tagIncest/TabooThree's A Crowd Ch. 09

Three's A Crowd Ch. 09


Mel wanted to do it her way, and all in her room, She refused to use the towels that we now protected my bed from stains with. Instead, she placed clean white sheets on her bed. She would wash, dry and press them in the morning before our parents returned.

Which one would Mel choose to have her first? The thought nagged at me all morning. I was soon to get my answer.

Smiling demurely, she took us both by the hand and led us upstairs. With downcast eyes, she stood in the centre of her room and asked us to undress her. When we made her naked, Mel took her chosen one's hand and led him to her 'marriage bed'. I needn't have wasted my energy worrying. Of course, it was Danny.

Mel got onto the mattress and waited for Danny to undress. 'You look good enough to eat,' I thought. And then with envy flooding though me, 'Well, I suppose that's just as well, because Danny will be eating you in a very few minutes!"

It took Danny about 10 seconds to strip off. As I knew she would, when Mel opened her body and held out her arms to welcome her new lover, she gave me that challenging look: 'go or stay, it is your choice'. I turned on my heel and left them to it. I sat on the porch in the sunlight for nearly ninety minutes before I heard Mel's sharp cry of pleasure from above. Fifteen minutes later, Danny appeared at the flyscreen door, still naked, and said, "She wants to see you."

Mel was well organised. We could not dispose of any used rubbers down the toilet, because they would eventually be noticed when Dad pumped the septic tank out. So, on the floor beside the bed, there was a small plastic tub. In it, three used condoms swam in Danny's spilled semen. Mel had straightened her bed linen, but it was no longer as pristinely fresh as it had been earlier. She sat with her knees drawn up and with her back against the padded headboard. Her sex lips were swollen from prolonged intercourse. Her pubic hairs were matted and the insides of her thighs caked with the dried residues of their encounter. I knew why she had not visited the bathroom to clean herself up – yet another challenge for me.

Mel saw me eyeing the contents of the tub. "Danny came very quickly the first time, " she said quietly, "and I had to make him strong twice with my mouth before he could stay with me long enough to give me any pleasure. Even then I had to help with my fingers."

I just nodded my acknowledgement of this information. I had no idea why she wanted me to know; it was purely academic to me.

She asked, "Why didn't you stay?"

"I'll give you three guesses…and I am not referring to those things." I indicated the wrinkled scraps of rubber in the tub.

"I was disappointed."

I shrugged.

"It might sound strange to you, but I really did want you to be there."

I snorted my disbelief.

"I ached for you when he finished so quickly."

"Yeah, right!" I muttered under my breath.

Mel patted the mattress near her, inviting me to sit. Despite my earlier resolution, whilst waiting on the porch, that I was going to have nothing to do with her, I crossed the room and sat down. But further away from her than Mel had indicated.

In a small voice, she said, "I take it that you don't want me then?"

I felt as though a lead weight was pressing my entire body down. I stared at the pattern on the carpet with my elbows on my knees and shrugged again.

"I want you." She whispered.

I cleared my throat, "How can you? I find it impossible to believe after seeing three of those." I nodded at Danny's used collection; "You were able to completely ignore my existence for almost two hours!"

Mel closed her eyes and swayed as if I had just slapped her. "Ok then. If that's how you truly feel," she sighed quietly. "I don't want to fight with you about it, Joel. Go and tell Danny to come back to me." A tear trickled slowly down her cheek.

I touched Mel's foot to tell her that I was sorry if I had hurt her, and with a heavy heart climbed to my feet to do her bidding.

Her flying form reached the door before I got halfway across the room. She slammed it shut so hard the wall shook. Mel pressed back on the panels with her breasts heaving and eyes flashing. "Tell me you don't want me!" she demanded.

I could not tell her that, because it would not be true. I admitted, "Perhaps I want you too much, and too selfishly."

"One day we are going to have to give each other up completely."

"I know, perhaps it will make it easier for both of us if I start right now."

"No! Not yet! I need you!" More tears slid from Mel's eyes. "I need you too much!"

My resistance crumbled. I put my arms around her and held her close. Her body heat burned its way through my clothes.

Danny banged the door with his fist and yelled, "Is everything alright in there, Mel?" He must have heard the crash and thought that I was beating Mel up.

