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Three Virgins


"That's really touching Matt... but I just don't think we can be anything more than friends..."

A phrase he heard all too often. Matt Higgins was attractive, but at the same time, there was a lot about him that took away from his looks. He had a handsome face, but it was glazed with acne. He had a nice build, but he was pretty short. For the innocent virgins, he was too weird to date. For the desperate whores, he didn't have a big enough dick. Not desperate enough, he would think to himself.

It was the beginning of his Junior year at his college. He had just turned 21. He could drive people legally, he had a job at the grocery store to pay for gas, and he didn't have hard classes this year. In fact, he got out of class at eleven every day. It was a year to relax. So naturally, he wanted to enjoy that time with a girl. Just someone to cuddle, watch nerdy movies with, and occasionally blow his load on or in.

This time it was the gorgeous Shelby Walker. Wavy shoulder length black hair, hourglass figure, and perfect proportional breasts. Of course, he'd never seen her topless but he just knew that her tits were absolutely perfect. Call it a sixth sense. But his height couldn't match hers, his pale skin was a major contrast to her well tanned body, and she was one of the girls who had all the guys after her. She was still twenty, and her birthday was coming up soon. Matt didn't know for sure, but he heard rumors here and there that she was a big fan of sex. It didn't look like he would be finding out firsthand anytime soon.

Or so he thought...


"Come on Yanni, for meeeee?"

Arianna (Yanni) Carmela had an annoying sister. Melanie, or Mel, was a freshman, brand new to college. Yanni was a junior, so of course she was very embarrassed by her stupid younger sister. She followed her around, asked dumb questions, pestered her friends, and was the favorite with their parents.

This time she was asking for boyfriend help. Yanni knew that freshman year was mating season for most people. She was never really that interested in dating. Mostly because nobody was interested in her. She had an unattractive wiry frame. The kind that made her look malnourished. Of course, she ate like a pig, but she stayed pencil-thin. Her breasts were tiny, but noticeable like an apple cut in half.

"What could I possibly do to help you get a boyfriend?"

"Teach me what guys like!" her sister replied.

She knew what guys liked. And she knew her sister had it. Although they came from the same parents, they were very different in looks. Where Yanni was thin, angular, and tall, Mel was a petite delight. She was curvaceous with small but well rounded breasts. Her lips looked like a heart, and she had cute freckles at the top of her cheekbones. At only eighteen, she was practically a bombshell by college standards.

"Look in the mirror, twerp," Yanni quipped.

"I know I'm absolutely gorgeous," she said with some sarcasm, "But what do I do to get a guy to like me for more than my body?"

"It's very easy my dear innocent baby sister. Step one, get on your knees. Step two, talk about how you like making sandwiches. Step three, open your mouth, and let him take over. Step four, hope for the best. Try this until you realize that guys are stupid."

"Well you would know, wouldn't you?" Mel was now a bit miffed.

"What are you saying?" Yanni asked suspiciously.

"I'm saying that you could be a blowjob queen for all I know!"

Mel leaned forward just a bit across the dinner table, not knowing this gave Yanni a view of her bosom beneath her thin tank top. She stared intently at Yanni, trying to look for signs of this accusation being true. She found none.

Yanni gave her bothersome sister a look that said Fuck Off Twerp. She looked back down into her backpack and continued pulling her binders out of her backpack. She knew that Mel could only learn from experience; she wasn't as smart as her big sister. If only there was some way to do it without heartbreak.

Yanni would soon find the answer.


Kerry Donahue. THE senior at Texas State. She did it all, she was the best actress in the theater, the best alto in the choir, a pretty good cheerleader, an excellent student (especially in English), a varsity golf player, and one hot piece of ass. So what's the problem? Well, if you asked her yourself you would find that she was in denial. She honestly believed she was happy having accomplished so much while remaining a faithful Christian.

If you asked, "Kerry, are you happy?" She would shoot back with a perfect smile, "Is the sun bright?"

If you dipped into her subconscious, you would find that she didn't give a damn about her religion, she thought english was boring, acting was too stressful, singing really depended on too many other people, too many guys hit on her as a cheerleader, and golf was too mellow. She was in denial, big time.

The worst part was her sex drive. She constantly denied that it existed. Her freshman year, she got a role in the school musical as a chorus member. At the time, the guy in the lead role was a senior name Danny Masters. He was a good-looking guy, nothing special. During one of the performances, she caught a glimpse of his package while they were offstage. The innocent Christian inside her proclaimed, The Slut buried deep down whispered to herself, The little whisper was enough to make her just a little wet. The Christian convinced her that she just had an accident. And The Christian continued to convince Kerry of this every time it happened for the next three years.

The Christian was about to lose the battle.


