tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 010

Three Square Meals Ch. 010


Alyssa looked down over her lovers and saw that she had their undivided attention. They listened to her eagerly, intrigued to learn more about the beautiful blonde girl they cared so much about.

"As you know, I grew up on Karron. It's a bleak inhospitable place, a massive asteroid that's been gradually hollowed out as the mines have dug deeper. Slums have built up in the old abandoned tunnels and there's thousands of people living there now."

Calara didn't know much about Alyssa's history at all, so she lay there enraptured by the tale. John nodded encouragingly for the beautiful blonde to continue.

"My mother died shortly after childbirth." she began. "My father was a miner and died in a mining accident when I was six years old." she said, continuing with her tragic tale.

"He was a good man, but we lived on the breadline even when he was working. After he was gone, I had nothing and no-one to turn too, so I was put in an orphanage." she said, her exquisite mouth twisting with distaste.

"In a terrible, dangerous place like Karron, there's no end of orphans and the orphanage was cramped and overcrowded. I stuck it out there for a couple of years, but the vicious bullying made it as bad a place to be as the streets, so I left."

"I tried begging and scavenging for a while, just barely managing to get enough food to stay alive. By the time I hit eleven and had started to physically mature, I learned I had to watch out for other kinds of predators." she continued grimly.

"When times got really bad, I..." she paused, struggling to go on for a moment. Calara got up and knelt at Alyssa's side, offering her a comforting arm around her shoulders. John laid his hand reassuringly on her leg, his heavy grip feeling warm, reassuring and supportive.

Alyssa continued haltingly, "...sometimes I did what I had to do to survive. Some men were nice, some weren't..." she shuddered involuntarily.

Calara and John were shocked. They had no idea their warm and bubbly young companion had experienced such a horrific start in life. John hadn't know his parents, but at least he had grandparents who had loved him dearly and had looked after him in his formative years. Calara's family were career military and she had had a strict but enjoyable upbringing, living with her loving parents and three older brothers.

"Anyway, I'm sure I would have ended up getting killed by some deranged miner, but that's when I met Sparks." For the first time in her tale, Alyssa's lovely face brightened.

"I was 14 years old when I first met her. Sparks was the same age as me and we ran into each other scavenging in a junk pile. Sparks is extraordinarily gifted at fixing and working with machines and she was looking for parts. I offered to help, having no idea what I was looking for and we soon became great friends." Alyssa smiled wistfully at the memories.

"Sparks was an orphan too, but her skills at fixing things made her useful to one of the gangs. She was kind of adopted by the Diablo's and she kept their gear in good shape in exchange for food. She used to share with me and in exchange I'd go collecting parts for her." she said fondly.

"I kept my head down and managed to survive, largely thanks to Sparks. I never had to... get extra money, ever again. Unfortunately one of the gangers took a shine to me... there was an incident and I had to escape. That's when I boarded your freighter John and now here I am."

John opened his arms for Alyssa, wanting to hold her in his arms and reassure her that nothing bad was ever going to happen to her again. The beautiful blonde smiled warmly at him, and moved in to cuddle up at his side, with Calara moving in to embrace her friend from behind. Alyssa could feel the brunette shuddering as she tried to suppress her tears at hearing her lovers terrible tale. Alyssa could sense overwhelming sadness tinged with heartfelt love and compassion coming from the young woman. The blonde reached back to stroke the Latina's leg comfortingly.

"Thank you for telling me your story Alyssa." John said gently. "I'm sorry you had such an appalling start in life."

The lovely blonde kissed him softly. "It wasn't your fault, you have nothing to apologise for. I appreciate your kind thoughts though." she said, smiling up at him lovingly.

"So what prompted you to tell us about it now?" He asked curiously.

"Well we're only a day from Karron now and I know we're going there mainly for more Tyrenium, but I wanted to ask you two if you would mind another passenger?" she asked tentatively.

"Another passenger, what do you mean?" John asked curiously.

"Sparks." Alyssa said succinctly. "I owe that girl my life and I think she'd make a great crewmember here. She's amazing with machines and I think she could be really useful."

"Besides... " she went on, her voice trembling with emotion. "I'd like to save her from Karron. She's too special to waste another day in that shithole."

