tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 078

Three Square Meals Ch. 078


Ularean's image faded away, the Senior Councillor closing the call abruptly and leaving John and Calara exchanging frowns.

"Any idea what Ularean was referring to with his 'preparations'?" John asked, a pensive expression on his face. "He was doing that same slow blinking mannerism as Talari - I'd love to know what that means."

The Latina shook her head, turning to gaze at her listings of the Ashanath's fleet assets. "I hope they've got something significant planned because they're going to need all the help they can get. I'm just praying they've got orbital platforms or some kind of defensive structures." She met John's gaze and her expression was bleak. "Despite all the delaying tactics with the gravity wells and the minefield, the Drakkar will still get there just before we do."

He reached out to massage her shoulder and said firmly, "You've done an incredible job so far and at least you've given them a chance. That stunt with the minefield wiped out nearly half the Drakkar fleet!"

She looked at him with her big brown eyes, deep concern in those soulful orbs. "We might have evened out the numbers on both sides, but the Ashanath ships are severely outclassed compared to the Drakkar in sheer firepower and resilience. Any Drakkar vessels plated in their Steel/Onyxium armour will be practically invulnerable to Ashanath laser fire and the Ashanath favour Beam Lasers exclusively! I've been running battle simulations for the last ten hours..." her voice faltered and he could plainly see the worry in her tired eyes.

"That bad?" he asked, meeting her troubled gaze.

She nodded and stayed silent, before leaning into him for a hug and letting out a heavy sigh. "I'm not sure we'll be able to save them, John."

John rested his chin on her head, wrapping his arms around her in a comforting embrace. Staring out of the long window behind her, he watched the flashing stars go by, and not for the first time, he wondered if he was making a terrible mistake getting the girls involved in this fight. As much as he wanted to save the Ashanath, there was only so much he was willing to risk.

The door swished open behind them and Alyssa glided into the room, sashaying over to them and placing her slender hands on both their shoulders. She gave them both a radiant smile and turning to Calara, she said kindly, "You're just tired, gorgeous. You've been working too hard and you need perking up."

John raised an eyebrow when he realised what she was implying. "We'll be arriving at Ashana in about thirty minutes; we haven't got time for that!" he protested.

"Thirty-six minutes," she corrected him, winking as she continued, "which is plenty of time!"

Shaking his head, John replied, "I need to work on battle plans with Calara and brief the team for combat! Don't be ridiculous!"

Alyssa's eyes narrowed and her tone turned deadly serious. "I'm not. The girls aren't a regular crew and filling them up does them wonders. It's the equivalent of giving all of us a full night's rest before the eve of battle. What Commander wouldn't want his crew bright and alert before heated combat?"

John faltered as he met her probing blue eyes, surprised by her uncharacteristically blunt and serious tone. Studying the blonde for a moment, he could see the worry behind that unflinching gaze, with Alyssa well aware of both his and Calara's concerns about the upcoming battle.

When she continued her tone was firm as she reasoned, "Besides, if you preload us before combat you'll set up an active psychic connection and can heal us mid-battle. You want to keep the girls safe don't you?"

Unable to counter her logic, he blinked in surprise before looking at her quizzically. "So how are we going to do this?"

She grinned at him, now that he'd come around and replied, "I've got a surprise waiting for you in your Ready Room! You haven't got much time though, so hurry!"

John released Calara from his arms, then gave each of the girls a quick peck on the cheek before darting out the door. Faye watched him with big eyes as he jogged across the Bridge to the Ready Room door, her wings frozen stiff as she tracked his every movement. He gave her a self-conscious wave, but she didn't respond, staring intently at him instead.

Not having time to question her strange behaviour, he strolled into his Ready Room and had covered a half-dozen paces when he stared up at the lights in surprise. They hadn't activated automatically when he entered the room, leaving the room shrouded in faint starlight.

A sensual female voice spoke to him from the darkness. "It's okay, they aren't broken."

Recognising Jade's sultry tones, he glanced around the shadowy room and finally spotted her standing by his high-backed leather chair. "Jade? What's going on?" he asked, walking over to join her.

She moved the chair out from behind the desk, briefly kissing him before purring, "Take off your clothes, Master, and please take a seat. You'll enjoy this."