Kerry Donahue sure was good in English, but not so much in Science. She was a senior but she was behind in that subject, and she had to take a Chemistry class with Mr. Lealos. Also in this class was Matt Higgins, Mr. Average, and Yanni Carmela, the Walking Stick.

The classroom was well equipped with emergency devices in case something went wrong during an experiment. There was a chemical shower and a sink designed to shoot water at one's eyes. Perfect for exploding beakers and stupid and reckless students.

Kerry, Matt, and Yanni were in a lab group with Greg, the new kid. He never spoke a word to anyone, he just nodded yes or shook his head no. He showed no signs of intelligence or stupidity. Nobody could figure a thing about him.

When Mr. Lealos told the class to make a specific compound, the safety gear came on. The silly looking eye protectors and the rubber gloves looked unflattering on everyone. The compound would be simple, so it wasn't likely that anything would go wrong. Nothing ever did anyway, even for the other more dangerous experiments.

It was Greg's job to organize all the chemicals. While the other three gathered the beakers and test tubes, Greg sprinkled something into the NaCl... something strange.

It was Matt's job to pour all the chemicals together. In went the first one, the second. Yanni and Kerry leaned in closer to observe any changes. The third went in gradually. Their faces got closer. The NaCl...


Whatever Greg slipped in, it made the compound explode. The liquids shot up into the air, melting through the other three students' goggles. They immediately made a dash for the emergency sinks. There were only two. Matt made it to the first one, quickly turning it on. Kerry made it to the second one, fumbling with the nozzle. Yanni was left to use the shower. But before she could turn it on, some of the acidic compound leaked onto her clothes. She did just what Mr Lealos taught, however embarrassing it was. Yanni pulled off her loose t-shirt, then turned the shower on. The water shot down on her, soaking her instantly. The compound washed off her face, fortunately not scarring her. What she didn't notice was that the compound had snuck its way under her shirt and was eating through her bra. For some reason, the shower couldn't do a thing about it. She was forced to take her bra off.

Matt and Kerry had no trouble getting the strange mixture off of them and out of their eyes. Yanni had to stand topless in front of her classmates and she made sure the terrible concoction was all gone. She turned the shower off. Some of the more shy students looked away. The assholes laughed at her tiny boobs. Her nipples had grown hard from the cold water. Mr. Lealos grabbed a towel and immediately wrapped it around her, holding her to his body as he escorted her into the back room for a change of clothes.

Matt and Kerry had their shirts soaked. This didn't mean much for Matt, he was wearing a black shirt. Kerry on the other hand, had recently run into some laundry problems. She was forced to go to school without a bra for the day. The day she decided to wear a white long-sleeved shirt. The Christian had made her very ignorant and sheltered. She had no idea that the whole class could see through her shirt. She and Matt each grabbed a towel and dried themselves. It didn't do much for her shirt.

Matt and Kerry sat back down, waiting for instructions. Matt noticed her perky nipples, just as most of the class had as well. He blatantly stared at her large breasts, acquiring an uncomfortable hard on under his jeans. Kerry noticed his gaze out of the corner of her eye and looked at him. Matt expertly changed his view to something on the wall, so she couldn't verify his stare. What she ended up verifying was his erection. The Slut whispered seductively. A tiny warmth rose in her stomach. She felt the wetness between her legs. The Christian assured her.

Mr. Lealos returned without Yanni and told the class that they were dismissed, and that this would be discussed next time they met.


Yanni was absolutely traumatized. She saw the faces of some of the boys who laughed at her breasts. She knew she was unattractive. But there was always some hope that someone found her attractive. She immediately went home and started eating everything in the pantry. Mel came home while this was going on.

"Wow, someone's piggin' today."

"Shut up, just shut the fuck up Mel!" Yanni yelled with a mouth full of Twinkie. If their parents had been home, the use of foul language would not go unpunished.

"Christ, what's your deal?"

"Leave me alone!"

Mel stared at her big sister for a moment, now switching to a more compassionate mode.

"Yanni, I'm sorry, can you tell me what's wrong?"

Yanni thought forcefully.

Mel's face went blank. The look of concern was gone. She mechanically started walking upstairs to her room. Yanni sensed something different about this. She knew that Mel wouldn't be so sarcastic as to leave so rudely. It was the change in her eyes. Yanni swallowed the mouthful of Oreo and left the pantry to follow Mel.

Mel walked at a normal pace and a regular expression had returned to her pretty face. But she didn't look at Yanni as she walked up the stairs. Yanni followed. Mel entered her room and closed the door. Yanni stood by to make sure she hadn't hurt her feelings. She didn't want her parents to come home to find their daughters in a fight.

