tagLoving WivesThree with Silky

Three with Silky


She started with no warning, blunt as usual:

"I would like to have a threesome with my old boyfriend, Bill." She said.

I was totally unprepared for this, and remembered with some anger the way I had felt the last time she had slept with him, before we became an official 'couple.'

"But I thought we were committed to each other."

"We are. I certainly didn't get upset over your weekend with your old girlfriend, did I? It was just sex, after all. And if it's ok for you then why not for me?"

I stumbled in reply. "I know, but I ran into her by accident and we just kinda...well, and somehow it's different." I was very perplexed. "And anyway, a threesome is somewhat different."

"Would you rather stay home while I go fuck him?" She asked.

"Err, No... I don't think... but I'm not sure I'm ok with you fucking him at all."

"That's just nonsense. If you can spend a whole weekend screwing her every way but sideways, I can certainly ask for a few orgasms."

"Well, I don't like it, but I can't argue the fairness of it. But if you want a threesome, why not another woman?"

"I'd be fine with that, tho' you know that hard cocks get me hotter than any pussy ever could. Do you know an available willing clean woman, or should we just risk getting AIDS with some whore? Bill is clean, I've fucked him before, and I've never managed 2 guys except in a drunken attempt in college that ended badly."

"But another guy? I'll have to think about that." And so I did, for 2 weeks. In fact, I couldn't think about much else. To watch her taking a hard dick pounding into her wet pussy and maybe slide into her mouth at the same time? To suck one nipple while he sucked the other? To listen to her moans as she came with someone else's meat inside her? And what about that other cock? Would I touch it; would he touch me? Would he want to stretch my asshole while I shot a load deep inside her cunt?

Finally I broached the subject again. "I think you should suck him while I watch."

"I've never given him a blow job before, he would probably like that," she replied with a wistful smile.

So, a few weeks later, I found myself in a hotel room in another city, being introduced to Bill, the man I planned to share her with.

Silky is very petite, with shoulder-length red hair and an elfin face over a pouting and wicked smile. One I loved to see spread around my throbbing purple head. Her outfit was meretricious; a little too tight, too short, but very promising. She has the kind of tits I dream of -- C cups on a little frame, taunt, just enough to add bounce to a flounce. And her skin has to be the smoothest I've ever felt. Maybe all that lotion she pours on every night does some good. Her strongest feature, however, has always been her waist.... That's right, because her ass flares out so far underneath it that my cock twitches every time I see her back.

Bill is a little younger than me, with short dark hair and brown eyes in contrast to my blond & blue. We are both in reasonable shape, neither of us muscle boys or slobs. We are both clean shaven.

We sat a little awkwardly on the couch, none of us quite sure where to go next and Silky stood and said, "I want to dance."

That was an easy enough move, so I began to dance with her to the music from her little IPod speakers. After a few turns, Bill stepped up and wanted his turn, but within a minute dropped down into a long slow kiss. Here I was, watching my own woman tongue kissing another man, one I knew had fucked her in the past. And my cock was swelling at the sight. Again after not much time, he took off her blouse.

I decided that it was time for me to move, so I unhooked her bra, and cupped her breasts, pointing them at him. He left the lip lock and began sucking on her right nipple, so we fell onto the bed, and I grabbed her left nipple, which was already quite hard. She wasn't scared of this at all, it seemed.

Concentrating on my side, I hardly noticed him stand to throw off his shirt and drop his pants. I looked up to see him in boxers, dark blue ones. But as he pulled them down, he was wearing briefs beneath them.

"Fuck the story of the Traveling Jeans," he said. "Let's create our own about the traveling boxers!" Sounded good to me.

So now we all went into a brief frenzy of flying clothes -- only her panties got removed as a group effort. And then there were three of us, naked on the bed, myself, my wife, and another man... I still was overwhelmed with this.