Wondering what she could possibly have in mind, John shrugged inwardly and decided to just go with it, quickly stripping as the Nymph had requested. The girls obviously had something elaborate planned and he was forced to admit that Alyssa was right - he felt tense and anxious as his quad had already refilled. It was at least six hours since he'd been enthusiastically drained dry by the Nymph and the trio of Terran teenagers in the Launch Bay.

When he was naked, he sat down in the chair and felt Jade's cool hand on his shoulder as she whispered, "Now, we'll just make it a little darker and we can begin."

Someone activated the armour plating over the windows to his Ready Room and as the panels slid down, he was plunged into complete blackness. He blinked for a moment, his senses trying to adjust to being deprived of sight and his sharp hearing picking up the soft throb of music as it gradually increased in volume. There were no vocals, only a sensual, rhythmic beat that sent a shiver down his spine. Just as his eyes had started to adjust to the darkness, there was a bright flare of purple light in front of him.

His eyes blinked rapidly as he was momentarily blinded by this radiant vision. When he was able to see again, his mouth hung open in shock as Faye suddenly appeared, but this wasn't the bright-eyed chirpy girl he'd grown used to. Her luminous eyes were hooded behind long lashes, her expression sultry as she tilted her head to one side and listened to the music. Although she was nude, her iridescent wings were wrapped tightly around her, forming a diaphanous dress that moulded to her curves. She ignored him completely as she started to move, losing herself in the throbbing music, her body undulating with its own sensual rhythm.

John had grown very fond of Faye and while he considered her to be a beautiful girl, he hadn't really thought about her in an overtly sexual way - at least not beyond the few chaste kisses they'd shared. If she'd been a flesh and blood girl, he would have approached the situation very differently, but the unfortunate physical limitations to any such relationship had prevented him from really thinking about her that way.

That wasn't the case any more.

He gaped at her in amazement as she raised her arms above her head, linking her hands together as she writhed in perfect time to the music. She was slimmer than the other girls, petite and slender, but still possessed enticing curves and a luscious bust, the pert shape of her breasts accentuated by her shimmering wings. Faye slowly turned as she danced, drawing his eyes to the hypnotic motion of her hips as they swayed alluringly.

When Faye started another turn, she seemed to notice him at last, glancing at him coyly over her shoulder before quickly looking away, her face obscured by her shroud of long purple hair. John found himself watching with eager anticipation for her to finish her turn and when she did so, he saw a teasing glimpse of her eyes as they met his. Gliding his way now, her steps followed the pulse of the beat, her wings sliding apart and revealing more of her smooth flesh.

Even though she'd been in a near-constant state of nakedness for weeks, he hungered for another glance at her dark nipples, the gentle curve of her breasts, or the toned oval of navel. He caught the hint of a surprised but delighted smile, before she managed to reassert her sultry expression - it was the look of an inexperienced girl who finally realised the full devastating power of her femininity to thoroughly bewitch her man. The wings parted fully, letting him gaze upon her unimpeded and it was like he was seeing her for the first time. He throbbed with arousal at the beautiful sight, taking in every square inch of the stunning girl as she posed before him.

She continued to sway and undulate to the music, staring intently at him as his eyes followed every motion of her body. Her wings moved too, following a languid, repetitive pattern that marked out the beat of the music. Faye sank lower and parted her thighs as she slowly sank to her haunches, giving him a glance at the snug lips of her pussy. He wanted to bury himself in her and claim this nubile girl, making her his own. The lustful expression on Faye's beautiful face told him she wanted the exact same thing.

"Move forward a little," she urged him, licking her lips in anticipation.

He watched her tongue glide over her cupid-bow lips, then did as she asked, shifting forward on the seat so his throbbing cock was inches from her face. She leaned forward, mouth parted in anticipation, her lips glistening with moisture. Faye's wings swept forward and partially obscured her from sight, but before he could object, he felt her lips brush over his cock, engulfing the broad head in her hot little mouth.

"Oh fuck!" he groaned in shock, staring in awe at Faye.

Her glowing eyes peered up at him through a gap in her shimmering wings, her gaze smouldering with lust as she inched down his shaft. With his hands clenched tightly to the armrests of his chair, he gasped at the delicious sensations, savouring the thrill of feeling a new girl worshipping his cock. Faye was a gifted fellatrix, with a technique all of her own, her tongue curling around his shaft and drawing him deeper. She easily took him down her wonderfully tight throat as she bobbed in his lap, sucking hungrily for his cum.