She extricated herself from my clasp and opened the door slightly to let him see that she was Ok. "Yes, Danny, don't worry. Everything is fine."

"You're crying! What is Joel doing to you?"

She told Danny, "It's between Joel and me. Don't worry. Go downstairs for a while. I'll come and get you."

Mel closed the door and turned to me. "I felt just then that you do want me, Joel. Let me prove to you that I want you too."

I wiped the teardrops from her cheeks with my thumbs and kissed her tenderly. Her fingers scrabbled at the waistband of my pants. Mel broke our kiss, dropping to her knees and dragging my chinos and underwear down in one swoop.

"Make love to me, but promise me you won't cum!" she panted before taking me hungrily in her mouth.

I held back, gently moving my cock head just beyond her lips, but Mel grasped hold of my buttocks and dragged me closer and deeper. I felt her gag slightly when my manhood first invaded her throat, but then she regained control, swallowing me rapidly, inch by inch until I felt her nose pressing into the base of my belly and my balls softly bumping on her chin.

All too soon, the tide started to rise inside me and I tapped Mel on the shoulder to tell her I was approaching a crisis. She withdrew from me quickly, not wishing to push me beyond my ability to hold back. We examined my member gravely. It glistened with her saliva in the early evening light. If anything, it looked longer and fatter than it ever had before. "I can't believe I took all that inside me, " she breathed, running her fingertips all the way down my cock's wet length to my pubic bush, thankfully, staying away from my more sensitive parts. She asked, "What was it like?"

"Unusual…I could feel you breathing around me, and your throat working as we moved. It was beautiful, but nothing like being inside you down below though…I know which I prefer."

The brilliant smile Mel gave me would have melted Antarctica. She held up her hands to be helped to her feet, whereupon she divested me of the rest of my clothes. Taking both my hands in hers, she led me to the bed, saying "Come, brother mine, make marvellous love to me."

Putting a condom on was a fumbling affair that first time, but we managed. I asked Mel afterwards if it had been the same with Danny and she said, "No, he put them on all by himself. He practised all yesterday evening."

Mel lay back on the sheets and pulled her legs up and wide apart for me to make her wet again. She tasted and smelled strong after her long session with Danny, but by now I wanted her so badly I could not have cared less. "Let's make it last, Joel," she sighed when my thick shaft finally parted her lower lips and stretched her channel. "Let's make it last a long, long time."

Entering her wearing a rubber was not nearly the same as naked flesh to naked flesh, but on the bonus side, the condom made me less sensitive to the incredible warmth and smooth, clinging wetness of her inner walls. We made love with a profound, intense passion, watching the excitement and joy at being together in each other's eyes, and bringing each other to the precipice several times and then backing away.

After a miasma of soaring pleasure, Mel panted, "It's time, Joel! Can you cum with me?"

Afterwards, as we lay shaking in each other's arms, savouring the closeness we always shared after our orgasmic throes, Mel whispered that she missed the warm flooding feeling of my sperm leaving my body for hers. "Even having you stay without risk doesn't nearly make up for it."

A few minutes later, she kissed me tenderly and said, "I am going to get Danny. Will you stay? Please!"

I agreed with a great reluctance. Danny, also, was less than impressed when he saw that I was not going to leave him and Mel on their own. So much so, the erection that Mel had led him into the room by disappeared almost completely and my sister had to work on him for some minutes to restore it.

Mel rested her head on my upper leg while Danny took her. It was at first a surreal experience, watching Danny lunge fiercely into my sister's body. She in turn wrapped her legs around his back to draw him tightly in and met his every driving thrust with equal ferocity.

It was a contest, with each one trying to subdue the other. They seemed to be trying to batter each other to orgasm instead of seeking to explore mutual wants and needs, and to discover new delights. Mel's breasts jounced and bounced on her chest with the force of Danny's pounding jabs until she reached for my hands to cup and hold them. She stuck her tongue out and taunted him, in just the same way as she used to when she was a little girl who had gained a parental favour ahead of me, increasing the fury of his assault. Mel helped herself to cum with her fingers again, gripping my hands resolutely to her breasts and provoking Danny with her eyes as her spasms swept through her.

