tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThresholds Ch. 06

Thresholds Ch. 06


Sunday morning was bright, sunny, and cloudless. I was awake early as the birds were making an awful racket outside. You could tell it was going to be a scorcher of a day, hot and humid. I'd slept in a pair of simple cotton bikini panties with tiny pink dots and I stayed in them as I fixed breakfast then straightened up the place a bit. You'd said You were planning to stop in before we headed out on our adventure for the day and my housekeeping was a bit lackluster. The blinds and windows were open to let in what precious little breeze there was. I'd gotten to the point where I didn't really care if anyone saw my bare breasts. In fact I kind of wished that someone would.

I showered, and then shaved first my legs and then carefully the area to each side of my now small swath of pubic hair. The faintest of tan lines traced across my hips, my breasts showed no trace of such. After drying my hair, I did my face ever so slightly, a bit of mascara, a hint of eyeliner, and a trace of lipstick.

The buzzer startled me when it sounded. It was most certainly You, punctual as always. The fluttery thing in my stomach happened and my heart rate jumped a notch higher. After buzzing You in through the vestibule downstairs I quickly I slipped on my high heeled sandals. The knock on my door started my heart racing again. Peeking through the peephole I saw You standing there with a shopping bag in hand. I felt delightfully exposed for You as I opened the door and your appreciative smile left me with no doubt that you approved. We embraced standing there, you in your faded jeans and coral T shirt, me naked as a jay bird.

You kissed the nape of my neck and it sent an electric shock through my body. I had never been kissed like that. My knees felt as though they might give way at any moment. You did it again and then your lips grazed mine ever so lightly before You then lowered your face and kissed first one and then the other nipple, again the tremors shot through my frame. I felt your hand at my crotch and then a finger lightly stroking my vulvae. Your mouth remained on my left nipple and I felt your tongue trace a tiny circle around the aureole. My body began to quiver uncontrollably and I pressed myself hard against you.

Suddenly releasing me, you asked "Coffee?"

All I could muster as a response was an affirmative nod. I was fighting desperately to catch my breath and at the same time sort out all the wonderful luscious sensations I'd just felt, all jammed into ten or fifteen seconds. I spun and headed toward the kitchen making certain to sway my ass as provocatively as I could. You followed, closing the door behind you, but not before I heard another close further down the hall.

Handing You your cup of java I asked "What's on the agenda today?" I was hoping we might be heading for the beach. It was perfect weather for skimpy attire out in the sun.

"Ever been to Sun Acres?"

"Never even heard of it."

"Its at the south end of one of the lakes - about a two hour drive."

You then handed me a brown cardboard box secured with a pink ribbon. After releasing the bow and removing the cover I found tucked between sheets of pale pink tissue a teddy of lilac silk with ecru lace. Holding it up by the tiny little shoulder straps, I squealed "Ooooh!", then one foot at a time carefully stepped into it and slipped the straps up over my shoulders.

It felt heavenly. Trotting over to the full length mirror in the hall I was stunned at the sight of myself in this beautiful little wisp of liquid lavender. My nipples poked at the thin fabric, forming rigid crests. The legs were cut quite high and trimmed in lace. As I turned I could see my cheeks peeking out in the back.

I knew You were going to have me wear this in public. It really didn't cover much and it was obviously intended as an under layer or for the boudoir. The flutters hit again.

Walking to the bedroom to grab my purse and a bag, I felt my breasts wiggling slightly, nipples grazing against the softness of the silk as they did. I wanted so badly to slip into the bed and have You take me right there but I knew better. You undoubtedly had other plans for me for the day. On an impulse I touched up my eye makeup, adding some lavender eye shadow to coordinate with the teddy.

Returning to the kitchen I watched as You drained off the last sip of coffee then rinsed the cup in the sink. My ex would never have thought to do that. Somehow, even that simple act seemed sexy to me, the sense of consideration that accompanies something like that further defined why it was that I could place so much trust in You that I could allow for You to exercise such control over me.

"Ready?" You asked.

Taking a deep breath I shrugged and responded "What the hell!"

