tagGroup SexThree Times a Lady

Three Times a Lady


[FOR YOUR INFORMATION: The following story contains rough sex and liberal use of the word 'cunt'. The characters portrayed are over 18 and this is a fantasy story.It is also my first submission and was written quickly.]


Getting Sophia pissed, I proceeded to seduce and fuck her.

She was longing for cock, she took mine. Lust overrode the guilt she felt.

My long thick cock, satisfied her tight cunt- it was so in need of a hard fuck.

She preferred to be on her knees while I ploughed her hot cunt from behind, her face buried in the pillow, gasping and crying for more.

She seemed to enjoy my finger up her ass while I fucked her cunt-she got much wetter when I did that.

Moaned like a whore. The noise she made when I made her squirt for the first time was indescribably cute. An amazed gasp came from her lips, a sigh, a whimper and a 'Fuck yeah David, do that again please!'

So I did. She gushed over my cock- a feeling that makes me pump pussy like a jack hammer. My pace quickened, her cries intensified. Finally, as my cock was gripped in the tight vice of a 25 year old cunt it came- I unloaded a bucket of cum deep inside her.

She turned around with a look of shame on her face, trying to cover her body. I put my cock away and grabbed her by the throat. " Are you going to be my secret fuck buddy Sophia?" "Yes," she whispered and closed her eyes. I kissed her full on the lips and then I was gone.

The next time I fucked her it was in public.

I had texted her and asked her not to wear a bra. I loved her nipples and seeing them erect always give me an instant hard on. She protested but I insisted.

We had all gone for a drink down the Longboat Inn. She sat in the summer evening looking hot as fuck as she sipped a Malibu and coke. Her long summer dress showing off her plump ass and curvy tits. Her nipples were as hard as bullets on show for all to see.

After an hour she feigned illness and asked me to drive her home. After apologising we left and drove to Dray. It was getting late and the light was fading.

The journey was silent. We parked overlooking the lake and got out. Walking to the front of the car I grabbed her ass and squeezed it roughly- she squealed in delight.

Bending her over the car bonnet, I hitched up her summer dress and pulled her thong aside. I noticed how damp she was.

My cock was so hard it hurt, sliding it in eased my discomfort and brought instant gratification to both of us. She felt so tight and nubile, her ass rocking to my pumping rhythm. Her cunt was well oiled however and it slid in and out so effortlessly.

Sophie grabbed the bonnet and suddenly spread her legs further- urging me to go deeper which I duly obliged. As sweat beaded on her tanned ass she then convulsed into a powerful orgasm. That tightening around my cock also sent me into an ungodly eruption inside her. We came together.

The third and final time we fucked was after a party. It included Amy, a 5 foot nothing bombshell with a huge rack that she didn't mind showing off. The image of Sophia eating her shaven cunt will last in my mind forever.

It started with a few drinks- doesnt it all? I flirted with Amy all night, making Sophia only slightly jealous. I managed to cop a feel of her wonderful breasts and was admonished for being cheeky. Her erect nipples gave away her true feelings about it. It was at Amy's house, so as the party drew to a close we were the only ones left. I followed Sophia into the bathroom and hitched her short skirt up- revealing no knickers. I was instantly hard.

I whipped out my cock and entered her tight cunt. It felt hot and well greased as I slid in and out of her. As I looked in the mirror I saw Amy standing in the door open mouthed. Her tousled hair and the look on her face made me even harder.

Sophia noticed my pace quicken as I pounded her. "what's got into you?" She whimpered. "You thinking about me eating Amy's sweet pussy?"

The look on Amy's face was a picture- surprise and arousal. Her hand delved into her knickers- and had a quick frig of her pussy. She licked her fingers after and looked me directly in the eyes. "Fuck me," she mouthed and left. My attention turned back to Sophia who was cumming a flood over me. I gave her 2 or 3 more hard thrusts and withdrew. "Why did you stop?" she panted in hormonal desperation.

"Thought Amy was there" was all I replied and left the room towards Amy. Annoyed, Sophia straightened herself up and followed me out.

I found Amy on the couch semi naked. Her tits were on display and her hand was back in her pants- she was feigning sleep.

As I approached her eyes opened and the biggest smile drew across her face. She pulled her panties aside and revealed her glistening wet, shaven slit to me. It was swollen and open- she had been giving herself a good workout.

"Its yours," she whispered.

I didn't miss a beat. I wanted Sophie to catch us. Pulling off my jeans and my shirt I entered her cunt in one swift movement. Amy grunted in satisfaction. God she was tight, even more so than Sophie. The feel of her panties scraping the side of my cock added to the intense feeling.

I ploughed that dripping pussy, long deep strokes. Amy pinched her nipples on her huge tits, rubbing and rolling her breasts together. We kissed, tongues slapping together in the heat of the moment.

Sophia stood watching, seething and lusting. Her face went red at first, then gave way to arousal.She took off her clothes and slapped me hard across the face as I fucked Amy.

All that did was turn me on more. I smiled at Sophia- momentarily pausing my fucking. She slapped me again and I drove deeper into Amy's cunt. Amy cried out, "fuck David, slap him again Soph".

Sophie looked at Amy and withdrew her hand. "You can eat me you fucking bitch".

Lowering her cunt over Amy's mouth, Sophia faced me. Locking her eyes on me, she opened her pussy lips and Amy's tongue found its way into her wetness. Amy's cries were muffled by pussy.

My cock wasn't going to last now and I felt the cum build into an eruption. Unexpectedly I took my cock out and came all over Amy's tummy and Sophia's tits- covering the girls in hot sticky cum.

Sophia dropped to Amy's pussy and started to lick her out, cum rubbing between the girls hot, lithe bodies.

That was my lasting image as I left the room.

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