tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 035

Three Square Meals Ch. 035


"So, where do I begin?" John wondered, blowing out the breath he'd been holding.

"Why don't you let me start you off?" Alyssa asked, as she rose and glided down the room to pick up the remote for the holo-projector.

She returned to her seat and then pressed a few buttons on the remote, displaying several images in the centre of the table.

*The girls are all okay with this?* John asked Alyssa considerately.

*Of course, I asked them a few minutes ago,* she replied reassuringly.

"Thanks, I've got it from here." John said, before turning to look at the three images hovering in the air. "Now no doubt, you'll recognise the lovely girls aboard this ship."

Rachel looked up at the happy, beaming faces of Alyssa, Calara and Dana, and nodded with confusion, not sure where he was going with that.

"How about these girls, do you recognise them?" he asked her probingly, as Alyssa used the remote to change the images.

The 3D holo-images were all close-up face pictures of the three girls, but as they appeared when they first met John. Calara had black eyes, a broken, swollen nose, and was looking tired and drawn. Alyssa and Dana were both ghostly pale, with Alyssa painfully thin, while Dana had a horrific red burn scar disfiguring the side of her face.

Rachel was visibly moved by the sight of the three girls in the pictures. "Those poor girls! Who are they, and what happened to them?" she asked compassionately.

"You just met them all. They joined my crew over the last few months," John said gently.

Rachel laughed politely, thinking this was some kind of strange joke where she just wasn't seeing the punch-line. She looked at John and Alyssa, noting their quiet, sombre faces, and realised they weren't joking.

"You can't possibly be serious," she protested, as she looked up at the pictures of the girls, examining them intently. She began to notice the similarities in the shape of their faces, the curve of their lips and the colours of their eyes. "Calara I can just about see, but it looks like Alyssa was suffering from severe malnutrition, and Dana's burn scars..."

"We're telling you the truth. That was me a couple of months ago," Alyssa said, looking up at the image of her ghostly pale face. She pressed another couple of buttons on the remote, and the images zoomed out, showing each of the girls as they appeared when they joined the crew. Another set of images sprang into being alongside them, showing each of the Terran girls as they were now, gloriously nude, their stunning athletic figures posed seductively.

Rachel gasped in shock at the images above the desk, and leaned forward, taking her glasses out of her pocket and putting them on, so that she could examine them more carefully.

"It just isn't possible, unless all of you underwent full body-sculpture procedures." Rachel said out loud, her mind whirring. "But that can't be right either, the recovery time for a change that dramatic would span months, and I must have met you the first time, only a few weeks after this supposed transformation."

"That's right, about three weeks after, in fact," Alyssa said gently.

Rachel stared at them both, looking from one to the other in turn, and studying their faces. "My mind tells me you're lying, but I can feel that you're telling me the truth," she said in frustration.

"Why don't I show you Dana's changes as they occurred. The ship has security cameras all over the place, and I was able to assemble a montage for you," Alyssa offered.

"Okay, go ahead," Rachel said, curiously, looking up at the images again.

The holographic images of the three girls disappeared, leaving a nude full body image of Dana as she originally looked; pale, thin and much shorter, with a crop of short spiky red hair. Alyssa progressed through the images, time-stamped over a two week period, and they showed her growing six inches taller, her body filling out and becoming more toned. Her skin began to get more colour, going from ghostly white, to a light pink, before beginning to darken to the lovely bronzed tan she now wore. Her breasts grew larger and sat proudly on her chest, going from a non-existent 28A to a pert 32D, while her hair grew thick and lustrous until it was tumbling in waves around her shoulders, darkening to a rich auburn. The final images showed her before and after the burn scar tissue had completely healed and been washed away.

"How?" Rachel gasped, staring up at the images in awe.

"It's all his doing," Alyssa said, looking at John affectionately.

"What do you mean?" Rachel demanded, desperate to understand the miraculous transformation the girls had undergone.

"You asked about my species earlier. My mother was human, but she went missing just after I was born. I never knew anything about my father, at least until a week ago. I formed an alliance with the Ashanath, who claimed to know something about my mysterious parentage. After we had saved them from the Drakkar raiders, they finally revealed what they knew." he explained carefully.

