Three's Company


Jack set down his beer and tried to make his mind focus on what Chrissy was saying, rather than her voluptuous tits. He was failing miserably, and he was just thankful that Chrissy was too upset or just too dumb to notice.

Chrissy was down in the dumps again because she had found yet another guy who she really liked, only to find out that he was insistent on having sex. Chrissy Snow wasn't a virgin, but being the daughter of a minister had taught her high morals, and she was definitely particular on who she had relations with and how long she waited. Chrissy had dated lots of men, and they all seemed to have sex foremost in their minds. She didn't seem to realize that her firecracker body and skimpy outfits made her look like a slut with sex on the brain.

Jack was nodding occasionally, rubbing Chrissy's back, and reassuring her that Mr. Right was indeed out there, and that she would just have to be patient. Jack could feel the conspicuous absence of a bra under Chrissy's clingy top, and thought to himself, "Well no wonder this guy had sex on his mind when you show up for your date with no bra on, and a shirt that looks like it was painted on, you stupid bitch."

"It's okay, Chrissy," Jack assured her. "One day you'll find a guy who likes you for who you are, and is willing to take things slow."

"Really, Jack?" Chrissy sniffed, her big, blue eyes wide open, as if Jack was some kind of psychic who could see into the future.

"Sure, Chrissy," Jack replied, pacifying her, and hoping that he could change the subject without seeming insensitive.

"But every guy I meet always seems to want the same thing," Chrissy whined.

"Christ Almighty," Jack thought. "Doesn't she get it?"

"Look Chrissy," Jack interrupted gently. "I just have to go use the bathroom, but I'll be right back, and we can pick this up then, okay?"

"Thanks, Jack," Chrissy smiled at him, as he got up out of the circular booth to head for the restroom.

At the urinal, Jack leaned forward, placing his forehead against the cool porcelain tile. "How many times do I have to sit here at the Regal Beagle comforting her," he asked himself.

"Why doesn't she understand," he wondered. "She's got a body built for sex, dresses like a whore, and wonders why guys always get the wrong impression. If she'd wear more modest clothes, this would never happen. And why do I always have to be the one comforting her?" He asked angrily. "I've never gotten any of that blonde pussy, and yet I always seem to be paying the price for other guys' screwing her over."

The more Jack thought about it, the angrier he got, and by the time he finished washing his hands, he'd devised a plan.

Jack exited the men's room and could see the back of Chrissy's blonde head in their booth near the front of the bar. On the way back, he stopped at the bar where his buddy Larry Dallas was nursing a beer and talking to Mike the bartender. "Listen up," Jack said to the pair quietly. "When I look over here, Mike, you go and lock the door, close the curtains, and put the closed sign in the window."

Mike looked puzzled, but Jack continued. "After that, when I wave you over, come on over to the booth and we'll all have ourselves a little fun with Chrissy. Are you guys game?"

Mike and Larry both nodded, stunned at what Jack had proposed, but both of them had fantasized about Chrissy since they'd first laid eyes on her. Both Mike and Larry agreed without hesitation.

"Alright," Jack instructed, "Wait for my signal, then follow my lead."

Jack returned to the booth, sliding in beside Chrissy, who put down her drink, and smiled at him. "Thanks for listening to me Jack. You've always been a good friend, and I don't know what I'd do without you."

"Aw, Chris, that's nice of you to say," Jack replied, while surreptitiously glancing over at Mike, who nodded before strolling to the front of the Regal Beagle to draw the curtains and lock the front door.

"Do you want us to leave, Mike?" Jack asked innocently.

"No, no," Mike assured them. "Finish your drinks. It's just slow, so I'm closing a little early tonight."

"Thanks Mike," Jack said, turning back to Chrissy. "Look Chrissy," Jack said gently, "You just have to find a guy who likes you for the good person that you are." With that, Jack put his arm around Chrissy and kissed her full, red lips.

Chrissy's eyes widened in shock before she pulled away from Jack, who had waved at Mike and Larry behind Chrissy's back. "Jack, I don't think this is a good idea," Chrissy stammered, while trying to regain her composure.

Jack's demeanor changed, and his expression became hard. "Listen, Chrissy," Jack said in a low, even voice, "I've listened to you complain about men for so long, that it's made me sick. You are the biggest cocktease I've ever met, and you're going to repay me for all the free counseling I've given you over the years."

Chrissy's jaw dropped, and she smacked Jack across the face, but the blow had no effect on Jack, who grabbed her wrists and held them at her sides. "You're gonna pay for that," Jack hissed at her.

Jack yanked her arms up in the air, and gave one arm each to Mike and Larry who had silently approached the booth from behind Chrissy. Now Mike and Larry were holding Chrissy's arms above her head, while she squirmed in the booth, trying to break free.

