tagErotic CouplingsThresholds Ch. 10

Thresholds Ch. 10


The night before had been one helluva threshold. As I reflected on it that next day I continued to reel from the intensity of it.

First there had been the titillation of being displayed in public, something that I'd not only grown accustomed to, but that I had grown to crave. I knew You enjoyed it as much as I, probably even more and this only added to the escalation of feelings over the evening. Prancing around with so little on out in public certainly set the mood for me. And, I wasn't denied the satisfaction of orgasm or of servicing You until You were satisfied.

Secondly there had been the sheer euphoria of the sex, riding crest after crest, my vaginal zone a molten pudding of hormones and pleasure. It went on and on with me in my new favorite position, taking the mighty thrusts from behind as my breasts dangled and wobbled in rhythm beneath me as I leaned forward my hands against the foot of the mattress. You had already satisfied me with your mouth and tongue before the penetration, so I was like putty for your use at that point.

Then there had been the intense shock as I realized that there was not only a cock buried in my pussy, slamming away at me for all that it was worth, but that there was also one that I had just accepted into my mouth. I had never even dreamed of two men at one time let alone being ravaged by two rigid male members simultaneously. For a moment it was alarming and then simply disorienting as I attempted to sort out what had just occurred. Finally, once I relaxed and accepted the situation it became even more intensely pleasurable than I could have possibly imagined, including the point when I climaxed one final time, immediately followed by the two of you doing likewise in unison, pumping both my vagina and mouth full of hot seed.

You never did tell me who it had been that night at the other end while your cock filled my mouth other than to acknowledge that it was some that I had met. It tormented me as I ran into people we had previously encountered, always wondering if he might be the one who had seen me first so wickedly displayed and then mounted me like a wild animal. I knew it couldn't have been Jerry. He was such a large guy that I'm certain I could have told if it was him. Whoever it was, they were built a lot like You.

That next day my beach attire was a pale pink g-string which did just about nothing to conceal what lay beneath it, the form of my shaved vulvae clearly discernable. It was quite hot and I noticed several other women that went topless that day, albeit with far more modest bottoms than mine. Margaret was there as usual and there was one very cute young brunette in a black thong bottom. We spent a great deal of time in the water due to the ferocious heat.

The heat got the best of us and You decided it would be best if we took a breather that night. As I got out of your car in front of my workplace, You handed me a package.

"I'll see you at seven thirty Saturday night."

The accompanying implicit message was that You expected me to wear whatever was in the package. I tucked it under my arm and click-clicked across the sidewalk in my little black and white dress. It was short and the way it felt always made me feel very girlish, I think what would be referred to as "coquettish". And I don't imagine anyone would have guessed that underneath I wore no panties although they might have guessed that I was bra-less, the way my breasts bobbled about inside the bodice of the dress as I strutted to the building entry.

For the next evening the attire turned out to be a black lace bustier, sheer black hosiery, a short black leather miniskirt, sheer black blouse, and a black velvet collar that fastened at the back and featured a oval white cameo on the front. When looked at closely, the image turned out not to be a bust as one would expect to see, but a pair of vulvae with a dark fathomless opening between them. The outfit bordered on trashy without really going there. It made me feel a tad slutty and when I stepped into a pair of black what you called "fuck me" pumps that had been in the package, the stirrings in my pantyless crotch began.

Funny how you can be feeling perfectly normal one moment and the subtlest of stimuli can get your motor going. No sooner had I slipped the pumps on than You rang the bell for me to buzz You in. My heart ka-thumpa thumped and the feelings in my pelvic region launched into bitch in heat hypermode. I would have loved to have had You take me right there on the carpet again, but I knew You had some form of another threshold in store for me.

The anticipation of what it might be built as we drove out to the suburbs, down a wooded side road past a half dozen simple but lovely Dutch colonials to a more contemporary ranch at the cul de sac and pulled into the driveway. Walking to the front door, I clung to your arm. After pressing the doorbell You bent over and kissed my upturned lips, your tongue darting between them briefly. I thought I would melt.

