tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 003

Three Square Meals Ch. 003


The water cascaded over John's face in a soothing waterfall, washing the sweat and grime from his body. He stood still for a moment, face tilted upwards, enjoying the warm gentle streams of water from the shower as they splashed over his head. He had just spent the last several hours cleaning out one of the engine filtration units and the caked up layers of dirt were now swirling down the plug in the shower floor. He really hated doing that job, as there was no way of avoiding getting absolutely filthy cleaning out the carbon build up in the filter. Still, it had to be done and in his euphoric post-orgasmic state he hadn't really minded so much.

"Tap, tap-tap, tap."

A light tapping on the shower door brought John out of his soothing reverie. The door opened tentatively and Alyssa's tousled blonde head appeared through the steam.

"Mind if I join you?" She asked with a mischievous grin.

"Be my guest!" John smiled reassuringly and pushed the door open wider to let her in.

The young girl stepped forward into the roomy shower, as the door swung closed behind her, the steam swirling in her wake. She moved closer, invading his personal space but not actually touching him, their bodies only an inch or so apart. The pretty girl's face was tilted upwards to look at him, the playful smile never having left her lips and now joined by a raised eyebrow that seemed to challenge him to initiate contact between them.

John laughed and brought his arms around the petite girl in a welcoming hug. Alyssa's giggles were muffled in his chest, but the lovely melodic sounds of female laughter reverberated around the shower when he tickled her for her cheekiness. He eventually had mercy, and Alyssa's arms encircled his ribs returning his hug. They stood like that for several moments, both enjoying the closeness and physical intimacy.

"Well we better get you cleaned up!" John said to the teenage shower intruder.

He uncoupled one of his arms from behind her back and cupped his hand under the cleaning gel dispenser.

"Shhlup!" The machine responded helpfully, as it plopped a dollop of soapy gel into his waiting hand.

John stepped back from his young guest and lathered up both hands, before bringing them forward to glide over her shoulders. Her skin felt delightfully soft and warm under his heavy hands. He massaged her shoulders briefly before moving around to her neck. Alyssa tilted her head back to keep her hair out of his way, exposing her throat trustingly.

John cupped the back of the girl's head supportively with one hand, as he stroked the soapy gel down her slender neck with the other. With her head tilted backwards, it was easy for them to maintain eye contact and an unspoken conversation seemed to pass between them.

"My cock belongs in here." his gently massaging hand implied.

"Yes, whenever you want." her eyes confirmed.

John's cock rose to full firmness, like a sleeping behemoth awakening from its slumbers.

Still supporting Alyssa's head with one hand as she gazed up at him, John brought his other hand lower, gliding down over the girl's chest. He enjoyed the feel of the soft flesh of her tiny breasts, and the pert hardness of her erect nipples as his hand explored her upper body. It might have been a trick of the light in the shower, but the girl's skin didn't seem to be quite so ghostly pale any more, having adopted a much healthier pinkish hue. He figured it must have just been her skin reacting to the warmth of the shower.

His hand slid lower, skating down the girl's chest over her ribs. Her body felt firm, youthful and full of vitality, no longer the emaciated waif he had met initially. John's hand stroked her slim tummy which had now reverted back to its normal size and he admired the expanse of perfect, blemish free skin.

"Now it's time to do your back." he murmured, as he rotated the teenager away from him to face the wall.

Alyssa looked over her shoulder at him, her gaze heavy with lust. She placed both hands against the wall and spread her legs slightly, before turning away from him as she stood waiting expectantly.

John lathered up both hands again as he loomed over the submissively postured teen before him, the difference between their physical size quite pronounced. He placed both hands on her shoulder blades, before running his hands down her back, following the path of her spine. The comfortably warm gel let his hands glide effortlessly over her body, as he gently massaged her soothingly.

John sank to his haunches behind her, bringing his face level to the girl's lower back. Alyssa's bottom seemed to have also filled out nicely, forming two perfectly spherical globes that sat proudly above her toned thighs. The water cascading from the shower ran down her back and then slid between the two wonderfully pert orbs. John reached out to take a cheek in each hand, feeling the firm, pliant flesh beneath his fingers. He massaged her with his strong hands, eliciting contented sighs from his young companion. The sighs turned to an excited gasp as John spread those delicious cheeks apart, exposing her to his greedy eyes.