"OK, how about I get the bottom and you get the top?" He asked, and acting on his words, slid down to bury his face between her legs. I was in a good position to hear Silky's quick gasp of pleasure, so I began to kiss her slowly and passionately. She responded eagerly, so I was sure he was getting her aroused just fine. I continued to squeeze her breasts; I could get to both now, and to tease her nipples, rolling them between my thumb and forefinger. They were as hard as my dick.

As her breathing increased, I decided to move on, so I shifted to place my rock hard cock at her mouth. I'm uncircumcised, while Bill is. That means to me that my dick is more sensitive, but I had no trouble peeling back my foreskin to slide into her waiting lips.

As I slid my penis into her oral cavern, the warmness was overwhelming. She eagerly sucked me in, and began to bob her head up on my shaft. I glanced to my right, and saw her squeezing his head with her thighs humping her hips into his face in the same rhythm as she slid on me.

Wanting to enjoy the uniqueness of this, I pulled out of her lips, and slid back down so I could watch from her viewpoint. Bill held her knees in his hands, and spread her apart as he licked slowly from ass to clit, and then teased her clit. I thought he was using all the stuff she liked, and her flushing and huffing certainly agreed with me.

Then he lifted up, and began to rub his engorged head slowly between her nether lips, up and down, teasing her. She gets frantic when teased, so short of tying her up this was great to watch.

I leaned down to suck another nipple, and get closer to the action, and saw him slowly bury himself deep in her pussy. Don't know about her, but I was going wild with this personal porn show. I had to stroke my dick a little bit to not go crazy.

After he had several minutes of slow drilling, I thought I might explode, so I said "Let's swap," and as he pulled out I rolled her over to all fours.

Man was her pussy wet and hot! I shoved my cock in, and unlike our friend, started a frantic frigging, feeling her tight pussy grasp me with every shove. I tend to last a long time before I come (Never had a complaint) so I was working away, and then looked up to see him replacing me in her mouth. She didn't seem to want the slow pace anymore, either, as she was fucking his meat with her face like there was no tomorrow.

I felt my balls tighten up, and blew a load of hot cum deep into her cunt. As I was shooting, I could hear her swallowing and slurping, so I guessed she got two loads at the same time. Then she threw her head back and did one of those long moans I so love. I felt her vaginal walls clinch in a series of spasms, and could tell she had really gotten off.

We fell into a pile, and I wound up beside her, while he still lay with his dick in our faces. Figuring it was now or never, I crossed the line, and took him into my mouth. I could taste her juice and his cum -- somehow a little different from my own, as I licked the underside of his post-cum, softening head. After one lick, he started to swell, and by the time I had slid his entire head into my mouth he was engorged again.

Now was my time for exploration. I slowly slid him in and out, rubbed my lips on the tip, and then slowly licked up and down his shaft. This was a glorious feeling. As far back as I can remember, every time I've jerked off I've wanted to bend over far enough to suck my own cock. Here, now, was one I could suck, and it felt just as good as I had hoped.

I kissed and licked along his thick swollen meat, while my wife joined in by taking just his head in her mouth, and then passing him back to me. While I held her gauze, I felt him swell and pulse as he shot into my virgin mouth. Not gallons, certainly; not even so much that I had to swallow "again and again" to take it all. But still, it was a stream of hot salty cum shooting into my mouth from a dick I was sucking. My first blowjob, even if I had some help.

"You've got a great mouth, man," he said. "Your wife could take lessons from you. I'm sorry I came so fast, it just felt so good." I smiled with pride as I leaned over to share his cum with Silky, as I had shared my own so many times.

Now things were awkward again. Everybody had gotten over the first rush, so what came next? I decided that since I had tried the gay stuff, I might as well try it all. "Bill, I want your cock up my ass." I said this with some reticence. Silky's tight little hole is beautiful and fun to play with. I have a few hemorrhoids, and tho we have tried her dildo in my ass, it never seemed to do much except hurt.

"Well, I want some of Silky's ass, and she's way cuter than you!"

"How about a deal? You can fuck her ass, and I'll do yours, if you want, then after a few that way, we'll swap holes, and I'll do her while you do me."