"Which was what, exactly?" Rachel asked, her eyes burning with curiosity.

"They believe I'm from a species called the 'Progenitors', who haven't been seen around our galaxy for nearly ten thousand years. We think my mother must have run into one, because everything they showed us corroborated their story," he said with a sigh.

"What did they show you?" the brunette asked, transfixed by his tale.

"Stone monoliths, with ancient pictographs depicting pointy eared humanoids surrounded by women," Alyssa interjected. "The Ashanath collected them from dozens of worlds and have them all stored on their homeworld."

"The Progenitors were a race of tyrants who conquered and subjugated planets, taking hundreds of women as slaves," John said grimly.

"But that must just be pure coincidence, you're nothing like that!" Rachel protested. "You're so heroic! You saved all those people back at Port Medea. Besides that, you're... nice," she added, stuck for words.

John laughed and Alyssa giggled too. "Thanks, I appreciate the vote of confidence," he said, the mood lightening a little.

"But I don't understand, what has any of that got anything to do with the transformations the girls supposedly underwent?" Rachel asked in confusion.

"It was John that triggered the changes in all of us," Alyssa said. "We changed after..." she paused and glanced at him lovingly, while Rachel waited on tenterhooks.

"After what?!" Rachel asked impatiently.

"Swallowing his cum," Alyssa said coyly, gazing into her probing grey eyes.

Rachel paused for a moment and then burst into laughter. "Oh man, you had me there. Ancient civilisations, miraculous healing... you guys really had me going," she said good spiritedly with a grin on her pretty face.

"We aren't playing a trick on you," John said patiently. "It sounds preposterous, but it's true."

"You mean all three girls have been..." Rachel said falteringly.

"And Jade too," Alyssa added with a mischievous smile. "She's a shape-shifter so his cum worked differently, and even more dramatically on her."

"So if I was to join your crew, I'd have to do the same?" Rachel said in shock.

"No, of course not," Alyssa replied with a laugh. "But you'd be missing out on an awful lot of fun if you don't. There are also other benefits as well, it's not just a beauty makeover."

"What do you mean?" the brunette asked bewildered.

"We're all stronger, more agile, and have faster reflexes due to the improvements to our bodies. Mentally, we've changed too. Dana was always exceptionally smart, and had a natural gift with machines, but now she's a genius. She invented a new alloy in a matter of hours, that was well beyond anything the Ashanath civilisation were able to come up with," Alyssa said, proud of her friend.

"You've already seen Calara in action. I've never known anyone remotely close to being as perceptive and insightful as she's become, and her accuracy with the Invictus' weaponry is practically supernatural," John said with a smile.

"What about you?" Rachel said tentatively, looking at Alyssa.

"I'm Psychic." Alyssa said with an impish grin.

Rachel laughed in disbelief. "Come on, this is becoming absurd! There's no record of anyone in Terran history having psychic powers, you can't expect me to swallow that one too!" she exclaimed, then flushed with embarrassment at the inadvertent double entendre.

"It's true, she can read my mind," John said honestly.

"You can test me if you like," Alyssa offered playfully.

Rachel narrowed her eyes suspiciously as she looked at Alyssa. "Okay, what did you have in mind?"

"I read your military personnel file, and it said you were an emancipated minor, that you left your parents at the age of sixteen. Tell John the reason, and I'll repeat back everything you say to him," Alyssa said, as she appraised the brunette carefully.

"There could be hidden mics in here," Rachel said, looking around the room.

"Whisper it to him then. I'll leave the door open and stay in your line of sight, so you can see I'm not listening to any receivers," Alyssa said patiently.

Rachel nodded cautiously, and Alyssa rose from her seat and glided out of the room, standing some distance away, but still visible through the doorway. The brunette moved to stand on the other side of the desk where John was sitting, so that she could still keep an eye on the blonde.

"Hello," John said with a smile, as she stepped up to his side, her body tantalisingly close.

"Hello," she replied shyly, before leaning in close to place her lips next to his pointed ear.

"My father and step-mother didn't approve of my youthful indiscretions. Apparently I was 'bringing disgrace to the family name', and he threatened to cut me off. I beat him to the punch." she whispered fiercely.

