tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 069

Three Square Meals Ch. 069


Sakura was somewhat surprised when her friends burst into peals of laughter. She padded over to them on bare feet, and had a bemused smile on her face as she wondered what it was she'd said that they found so amusing.

John pulled her in for a hug, and grinned as he said, "Yeah, a few things happened while you were asleep. Don't worry, we'll bring you up to speed." She was only wearing one of his formal shirts, and he could feel her slim young body through the soft cotton as he held her.

Alyssa glided around behind Sakura, and unbuttoned one of the shirt buttons so she could slip her hand between the gap. She began to caress the Asian girl's trim stomach with her nimble fingers, gently stroking her smooth skin in a suggestive manner that sent Sakura's pulse racing.

"Explanations can wait," Alyssa said with a coy smile. "This little one needs a full tummy again."

Calara chuckled, then said to John affectionately, "Meet me down there when you're done. Mateo will want to thank you, I'm sure."

"I'll be with you soon," he replied with a grin. Turning to look at the other girls, he added, "Can you coordinate the handover of the Thor to Terran Federation troops? We need Lynton's crew taken into custody as soon as possible."

"They know what to do, don't worry," Alyssa said, pulling him and Sakura towards the Ready Room.

The girls all laughed, and Irillith gave him a reassuring smile as she said, "I'll re-enter the cyber realm and monitor everything that's happening on the dreadnought. There won't be any trouble."

"I'll contact the Terran fleet and arrange the handover," Jade offered immediately. She had a shy smile on her face as she added, "They seem to really like me for some reason."

Rachel and Dana exchanged glances, holding an unspoken conversation for a second, and the brunette said, "We'll go down to the Cargo Bay and check on our guests. I'd like to give the worst of the injured a check-up to confirm Faye's observations." She glanced at the purple AI, and continued, "No offence, I just want to satisfy my professional curiosity."

Faye shrugged and gave her a broad smile as she said, "None taken! My boys made good nurses. There haven't been too many complaints!"

Dana laughed and said, "We'd better get down there before there's a riot." She looked thoughtful for a moment, and continued, "Maybe there's something I can do to help perk everyone up..."

John glanced over his shoulder, as the raven-haired girl and the blonde pulled him towards the door, and said, "Sounds good ladies. We'll deal with the aftermath of the battle, then we need to sit down for a debrief."

Sakura and Alyssa led him into the Ready Room, and over to one of the sofas. Alyssa gave him an enthusiastic smile as she started unbuckling his belt, while Sakura knelt down in front of one of the comfortable chairs.

"I really should contact the Admiralty..." John protested half-heartedly, as he watched Sakura lick her lips to make sure they were moist and ready for him.

Alyssa shook her head, and purred, "Those stuffy old Admirals can wait. The most important thing is keeping this beautiful girl packed full of your cum, so she can grow strong like the rest of us."

The horny blonde helped him step out of his trousers and guided him into the chair, stroking his shaft with her soft hands. He was hard already as he stared into Sakura's lustful brown eyes, and she gave him a shy smile before she parted her full lips, and enveloped the pulsing red head of his shaft. Her mouth felt warm, snug, and wet, and he sighed rapturously when she swirled her tongue around him, the sensation feeling like she was French kissing an ardent lover.

"There, that's better isn't it?" Alyssa crooned in his ear, giving him goose bumps. She'd moved around behind the sofa, and was leaning over his shoulder so she could alternate between watching, and planting soft kisses on his pointed ear as she spoke to him. "A beautiful girl on her knees, eager to help you empty your balls."

"Much better," he groaned with delight, as he brushed a stray lock of jet-black hair away from Sakura's lovely face. They locked eyes as she bobbed on him, and he caught a hint of a smile playing around her widely stretched mouth.

Alyssa closed her eyes, savouring his emotions over their bond, and said with a happiness born of profound satisfaction, "That's right, just enjoy her like she's enjoying you. No need for guilt or self-recriminations, just pleasure for both of you."

John turned to look at her, tearing his eyes away from Sakura for a moment, and said, *I wondered what you were up to. You helped her make the case for joining us so compelling, so I wouldn't end up feeling guilty about it?*

The beautiful blonde leaned in and gave him a loving kiss, staring into his eyes as she replied, *Is that so bad? Sakura really does want this, and in my heart of hearts, I know she'll be happy with us. Is it so wrong that I want you to enjoy her too? To try and stop you feeling guilty over doing the best thing for her?*

He paused for a second as he mulled it over, then chuckled and shook his head. *Thank you. It does feel like we're doing the right thing,* he replied, studying Alyssa's bright blue eyes up close.