John looked over Alyssa's shoulder and made eye contact with Calara, who nodded her agreement eagerly, a warm smile on her face.

"Who am I to argue with my XO?" John smiled at Alyssa playfully. "She is in charge of recruitment after all!"

Alyssa laughed gaily, relief washing over her as her musical laughter filled the room.

"Thank you John, it means a lot to me." she thanked him sincerely, her voice full of emotion.

"No problem." he smiled at her fondly. "Besides, look how well your last hire turned out!"

Calara grinned at them and they cuddled up together happily.

"Hey Calara." Alyssa asked. "Do you think we should be worried?"

"Worried, why?" Calara asked, suddenly concerned.

"Well John just agreed to expand our crew. Maybe us two aren't enough to satisfy him anymore?" the mischievous blonde said playfully.

"Hey wait a minute!" John cut in "I didn't mean it like that!"

Calara sat up and played along "Maybe we should show him we can still be his good girls and take care of him properly." she said to Alyssa. "We're sorry you had to miss an emptying the other day." she frowned in apology to John, gently stroking his quad.

The girls moved smoothly as one so that Calara was lying on her back with Alyssa astride her, their lovely firm breasts pressed together. They closed their eyes and presented him with two soft pouting mouths shaped into ovals.

John's denials died abruptly when he saw the gorgeous teenagers offering themselves up for him like that. His rapidly growing erection led the way as he shuffled over and sank into Alyssa's welcoming mouth, bottoming out deep in her accommodating throat. He held her head dominantly as he began to stroke in and out, delighting at the soft wet touch of Calara's tongue as she licked each of his balls in turn.

"You are good girls." he said earnestly as he pulled back out of the young blonde's mouth and then aimed lower and pushed forward into the exquisite tightness of Calara's proffered throat. He thrust his hips until her lovely lips encircled the base of his shaft, his balls hanging directly above her. Alyssa kissed his stomach tenderly and then sat up to kiss him on the mouth as he fucked the pretty brunette's face.

"Doesn't that feel better John?" she asked him rhetorically, before giving him a heated kiss. Alyssa enjoyed hearing his breathing get more uneven as he started losing control and she broke away from the kiss and looked him in the eyes.

"Now remember to share, we both want a nice breakfast." she said naughtily.

She lowered herself down again so her nipples were brushing Calara's and lovingly kissed his stomach, waiting patiently for his creamy load.

John panted as he got more turned on. He had not one, but two lovely teenagers eager to service him and now Alyssa wanted to add a third? That thought drove him over the edge and his balls tensed up, ready to deliver their hefty contents. He hunched forward as he came, holding on to Alyssa's shoulders to keep his balance.

The lovely blonde teen was looking down directly over Calara and she was fascinated to watch her olive toned neck throb in time with the jerking of John's cock, as he pumped his load directly into the gorgeous Latina's empty stomach. Alyssa could feel the brunette's toned abdomen start to rise underneath her own slim tummy, as spurt after heavy spurt rounded out the young girl's belly. She saw the bulge in Calara's neck begin to move back up and Alyssa knew excitedly that it would be her turn soon.

She moved down so her mouth was practically on top of Calara's, so John could switch girls without spilling a drop. His broad head was suddenly pushing at her lips and a blast of sweet tasting cum filled her mouth. She swallowed it down as his massive cock glided over her tongue and then began sliding effortlessly down her throat, his way lubricated by the slick layer of cum. Alyssa made sure he was deep inside her with her lips wrapped around his root and she suckled at him, coaxing him to empty every last sperm out of his balls and into her belly. She made sure to swallow continuously so that her throat would massage his length and heighten his orgasm.

John groaned as his taut balls finally stopped flexing, having released all their cum into the girls beneath him. He gently slid out of Alyssa's mouth and flopped backwards on to the bed, making sure he was in the middle so each girl could lie on either side of him. Alyssa moved to his right and Calara to his left as had become their custom and the girls snuggled up to him feeling warm and soft against his body. He noticed both girls were absent-mindedly stroking their gently rounded tummies, his enormous load big enough to comfortably fill both their stomachs.

Alyssa noticed him watching her and she looked up at him, staring into his eyes. "Just let me know John, whenever you're ready." she said invitingly.