We made it down the corridor and staircase without running into anyone. As we headed down the sidewalk toward your car I felt incredibly exposed and then sure enough along came an older gentleman who lived on the second floor. Oh my god. My first reaction was embarrassment but then I remembered how hot I had looked in the mirror and the feeling switched to exhilaration.

As we passed each other he smiled.

"Good morning" he offered.

It was a fairly normal smile, not a sleazy leer like I might have expected and I felt pleased that I'd probably made his morning if not his entire day. I found myself who else might be checking me out through their apartment window and remembering how my cheeks looked in the mirror. The sun was high enough in the sky and the temperature had climbed to the point that there were no birds warbling now. The only sound other than some distant traffic was the click-click of my heels against concrete that most certainly must have drawn attention through the many open windows.

Inside the car I drew in a deep breath. I was excited and glancing at You I could tell You were very very pleased. A

sly grin graced your features and I caught you adjusting things at your crotch. I envisioned your swollen cock, yearning to feel the fat mushroom head in my mouth again. We headed out of the complex then threaded our way through a few blocks of city streets before catching the expressway and heading south.

The ride was filled with casual conversation and I completely forgot about my attire and degree of exposure. Forty five minutes of highway driving followed by another fifteen of two lane road winding along the lake shore had slipped by when You guided the car into a scenic overlook and turned off the ignition. There were no other vehicles parked as we both climbed out and stretched. The hot sun almost made me feel appropriately attired, but just couldn't overcome the sense of exposure I felt dressed in my little wisp of a confection.

You took my hand and led the way along a path that ended after a hundred feet or so at an overlook with a stunning view down the long narrow lake in both directions. Dozens of boats were at play in the water far below. You stood behind me with your hands on my bare shoulders at first, caressing them softly, sending tingles down my spine as You did. Then they wandered around to my front, cupping a breast in each, finger my nipples through the silk. I felt a kiss on the back of my neck which led to even more tingles. As I leaned backward I could feel a prominent bulge in your jeans.

The sound of another vehicle arriving broke the magic of the moment, sending my heart racing. There was no way to avoid being seen in my barely adequate attire. You sensed my trepidation, wrapping an arm around my shoulder and holding me close as we headed back to the car. Parked barely ten feet from us was a red minivan from which were emerging a middle aged couple. As they spotted us, the look on his face was priceless, a combination of surprise and elation, while hers was more surprise accompanied by a subtle shaking of her head as we walked past. They disappeared down the path as we got back into the car, me breaking into nervous laughter as soon as the doors slammed shut. It was really quite a rush and I began to wonder what else lay in store for me that day.

Another twenty minutes of driving took us further and further off the beaten track with us turning down a dirt road for a quarter mile or so and then a driveway that was interrupted by a gate a hundred or so off the road. You tapped in a code on the keypad and the gate swung upward to allow us passage. As we headed further, a small complex of single story buildings came into view, mostly small cabin type structures, but one larger that appeared to be a clubhouse of some sort. Twenty or thirty vehicles were parked on a grassy hillside and we came to a stop in the midst of them.

When I got out of the car this time I was more concerned than before because there were obviously other people present and it was a certainty that I'd be seen. But maybe that was what You had in mind, for me to be on display in my little silk teddy for lots of people to see. My curiosity was certainly piqued.

Then I saw the first other individuals. A young couple strode by, less than ten feet away and both were completely buck naked. Initially I was a little confused, expecting to be less clothed than anyone else, but after I also spotted a middle aged man strolling across the lawn in front of the large building, I realized that this must be a nudist camp. Never having been to one, I hadn't suspected that Sun Acres was going to be a club dedicated to nudity.

Glancing over at You I realized that your shirt was already off and it appeared as though You were stepping out of your jeans. A momentary crouch indicated that your briefs had just been removed as well. Suddenly even the skimpy little piece of lingerie I had on made me feel overdressed and I slid the skinny little straps over my shoulders then shimmied out of it.