"Now let's get a look at those big titties," Jack said with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

Chrissy opened her mouth to scream, and before she could, Jack clamped a hand over her mouth, and hissed in her ear. "You had better think twice about resisting, Chrissy," he warned. "If you try and scream, we might have to hurt you. You understand?"

Chrissy nodded, her eyes wide with fright as she allowed Jack to lift her top over her breasts, which sprang free, causing all three men to groan.

"Jesus, would you look at those," Larry whispered to himself.

"Fuck, those are nice," agreed Mike, pulling her shirt off completely.

Jack lowered his head, and took a sensitive nipple into his mouth, while Chrissy tried not to cry. Jack was licking Chrissy's nipple, feeling it harden involuntarily on his tongue.

Larry reached down with his free hand and began kneading Chrissy's other breast, pinching her nipple and watching her flinch in pain.

Mike stroked his cock through his pants a couple of times before pulling down his zipper, and freeing his hard cock. He grabbed it by the base and waggled it in front of Chrissy, who had her eyes squeezed shut, as if that would block out the ordeal she was about to begin.

"Open your eyes, slut," Mike commanded her. Chrissy opened her eyes and saw a huge cock right in front of her face. She knew what Mike wanted, and clamped her mouth shut.

"Open wide, bitch," Mike commanded her, but Chrissy shut her eyes and held her mouth shut. Mike let go of his cock, still holding Chrissy's wrist above her head with one hand, and grabbed a fistful of Chrissy's wheat-blonde hair with his other hand, cruelly pulling her hair until she squealed in pain.

"Open up and suck my cock, you little slut," Mike commanded again.

Chrissy was scared out of what few wits she had, so she opened her mouth and accepted Mike's cock, while she felt Jack slide his hand under her short skirt, and begin rubbing her panty-covered mound.

Larry was still pawing at her left tit, and Jack was biting her right nipple gently, and Chrissy could not help the fact that her body was beginning to respond to their assault.

She was trying not to allow too much of Mike's nine-inch cock into her mouth, but he maintained his grip on her hair, and was now starting to fuck her face. Chrissy began to gag as she felt Mike's big cock find its way down her throat, but was powerless to do anything about it.

Jack straightened up, removing his mouth from Chrissy's big tit, and said, "Let's get this little cocktease naked."

With that, Mike and Larry pulled Chrissy out of the booth, and stood her up, while Jack unzipped Chrissy's skirt and let it slide down her toned legs to the floor. Chrissy was now standing before three men whom she had previously thought of as friends, wearing nothing but white, cotton panties.

The men could see Chrissy's bush through her panties, and they all felt their pulses quicken when Jack began to slide them down.

"Stop it, Jack," Chrissy yelled, but she was quickly silenced by Mike's big hand cupped over her mouth.

"I thought Jack explained it to you already," Mike warned her. "If you make any noise, we'll hurt you. Understand?"

Chrissy nodded, and stopped her squirming, allowing Jack to remove her panties, revealing a thick, blonde bush which was only slightly darker than her wheat-blonde hair.

"Would you look at that," Jack said in awe. "What a pussy."

"Holy shit," Larry said quietly.

"Let's get that hot little mouth going again," Mike suggested, pushing Chrissy to her knees, and waving his cock in her face.

Chrissy opened her mouth and began sucking Mike off, while Jack and Larry started taking off their pants and underwear to reveal bigger than average erections. Soon, all three men were standing around a kneeling Chrissy Snow, taking turns fucking her mouth.

Chrissy was crying now, feeling dirty and ashamed that she was doing these things with three men, who she had trusted and called friends. Her face was streaked with tears, both of shame, and because their intrusions into her throat were causing her to gag.

Jack pulled his cock out of Chrissy's mouth, and laid down on the floor, positioning himself underneath Chrissy, who tried to squirm away from Jack's cock probing at her hairy cunt. But Mike held her by the hair, and Chrissy relented, allowing Jack to enter her tight cunt.

"Ahhhhhhhh, fuck she's tight," Jack moaned, thrusting his cock into Chrissy's pussy.

Chrissy started weeping openly, for now she had Mike's cock in her mouth, and Jack's cock up her pussy, and Larry was jerking off in her face.

Larry stopped stroking his cock, and said, "Make room, Mike. I'm gonna join you."

Mike smiled and repositioned himself so that he and Larry were standing as close to one another as they possibly could, and Larry began to feed his hard cock into Chrissy's mouth, which was already filled with Mike's cock.

Chrissy's eyes bulged with fear, and her cheeks bulged with cock as Larry began to shove his cock into her mouth beside Mike's. Chrissy couldn't believe that this was happening to her, and that she was now having her throat fucked by two cocks, while being raped by her own roommate.