"Whenever he's ready for what?" Calara asked curiously.

"Alyssa..." John said warningly, but of course the beautiful blonde ignored him completely.

"I told John that he can be a daddy whenever he wants." Alyssa explained helpfully.

"Wow, you're pregnant?" Calara asked, her eyes widening.

"No, no, not yet." Alyssa clarified. "When John decides he's ready, he just has to let me know and he can impregnate me."

Calara's thighs began to rub together as she grew excited "That's actually really hot!" she exclaimed.

"Have you ever thought about having children?" Alyssa asked innocently.

"Alyssa..." John said warningly. The mischievous blonde just smiled up at him impishly.

Calara looked contemplative as she thought it over. "I hadn't planned to have children until I was a bit older, once I had built up a successful career. I thought I'd eventually become tactical officer on a big ship and really be able to do some good, before finding the right man and falling in love. Then when we were ready, I'd have children then."

"Sounds like a good plan." John said encouragingly, seeing a chance to deflect where this was heading.

"Then again, I'm already on a huge ship doing good deeds and I've fallen in love with the perfect man!" Calara sighed happily. She looked up at him ardently "John, let me know when you'd like me to have your baby and you can get me pregnant too!"

John groaned helplessly. "I'm honoured Calara, truly, and I love you so much, but..."

Alyssa cut in "We could be pregnant at the same time! Can you Imagine, we'd both have baby bumps and then be mummies together!" She grinned happily at the brunette.

Calara squealed excitedly, climbing lithely over John to wrap Alyssa in a loving hug.

John thought to himself for a moment. "What's the matter with you? Just look at them for god's sake!" His heart skipped a beat when he sat up and looked at the gorgeous teens he loved so much.

"Ladies..." he said and both girls looked up at him expectantly.

"You are both stunningly beautiful girls and I love you more than anything in the galaxy. You are intelligent, kind and caring and would make perfect mothers for my children." John said honestly.

Two sets of doe eyes looked up at him adoringly and they sighed happily together.

"I think we should wait a little while, as you're both only just 18. I promise you though, I want to start a family with both of you when the time is right." he said, stroking their rounded tummies gently.

Calara and Alyssa moved swiftly to embrace him, their eyes filling with blissfully happy tears. They cuddled together feeling happier than any of them had thought possible before.

The rest of the day proved uneventful after all the startling revelations and declarations of love in the morning. The girls were good to their word and at lunchtime Calara knelt between John's legs eagerly sucking his cock, impatient for him to fill her stomach again. In the evening it was Alyssa's turn to be the vessel for his cum and she smiled at him contentedly after he gave her a huge load to keep her tummy warm that night.

They awoke the next day and dressed quickly before heading up to the bridge. The Invictus was about to arrive at Karron and they were all keen to see their destination after almost two weeks of travel. The cruiser left Hyper-warp and Alyssa plotted a course that would dock them directly with the mining colony.

There were only three available docking bays available at Karron and the Invictus was too large to fit into two of them. They had to wait 20 painfully slow minutes until a huge heavy freighter pulled clear of the last bay and headed off into the blackness of space. Alyssa skilfully docked the huge cruiser, guiding the ship carefully into the tight fit of the bored out tunnel that opened out into the docking bay. As the cruiser glided to a halt with the aid of retro thrusters, massive airlock doors creaked closed behind them and a force field sprung into place over the tunnel as an extra precaution against depressurisation.

"Ok then, let's get moving." John said to Alyssa.

They had decided earlier that Calara would stay back on the ship, to keep watch over their home. An assault cruiser was a whole lot more tempting that a small, worn old freighter like the Fool's Gold, so John was far more wary of leaving it undefended. Calara was disappointed not to be able to come along too, but she understood his reasoning and didn't make a fuss. She kissed her lovers goodbye, with warnings to stay safe and be careful.

"So where too first?" Alyssa asked John, as they exited the airlock in the side of the Invictus.

They had landed in a huge rough hewn docking bay, designed to load the hulking freighters that came to take away the thousands of tons of valuable ore that were mined from the asteroid. Loading equipment and Storage crates lined the darkened edges of the bay and loomed in the shadows, making the loading dock seem sinister and foreboding.

