Three Weeks to Lose his Virginity Ch. 01


"Shit," he mumbled to himself before concealing his crotch with his bag and sidling off to the lavatories to relieve himself for the third time that day.


When he got home Emma was waiting for him, ready to go out for the evening.

"Have you missed me, darling?" Emma asked enticingly. "Oh, I see from that lovely big bulge that you have!"

She unzipped him and casually began to masturbate him into a handful of tissues. "Sorry, lover. I'd let you come over my boobs but I don't want you to get my clothes dirty."

She looked fabulous; her hair was in a pony tail and she was wearing a tight-fitting high-necked black dress that stopped well above her knees plus black thigh-length high-heeled boots.

Spencer was proud that he managed to last as long as five minutes before he exploded into her hand.

"Right! Go and have a quick shower and put on the new clothes I've left on your bed; we're going out on a date," she ordered as she wiped her hands clean. "Oh, and make sure you use the face scrub I've got you."

He showered and dressed in a shirt and trousers as ordered , amazed at how tidy and fresh his room now was. He noticed with a wry smile that Emma had sorted his pornography under his bed into format and genre.

"Come on, lover," she called from downstairs.

Driving his mum's car into town, Emma explained the schedule for the evening while he sat next to her.

"First we're going to a nice restaurant where we're going to teach you to talk to girls like they're human rather than aliens. And then we're going to go to the pictures where, if you're a good boy, we can have a little cuddle. I want you to get used to taking a girl on a date. How does that sound?"

Spencer hadn't heard her. As she'd been driving, Emma's dress had ridden high up her legs, revealing her glorious bronzed thighs and the hint of tight white knickers. Spencer was entranced; he couldn't stop staring at her legs and he'd already generated a painfully confined erection.

"Hello, Spencer!"

He jumped guiltily. "Sorry!"

"Spencer," Emma said, "it's lovely that you find me attractive but you really have to learn to be a bit more subtle. It's no wonder that you haven't got a girl if all you can do is ogle or ignore them!"

"Sorry, Emma," he apologised. "It's just that I've honestly never met someone as beautiful as you. And here you are, not just talking to me but it's like you really like me! I just can't believe this isn't a dream."

"Oh, Spencer. I promise I like you and I promise I'm real. Here, squeeze my thigh. Feel how real I am."

Spencer hard cock twitched as he put his right hand on her left thigh and slowly moved it under her dress.

"That's high enough, darling!"

"Oh, sorry," he said but continued to stroke her thigh happily.

"That's OK. I don't blame you, dear. It's always fun having a new toy! Spencer, you must have realised that I'm really fond of you, darling. I spent the happiest days of my life here in London. I know you don't remember but you were a big constant in that time; I literally watched you grow up."

Spencer stopped stroking her but allowed his hand to rest high up her leg as he listened to her.

"When I met you at the station I could see right away that you were scared of me and of women in general. I could also see that you'd been very unkind to yourself: there's a handsome young man under that awful haircut and those horrible shapeless clothes. You need to look after yourself a bit more: dress better, eat better and do a little exercise. And most of all, you need some confidence. And I decided to give you some. In any way I could."

"Oh, Emma, thank you so much. Is that why you, you know...?"

"Tossed you off? As I said, it gives you an awful lot of pleasure and even more confidence and it's such an easy thing for me to do. It's really no problem at all, Spencer. I enjoy it"

Spencer adjusted his cock before beginning to thoughtfully stroke her thigh again.


"Yes, dear?"

"You know when you said this morning that there might even be, you know, other things you might be able to do for me?"

"Yes, Spencer. Was there something in particular?"

Spencer reddened as he continued. "I was just wondering, if you, would, well, if you don't mind, maybe just suck me a little bit." He added hurriedly, "That is, if you do that kind of thing."

"Spencer! I can't believe you want to put your big hard hairy thick cock in my pretty pouting mouth! What kind of girl do you think I am?"

"Oh, shit, Emma, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. Please..."

But Emma was laughing. "Oh, darling. I'm just teasing. I have no objections to sucking you off, lover. I was going to wait a bit longer until giving you regular hand relief had helped you develop a little stamina but I can't seem to say no to you!"

Spencer was stunned. "Oh, wow! Really?"

"Of course, really. I know I'm a tease but I'm not that much of a tease! And anyway, it'll save on the mess. We're almost there. Let's see if we can find a quiet spot and I'll give a nice relaxing blowjob."

Spencer's excitement mounted as Emma drove the car into a multi-storey car park, gradually climbing up the ramps until they ended up on the deserted roof level.

"Right, I don't think anyone can see us parked here. Now, before I get down to sucking your poor dick, I want something in return," she demanded as she unclipped her seat-belt.

"OK; anything, please. Whatever you want," Spencer gasped as Emma pulled his cock out of his trousers.

"Tell me about the girls at school. Are there any you fancy?" she asked as she ever so slowly pulled back his foreskin.

"Oh, Emma!" he moaned. "Yes, there is one in particular but she's too gorgeous for me."

Emma bent her head and gently blew on his cock. "Too gorgeous?" She looked up with wide innocent eyes. "But don't you think I'm gorgeous, Spencer? And here I am, holding your cock; about to put it into my mouth."

"Oh, fuck Emma, please suck me," he begged.

"Oh, I will, Spencer. But first tell me about this girl."