*You definitely are,* she agreed. A wicked smile lit up her face then as she added, *Now concentrate on the poor girl, you're being rude!*

John looked abashed as he glanced down at Sakura again, and said, "Sorry beautiful, I didn't mean to get distracted."

Sakura encircled the base of his cock with her delicate fingers, then eased his pulsating crown from her mouth, giving him a tender kiss when he cleared her lips. Looking up at him then, she had a wicked smile on her face as she replied, "It feels naughty actually, going down on you while you chat to your girlfriend."

Alyssa flashed a sparkling smile at her, and sashayed around the sofa, her hips swaying with each seductive step. She sank to her knees behind Sakura in an admirable display of poise, especially for a girl wearing such high heels.

"You're his girlfriend too, sexy," she said, brushing long waves of silky black hair out the way so she could kiss her neck. In between kisses, she breathed, "just like the rest of us."

Sakura turned and gave her an intimate kiss, her flushed lips pressing against Alyssa's, soft and swollen with arousal. Watching the two girls kissing was tremendously exciting, and he enjoyed the contrast between their fair and dark complexions as they explored each other's lips. His burgeoning shaft throbbed in Sakura's warm hand, and her touch was gentle as her soft fingers caressed him. Turning her attention back to John, she gazed into his eyes and slid his cock down her throat in one long smooth motion, not pausing for one moment.

Alyssa glanced at John over the Asian girl's shoulder, and said, "We were just discussing what a good girl you are, and how he's so happy you joined us. Isn't that right John?"

He stared under half-closed lids into Sakura's almond eyes, and managed to reply, "She's right, you're a wonderful girl."

Sakura tried to sigh with happiness, but it was tricky with a wide-girthed cock sunk down her throat. Her muffled sigh turned into a stifled squeak as Alyssa slid questing fingers around Sakura's svelte, tanned stomach, and into her moist pussy.

*Just making sure you cum nice and hard,* Alyssa's telepathic voice whispered lovingly as it drifted through Sakura's mind. Now her fingers were nice and wet, she pulled back and began grazing them over the petite girl's clit, as she continued, *You've been fantastic with him. It's amazing to see John just enjoying being with a new girl, and not plagued with guilt about it. He's not the only one who thinks you're wonderful.*

The Asian girl's gasps and muffled cries grew louder, as the adept blonde teased her throbbing clit like a maestro. The sultry rhythm Sakura was using to massage John's cock grew erratic, and while she did her best to concentrate on keeping it steady, Alyssa was very good at helping girls to cum.

*That's right, you're nearly there, aren't you, gorgeous?* Alyssa asked Sakura playfully. Her practiced digits glided in tantalising movements as she continued, *He loves pumping you full of spunk. I love swallowing his loads too. It's like he's marking his territory when I'm carrying a belly full of his cum. You know what I'm talking about, don't you, sexy?*

Under a combination of blurring fingers, and Alyssa's telepathic voice whispering naughty things into her mind, Sakura soon exploded into climax. She sank all the way down John's length so she wouldn't accidentally jerk free, and kept his shaft ensconced within her body. Her eyes rolled back, and her body trembled as Alyssa pushed her over the edge into a delicious release.

Watching Sakura climax, while feeling every orgasmic cry in her vibrating throat, was more than enough stimulation for John. His hips bucked forward, sheathing himself fully inside her, and he came long and hard. Alyssa immersed herself in the ecstasy they were feeling, surrendering to the waves of pleasure surging over her connections to them both, and she echoed their release with a blissful cry.

Sakura recovered before John had finished his orgasm, and she let out a low moan as she felt his cock pulsing on her tongue. She could feel the long blasts of semen rocketing out of his cock as he jerked deep in her throat, and she sucked him as best as she could, while swallowing to milk his length. When he was finally spent, she slid smoothly off his cock, then gave him a wanton smile as she rested in Alyssa's loving arms.

"Damn that was hot," John said with a happy sigh, relaxing back in the chair as two pairs of lusty eyes looked up at him.

"That's better, isn't it baby?" Alyssa asked Sakura, as she ran her hands over her hugely rounded tummy. "Can you feel John looking after you, making you grow strong?"