"I thought we could go and meet your friend." he suggested. "We've waited two weeks for the Tyrenium, a few more hours won't hurt."

The beautiful young blonde nodded eagerly and led him out of the docking bay through a towering set of doors and into the dusty and grimy spaceport that guarded the way into Karron. The couple were dressed in street clothes, as wearing combat armour and carrying assault rifles would have attracted too much unwanted attention. Going completely unarmed would have been foolish though, so they each carried a heavy pistol on their hips.

They crossed through the initial huge open cave areas, which housed the docking area and the mercantile district. There were no aliens to be seen here, the crowds bartering noisily around the bustling market consisted entirely of pale skinned humans, or "worms" as they were known to the less than polite visitor. John wove through the throng of people, following behind his beautiful companion as she skilfully navigated the crowds. She led him away from the central hub of the colony and soon the tunnels got smaller and more claustrophobic, as they wound their way deeper into the bowels of the asteroid.

John would have been completely lost without his infallible teenage guide, who seemed to know these tunnels like the back of her hand. His mind flitted back to her tragic tale of her life on Karron and his heart felt heavy at the thought of his wonderful girl having to go through so much at such an early age. They eventually reached Diablo territory, which he could tell by the red jacketed, pasty white gangers slouching insolently at every intersection.

"Aren't you worried someone might recognise you?" He whispered to Alyssa.

She turned slightly to face him, a gleaming white smile on her tanned face, her golden hair tumbling past her shoulders and down her back. She was a picture of vibrant health and beauty.

"Ok silly question." he said, grinning wryly.

Alyssa finally led him up to a closed steel door, flanked by two heavily scarred men in gang jackets.

"Hey chief, what do you want eh?" One of the ghostly pale gang members asked John, watching him warily.

Before he could speak, Alyssa cut in "We're here to buy some custom gear from Sparks, we don't want any trouble."

She handed the man a credit stick for one hundred credits "For your assistance..." she said, smiling disarmingly.

Powerless to resist such a beautiful woman bearing gifts, the ganger let them through with a casual wave of his hand. His dour faced companion punched a button on a wall mounted panel and the locks on the reinforced door clanked open and swung open for them with an ominous creak.

John followed along behind the blonde, the darkly lit tunnels reverberating with wolf whistles as she strolled elegantly past gangers. The flirtatious comments and whistling grew quiet in her wake as the gangers spotted John and eyed him suspiciously. They eventually reached a workshop cut into a side tunnel, the bright light from a welding torch casting dancing shadows through the entrance and on to the wall of the tunnel opposite.

"Hey Sparks! You got a moment?" Alyssa called out in a friendly, familiar manner to a small, wiry figure bent over a workbench.

The welding torch cut out a moment later and the figure stood upright, lifting the heavy welding mask from her face as she half turned towards them. John could see a pasty white face looking hopefully in their direction for a moment, before the hopes were dashed and replaced by a dark scowl.

"Custom gear's over there Blondie." she said dismissively as she waved a finger over at weapon racks on the wall before turning back to continue with her welding.

John followed the direction of the girl's pointing finger to see a surprisingly clean and well cared for set of weapon racks, filled with elaborate custom pistols and sub machine guns. The weapons gleamed in the dull light of the workshop, looking sleek and deadly. He walked over to look at them more closely and saw that the sinister looking black and chrome weapons were actually the work of a highly skilled gunsmith. He picked up a heavy bore pistol and was impressed by its excellent craftsmanship as he turned it carefully in his hand. Even the scope was surprising, with its powerful zoom and infrared capabilities, far beyond anything he expected to see in a colony like this. He carefully replaced it on the weapon rack, feeling a newfound respect for its creator and turned to focus on the reunion in the workshop.

Alyssa moved closer to the tetchy figure and tried again "Don't you recognise me Sparks?" she asked tentatively.

The wiry girl seemed to tense with irritation before turning off the oxy-acetylene torch and pulling off her cumbersome welding mask and turning right around to look at them squarely. Now John could see her clearly, he noticed a livid looking red scar all over the left side of her face and running down her neck. The girl could have once been considered pretty, if not for the disfiguring burn that looked to be many years old. The girl was ghostly white like all the locals at Karron and the small figure had a shock of short, spiky red hair.

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