John gritted his teeth, desperate to make it last as long as possible.

*Give her what she wants! Claim her as your own!* Alyssa urged him, her lustful thoughts filling his mind, accompanied by an overwhelming rush of pleasure.

Arching his back, John cried out as he came, Faye's lips clamping down on him and sucking harder, intensifying his climax. His toes curled at the intensity of his orgasm, his eyes staring blankly into the blackness as he saw his own set of stars. The purple sprite was relentless in sucking down every last drop of cum and she left his balls feeling numbed with pleasure.

Finally sagging back in his chair now that he was spent, he stared down at her in wonder. The fierce intensity in her eyes had softened now and she slowly peeled her wings back and rose up to stand before him. Her belly was hugely swollen with the massive load of spunk he'd just pumped down her clutching throat, the effect even more dramatic on such a petite girl. Her fingers glided over the enormous curve of her cum-stuffed stomach and he reached towards her with shaking hands, wanting to follow her fingers as they traced over her beautiful body. His hand slipped through her holographic image and he looked up at her in shock once again, uncomprehending in his post-orgasmic haze.

"Thank you. I'll treasure this memory forever," she whispered quietly, a soft sigh of contentment escaping her flushed lips.

Blowing him a loving kiss, she winked out of sight, leaving him in absolute darkness again. Someone slowly turned up the lights and as his eyes readjusted to the warm glow, he saw Jade kneeling before him, her breasts hugely inflated with all the cum she'd just sucked from his quad.

"It was you!" he gasped, reeling from the shock before flushing with embarrassment. He gave her a self-conscious grin and continued, "That was incredible! It felt so real!"

She rose gracefully then leaned towards him to plant a loving kiss on his cheek. "Your desire for her was real, John. I was just a proxy, helping give you both what you wanted."

He shook his head in amazement, then blew out his breath and grinned at her. "Thank you, Jade. That was absolutely amazing."

The Nymph traced her finger along his jawline in an affectionate gesture, then prowled towards the sofas, just as the door to the Ready Room opened. Alyssa walked in first, followed by the rest of the crew, knowing smiles on their beautiful faces.

"Come and join us," Alyssa said, beckoning him over to the sofas.

Quickly dressing, he strode over to join them with a spring in his step, feeling like a million credits. Jade was sitting on the sofa to his left, with Dana and Calara wasting no time in suckling from her titanic chest. She stroked their hair while murmuring lovingly to them both as they filled their tummies with his cum. He sat down between Alyssa and Sakura with a broad grin on his face, putting his arms around both girls.

Alyssa's eyes twinkled as she said, "You have the happy look of contentment of a man who just emptied his balls. Feeling better?"

"Much!" he agreed, squeezing her shoulder. He glanced around the group and asked, "Where did Faye go?"

Irillith gave him a broad smile. "She had something urgent she needed to attend to. I believe she'll rejoin us shortly."

"Yeah, I bet she did!" Dana giggled, licking her lips before engulfing Jade's nipple once again.

John took a deep breath, then looked quizzically at Alyssa and asked, "How much time have we got left?"

"Twenty-three minutes until we arrive in-system," she informed him helpfully. Her eyes twinkled as she added, "Faye got you in quite a state! You normally last much longer than that!

Chuckling at that, he asked Rachel, "Is all the work on the mech done?"

The brunette nodded, looking pleased as she replied, "We hooked up the Punisher Gatling and Dana seems happy with it. She did a final round of system checks and said it's ready to go."

"That's great news," John said, feeling relieved.

Jade stroked the brunette and redhead feeding from her and said gently, "I'm afraid that's all for now, girls."

They reluctantly pulled away from the Nymph to make room for Sakura and Rachel, with Jade cradling the next two girls in her arms as they latched on to her bountiful breasts.

Tashana watched proceedings with wide-eyed amazement, glancing at her sister and whispering, "Is that really John's cum she's feeding them?"

Irillith nodded eagerly and the look of desire she shot her sister was electrifying as she replied, "That's right and it's our turn next!"