"Don't I get a vote?" Complained Silky, but I knew from her tone, and the fact that she liked it up the back door after a few orgasms, which she had had, that she was just teasing.

So I said "No, bend over."

At that point we got out lots of lube, and all began slicking up dicks and assholes. It almost became a game in itself, and it sure was nice to be sliding my lubed finger in and out of her anus while he did the same to me, and she lathered both shafts.

Finally, she got in a comfortable knee chest, and Bill put his swollen purple head at her nether entrance. I watched in awe as he pressed forward and her hole expanded to take his meat. When he was all the way in to his balls, he leaned over her and said "Now you."

I took my slithery rope and pushed it against his crack. It took me a few moments to locate it exactly, but finally I began to dilate his rectum with my glistening swollen head. I could feel him slowly giving way, he was clearly not as experienced at this as my wife, but inch by inch we made progress. My mushroom popped past his sphincter, and after that it was just a slow push. Soon my pubic hair kissed his asshole, and we were ready to try. It seemed obvious that the middle person set the rhythm, and so he did, backing into me and then sliding forward into her.

"Damn, Silky, you have a tight little ass!" He exclaimed.

"You are no loose goose yourself, Bill," I said, hoping his laugh would not crush my dick with his sphincter.

As he fucked himself back and forth between us, the sensation was great. Silky was moaning as usual, "I'm a filthy little whore, I like Cocks in my ass!"

I could feel the tight ring of muscle stroking my cock in a wave of pleasure. It was a lot like Silky's ass, but this time on full stroke, I could feel the bulge of his prostate gland, and it ran right under the head of my penis. Our motion was jerky at first, but I soon learned to pull back when he went forward and then forward when he pulled back. My shaft was in a tight wet slippery grip, with that little extra bump with every pump. As Bill picked up speed and Silky was hyperventilating, I started to worry -- he had already cum several times, and damnit, I needed his hard cock! I pulled out with a pop, and said "Time to switch!"

Bill and Silky both gasped "No, just a second," but I was determined. I grabbed his balls and pulled backward, forcing him to pop free of her ass as well.

Grumbling, but complying, he shifted so I could get at her dark hole. I slid in with ease. She was lubed, loose, and ready, and was no anal virgin -- but I was!

Trembling with anticipation, I felt Bill's finger locate my asshole, and then slide a second in. Then he guided his cock up against my entrance. I held very still, in spite of my wife's humping on my shaft, and strained to make my rectum loose. Then I began to feel the stretching of his hard foremost part as it slowly drove into my hole, and for a second I was sure this would never work. I felt stretched beyond endurance, and was panting with the pain, when his head nipped beyond my ring, and suddenly I was filled with what felt like a tremendous amount of man meat. Then as he slid all the way in, I felt from my inside that gentle bump against my prostate. Know how that feels when a doctor presses on it? Well, a dick is bigger, smoother, softer, and deeper than a finger. I though I would cum just from the first touch!

Now it was my turn to set the rhythm, and I did, shoving deep into my wife's tight ass, and then backing myself onto that shaft that filled my rectum; and every time that little flick against my cum gland. I don't know how long we went on, Silky was writhing like the crazed women she is, while Bill continued to match me stroke for stroke. Forward into a tight hot tunnel that squeezed every inch of my erection, then back against a shaft that filed me, pleased me, and then bumped me again.

I felt Bill give first, as he suddenly sped up and started skewering my asshole rapidly. I couldn't move fast enough to keep up, and by then Silky started clasping my shaft in spasms as she came. Bill flooded my ass with his gism, and the pressure of all that sent me into orbit. My balls contracted until I think they were inside out, and I could feel my molested prostate squeezing itself at the same time. I think I came for 5-10 minutes, or maybe an hour -- I don't know, but it was really intense, and it just went on and on, squirt after squirt.

Finally spent, we all lay back gasping for breath. What comes next? I'll give you a hint -- Silky has never had double penetration.

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