The girl's nether hole was tightly closed, looking pink and virginal as he gazed at her lustily. Below, the neat labia of her pussy had parted slightly, looking wet and inviting. He was sure that wetness was not just from the shower.

John relaxed his strong grip on her cheeks, letting them move back into place and obscuring the tantalising view from sight. He let each hand slide out and then down, following the outer contours of her body. Alyssa's legs had filled out too. They felt wonderfully muscled and firm under his exploring touch and the skin of her creamy pink thighs felt incredibly smooth under his sensitive fingers. He finally reached the end of those legs, his hands moulding over her shapely calves. He could see her tiny feet shift underneath her, her toes gripping the shower floor to try and retain her balance under the sensory overload of his touch.

John raised himself back up to full height again before moving slightly around to the girl's side. Alyssa tilted her head to her left to watch his face, as his right hand cupped her bottom again, while the left hand slid around and over her tummy.

"Yessss!" the teenager hissed as his left hand slid lower, his finger parting the lips of her pussy. He brushed her clit with the base of his index finger triggering a gasp from the girl. John massaged the lips of her pussy, 'accidentally' gliding over her clit from time to time.

"Ohhh." Alyssa moaned as John's right hand slid down from her trembling buttocks, to replace a finger in her tight young pussy. John began to strike up a steady rhythm of in and out strokes with the finger of his right hand, whilst circling and gently rubbing her clit with his left.

Alyssa panted, the trembling in her nubile young body growing more pronounced, until she threw her head back and came hard, her eyes squeezed tightly shut. She screamed explosively as John worked her to fever pitch, her back arched in a perfect graceful curve.

John supported her in his arms as the trembling girl gasped out her pleasure. He enjoyed feeling her body grasping his finger tightly, as her pussy convulsed around him. He slowly withdrew that finger from her snug hole, before moving it an inch higher and gently encircling the teen's rosebud.

The unfamiliar sensation roused the blonde girl from her post-orgasmic high and Alyssa looked up at him nervously.

"I've never...." she blurted out between laboured breaths.

"Shhh, it's ok, I'm not going to hurt you." John replied reassuringly.

Alyssa nodded tentatively, giving him permission and John moved his finger slightly to massage the entrance to her back passage. He began to apply gentle but insistent pressure to her anus and with the help of the unctuous lubrication from her pussy, he was able to part the tight muscles of her sphincter and slide in the tip of his finger.

The girl's body was rigid with anticipation, so he stroked her clit again and whispered to her comfortingly. "There we go, just relax, I'm not going to hurt you".

Focusing on his soothing voice, Alyssa made a visible effort to relax and the tension dissipated from her rigid shoulders and back. John maintained the distracting stroking of her sensitive clit and the girl began to moan again in pleasure. Taking that as a good sign, John applied a little more pressure with his right hand and his finger slid an inch deeper into her body.

"Ohhh." Alyssa gasped, feeling him invade her unplundered depths.

"Is that ok?" John asked.

"Yes, it just feels a bit... weird." Alyssa panted, her young body distracted by the smooth rubbing of her nubbin.

John slid his left hand further under her, slipping his index finger into her now vacant pussy. Alyssa's eyes bugged out, feeling her body being double penetrated for the first time. The two fingers provided a steady unrelenting rhythm, which the teenager was helpless to resist. John's hand brushed her sensitive and swollen clit as the finger of his right hand pushed into her ass past the second knuckle. Alyssa's legs were trembling violently as he stroked his fingers in and out of her primed young body.

"Oh my god!" she shrieked, as the thrusting fingers brought her to an explosive orgasm. John's finger puppet grasped his invading digits in a fierce grip, as he stroked her to an intense, mind melting climax.

John allowed the girl's laboured breathing to return to normal as she recovered from cumming so hard, before he gently removed his fingers from the secret places in the teen's body. He held her in a comforting embrace, stroking her back gently.

"That was amazing, I've never felt anything like that before." Alyssa sighed happily into his chest. She tilted her head back and parted her full lips invitingly for a kiss. John was happy to oblige and the two kissed passionately under the unrelenting flow of water.

"Come on, we better get out of here before we turn into prunes" John said, as he smiled down at the happy girl.