Calara stretched contentedly before grinning at John, her brown eyes looking sharp and focused as she sat on the sofa opposite him. The difference in the Latina was amazing, with all traces of fatigue now wiped away. He didn't need to close his eyes to check for an active connection with her; he could sense her presence now, her body strong, vital, and pulsing with energy. Calara nodded as she stared into his eyes, confirming that she could feel him watching over her protectively.

Sakura and Rachel had soon drunk their fill - or as much as Jade allowed them, making sure that they would all get an equal share. They moved out of the way, both girls looking bright-eyed and refreshed as they grinned at John. This time he did close his eyes to check his mental images of them - just to make certain - and he could see all four Terran girls were now shrouded with a gleaming white aura.

Tashana and Irillith were next and the group watched as the Nymph embraced the Maliri twins, gently guiding them to her breasts as they gazed up at her. Irillith latched on immediately, her eyes rolling back as she suckled greedily, her taste buds tingling in delight as they were bathed in John's cum. Any sense of hesitation that Tashana might have been feeling was abruptly swept away, overwhelmed by a sudden surge of pleasure over her link to her twin. Her eyes blazed with a fierce hunger as she closed her mouth over Jade's dark green nipple, and both girls moaned with need as they drank, slowly writhing on the sofa as they filled their stomachs.

Jade chuckled as she pried the Maliri girls off her breasts, her superior strength allowing her to effortlessly peel away the still-hungry girls. They resisted at first with whimpering protests, before looking abashed as they regained control of themselves. Rising from the sofa Tashana and Irillith held hands as they crossed to the sofa opposite, both flashing blushing smiles at John as they did so. Alyssa gave Jade a tender kiss as she moved into her arms, the Nymph now pulsing with a green light as she filled her own stomach with her share of John's load.

The strobing green light was obscured for a second as Faye rejoined them in a burst of purple, a joyfully happy grin on her face. She appeared just as she always had, but as she glanced at John, he could see a new sparkle in her luminous eyes. There was a new level of intimacy in the look she gave him and he realised that their relationship had fundamentally changed.

While Alyssa drank the last from Jade's much-reduced breasts, Calara had activated the system map to display Ashana. There was a single yellow star at its holographic centre, with the object of their attention highlighted on the map with a green ring. Ashana itself appeared as a small reddish-orange planet out on the sixth orbital path around the star.

"We're hooked into the Ashanath's sensor grid now. They've given us full access," Calara explained, as they stared at the fleet consisting of over two-hundred silvery discs. They were assembled in the precise battle formations she had planned out for them, arrayed protectively in front of the Grey's homeworld. The Latina's tone was grim as she added, "Whatever the High Council has been preparing, it wasn't orbital defence platforms. There's only orbital factories and refineries in-system, no military facilities."

"How long until the Drakkar arrive?" John asked, his voice tense.

Calara zoomed the map out slightly, now showing the Drakkar invasion armada as it rushed forward in hyper-warp. "Eight minutes. The Ashanath used up all their Gravity Well Generators delaying them so they could lay that minefield."

"And how long until we arrive?" he asked quietly.

Alyssa had finished her refreshing top-up by now and she replied, "Sixteen minutes, eight seconds."

John looked around at the group and said soberly, "I want all of you to understand what we're up against. Despite that minefield nearly halving their numbers, the Drakkar ships still outnumber and severely outclass the Ashanath - enough for both Calara and me to be very worried about this battle." He took a deep breath before continuing, "Does anyone have any reservations about us getting involved in this fight? I want to stop the Drakkar and save the Ashanath, but this is going to be extremely dangerous. I refuse to drag you into this level of carnage if any of you object."

The girls were quiet as they looked around at each other with wide eyes. Eventually Alyssa spoke up, her voice passionate as she said, "The Ashanath might seem unemotional with the strange way they speak, but when you talk to them with telepathy, they're not like that at all. They're warm, helpful people and they desperately need our help!"

Dana nodded, her expression grim as she said, "I made friends with lots of the Grey engineers that helped us. I don't want them to get eaten!"

"We can't let the Drakkar win this battle," Rachel agreed, sounding worried. "They're voracious carnivores and with this many invading, they'll depopulate the Ashanath homeworld within weeks! We can't just stand by and let them commit genocide!"

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