There is something inherently sexy about undressing like that out in the wide open and mid day sunshine. I still find it hard to describe other than to say that its oddly exhilarating and at the same time quite liberating. Tossing both the teddy and my cares in through the open window of the car felt like I was ditching the world of prudent behavior as well. A very soft breeze swept across the hillside for a moment and I loved the feeling as it wafted over my nakedness, particularly the sensation of it drifting between my legs. My nipples tingled and went hard.

Heading down to the clubhouse we encountered several other couples of various ages coming and going, all naked save for flip flops or sandals on their feet. My heeled sandals seemed a little out of place. Inside we signed in at a counter and then went back outside through a back door which led to a deck overlooking a good sized in ground pool surrounded by chaise lounges, most of which were occupied by more naked people. A number of individuals frolicked and swam in the pool and there were at least a dozen children at play both in and out of the water as well. Everyone seemed totally at ease with both their own nakedness as well as that of everyone else.

There were all ages and body sizes and types, old ladies with drooping breasts, older men with paunches, middle aged women in straw hats and sunglasses watching children at play, sleek deeply tanned young women, muscular young jocks, you name it. I became more comfortable and remembered that I too was wearing sunglasses which would allow my eyes to surreptitiously wander, so I began to check out the various penises present. I was fascinated ad they too covered a wide gamut. For the most part they were small and retracted but a couple were long and dangled. I couldn't imagine what large ones could possibly be like in an erect state.

I also checked out the other women. All different shapes and sizes of breasts were on view. The other thing that I noticed was that every other woman had thick ungroomed thatches of pubic hair. I felt suddenly self conscious about my inch wide swath of trimmed pubes. I also then realized that they all were probably checking me out too as we strode alongside the pool, heading toward an empty pair of chaises. After spreading our towels out we lay down to catch some rays. Glancing around, the standard posture for both male and female seemed to be feet on the chaise, legs spread wide. I followed suit and marveled at how wonderful it felt as the sun baked down on my labia. Now wonder everyone had assumed the same pose. I wondered if it could possibly feel as good on the various penises that were so brazenly on display.

Looking over at You a rush of arousal came flooded over me. Closing my eyes I thought of how marvelous your cock felt in my mouth and how you had tasted when you erupted. Drifting off to sleep, I dreamed of it instead lodged deep within my vagina, its thick shaft and fat mushroom head filling me from within.

When I awoke You were still there, reading a book. Feeling quite hot, I decided to take a dip in the pool. The water was quite warm and there were a dozen or so kids playing as well as several adults who appeared to also be there for whatever cooling effect the tepid water might afford.

Feeling a hand on my shoulder I realized that You had joined me. Our bodies touched under the surface of the water and the fluttering sensation rushed through my body again and then again as I realized that your penis had rubbed against my thigh. Even flaccid it held the power to unravel me.

We frolicked in the water for a while, grabbing deep gulps of air and then swimming underwater. I loved seeing You like that, totally naked, floating, moving as though in slow motion. I was also very impressed at how You could grab a lung full of air and then propel yourself from one end of the pool to the other, never coming up for another gulp of oxygen. For a while we floated on our stomachs fingers locked in the others, feet gently kicking to keep us afloat and in position.

After a bit we emerged, dried off, then got hamburgers from the little grille operation inside the clubhouse. Washing them down with tall paper cups filled with lots of ice and a few precious mouthfuls of lemonade, we returned to our chaises and You reached into the canvas tote bag You had brought the towels in and withdrew a small leather case then handed it to me.

"I have a special task for you".

My curiosity definitely aroused (You were always very good at the whole arousal thing), I took the case from You. Zipping it open I found a small pair of blunt scissors, a razor, several fresh blades, and a small can of aerosol shave cream.

"I want you to go to the shower room inside and shave off all your pussy hair."


There it was again, that shock of You want me to do WHAT? Another threshold and another one I never ever would have seen coming. I thought the threshold for today was simply the whole business of being naked out in the open in the presence of a hundred or so others. But shave my pubic hair (or as you so eloquently phrased it, my "pussy hair")? No, never would've guessed it. And not only that, but then I would have to parade around like that in front of all these people who had already seen me with my pubes intact, albeit more minimally present than anyone else's. But, the deal was for me not to question, merely to obey, so off to the showers I marched, bag with pussy shaving implements in hand.