Chrissy struggled to maintain her breathing as Mike and Larry continued to assault her mouth, and Jack was thrusting himself up into her now wet pussy. Jack reached up and began to squeeze Chrissy's jiggling tits, pinching her nipples occasionally.

Mike pulled his cock out of Chrissy's mouth, and she was immediately glad to have only one cock in her mouth. But then Mike walked around behind Chrissy and knelt down between Jack's wide-spread legs, pushing his saliva-covered cock against the puckered entrance to Chrissy's virgin ass.

"Mmmffffrrrrrrrgghhhhhhhh!" Chrissy tried to protest, but with Larry throat-fucking her, it was useless.

Mike pushed forward and felt the head of his 10" cock pop through Chrissy's anal ring and into her ass.

Chrissy screamed as best she could with Larry's cock in her throat, but it wouldn't do her any good. Mike continued to force his huge cock into her tight ass until she felt his pelvis against her asscheeks. Then Mike began to thrust viciously in and out of Chrissy's torn ass, while Jack continued to rape her cunt.

Chrissy could feel the two cocks pounding into her, separated by only a thin membrane of skin, and she could feel blood oozing from her torn anus. She prayed to God that they would stop their assault, but the longer she prayed, the longer her prayers went unanswered.

She felt Larry's hips begin to buck, just before he shot thick ropes of cum down her throat. Chrissy tried to swallow it so she wouldn't gag, but Larry pulled out of her mouth and shot the rest of his sticky cum all over her face, and in her silky blonde hair before using a handful of her hair to clean off his softening cock.

Then Jack started increasing his tempo, thrusting harder into her sore cunt, moaning louder as he approached climax. Chrissy felt spurt after spurt of Jack's cum splash inside of her, and wept quietly to herself as Jack relaxed underneath her, his organ falling out of her with a soft plop.

Mike wasn't ready to finish just yet, however, and kept his pace, fucking Chrissy's ravaged ass with hard, fast strokes, his pelvis making smacking sounds against Chrissy's supple asscheeks. Mike grabbed a handful of Chrissy's hair and roughly pulled her head back.

"You like that? Huh? You like being fucked in the ass like a dirty whore?" he asked her.

"No," Chrissy sobbed. "Please stop. I can't take it any more. Please stop hurting my bum," she begged.

"Your bum?" Mike asked incredulously. "Baby, I'm fucking your dirty little ass, and I think you like it, don't you?"

"No, I don't!" Chrissy wailed. "Please stop it!

Mike reached underneath Chrissy and took her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, cruelly twisting it while pulling her hair, eliciting a scream of pain from Chrissy.

"Say it, you little whore! Say that you like being fucked in your dirty little ass!" Mike barked at her.

"I like it," Chrissy managed to say between sobs. "I like being fucked in my dirty little ass."

"That's better," Mike said in a smug voice, increasing his tempo as the smacking of his pelvis against Chrissy's asscheeks got even louder. "Now you're gonna suck my cock clean, you filthy little slut."

Mike pulled his fat cock from Chrissy's ass, and she cried out when it popped free. Mike stood up and moved around to face Chrissy, taking a handful of hair and pulling her mouth to his cock.

Chrissy was appalled at having to suck a cock that had just been in her ass, and was covered in her bum smell, and blood, but Mike just forced his cock into her mouth and started fucking her face with vicious thrusts. Chrissy was gagging, and placed her hands on Mike's thighs, trying to pull away from him, but he held onto her hair and continued to fuck her throat. Chrissy felt him quicken his pace, and prepared to swallow his cum so that she wouldn't choke, but Mike pulled out of her mouth and started jerking his cock in front of her, spewing hot cum all over her pretty face. Thick ropes of milky white cum landed on her cheeks, her eyes, her nose, her forehead, in her hair - it went on for what seemed like forever, but finally Mike's cock stopped spurting cum, and he released his grip on his cock, and her hair.

Chrissy slumped to the floor, curled up into a ball, and started crying. She had just been assaulted, raped, sodomized, and humiliated. She heard Jack call her name, and she looked up to see him holding a Polaroid camera in one hand, and his other hand was busy stroking his cock. Likewise, Mike and Larry were masturbating themselves back to hardness.

"Chrissy," Jack began, "There's three of us, and only one of you. So if you try and go to the cops with a story about us raping you, we'll alibi for each other, and they'll never believe you," Jack stated matter-of-factly. "And as insurance, we're going to take a few pictures of you sucking all our cocks willingly, and doing it with gusto. If you breathe a word of this to anyone, I'll send these pictures to your minister father, so he can see for himself what a little whore he's raised, you understand?"

Chrissy nodded weakly, and Jack said, "Good. Now crawl over here and blow me so that I can start taking some nice pictures of you with my cock in your mouth."

With that, Chrissy knew that she had no choice, and she knelt before Jack and opened her mouth, thinking to herself that she was in for a long night...

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