"I'm sorry," John said simply when she stepped back from him. He reached out to take her hand and squeezed it gently. Rachel looked down at him in surprise, and was about to reply when Alyssa walked purposefully back into the room.

The blonde girl had a compassionate expression on her face, as she began to repeat Rachel's words, matching her cadence exactly. "My father and step-mother didn't approve of my youthf-," she began before Rachel cut her off.

"Okay, enough! I believe you," the brunette said as she waved her hand in the air to get Alyssa to stop. She sighed for a moment, shrugging off the bad memories, before she looked at them again. Rachel appraised them with her smoky grey eyes, looking from John to Alyssa and then back again, as she appeared to make a decision.

"As surprising as all this is, I freely admit I'm attracted to you both, so I'm not completely opposed to the idea," she said with a flirtatious smile, remembering the intimate dress fitting during her first meeting with Alyssa, and her acceptance of their invitation to dine together afterwards.

Alyssa glanced at John and flashed him a big smile. "So does that mean you're still interested?" she asked the brunette eagerly.

"I'm struggling to believe what you're telling me, but I can't deny how sincere you both are," Rachel replied. "It all sounds too good to be true, though."

"Well there are some downsides," John began cautiously.

Alyssa walked back to the long desk and sat down again next to the shorter brunette. "Remember how we said John is one of the Progenitors? As kind and lovely as he is, he still has that instinctive need to be dominant, and if you were to join us properly, you would experience some changes to your personality," she explained softly.

"That sounds more ominous. What do you mean, exactly?" Rachel asked warily.

"He's attracted to smart and capable girls, which we think is why we've all experienced such dramatic mental enhancements. The flipside, is that he's dominant, and likes submissive, compliant, bisexual young women," Alyssa said with a impish grin.

"What man doesn't?" Rachel laughed, darting a teasing glance at John.

"So you don't have a problem with that?!" Alyssa asked with delight.

"No, not at all. I've played around with domination and submission, and being a little submissive has always been a big turn on. You already know I find girls attractive too," The brunette admitted, shamelessly admiring Alyssa's figure.

"I think Alyssa's slightly downplaying this a little," John said cautiously. "It's not just that it's something that I enjoy, we think that going through these changes makes the girl adapt, to like that too."

"I could live with that, if you're man enough to tame me," Rachel replied, staring into his eyes challengingly.

John met her challenging stare and looked into her stormy grey eyes, seeing the excitement glinting within. "I'm sure that won't be a problem," he replied confidently, causing the brunette to flush with arousal.

"Now we're finally talking about sex, I was curious what you meant when you mentioned the 'youthful indiscretions'?" Alyssa asked with a playful smile.

"Okay we might as well get all the cards on the table," Rachel said with a sigh. "My dad is rich. I don't just mean well off, he's extremely wealthy. He made a lot of money with his interstellar banking business; you've probably heard of the Voss Exchange?"

"You're Henry Voss' daughter?" John said in surprise.

"Yes, that's me. All my life I had to be a good girl, no outbursts in front of the media, everything to maintain the family image. Finally, I just couldn't take it any more. I was being groomed as the heir apparent to the 'Voss legacy', but I've got no interest in galactic finance. I started 'acting out' and having some fun," she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

"That sounds intriguing, what do you mean?" Alyssa asked curiously.

"Well I seduced the headmaster at my prep school," Rachel said, as she giggled at the memory. "It turned out he had all sorts of naughty thoughts about the girls under his charge."

"How old were you at the time?" John asked her.

"Fifteen," Rachel smirked. "Then I had a series of lovers, which drove my dad crazy. That hover-biker was the best though, I think the distinguished Henry Voss was going to have an aneurism when I brought Axel home."

"It sounds like you went pretty wild," John laughed.

"My dad and his trophy wife weren't exactly happy together, and I didn't want to grow up to lead that kind of existence. I just want to experience life, try out new things, and help people along the way," Rachel said passionately.

"Is that why you became a doctor?" John asked the surprising young woman.

"Yes, that's right. I dropped out of the business academy I was enrolled in, cut my ties with my father, and joined up with the military to fund my training through medical school. I was working in that boutique on Gravitus to help make ends meet. The commission I earned from your shopping bonanza help fund me through the last term, so thanks for that," she said, grinning at Alyssa.

