tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 020

Three Square Meals Ch. 020


John woke the next morning, feeling refreshed after the night's rest. He stretched contentedly and then looked down at his girls, expecting to see them all curled up fast asleep. Three of them were still slumbering peacefully, but a beautiful pair of rich brown eyes looked up at him from under a mass of dark hair on his left hand side. He rolled over to his left so that he was facing her, pulling her close to him and the lovely Latina watched him with a warm smile on her face. He tilted her head gently to the side, so that his lips could brush her ears.

"Let's go have a chat." he whispered to Calara softly.

The gorgeous brunette nodded and they both rose silently, being careful not to wake any of the slumbering girls. John offered her his hand and she slipped her slender fingers between his, feeling warm and soft in his gentle grasp. He led her into the lounge and sat on one of the sofa's, pulling her over to sit astride him. Calara moved lithely on to his lap, brushing her big firm breasts against his chest, causing her nipples to harden into little erect points. Seeing her pert young body reacting with arousal made John's cock throb excitedly. He held her hips, pulling her close, so that her coffee coloured tummy pressed up against the hot length of his shaft.

"I know you want to talk," Calara said quietly, as she looked down at him. "but let's do it with you inside me."

She raised herself up and positioned the blunt head of his cock at the entrance to her wet little pussy and then just rocked her hips with tiny movements, letting herself slide down his wide girthed length. She shivered as her cervix yielded for him readily, allowing her to welcome him into her womb.

"Mmm, that's much better." she purred contentedly as she took his entire length, her pussy lips spread tightly around the root of his cock. The rounded cheeks of her ass brushed his balls as she settled into position.

John pulled her close to him and held the olive skinned girl against his chest as she cuddled up in the comforting embrace of his strong arms.

"I was worried about you after last night, but you seem better than fine this morning!" John said as Calara gently squeezed his shaft with her pussy.

"It was just the shock last night." she said, as she tilted her head to the side resting on his shoulder, her eyes only inches from his.

"I do feel fine this morning," she smiled at him reassuringly. "better than fine in fact." she added with a grin, as she gripped his cock tightly inside her.

John stroked her back lovingly and held her close to him.

"I want to learn to fight though." Calara pleaded, leaning back so she was looking down on him. She arched her back, jutting out her proud breasts for John to suck on her mouth watering nipples.

"I'm tired of being the damsel in distress." The brunette said with conviction. "I want you to teach me to fight like you do." she said, looking into his eyes as he sucked on her aroused flesh.

John saw the steely determination in those warm chocolate coloured eyes and was impressed by her resolve. He reluctantly let her velvety soft nipple slip from his mouth.

"We'll start training as soon as we're back on board the ship." John promised.

Calara's eyes mellowed as she smiled at him gratefully. She placed her hands on his shoulders to steady herself and she began to gently glide up and down in his lap.

"Remind me to thank Jade." John said with a contented sigh, as Calara gracefully rode him with sensual movements of her hips.

"I thought you did last night?" Calara said, remembering the touching scene in the hover-limo.

"Yes, but I haven't thanked her for teaching you to move like this!" John said, groaning in delight.

"We aim to please... Master." Calara said, with a playful smile.

They stared into each other's eyes as she massaged him with her body, her pussy gently encouraging him to give her the reward her womb craved. John saw the fiery passion in her smouldering eyes as the Latina slowly rode him, her gorgeous figure moving with a sensual allure he'd never seen from her before. The only sound in the room was their breathy sighs, as they luxuriated in the feel of each other's bodies.

The sound of excited female squeals came from their bedroom and Sparks came bounding out of the room, bubbling with enthusiasm.

"Oh my god!" she gasped. "You have got to come and see this!" the redhead said as she rushed over to them.

Sparks was so excited, she only realised what Calara and John were up to, when she dashed up to their side.

"Oh!" she exclaimed in surprise. "I'm sorry to interrupt!" she apologised.

Calara smiled at the redhead affectionately.

"What is it Sparks?" the brunette asked curiously, as she continued to move sensually on John's lap.

"John's on the holo-net!" Sparks squealed with glee, her eyes sparkling.

Calara's eyes lit up with excitement and she looked down at John eagerly.

"Ok, ok!" John grumbled. Truthfully he'd been looking forward to this himself, but Calara felt so amazing he was reluctant to let her go.