My erection was renewed by the time they finished. Mel grasped my shaft and rubbed it against her cheek. She licked me up and down, wriggling her tongue lasciviously. She pulled my groin to her and rubbed my cock on her breasts, using me to arouse her nipples and leaving snail trails of pre-cum on her flesh. And all the while, her challenging stare never broke contact with Danny's eyes. Then she made me take her from behind. And while I did so, she sucked and massaged his flaccid tool and restored him for another round.

When Danny was almost hard, he held and pushed her head down in an attempt to make her take him in her throat, but Mel knocked his hand aside and hissed, "Never!"

Danny and I are virile young men at the prime of our sexual powers. That evening, before he had to go home, we used fifteen condoms between us. Danny had her in the ratio four times to my one. Mel came at least seven times, three times with me and without using her fingers to bring it on. I had the feeling that Mel could have gone on all night without respite, but Danny had to leave by 10 o'clock, because he and his family were heading off to town on their monthly visit to their church the next morning.

With Danny gone, Mel and I bathed together and then retired to the relative freshness of my bed for the night. Cuddling in the darkness, we talked of our feelings about the night's events. I could not place a finger on it, but I was left with the impression that Mel withheld a vital piece of information from me. In the morning, we made gentle love with our mouths and hands before rising to restore her bedroom to respectability and take the slimy residues from the night before to a back paddock for burial.

For some reason that I could not fathom, when Mel got to her next period, a few days after that first evening, she became distracted and sullenly morose. Her bad humour went on for several days, but then she suddenly brightened and assumed an air of quiet determination.

Mel and I continued to make love whenever we found ourselves safely alone. But only in extended foreplay, because Danny maintained strict control of the condom supply. He was determined that Mel and I could not have protected intercourse unless he was there. I knew that it was his payback for my 'it's none of your business' warnings and the occasions when Mel and I got together without him.

Mel truly loved the sex act and, in particular, the first feelings of being entered during sexual intercourse. Being parted and filled was, for her, both comfortingly familiar and fresh and exciting every time. She joked one day that she would like to have a hundred men take one after the other just so that she could have that feeling time after time after time. Her relationship with Danny puzzled me, and she would not give me an explanation why it was so. Their encounters were always confrontational, sometimes savagely brutal. They tore at each other; rolling, snarling and rutting like wild animals. It was always my task at the end to help Mel wash the dirt and grass stains from her skin before we went home.

In all the times I was with them, Mel and Danny never kissed or exchanged a tender word or touch. She rarely came with him inside her without assisting with her fingers, but when she did, it was like a summer storm: short, noisy and violent. Danny sometimes won a sexual battle, but Mel always won that day's war.

Once, when the three of us had just entered the woods on our way to the swimming hole, Mel suddenly left the trail and went to stand with her back against a large pine tree. She lifted her dress, pulled her panties down at the front while thrusting her loins obscenely out at him, then challenged Danny to take her on the spot, "If you think you're man enough!"

With a ferocious growl, Danny smashed Mel back against the tree and ripped her dress and bra from her shoulders, down to her waist. He held her there by the throat with one fist whilst he extricated his tool from his pants with the other. Then without bothering with a condom, he rammed into her, grinding Mel back against the rough trunk and repeatedly lifting her clean off the ground with the force of his thrusts. She clung to him, laughing wildly and urging him on, daring him to leave his sperm in her womb.

I was scared. Mel was goading Danny beyond reason. The consequences could be disastrous. But, when he was about to cum, Danny withdrew and threw Mel to the forest floor. Then he knelt astride her face and finished his orgasm off, flooding her face and hair with his sticky semen. For a second I thought that he was going to spit in her face as well, but eventually he regained control, got to his feet and stalked off in the direction of our ultimate destination.

Mel climbed upright, staring defiantly at Danny's retreating form. Her back was filthy and covered in deep, bloody scratches. She dropped her dress right off so that it would not get ruined and set off after him at a run in just her panties, leaving me to pick up her clothes and other things and bring them with me. When I reached the clearing by the pool, Mel and Danny were rutting again, scratching and biting, and rolling on the turf.