"John paid for it all, so you should probably be thanking him instead," Alyssa smiled back at the brunette.

"It sounds like I will be," Rachel said, winking at John flirtatiously.

"So you're still interested?" John asked her with a grin.

"Well you and the girls seem lovely, and by the sound of it, you certainly lead exciting lives! If I can help save as many people as you just did, simply by assisting you and your team, I don't think I could ask for a more rewarding life," she replied sincerely.

"Yay!" Alyssa exclaimed delightedly, as she quickly rose from her seat to come around the table to hug the brunette.

Rachel laughed happily, and then accepted a welcoming hug from John as well, before looking up at him expectantly. "So how do we move this along? I'd like to join the team properly," she asked him eagerly.

Alyssa stepped up close behind the smaller brunette, and gently encircled her in her arms, as she leaned down to softly kiss the smooth skin on Rachel's neck. "We can start right now, if you're feeling hungry," she purred, rubbing her hands over the brunettes slim stomach suggestively.

Rachel shivered excitedly and nodded, looking up at John with sparkling eyes. She suddenly shook her head as if to clear away the lustful thoughts. "Sorry to kill the mood," she apologised. "But I'd really like to fully document any physical changes I might go through. I think it could be really interesting to see what happens on a biological level."

"It's one of the reasons we brought you on the team, Doctor," he said with a smile.

"I'd like to give myself a full physical workup, including a CT scan, before we start. That way I'll have a normal Terran female's results to use as a baseline for comparison." she said animatedly.

"That makes sense, but you seem quite exceptional to me. I don't think there's much normal about you at all," John said flatteringly.

"That's very nice to hear, but are you just trying to charm me into bed, Commander Blake?" Rachel asked him with a come-hither look.

"I can see there's going to be no fooling you, Doctor Voss," John replied, as he brushed a lock of her tawny brown hair from her face.

Alyssa released the brunette from her arms, and Rachel looked up at John, with her lips parted invitingly. He held her in his arms once more and kissed her, gently at first as he explored her soft lips with his own, and then more fiercely as she moaned into his mouth, and leaned into him.

They finally broke apart after spending several minutes in a passionate kiss, and Rachel sighed breathily as she stared up at him. She turned in surprise when she realised they had company, seeing that Calara, Dana and Jade had joined them in the briefing room too.

"He's a great kisser, isn't he?" Dana asked with a beaming smile on her face. "I'm so glad you decided to join us!"

They each came over to give the brunette a hug, with Jade and Calara warmly welcoming her to the crew of the Invictus as well.

"Rachel wanted to take a recording of her current physical state before she starts going through the changes," Alyssa explained. "That way she can track exactly what happens, when she absorbs John's cum."

"That's a brilliant idea!" Dana said exuberantly. "I'm really curious about that myself. Would you like some company down to the medical bay?"

Rachel nodded at the excited redhead, and when Dana offered her hand for the brunette to take, she slipped her fingers into the girl's warm grasp. "We'll meet you back in your room when we're done," Dana told John with a grin.

Dana led the young doctor out of the room, and they could be heard talking excitedly together as they headed through the bridge to the grav-tube.

"She seems really nice," Calara said, smiling at John and Alyssa as the two teenagers left the room.

"I like her too," Jade agreed.

"You do seem to have a knack for finding amazing young women," John said to the blonde, nodding in agreement.

"If she turns out anything like these two, I'll be a happy girl," Alyssa said, stroking Jade's and Calara's arms lovingly.

"We love you too," Calara said, smiling at her affectionately.

"Rachel seems really interested in alien species," Jade observed. "I think you and I might be in for some tests in the future too," she added with a grin at John.

"I wouldn't be surprised," John laughed.

"Why didn't you have me change into a tiger earlier?" Jade asked him curiously. "I would have thought she'd have loved to see that."

"I'm sure she would have, but I didn't know if she was going to say yes then. I didn't want to reveal too much about what you can do, until we knew for sure. Everyone knows Nymphs can change their appearance, but your ability to change into a nine hundred pound tiger could attract some unwanted attention if that news got out," he said, explaining his reasoning.

"I love that you're so protective," Jade said with an adoring sigh, as she glided over to cuddle him.

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