"I'll make it up to you later John, I promise!" Calara said, looking into his eyes with a thrilling intensity.

Sparks offered the smoking hot brunette her hand and Calara slowly lifted herself up, reversing her impalement on John's shaft. He eventually pulled out of her completely, leaving his cock to throb angrily in the air, annoyed at no longer being wrapped in a willing teen. Calara leaned down to kiss the head lovingly.

"I'm really sorry." she apologised to his cock. "I'll be good to you later." she promised sincerely.

Calara looked up at John and smiled at him mischievously, before she rose gracefully and offered him a hand. John stood and followed the two young women, as they dashed ahead to the bedroom chattering animatedly.

He walked into the bedroom and saw that the big vid-screen was turned on and a news programme had been paused. The screen was frozen on a smartly dressed man, the banner underneath identifying him as Bill Armstrong, lead anchor for Terran Federation Network News.

The four girls were sitting on the bed and they beckoned John over excitedly, leaving a spot in the middle for him. He climbed on the bed and glanced at Alyssa as he moved into place. The beautiful blonde was smiling at him lovingly, a tender expression on her face.

*There's no surprising you with anything, is there?* he thought to her with amusement.

Alyssa shook her head slightly with a wry grin and blew him a kiss.

John settled down on the bed and the girls crowded around him. Their sense of excitement and anticipation was almost palpable. Alyssa picked up the remote and hit play.

"...And now we move on to a special report from Jehanna Elani, exclusive for Terran Federation Network News!" The sharply dressed lead anchor said enthusiastically, as the cameras cut away from him to focus on a beautiful dusky skinned girl.

"Thank you, Bill." the young reporter said gratefully.

"Just last week we heard of a terrifying incursion into Terran Federation space!" Jehanna said excitedly.

"A band of despicable pirates had ravaged the sectors around Port Heracles, capturing and killing civilians and military personnel alike in their reign of terror!" she exclaimed.

"Any people captured by these evil pirates were being sold as slaves to the Kirrix!" the young reporter gasped with wide eyes.

"There's some truly evil folk out there Jehanna." Bill said sadly, shaking his head as the camera cut to him briefly.

"That there are Bill." Jehanna replied somberly.

"Fortunately, the Terran Federation is lucky to have heroes too!" Jehanna said, passionately.

"TFNN has managed to get an exclusive interview with John Blake, Commander of the Invictus." the young woman said, her eyes flashing with excitement.

The screen opened up to show a holo image of John's face and the four girls in the bedroom whooped and cheered.

"Commander John Blake, this is Jehanna Elani from TFNN." the young reporter said. "Thank you for agreeing to this interview."

"I'm happy to oblige." the image of John said, with a pleasant smile.

"We received reports that you personally intervened and saved 423 people from the ravages of a vile Kirrix warband! Not satisfied with that, you put an end to the marauding pirate leader and mounted another rescue, saving 15 more prisoners from the pirate flagship!" Jehanna gasped in amazement.

"That's right Jehanna. As a loyal Terran Federation citizen, it was my duty and honour to save those people and stop those attacks." John's image said firmly.

"Our reports show you were outnumbered over 20 to 1, yet you managed to eliminate the entire pirate fleet, as well as rescue every single prisoner!" she gasped.

"How did you manage to succeed against such impossible odds?" Jehanna asked in awe.

"I attribute the victory to my gifted Tactical Officer, Lieutenant Calara Fernandez!" John's image said proudly.

Calara's shocked gasp pierced the electric atmosphere of the room.

"This exceptional young officer analysed the pirate attacks and discovered their base. She also formulated our plan of attack and then used the firepower on the Invictus to devastating effect." John's image continued undaunted.

"She sounds like an amazing woman!" Jehanna said admiringly.

"The finest officer it's ever been my privilege to serve with." John's image said, his voice ringing with sincerity.

"As a grateful Terran Federation citizen, let me take this opportunity to thank you and your heroic crew Commander!" Jehanna swooned.

"It was our pleasure." John's holo image replied with a warm smile.

The holo-image faded away and the cameras cut back to Jehanna who had moved over to sit at a desk next to Bill.

"I almost feel sorry for the enemies of humanity!" Bill Armstrong grinned at her.

"What a guy!" Jehanna Elani said with a sigh, beaming a huge smile at her fellow presenter.