When the door opened we were greeted by an effervescent blonde, her golden tresses draping well past her shoulders. She wore only a black lace bra and matching bikini panties. The bra did little to conceal very swollen nipples.

"Hi sweetie, I'm Denise."

As the door closed, she squashed herself against You and hugged as well as firmly planted a wet sloppy kiss on the lips that had just kissed mine. I guessed that the two of you had been together in the past.

Denise was joined by Stan, a man who stood a good six foot tall and was dressed in dark olive slacks and a cream colored polo. He reached for my hand and kissed it in that affected manner that many europeans do, but it also seemed charming and dear. I felt myself relax a bit as a result. They showed us in to a living room dominated by a pale camel colored sectional and two matching chairs. Sade purred in the background and the scent of sandalwood incense wafted through the space. Denise disappeared then returned bringing a small platter of nibbles then asked if I could help with the drinks as she only had two hands and there were four of us.

When we rejoined You and Stan, you were discussing the havoc that the recent golf tournament had wreaked on the community. I handed each of you a martini before settling into the sofa in as ladylike a manner as possible. It was difficult, as the skirt was short and the leather didn't slide easily against the other leather. Once I was situated, Denise handed me a pale pink concoction in a martini glass. It was slightly bubbly, slightly fruity, and very potent tasting. I asked what was in it.

"Absolut Mandarin, a bit of champagne, a bit of simple syrup, and elderflower liquor." It sounded as exotic as it tasted.

She nonchalantly curled up on the sofa, as though it was perfectly normal to sit there in bra and panties in the presence of someone you'd just met. The conversation continued until about halfway through the drinks, a buzzer sounded from the kitchen and she hopped off, demanding I accompany her. We removed a tray of baked hors d'oeuvre from the oven and slid them onto a serving platter before returning once again to the living room.

The conversation had shifted to a recent incident regarding a certain local broadcast personality and rumors about her sexual proclivities. I set the small tray of food on the coffee table and as I straightened up I felt Denise's hands at my waist.

"Lets get you more comfy sweetie. That mini and my sofa don't seem to care too much for each other."

She spun me around and unfastened the blouse buttons then slipped it off my shoulders, pressing herself against me as she did. After tossing the filmy garment aside, she spun me one eighty again and proceeded to unzip the skirt, allowing it to drop to my ankles. I riveted my eyes on yours as I stepped out of it, kicking it toward the blouse. From my waist to the tops of the stockings I was naked as a jaybird, my hairless crotch neatly framed by bustier, stockings, and a pair of garter straps. Both You and Stan were smiling and I noticed that you both had to adjust the crotch of your pants a bit. Denise noticed as well, prompting a giggle on her part.

I loved having that effect and I also was enjoying being on display for You and these two. The attire only added to the sensation. I felt like the sexiest thing in the world and I actually wished that there was more of an audience. I got the impression that Denise could have cared less, but Stan was very clearly enjoying the show.

"Have a seat over here." he said, patting the broad arm of the leather chair he was ensconced in. I strutted over and perched sidesaddle on the massive leather arm. It felt good on my bare backside and then I realized my labia were also in direct contact with it. I hoped I didn't leave a stain behind when it came time to stand up. The furniture looked like it must have cost a fortune.

Looking at You Denise spoke next. "Now we need to get you more comfortable as well. You boys are definitely overdressed."

Extending her hand, she pulled You to your feet and proceeded to un zip your pants, dropping them to the floor. I hadn't noticed earlier but both You and Stan were at this point barefoot. The pants joined my skirt and blouse and then so did your shirt, leaving You standing there in nothing but a pair of black stretch briefs, a prominent bulge on view in the front. Denise slipped a hand inside the waistband, took hold of your goods, then tugged the briefs down far enough with her other hand so that your dick was exposed but your gonads were still covered.

"Yummy, nice hard cock all ready for play."