Nodding, Sakura met John's eyes and replied quietly, "It feels incredible. It's almost like I can see..." her voice trailed off, and she blushed, figuring she was letting her imagination run away with her.

"What can you see?" Alyssa asked distractedly, enjoying the feel of Sakura's curved abdomen under her gliding fingers, and knowing what was contained within.

Sakura took a breath, then replied hesitantly, "There's a faint column of light connecting us together."

John was snapped out of his post-orgasmic haze, and shared a startled glance with Alyssa before he leaned forward to ask Sakura, "Wait... what did you just say?"

She gave him an embarrassed smile and said, "It's probably just my imagination going wild." She glanced at the blonde who was cradling her in her arms, and added, "I think you melted my brain with that orgasm."

Giving her an apologetic smile, John said, "Sorry, I didn't mean it to come out like that, you just caught me by surprise. What you're seeing is real, it's the psychic link between us."

Alyssa sounded shocked as she chimed in, "We've previously only been able to pick that up using the psi-scanner Dana built for us." She looked at John and added, "I wonder if it's because you're getting stronger? While you're enhancing her, she's actually able to see how you two are linked together?"

John shrugged, and said with mild exasperation, "I've no idea. Sounds like another question for Athena."

She nodded, and replied, "If anyone's got a clue about what's happening, it'll be her."

He stood up then, and quickly got dressed, before offering a hand to the two kneeling girls. They accepted then rose to their feet gracefully, and Sakura even managed to look elegant despite carrying the heavy weight around her waist. They both leaned into him, and he gave them a hug, sharing tender kisses with each beautiful young woman.

"We'd better get down to the Cargo Bay and meet with Calara, she'll be wondering where we are," John said with a rueful smile. Casting a somewhat dubious eye towards Sakura's hugely swollen belly, he then added, "Actually, maybe we should postpone introducing you to Mateo for the moment?"

Alyssa's melodic laughter filled the Ready Room, and she grinned at him as she said, "I think that's very wise. We're bound to see Mateo again, and he'd end up asking all sorts of tricky questions if he sees her in this state!" Putting her arm around the Asian girl, she continued, "Don't worry, I'll stay right here and have a cuddle with Sakura. I'll fill her in on everything that happened while she was asleep."

Sakura smiled at him indulgently, and said, "Go ahead, be there for Calara. Alyssa will take good care of me."

Once they had confirmed he looked presentable again, he gave them each a swift kiss goodbye, and left them to snuggle up together on the sofa. He glanced over his shoulder one last time before he left, and saw Alyssa sitting lengthways along the long comfortable seat with Sakura lying back against her, her head nestled against the taller girl's breasts. They had their hands intertwined over Sakura's hugely rounded tummy that was tenting one of his formal shirts, a look he was growing increasingly fond of.

Strolling onto the Bridge again, Jade greeted him with a cheery wave, and looking as pleased to see him as always, she asked, "Did you have fun?"

He smiled at her as he walked her way, and said, "Of course. You girls always show me a good time." He glanced over at Irillith, who was still spirit walking, and added, "How's everything going with Lynton's crew on the Thor? Any problems?"

Jade shook her head as she replied, "No, none at all. A Terran troop transport has docked with the dreadnought and is taking prisoners. Irillith's keeping it all nice and controlled." She pointed at the viewscreen above them, and he blinked in surprise when he saw the Maliri girl's image watching him in amusement.

Irillith greeted him with a smile, and said, "This was the best way of keeping Jade in the loop, as Alyssa was a bit pre-occupied. Jade summed up the situation well: Terran Marines have boarded the Thor and are currently taking the crew into custody. I've spoken to the Marine Commander, and a new flight crew will be sent over to take control. When they're here, I'll exit the ship."

"Sounds like you're doing a great job," he said appreciatively. He glanced at her body in its trance-like state, and then added, "Won't it be a strain staying in there for that amount of time?"

She shook her head as she replied, "No, I'll be fine. I'm not in any danger here, and just loitering in the Thor's digital network doesn't take much effort." Her angular violet eyes sparkled as she continued, "Actually, I did a bit of snooping around, and I've found some -very- interesting things. I'll share what I've found during the debrief."

"Really? Like what?" he asked her, his curiosity piqued.

Wagging a slender chastising finger, she grinned at him as she replied, "Ah-ah, not yet! I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise."

He laughed, and rolled his eyes as he said good-naturedly, "Alright, keep your secrets. I'll look forward to hearing all about them later."