"Thank you for that inspiring Special Report Jehanna. Now, in other news..." Bill began, leading into another story.

Alyssa turned off the vid-screen and a hushed quiet descended on the bedroom.

"Vice Admiral Charles Harris asked me to give you something." John said, smiling at the stunned Latina sitting at his side.

He got up and went to his suit jacket that was folded over a chair and returned with a hard backed case. He sat on the bed and presented it to the brunette.

Calara held out a shaking hand and flipped open the lid of the case, revealing a golden hawk insignia and a small metallic representation of a supernova with a single pointed flare.

"Congratulations Calara. You've been commended with a Novaburst and promoted to first lieutenant." John said proudly.

Calara's trembling fingertips brushed over the medal and rank insignia that were displayed on the pristine velvet cloth inside the case.

"You earned it honey." John said softly, looking at her affectionately.

"But you gave me all the credit." Calara whispered in a shocked voice. "Everyone else did so much!"

"It was you that found the pirate base, you deserved the recognition." Alyssa said with a smile, embracing the brunette fondly.

"You were amazing!" Sparks said passionately. "We never would have been able to stop them if it wasn't for your shooting!" she said, hugging the Latina from the other side.

"This one would not be here now, if not for you Calara." Jade said earnestly.

"I love you all so much!" Calara said quite overwhelmed, her eyes welling up with tears.

They all moved in to hug her tightly and share in the moment.

After a few minutes, Alyssa took Sparks' and Jade's hands and led them out of the bedroom, leaving Calara and John on the bed.

John held Calara in his arms and laid her gently down on the bed, so that he was lying by her side and looking down at her.

"Thank you so much." Calara whispered, looking up at him in wonder.

"Everything I said in the interview was true." John said honestly.

The Latina breathed in a big breath, her firm breasts brushing against his chest, before letting it out slowly.

"I keep feeling like I'm in a dream." Calara said in a hushed voice.

"It's one I don't want to wake up from." John said, leaning down to kiss her tenderly.

Calara's eyes flared with passion and she kissed him back ardently. She hooked her leg over his hips, the toned muscles in her olive skinned thigh pulling him close to her. She then pushed him on his back and rolled smoothly with him, so that she was sitting astride his body.

"We need to finish what we started earlier." she purred seductively, pressing down on the heat of his rapidly growing length.

The gorgeous brunette stared into his eyes and arched her back, so that she could position the head of his rampant cock at the entrance to her pussy. John watched her sink down on his length, her mouth held open as her lovely young body yielded for his cock and welcomed him back into her depths.

Calara then slowly sat upright and began to rock her hips back and forth in the smooth, sensual motion she had used earlier. She placed her hands lightly on John's chest and began to ride him with a languid erotic rhythm, watching his face and revelling in the growing lust she could see in his eyes.

John hands brushed along her coffee coloured thighs, feeling the strong muscles flexing and moving under his fingertips. He moved his hands upwards to rest on Calara's smoothly rocking hips, feeling her gliding up and down his cock and savouring the amazing view he had of her firm young figure. He let her ride him, just enjoying the girl's eagerness as she worked her luscious body expertly.

John slid a hand up her back and then pulled her down towards him, so that her warm breasts were pressed against his chest. He used his hand on her hips to make her grind up against him, squashing her clit against his body, so that each rocking motion stimulated her as well. Calara's eyes opened wide and she gasped at the sudden rush of sensation that shot through her body. He held her close to his chest and began to move his hips up to meet her own movements, so that his cock was plunging in and out of her tight pussy in long, deep thrusts.

The Latina stared into his eyes and moaned with pleasure as he worked her body to fever pitch, the combination of his driving cock and the stimulation of her nubbin pushing her over the edge. He watched her eyes flare, the pupils dilating widely with arousal as she clamped down on him and groaned as he brought her to an intense climax. Her eager young pussy rippled along his length, urging him to unload and he happily obliged, holding her tightly to him as his four balls trembled with relief, sending long spurts of cum inside her. They held that unblinking stare for a long moment as they both rode out the incredible orgasms, until John's balls eventually relaxed and he was finally spent. He eased his grip on the Latina and she collapsed on his chest, her swollen tummy feeling warm and taut where she lay on top of him.

Calara gently separated from him and rolled to his side on her back.