Your response was to remove the briefs entirely then reach behind Denise's back and unclasp her bra, setting her breasts free. They were a bit larger than mine and dangled merrily. Her aureoles were immense and the aforementioned nipples were still swollen stiff. She grasped your shaft as You sucked first one and then the other fat nipple into your mouth. One of your hands disappeared into the front of her panties as Denise started stroking your cock in earnest. Soon her panties were off, revealing a thick nest of dark curls that all but concealed her slit and lips. I watched your middle finger disappear into the thicket of hair and then you began a slow but steady regimen of in and out of her love hole. The expression on her face changed from happy go lucky I'm wandering around in my underwear to one of lustful harlot. Her eyes swapped twinkle for a darker more wanton mode and her lips parted as her chest began to heave slightly in unison with the thrusts of your hand. After a few minutes you added a second finger and then a third.

But Denise evidently wanted something more substantial than just a couple fingers in there. Bending around she lifted the cover off a decorative box that sat amidst the food on the coffee table and from it withdrew a condom. She broke the package open then knelt down so that your rigid shaft was at eye level and proceeded to stretch and roll the latex sheath onto it. I was surprised that she hadn't elected to suck on your magnificent manhood some. If I had been the one with that gorgeous thing right in my face it would most certainly have would up in my mouth. Instead, she rose, took two steps backward to the sofa, plunked down on it and spread her legs wide apart. With both hands she pulled aside the dark curls and then her labia as well, exposing a gaping hole. It was deep pink, almost red and glistening with juices.

It was the first time I'd seen another woman exposed like that. I found myself taking pride in that fact that I was hairless there. That way there was nothing that obscured the view of my bits and I was learning to take pride in showing off every inch of my body, not just to You, but to anyone interested. My new passion seemed to be knowing that someone was or might be looking at me while I was naked or nearly so. And I also liked the shock that a hairless crotch seemed to engender in most people. Like I said earlier, this was a few years back. Now it seems that everyone is either shaved or trimmed down to some version of a landing strip.

With no hesitation You stepped forward, bent down and with one forceful shove drove your ramrod deep into her. Denise turned out to be extremely vocal during sex, beginning with a loud shriek of "YES!" as You entered her. You turned and our eyes again locked as Denise wrapped her legs around your waist. The two of you bounced up and down on the sofa and her vocabulary grew ever more colorful.

"Fuck me baby. Fuck my red hot pussy. Gimme that nice hard cock. Harder harder harder! Punish my cunt with that fuckpole of yours!" It was peppered with shrieks, grunts, groans, and squeals, all at full volume. I'm certain they could've heard her in the next county.

I felt Stan's hand on my thigh. As the action on the sofa continued, his hand wandered to my crotch where after a little stroking he slid a finger between my labia and fingered me for a bit, much like you had done to his wife. Pulling the finger out he offered it to me to suck on. Like a good girl I cleaned my juices from it. Stan then proceeded to stand, undress, and then offer me his half rigid penis. I sucked on that as well and it very quickly grew thick and stiff. It was larger than yours and I had trouble taking much of it into my mouth but Stan seemed to be enjoying himself nevertheless. I began to be a little concerned that he would want me to have sex with him. He was larger than anything I had ever dealt with before (namely my ex, You, and whoever that mystery man had been).

Soon Stan was reaching for the little box and donning a condom. I knew I was in for it now. My heart rate went up a couple clicks and a rush came over me. I was going to not only experience another new cock inside me, it was a good sized one too. Stan led me over to the sofa where You and Denise were grinding away. He gently pushed me into place right alongside Denise and I found myself in the identical position, legs spread wide and Stan lowering himself onto me then guiding his member so that it made contact with my pussy then slowly pressed forward, gradually guiding first the head and then most of the shaft into me.

I was surprised that I accommodated it as easily as I did. I felt very very filled as he began to slowly slide back and forth, in and out. I felt very good but it was also a bit strange lying there in that position, my body pressed against Denise's while You and she had sex. Stan and I got into our own rhythm, slower and less forceful than what the two of you were up to. It went on and on, all the while with Denise's obscenities punctuating the activities. You were for the most part your usual quiet self, the occasional grunt or moan being all that emerged from your mouth.

Stan was nowhere near as vocal as Denise, but at one point he exclaimed "What a wonderful tight cunt!". Right after that I heard your moans reach a crescendo accompanied by a "YES! YES! YES!" from Denise. Soon after, I felt Stan's body tense up as he followed suit, moaning loudly and initiating another "YES! YES! YES!" from his wife.