She blew him a kiss then waved him goodbye, and he turned his attention back to Jade again.

"Go on, we'll catch up later," the Nymph said, as she started to wave him goodbye too. Changing her mind all of a sudden, she sprung from the Pilot's chair and flung herself into his arms, giving him a fierce hug.

Startled by the passionate embrace, his eyes narrowed in suspicion as he asked, "When I go down to the Hangar Bay, am I going to find the Raptor in a mangled mess like last time? Is that why you're being so affectionate?"

Grinning then, the Nymph shook her head as she laughed, "Actually, quite the opposite. The Raptor didn't take a scratch!" She looked a bit shifty though, and her cat-like eyes only met his briefly before she leaned in to squeeze him again.

"Jaaaade," he said, his tone firm. He lifted her chin so she had to look him in the eyes, and asked, "What aren't you telling me?"

She only lasted a second under his probing gaze, before she confessed, "Alright, you win! Maybe I took a few more risks than you'd be happy with..." When he frowned at her, she quickly added, "But I saved a lot of Terran bomber crews! As soon as I lost my shields, I high-tailed it out of combat! I promise!"

"Well you're safe, that's all that matters," he said, giving her a reassuring smile. Looking at her with a puzzled expression, he added, "Why the big hug though? Did you get scared during the battle?"

Jade shook her head, and replied, "No, that wasn't a 'reassurance' hug, it was a 'thank you' hug."

"What are you thanking me for?" he asked, as he stroked her back.

She let out a sigh of satisfaction as she explained, "For letting me fight in the Raptor again. The last time we fought in the Dragon March was pretty terrifying, when I was hunted by Kintark fighters as I tried to stop their bombers. Today it was my turn to be the hunter, and it felt fantastic!"

John laughed, and said, "There's a lot more cat in you than meets the eye, isn't there?"

The Nymph shimmered in his arms, her body shrinking as she change into her natural cat form, and she purred, "There certainly is, Master. Just let me know whenever you want to claim your rights as head of our pride. I'll always submit to whatever you desire..."

Despite the pleasant tingle in his quad from being drained dry only minutes beforehand, Jade's look of total adoration caused a stirring in his trousers. John smiled at her as he met her bewitching emerald gaze, and said, "Such a good little Nymph. I might have to take you up on that offer soon."

Jade's eyes glinted as they caught the light, but she shifted back into her normal Nymph shape, and said, "I've held you up enough, go and see Calara."

They shared a brief kiss before she let him go, then leaned against the back of her chair as she watched him walk up the ramp past the Command Podium. Faye was sitting demurely on his Command Console, and when he glanced her way, she shooed him along.

"I've got another avatar down in the Cargo Bay, I'll speak to you down there!" she said with a sparkling smile.

He nodded as he made his way to the grav-tubes, then paused a moment, and stared at the Command Podium again. With a sigh he turned around, and climbed up the illuminated steps before sinking into his Command Chair.

When he saw the bewildered green, blue, and purple faces staring at him, he explained, "I should get in contact with the Admiralty, I can't keep putting them off forever. I might as well get it over with."

*Tread carefully, John,* Edraele warned him, a heavy note of caution pervading her tone. *After everything that just happened, this conversation could go all sorts of ways, and some of those could be very dire indeed.*

*Hello, Edraele!* John greeted her, delighted to speak to his Maliri Matriarch, and relieved to find an excuse for putting off the potentially difficult conversation for longer. He paused for a second, then noted playfully, *You were very quiet during the battle. I was starting to wonder if you'd fallen asleep or something?*

*Fleet battles aren't really my area of expertise,* she explained, pleased by how happy he was to hear from her. *I think I mentioned before that I try not to distract you with chatter when you're in danger. I heard all your thoughts of course, and I'm very relieved it's all over with.*

He relaxed in his chair as he enjoyed listening to her voice, but something she'd said earlier made him ask, *What did you mean before, about the conversation with the Admiralty going all sorts of ways? I'm just assuming they'll be badgering me for tech again?*

*I can guarantee you they won't have missed the technology you revealed with the Invictus, and they'll greatly covet it, make no mistake about that,* she replied, her tone taking a sombre note. *If the Terran Federation were to acquire the tech from your ship, they'd be able to expand at will throughout the galaxy, crushing all before them. It's an incredibly tempting opportunity, and might lure them into making... rash... decisions.*

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