"I thought the sex was already perfect, but it keeps getting better and better!" She gasped in wonder.

John leaned up on one elbow, looking down at her and lovingly caressing her cum packed belly.

"I thought you were already perfect, but you keep getting better and better!" he said, with a smile.

Calara looked up at him adoringly and placed her hand lightly over his, where he was stroking her engorged abdomen. They stared into each other's eyes, neither needing to say what both were thinking.

A few minutes later, the door to the bedroom opened and the girls all came in to join them on the bed.

"That was beautiful." Alyssa said with a contented sigh.

"It really was." Sparks said, smiling at John and Calara lovingly.

Calara looked at the redhead in surprise.

"No, I'm not psychic." Sparks said ruefully. "We begged Alyssa to tell us what was happening." she said with a smile.

"I hope you don't mind?" Alyssa asked the brunette with some trepidation.

Calara smiled at them all. "Of course not!" she said happily. "Sisters share with each other!"

Alyssa and Sparks smiled fondly at her, while Jade and John glanced at each other looking puzzled.

"This one did not realise you were related?" Jade asked Calara with a confused expression on her pretty face.

Calara sat up and opened her arms to the green skinned girl and Jade happily embraced the brunette.

"We feel so close to each other, we imagined this is what sisters must be like together." Calara explained to the Nymph.

"This one thinks that is a lovely sentiment." Jade said, smiling at the girls wistfully.

"I think of you the same way." Calara said to Jade lovingly.

Jade's emerald eyes filled up with emotion and Calara, Alyssa and Sparks all held her closely between them.

"We love you too." Alyssa said as Sparks nodded her agreement.

"I love all of you as well." Jade sighed happily.

Sparks' eyes opened wide with surprise, but when she looked at Alyssa and was about to say something, the beautiful blonde shook her head firmly. The redhead closed her mouth, shrugging and just enjoyed the hug.

After a few moments Calara lay back on the bed.

"Jade, I never properly thanked you for saving me earlier." the brunette said with a smile.

"Oh think nothing of it Calara!" Jade said smiling happily.

"But I'd saved you a nice present." Calara said, looking down at her hugely swollen belly.

Jade followed the Latina's gaze and her eyes took in the coffee coloured tummy, heavily rounded where the girl was stuffed full of sperm.

"That is a wonderful gift, thank you Calara!" Jade purred happily and moved down the bed, gently spreading the brunette's thighs.

They all watched the eager Nymph lap away at Calara's pussy, Jade's long tongue sliding deep into the supine girl and drinking John's cum from her tightly packed womb. Calara groaned with pleasure as she fed the alien girl the potent spunk, her thighs trembling as Jade's skilfully brought her to climax. Finally they were done and soft rings of ethereal light began to glow from Jade's full stomach as her body absorbed John's cum. They all cuddled up together to watch the rippling lights dance across the ceiling.

After relaxing together for an hour or so, John stretched and got up, the four girls watching him expectantly.

"I think I'm about done with Gravitus for now." he said emphatically.

"Do you girls want to do anything else here, or shall we head back up to the ship?" he asked them curiously.

The girls were all eager to get back to the Invictus too, each of them with projects in mind that they were anxious to get started with. John helped them up and the girls rapidly packed up the vast array of new clothing they had acquired on their shopping trip. John called for a hover-limo and settled up their bill for the hotel and soon they were back at the Spaceport, boarding the Fool's Gold.

Alyssa set the flight path that would take them back up to Olympus and everyone watched her smoothly lift the freighter off the landing pad, the engines rumbling with the effort. The Fool's Gold began to climb into orbit under the blonde girl's skilled hand, as she headed up to the colossal shipyard where they had left the Invictus.

"I don't know about you girls, but I don't really feel like getting up to anything now." John said to his companions. "The Fool's Gold just doesn't feel like home any more." he said with a shrug.

"Yeah I know what you mean." Alyssa said. "Let's just wait until we get back to the ship."

The rest of the flight back to the Olympus shipyard was uneventful, but anticipation amongst the crew was building as they awaited their arrival at the Invictus. Alyssa brought them around to docking bay 11 and as she brought them in to land at the side of the docking bay, the first thing they noticed was that the huge collection of shipping crates had been removed. John looked at Sparks and her eyes sparkled with excitement, eager to see her new workshop.

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