The showers and restroom turned out to be a unisex affair, four toilet stalls with privacy doors and a couple shower stalls with plastic curtains, all for use by anyone. After turning on one of the showers I started by clipping the already short hairs that comprised my inch wide swath to a quarter inch or so long. Then I lathered up with the shave cream and proceeded to gently tug away at them with the razor until I had cleared the entire area. I found that I needed to change the blade and repeat the procedure twice more before it was stubble free and smooth. Using the small hand towel that You had included in the kit, I dried myself off and then regarded my new look in the mirror above the sink.

It looked strange. Not since I was twelve years old had I been bare down there. It looked like a little girl and that clammy feeling of embarrassment crept over me. I panicked and at first resisted leaving the shelter of the shower room but eventually I slunk out first the door of the room and then out into the broad daylight, my freshly shaved womanhood clearly on display just like the kids playing in the pool earlier.

It was an interesting sensation. The embarrassment quickly passed. Encountering several people immediately upon exiting the clubhouse, I was greeted by either total nonchalance or in the case of one man and another woman, by an appreciative smile. The woman, a buxom redhead with an unruly head of russet curls and a thick forest of matching pelvic follicles gave me a good looking over as she held the door for me then grinned appreciatively. The man, a robust and deeply tanned example of Mediterranean lineage simply nodded and gave me the same sort of look the older gentleman from my apartment complex had earlier that day

This time the ever so slight breeze that swept across the hillside felt even more sensuous as it not only kissed my thighs but now my unprotected labia as well. I shivered slightly, not from cold but from the direct connection that suddenly was there between my genitalia and the natural elements. It was like everything else you asked of me - like nothing I'd felt before but also like I'd been waiting for this my whole life. I felt exposed, vulnerable, sexy, glamorous, trashy, and empowered all at the same time. And trying to sort out all those competing signals at the same time was nothing short of invigorating.

Returning poolside again, the reaction was more pronounced and obvious. It seemed as though everyone was looking, everyone was checking me out. One woman even went so far as to tip her sunglasses off her nose in order to take a better look. I found myself once again straightening my posture and I wished I was wearing high heels instead of barefoot so that my breasts would jiggle a little more and my progress would be accompanied by the inevitable staccato. I was loving it and never would have thought of visiting a nudist camp let alone shaving myself while I was there so that would be so totally completely exposed.

I reached the chaises we had commandeered and your eyes ran over my frame, coming to rest on my crotch. I swear, I saw your cock stiffen.

"How does it feel?"

"Interesting, very interesting." was all I could say. After taking a few moments I added "Now I feel exposed, very exposed."

I swear I saw You get harder. I felt even more empowered. There is just something unbelievably empowering about the concept of being a strong enough erotic presence that you can make a flaccid penis go hard and if you stop and think about the concept of being able to make that marvelous organ of manhood explode like a volcano (thank you MJ for that "bleeding" visual) its even more powerful feeling.

Slipping back into my chaise, I spread my legs wide to permit the sun a clear view of my hairless crotch, as well as anyone else who was interested.

We lasted about another hour before deciding that we'd had enough sun for the day, heading back to the car. I slipped again into the teddy while You put on shorts and a T. As we headed home I slid a hand under the lace leg band to feel the smooth slickness where only a couple hours earlier there had been a swath of soft short hairs. Fingers wandering further I discovered I was wet. Very very wet.

We took our time driving homeward, headed south first for a bit before looping back up the east side of the next lake. The entire time I wore only the teddy. For the most part no one noticed but when they did, I'm not certain they really got more than a glimpse or had a clue as to what was really going on. We hit the city around six and after a stop at a liquor store to pick up a bottle of Tequila and some triple sec accompanied by a run into the supermarket for limes (I stayed in the car) we headed back to my apartment complex where things were pretty quiet. It had turned into a real scorcher of a day and I think that everyone was inside with their air conditioning on, but I bet a few again got a real eyeful as we walked from the car to the vestibule still wearing nothing more than the teddy. Once inside, we ordered a pizza and You made Margaritas.

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