's pretty good for a first time. Thank you!"

Betsy said, "Susie, while these two rest a few minutes, let's you and I show Nan how to 69!"

Susie responded by laying down and spreading her legs wide apart.

Betsy said, "Nan, give me one of those pillows. This works lots better if the girl on the bottom has a pillow under her butt. It tips her pussy right up, making for easy licking."

Nan pulled one pillow out from under Viki, and handed it to Betsy.

Susie arched her back, lifting her butt off the bed, for Betsy to put the pillow under her. Betsy then straddled Susie's head, and leaned down.

Susie spoke, "There's only one problem with going 69. At some point, one or the other of us is not going to be able to keep doing it. But it's really fun to see who can get the other so wound up that they have to stop licking, and just let go and explode!"

For the next 20 minutes, Nan just watched, and was amazed at the sight she was seeing, and the sounds she was hearing from both of her friends.

Finally, Betsy threw her head up, pushed her pussy down on Susie's mouth, and screamed, "Ooohhh, Ooohhh, I'm going to cummmm!

Her body got rigid, her small breasts were hanging down with really pointed little nipples, and she was having trouble catching her breath.

Then, she just collapsed, laying down on Susie.

She finally spoke, "See, Nan. This is just one way girls have fun!

But, it's even better when a guy is doing you, 'cause you know how horny he's going to be for the rest of the night. A tongue being pushed into your pussy feels good... but a nice hard cock feels sooo much nicer!!"

Everyone snuggled up, four abreast on Paul's king size bed. They took turns reaching over to play with each others breasts, and once in a while would turn to kiss who ever was laying next to them.

After a while, Viki asked, "Susie, does Paul have a vibrator here, that he uses on you?"

Susie answered, "Yeah, we just got a new one. After our fun with Stuart, I told him I wanted to try a bigger vibrator than the one I have at home. I've only used it once, and damn it stretches me tight. But, Paul says that rather than make me looser, it will just strengthen my muscles, so I can squeeze him tighter."

Viki said, "Get it! We're going to show Nan what it feels like to be filled up!"

Nan exclaimed, "I don't know! I've never had anything in there bigger than a tampon. Won't it hurt?"

Susie reassured her, "Just try it. I'll do it for you, and you trust me, so you'll be able to relax and we'll just see how it goes." She jumped off the bed, and went to Paul's dresser.

"See, it's pretty big, but it's got a nice tapered shape to it. I'll use plenty of lube."

The others scrambled, moving so that Nan was in the middle of the bed, with two pillows under her butt. Her mound was pushed way up in the air. Betsy and Viki each one straddled one of Nan's legs, after they had spread them wide apart. Susie lubed the vibrator, and got between Nan's legs.

She spoke reassuringly to Nan. "I'm going to start with just one finger. When you're used to that, I'll add another. When you are used to all four of my fingers stretching you, then I'll switch to the vibrator."

As Susie started playing with Nan's cunt, slowly and gently stretching it with her fingers, Betsy and Viki leaned forward, and started playing with Nan's Double D's. Softly stroking the skin, then squeezing, then leaning down to suck on a hard, pink nipple.

When Susie had finally worked all four fingers into Nan, she pulled them out, pressed the end of the vibrator at her entrance, and very slowly, but firmly, eased it in about 6 inches, leaving about two inches for her to hold on to. The other two girls sucked real hard on Nan's nipples, and Susie flipped the vibrator switch up on high.

Nan was thrashing around on the bed, but with Betsy and Viki sitting on her legs, she really couldn't go anywhere. Susie started thrusting in and out with the vibrator.

Nan's orgasm was shattering! She opened her mouth, but no sound came out. Her was unconsciously holding her breath. Then she gasped, took in a big gulp of air, and went, "AAAGGGH! OOOHHH!

That's enough! I can't take any more! DAAMMNN!"

Her friends kept it up for about a minute, then stopped, letting her come back down from her high. Betsy and Viki moved over to just lay beside her, holding her, and Susie slowly pulled the vibrator out of her still spasming pussy.

After a few minutes, Nan spoke, "I'm so glad I came to this party. I'm really glad I CAME at this party. You three have really shown me what I've been missing. I'm going to have to play catch-up now. Susie, When is Paul going to be home?"

The other girls burst into laughter. They had just awakened their friend to a whole new world of pleasure.

Susie answered, "He'll be home Sunday evening. But, he's mine for a few nights. We'll set something up for next Friday night. Can you wait that long?"

Nan wrinkled up her cute little nose, "Well, I suppose....."

Everyone laughed again. It had been a wild night for everyone. They all just snuggled up in the king size bed, and drifted off to dreamland.

Author's note: The story will continue next week, with Nan's next lesson.

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