Reluctantly breaking apart their embrace, the two left the shower with the autosensing jets turning off behind them. John reached up to a locker to the side and brought out two luxuriously soft and fluffy towels. The locker was designed to gently heat its contents, so the towels felt deliciously warm and cosy as they wrapped themselves up in their downy softness. The couple moved into John's cabin and dried themselves off.

Alyssa sat on the bed drying off her hair, as John used his towel to finish drying off his legs. She was watching him with a smile on her face, as he straightened up and placed the towel back in the locker now he was finally dry. He turned to face her, his massive cock untended and forgotten, still throbbing with need.

"Oh John, I'm sorry!" Alyssa gasped. "You made me feel so good, I forgot about you."

John smiled back, waving away her concern.

"Come over here." Alyssa beckoned him, with her finger making a come-hither motion. She moved back on his big bed, making room for him to join her.

John settled down comfortably, grinning the grin of a man who knows he is on to a sure thing. He folded his arms behind his head, and spread out his legs to clear a space for his teenage companion. Alyssa slid smoothly over to kneel between them, before throwing him a mocking salute.

"Ship's cum bucket reporting for duty sir!"

John doubled over with laughter and Alyssa's musical laugh joined his own. She eventually pushed him back so he was leaning against the pillows again. Joking around was fun, but it was time for serious business. She leaned forward, grasping his mighty shaft with her delicate hand and tilted him towards her mouth. Her plush lips opened invitingly and enveloped his broad head.

"Your mouth feels so good." John sighed contentedly as his chuckles were brought to an abrupt end.

His cock felt very sensitive after the extended foreplay in the shower and her tongue felt amazing as she swirled it over the powerful maleness filling up her mouth. Alyssa made no move to take him any deeper, she just focused on the head, licking and then sucking eagerly. The pretty teen looked up at him, maintaining eye contact as she watched his reaction to her oral attentions.

Gearing up for action, John's balls helpfully provided the young girl with a sweet tasting surge of pre-cum. Alyssa's throat bobbed as she swallowed it down, savouring the sweet tingling aftertaste on her tongue. Her eyes began to glaze over, her lovely blue eyes beginning to hide behind her eyelids which had begun to feel unbearably heavy. Suddenly Alyssa leaned back, releasing his throbbing scarlet crown from her mouth. The young girl shook her head with a furious shake as if to clear the fogginess from her mind, her blonde locks making a soft swishing motion around her face. She smiled up at John before moving back to envelop him again in the warm, wet confines of her mouth. Her piercing blue eyes transfixed his own eyes hypnotically, watching for his reactions to her lips and tongue.

"Well this is new!" John realised with a shocked start. He couldn't ever recall a girl shrugging off the irresistible effect of his pheromones before.

Alyssa momentarily closed her eyes, breaking eye contact as she tilted forward and swallowed his entire length down her throat in one long, smooth motion. Abruptly her eyes flew wide open and she tried to stare at the root of his cock, which was softly being massaged by her own pouty lips. This resulted in a hilarious cross eyed expression, which would have caused John to laugh out loud, if the girl hadn't rocked back on her heels, his cock swiftly abandoned by the comforting sheath of her throat.

"What the fuck!" Alyssa gasped loudly. The teenager wore a look of puzzled amazement. "I've never been able to deep throat before, my gag reflex was too strong!" She eyed his cock suspiciously "but now I'm able to suck down this monster effortlessly."

John's appendage throbbed angrily in front of her, annoyed at the cessation of activity.

"Erm... muscle memory maybe?" John stumbled for an explanation, having never really thought about this before. "You had no trouble the last few times, maybe your body remembered how?"

Alyssa stroked her neck with her free hand, a thoughtful expression on her face. She leaned forward, her cherubic lips opening in a perfect oval, before she engulfed him down to the balls in one long fluid move. She massaged his whole length wonderfully in the snug embrace of her throat, her lips kissing his groin. John watched as her hand moved to touch her neck, feeling where his swollen girth had forced her throat to stretch out wide to accommodate him.

The girl drew back again, slowly this time, as if savouring every mouth stretching millimetre of him.

"That was awesome!" She grinned ecstatically. "No wonder you were happy to have me aboard!" Alyssa smirked with amusement.