He took a deep breath. "OK. She's called Suzy Simpson and she's beautiful. Not as beautiful as you but still lovely. She's quite tall with really big boobs and she's blonde although I think she might dye her hair. She's not as slender as you either but she's still got an amazing figure."

He could feel her warm breath on his cock now. He suppressed the urge to push her head down and waited for her as patiently as he could.

"Mmmm. She sounds delicious. I might decide to feel jealous after all. And does she have a boyfriend?"

"She's been out with quite a few of the boys in the year but I don't think she's with anyone right now. They all say she had sex with them though."

"And do you ever talk to her?" Emma's red lips were only a few inches away from his cock now.

"Not really. Although she smiled at me today, I think. Having said that, she might have been laughing at me because I had a hard-on in class."

Emma brought her head up. "Oh, did you, you poor thing? Well, I think she sounds perfect: she's hot; she puts out; and at least she knows who you are. I think you should think about what lovely things you'd like to do to her while I do this to you."

And with that, she brought her head back down, enveloping the knob of his cock into her soft hot mouth. Spencer had fantasised about this moment extensively but he couldn't have imagined the pleasure that coursed through his body as Emma swirled her tongue around his glans. Accurately gauging the level of his excitement, she paused after a few seconds to smile up at him wickedly.

"Does that feel nice, darling?"

"Oh, fuck, yes," he moaned.

Emma stuck her tongue out and slowly licked up and down his shaft before sucking each of his heavy balls in turn. Then she gradually worked her way back up his cock planting tiny butterfly kisses all the way up to the top before gradually allowing her tongue to peep through her lips until she was flicking the very tip of his erection with it.

Pausing briefly to give him another smile, she slowly sucked in first his glans then inch after inch of his shaft until she had swallowed an impressive proportion of his cock. Steadily she worked her way up and then down,quicker and quicker until her head was moving faster than he had believed possible.

In less than a minute, he started spurting uncontrollably into her mouth. Gradually she slowed down, all the while making appreciative noises before lifting her head to look him in the eye and making a show of noisily swallowing his cum.

"Mmmm. Thanks, Spencer. That was delicious."

"Oh, wow. No, really. Thank you," he managed to gasp. "That was the single best thing that has ever happened to me."

"Oh, darling. You're so sweet." Emma rummaged around in her handbag before finding some mints, popping one into her mouth and pulling down the vanity mirror to reapply her lipstick.

"Well, I don't know about you, lover, but I'm ravenous. Shall we go to dinner?"


The next morning, Spencer woke up to intense bliss of Emma's mouth around his cock and the muffled slurpings from under his duvet as she gave him his third ever blowjob.

Last night had been the most magical of his life. After introducing him to the delight of fellatio, Emma had taken him to an upmarket and chic Italian restaurant. Spencer had particularly enjoyed the attention they'd received. The hungry looks from other men as they gazed at Emma and the jealous ones they directed at him added a swagger to his walk. Although the frank appraising stares from other women as they studied him made him feel they were trying to work out why he was with such a beautiful woman.

During the meal, Emma had explained to him the importance of conversation to girls and about making an effort to understand what they were interested in. She'd also made clear how attractive confidence was and how acting positively might yield him unexpected results.

And of course all the while she'd flirted with him, making him blush several times, until he'd gradually begun to flirt back with a little more assurance.

As they'd left and made their way to the cinema, Emma had pulled him towards her and, for the first time, they'd kissed. He'd been taken by surprise by just how much fun kissing was despite Emma stopping every now and again to offer coaching and advice until she was satisfied with his technique.

He didn't remember much of the film even though it was one he'd wanted to see. They'd sat down at the back of the quiet cinema and within minutes of the lights dimming, Emma had taken out his hard cock and begun to masturbate him slowly and deliberately. Over the next two hours he'd fondled her boobs while they kissed until, right at the end of the film, Emma bent down and finished him off in her mouth.

And to end the evening perfectly, when they'd got back home, Emma had treated to him to another topless blowjob which he'd enjoyed even more, perhaps because he wasn't at risk of either coming quickly or being arrested for exposure.

So all-in-all he'd slept extremely well, although he was more than happy to woken by her so delightfully.

"Oh, Emma," he groaned in pleasure as he shot off into her mouth once more. "Thank you, so much." She waited until his shuddering and squirting had subsided before sliding up the bed to kiss him fondly.

Spencer put his arm around her as she cuddled into his shoulder. "Morning, handsome," she breathed into his ear.

Spencer realised he could feel her bare torso against his. He ran his hand down her back to her bottom, realising that she was wearing nothing more than a thong.

"Oh, wow, Emma," he said as he squeezed her perfect bum with one hand and her breasts with the other.

"Spencer! I thought I might be safe in bed for a few minutes if I sucked you off first!"

Spencer lifted his hand up her back and then slid it back down inside her tiny g-string. As he instinctively slid his middle finger between her bum-cheeks, over her arsehole and towards the lips of her pussy, Emma objected. "That's far enough, loverboy! You're not ready for that yet."

"And in any case," she added as she slipped adroitly out bed, "it's time to get up and go to school. Don't worry; you've got plenty of time to play with me. After all, I'm here for three weeks!"

Spencer made a grab for her but she ran out of his room giggling, her flawless bottom wobbling deliciously as she disappeared around the corner.

He fell back into bed and put his hands behind his head, staring up at his ceiling in wonder. Three weeks of Emma! Could life be any better?

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