Stan climbed off me shortly thereafter and then You dismounted from Denise. My legs were no longer apart and You were only half erect as You peeled off the condom. Denise tuck out her hand to take it from You and Stan handed her his as well. She disappeared and Stan asked if we would like to join them for a shower. It turned out that they had an immense marble and glass clad stall that we all fit easily in. We lathered one another up, giggled and laughed until the warm water ran out, then toweled one another off. Back in the living room we munched on the remains of the food, washed down by icy Perrier that Denise fetched from the kitchen. Even after the rest of us had put our clothes back on she remained naked and barefoot.

We hugged at the door as we parted. Stan held his wife with one arm wrapped around her, his hand cupping a breast, playing with the nipple between his fingers. I imagine they had another round as soon as we left.

There was little conversation on the way to my place. When we got there You asked if all was OK.

"Yes, I just was sorta jealous as I watched you and Denise fuck." I was surprised at how easily the F word had slid out of my mouth. "I wanted to play with your cock tonight and I didn't get a chance."

We were in a darker corner of the parking lot. You unzipped your pants, exposing your flaccid member. Leaning over I took it into my mouth and in seconds it swelled to full size. That was more like it, I liked the now familiar feel of its form and size. I sucked and slurped away on it until the inevitable eruption came, filling my mouth with hot semen. When I was certain the pulses had ceased I sat up and smiled.


I just swallowed and smiled, then gently kissed your cheek. As I exited the car I asked if I would see You the next day.

"Yeah, talk to ya' in the morning."

I clickety-clackety strutted my way down the long sidewalk to the entry vestibule thinking about what a little slut I'd become. For so many years I'd only experienced sex with one man. Now I'd felt what it was like to have had three different penises inside me. Mystery man had felt very much like You but Stan was bigger. I wouldn't necessarily say better, just different. I felt more filled certainly, but there was something about the shape of your tool that fit me just right and seemed to just send me over the edge in no time once it was buried to the hilt inside me. I longed for that wonderful sensation of it deep within me again soon.

That next day was a Sunday and You took me for a nice long drive down through the southerntier in that marvelous machine of yours. It purred and rumbled like a wild animal and accelerated like a gazelle, but mostly I loved the black leather seats, especially wearing as little as I was that day. You provided for me a white bodysuit along with a short wrap skirt that was easily removed (and was rarely on). The bodysuit molded itself to my contours, particularly in the crotch, with a deep cleft forming there. The hindside was virtually non-existant, being thong backed and halter necked. Thus, my bare flesh was in constant contact with the leather seat. You also kept the air conditioning turned up just enough to ensure that my nipples made themselves constantly evident.

About an hour into our travels You pulled over and instruct me to get out, wearing only the bodysuit. You then sped off only to come to a stop a few hundred feet down the road, forcing me to walk along the shoulder to reach You. Of course, several other vehicles drove by as I did. I certainly hope they enjoyed the view, as I was essentially naked from the rear. I pranced along in my sandals with heels doing my best to act totally nonchalant. When I caught up with You I made certain to walk along the driver's side then around the front of the car just to taunt You.

Eventually we found a quiet place to pull off, hiked up a low hill and both stripped naked to fuck in the wide open at the crest. I got on all fours and presented myself for You to mount from behind and You proceeded to pound the daylight out of me once your sausage was inside my welcoming hole. I came after a while and before You did, You withdrew and rose to your feet so that I might take said sausage into my mouth. There was an immediate blast of thick hot semen erupting across my tongue and down my throat. I swallowed, managing to gargle out a "Thank you" as I did. We walked back to the car naked and even though You got dressed again, we drove for quite a ways before I slipped the bodysuit back on.

That week we went to the beach every day at lunchtime and each time there was another tiny thong for to wear, always a different color fabric. On one of the days it was a white one and I realized after taking a dip in the lake that it turned totally transparent when wet. Margaret had elected to cool off at the same time. She looked at me as I emerged from the water, rolling her eyes as she saw how exposed I was.

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