"Does every girl you've been with end up 'sucking your cock like a pro'?" her lips formed an obviously fake pout, as she quoted his comment from this morning back at him.

"Can we discuss this later please?" John pleaded. "I'm finding it hard to concentrate at the moment".

Alyssa nodded agreeably. She reached out to gently stroke his painfully swollen balls. "I'm sorry boys, you were waiting to give me dinner and I rudely interrupted." she purred.

"After all, that's what I'm here for isn't it? To keep you drained dry?" She looked up at John with a lust filled expression on her face. He could only nod in wide eyed amazement.

"You want to fill my tiny belly up again, don't you? Force me to swallow down a huge load of cum?" Alyssa enquired eagerly.

John could only nod again mutely, struck dumb by the new level of confidence in the excited teen kneeling before him. Alyssa moved forward to put her new found skill to good use. Moments later he was sliding deep into the silky smooth, snug embrace of her throat. Her tongue massaged him on the way down with its wet velvet caress, promising ecstasy at the end of his journey.

"Oooohhhh Fuck!!" John groaned out helplessly, as the teenager massaged his whole length in the muscular grip of her throat.

She had been correct earlier. All girls who gave him blowjobs had been able to eventually deep throat him before he fed them his cum. However this was wildly different. All the other girls had felt great, but there was a comfortingly familiar sameness to their blowjobs. Alyssa had shrugged off the dazing effects of his pre-cum and was now an active participant. The sensations he was receiving from the eagerly sucking teen felt wonderfully new, unpredictable and intense.

Alyssa had rocked back a bit and John found himself going from half sheathed to fully embedded over and over again. He was literally face fucking her, whilst just lying there having to do nothing other than enjoy the exquisitely tight grip around his cock. His incredible fellatrix paused on the top of her backstroke, looking him in the eyes again. Her pouting lips were stretched obscenely wide around his girth, but she was still able to provide an incredibly insistent sucking action.

Alyssa's eyes were lusty and inviting. He could sense her hunger, her eagerness to see him cum. How could he resist such a siren call?

"Aaaaahhhhh!!!" He bellowed, as his back arched and his orgasm blasted out of him.

If the pretty teen wanted to drain his balls dry, they were happy to accept that invitation and they kicked into overdrive. Long, heavy spurts of cum shot out of his balls, up his shaft and down the sucking teen's throat. Alyssa could feel each blast pass her lips, as his urethra expanded with each rapid evacuation of his balls. His spunk felt warm and filling as it settled in her stomach, quickly giving her the feeling of having eaten a huge meal as she swallowed what seemed like an endless explosion of cum.

"Uuummpphhh" Alyssa moaned excitedly, her throat stuffed with his cock. Her hand moved down to feel her rounded stomach as she felt her body making room for his enormous load. Her steadily inflating belly edged her hand lower, so that her fingers brushed her clit. It felt like she was on a hair trigger as she joined him in orgasm, her body trembling in ecstasy as he filled her up.

Finally John's orgasm abated and he collapsed back on to the bed, struggling for breath. He had never cum that hard before, not even close. Alyssa let his deflating cock slip from her mouth with a wet plop, a string of cum temporarily extending the link between his glans and her lips.

"Wow!" Alyssa gasped with wonder as she stroked her hugely inflated belly.

It looked like the girl had swallowed a beach ball. Her slim waistline had been blown out so much, a casual observer would be forgiven for thinking she was 9 months pregnant and rapidly approaching her due date. Her soft fingers traced the beautiful gracing arc of her swollen stomach down to her belly button. She was astounded to find it had popped out, as her teenage tummy had been forced to home his rich, sperm laden spunk and had run out of room.

John opened his arms invitingly, rendered speechless in the afterglow of such a stupendous orgasm. Alyssa waddled forward, weighed down by her taut cum bloated belly, before lying down carefully at his side and laying her head on his shoulder. John rolled them both so he was spooned up behind her, his strong masculine hand stroking her engorged abdomen possessively and protectively. Alyssa breathed a long sigh of previously unknown contentment as she lay comfortably in his arms.

They lay like that for a long while just enjoying the peaceful silence, before Alyssa rolled on to her back and looked up at him with her piercing blue eyes.

"John, would you tell me a little more about yourself please?" she asked tentatively.

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