The room was silent for a while. Yanni was still shaken, tears streaming down her face, but she had a moment of concern for her sister, realizing that she had gone overboard. She heard a moan. Another moan. Louder. A distinctive tone. She opened the door a crack. The moans were clearly not crying. Mel was on her bed with her right hand jammed down her short shorts. Yanni couldn't look away for some reason! Mel stopped moaning. She took her hand out of her pants, wondering why she had suddenly been struck with the urge to masturbate.

Mel thought.

Yanni dashed to her room. She could hear her sister's thoughts! Not only that, but she had made her masturbate and then suddenly stop. Yanni took a moment to gather herself. She dried the tears from her face. After a moment, she tried something. Mel came into her room. "Are you okay, sweetie?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Why are you blushing?"

"Oh, am I?" She looked down shamefully.

Yanni pushed.

"Well... actually... it's probably because I was... touching myself. Oh my god why did I just tell you that?!"

Mel tried to make an escape.

Yanni pushed for her to stay. "You were masturbating? You sick little freak wait until I tell mom and dad!"

"No, please don't! I'll do anything!"

"Anything?" Yanni grew an ear to ear grin.


Matt brushed off the whole ordeal. After all, he got a nice peek at Kerry's divine rack. He decided he would go to the drive-thru after school before he got down to studying. His eyes were still sore, but otherwise he actually felt better than ever. He drove up with some new confidence coupled with the same hard-on from class.

He ordered the usual, burger, fries and large soda. It's hard to tell over the crackly voice box at the drive-thru, but he thought this girl sounded cute. He was right. As he rolled up to the window, he smiled at the girl currently working. She smiled back. She looked a little older, maybe a little past average college years. Her hair was tied up to fit under the hat of the chain she worked for, but he could see that it was died pink. She had a nose piercing and large glasses, but it made her look more attractive. "Here you go, sir. Will there be anything else?"

he thought, but what came out was ,"No, that'll be all. Oh shit, I'm short a dollar."

She suddenly took on a new air. She gave him a slightly teasing look, which also looked ridiculous in her brightly colored work uniform. "You know, if you do me a favor I can let it slide."

"Is that so? Alright, whaddya got?" He was ready to do some kitchen work. He was surprised.

"Drive around to the front door. I'll be right there."

He was shocked. It took him a moment before he complied and drove around. She started walking to the front door. Her manager was obviously chewing her out, noticing her abandonment. She ignored him and got in the front seat of Matt's car.

"So uh... What kind of favor were you thinking?" He asked, still very surprised.

She took off the silly hat, revealing that her hair was actually died multiple colors, but it was pink at the roots. "I'm not sure... I just felt like I really wanted to be in this car with you."

"You know you probably just lost your job, right?"

"Yeah, but I hate it anyway. I can get a better job."

He stared at her in awe. A hipster girl just got into his car, and neither of them knew why.

"Want me to take you somewhere?"

"I don't know."

There was an awkward silence.

Matt's eyes grew wide. He had been looking at her as she stared out the windshield, and he knew for sure she hadn't moved her mouth.

"Why don't we have an adventure? You're not busy, are you?"

"Uh... uh... no, I got nothing planned t-today." He said it as awkward as could be said.

"Alright, let's go to the lake!" She said with a bounce in the front seat. This made her breasts jiggle slightly. Matt stopped staring before she noticed.

He started driving towards the lake. He stayed relatively quiet as she gabbed on about the obscure bands she liked. It was still a mystery about what he had heard before. He started wondering what her name was, and she was too busy talking about The Flaming Lips to interrupt. It suddenly came to him, she was wearing a name tag. It said Lara.

They arrived at the lake and it was about this time that Matt realized they had no swim suits. He asked her what they would do about it.

"Don't worry about it, we can just swim in our underwear."

There it was again! He had heard her thoughts. Matt was no idiot, and he was able to figure it out quickly that he had compelled her to get into the car in the first place. But she ad made her own decision to stay, and even wanted to spend time with him. Now she even might get intimate with him, a total stranger.

She ran to the shore and Matt followed. She threw her clothes behind her, dashing to the water in just her bra and panties. Matt saw the opportunity to test this unbelievable power he may have discovered.

She still ran at full speed, but suddenly jumped into the air and stuck her landing directly in front of the tiny waves. Still , it could have been coincidental. Matt gave one more command.

Lara turned around and walked toward Matt. She grabbed the bottom of his shirt and lifted it over his head.

"Come on, don't let me be the only one half naked here!"

That proved it. There's no way she would start undressing him on her own. Soon they were both down to their undergarments.

Matt thought.


Kerry still had one more class after Chemistry. Her shirt was now dry, but she had Phys Ed anyway, so it didn't matter. She entered the locker room, and fortunately none of her classmates from Chemistry shared this class with her, so no furtive glances would be shot her way.

She still remembered that she had no bra on, and took her gym clothes into a bathroom stall and changed there. As she stripped out of her plain white shirt, she noticed that her nipples still stood at attention.

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