I did not have sex with Mel that day. She fought Danny to a standstill and then dismissed him contemptuously. They did not use a condom once. Each of the five more times Danny spurted, Mel made him do it on her face. It took me nearly an hour with her in the pool to clean the stringy residues of Danny's cum from her hair and deal with the hundreds of tiny bark fragments and scraps of mud and grass mashed into her wounds. I had to pick them all out one by one. I must have missed a piece, because one cut later became infected. Mel will wear a pale two-inch long scar on her left shoulder blade for the rest of her days. Perhaps she will gaze at it in the mirror when she is in a comfortable middle age and reminisce about this wild episode in her youth, and the hate-love relationship she had with a strapping, redheaded young Irish lad.

Mel had a sore back for several days. How she hid her wounds from Mom over the following two weeks while she healed properly, I shall never know. After a ten day long, nail biting wait, her period arrived to reassure us that there had been no accidents.

She exacted her revenge on Danny three days after her period finished. Not suspecting her intentions, I acceded to her request that I take her from behind while we knelt astride Danny's head. The only way he could avoid watching my shaft sliding in and out of Mel's love channel was to close his eyes. To my surprise, he gazed at the sight avidly.

Our lovemaking was prolonged and fantastic! Mel came close to orgasm and sensed that I was also going to cum. She pulled my rod from her and quickly stripped my condom off. Then squeezing and milking out my every drop, she directed the shooting gooey mess all over Danny's face. He desperately tried to get out of the way, but Mel made sure he got it all. She then squashed her sex-dripping pussy down onto him and rubbed it and my sperm all over his features until her orgasm roared through her.

Mel released Danny eventually and hissed at him, "Put a condom on!" When she was sure he had complied, she slid down his body and stuffed his tool into her sex. Then while she rode Danny's wildly bucking torso, she licked our slimy juices from his face.

Mel never took Danny deep in her throat. In fact, she only ever used her mouth to arouse him and would never let him cum after that very first time. She also refused to let him take her from behind. Anal sex was pictured and explained in detail in the book he gave her, and she told me she knew that Danny would try to force it on her at the first opportune moment.

Although Mel would not permit Danny go near her there, she never forgot her pleasure at my tentative touch on that day just before Danny destroyed her virginity with his finger. When we were by ourselves on governance nights, she often asked me to tease her again. And one time, when I had kissed and licked every nubbin of her spine from the back of her neck to her tailbone, and a daringly little way down the deep crevasse of her buttocks, Mel carried my hand back there and pressed my finger to her. Together, we softly rubbed the puckered little entrance. And together, we pushed my finger past the tight portal into her slick body heat. With her other hand underneath her, Mel brought herself to orgasm. From within, I felt the rapidly rising beat of her pulse as her climax drew near and then her body clasped my finger frenetically with each pleasure spasm. That was the one and only time we did it. Mel was sore for a day or two and did not want to repeat the experience.

Danny almost tricked Mel once by flipping her over onto her belly and throwing himself on her when she was 'out of it' in the midst of an orgasm. What he did not know was, that Mel had asked me to always watch out for him to make a move like that. I dragged him off in a neck lock and was just about to punch his lights out, when a pocket hurricane shoved me to one side and took to him. Danny ended up with a black eye and a jagged rake from her fingernail across his cheek, but inevitably, Mel's ultimate response was to subjugate his manhood with her sex.

Danny reneged on his promise to bring the gorgeous Colleen along to the swimming hole, as I told Mel that he would. Mel then persuaded me to make a move, but I delayed too long. A young man on a motor bike from out of the district started to call on her. He was a Catholic lad from a good family, and Mr and Mrs Delaney were keen to see the relationship develop.

I thought that I had missed out on my opportunity to 'get back at' Danny through his sister. But one hot, dusty day, when I went to the swimming hole alone to cool down, I was proved wrong, although not in the way I expected. My decision to go for a swim was made on impulse and I had no swim shorts or towel with me. When I got out of the water, I stood naked in the sunlight to let it dry me off. Its rays were warm and sensuous, and I closed my eyes, thinking back to the evening before and the sexual bliss that Mel and I had shared. Naturally, my shaft began to thicken. I began to bring myself to the point of release, spurred on by the imagined anticipation of the naked Mel kissing her way down my belly to take me between her lips.

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