tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThroes of Passion Ch. 01

Throes of Passion Ch. 01


So! This is my first stab at literotica! Feel free to criticize, tear apart, complement, etc. HOWEVER, I really would like to improve my writing along the way, so I would appreciate comments/emails that offer genuine feedback. Also, a quick thanks to Steve150177 for helping with the editing process. Cheers!

***Note that they speak in a different language than English, the italicized words are supposed to be when she speaks English***



"What is your name?" A harsh voice asked before me. I was kneeling on the sandy ground, with no ability to see anything around me, no idea where I was. I struggled to make words, but my mind was foggy and I couldn't speak.

"What is your name?" The voice asked again, sounding more impatient. I didn't know my name and I couldn't speak so I stayed silent. My mind searched for words from this strange language to emerge from my immobile mouth. I heard the man take a couple steps before pain laced through my cheek, the pink handprint throbbing on my skin. Now I was livid, something in me clicked in place and I knew my voice would not seize again.

"I will ask one more time," said the man threateningly. "And only one more time." How could I respond without my name? I tried to hold back the anger in my voice.

"I do not know." I spat out truthfully. The words seemed wrong on my ears, I had a different accent than the man in front of me. The man gave a short, irritated sigh and muttered a word I did not understand. "Do not lie woman," he said angrily. "What. Is. Your. Name?" "I do not know," I repeated stupidly.

"Your name will be Sabine," he said then moved on to the next woman.

I was afraid. I couldn't remember anything beyond waking up to the blackness of my blindfold on the ground with all the other people, whom I assumed were women by the sounds of their voices. There was nothing of my past stored in my memory. There was only the future to look to, but that didn't look too bright either at the moment. I had a feeling it involved a lot of involuntary sex.

A long time passed, my knees had gone numb and my stomach growled angrily. The only nourishment we received had been a drink of hot water from an equally hot container. Wherever I was, there was no escape from the heat; the sun beat against my naked body and the air seemed to suck the moisture out of my pores before sweat could form. It felt like an eternity had passed in this mental torture.

"Up," A voice commanded and I felt a tug along the chain behind my back which connected all the women together. I only had time to stand up before we began to walk backwards. We walked for ages before I heard the rumble of a large crowd coming closer and closer. The ground burned so much I wouldn't be surprised if the skin had blistered off my soles and I was leaving bloody footprints behind.

"Halt!" commanded the voice and all the women paused. There was the sound of chains unlocking and voices roaring.

"Gentlemen!" Cried out a man's voice, and I tried to hold back a sarcastic snort. No real gentlemen would be buying sex slaves. "Our first woman!" I heard the woman cry out in fear and booming voices putting a price on her body. I had no idea what the currency was so I couldn't tell whether she was sold for a little or a lot. Woman after woman was auctioned off and I tried to hold back my angry tears. I did not want to be sold. This was not happening. This was not happening. But it was.

I waited with anxiety building up in the pit of my stomach, waiting for a steely hand to clasp my arm and drag me out to the crowd. But no hand touched me, we simply started moving once more. I was confused and slightly afraid. Were we not to be sold? Would the men keep us for themselves? I shuddered with disgust. Freedom fleeted across my mind, but I knew it was a far-fetched wish.

"Walk," instructed a different voice, and the woman behind me started up again. I winced as I took steps on my sore feet once again, my legs shaky from fatigue. The sun didn't seem to be burning as hot anymore, the air becoming cooler and the hunger I had set aside seemed to come back twofold. We walked again for ages, the earth beneath our feet slowly going from sand to dirt to grass to a stone pathway and then onto cool floors of a building. By the time we were finished I had broken into a sweat and was ready to collapse.

My chains were undone and my blindfold removed. I squinted to adjust to my eyes to the bright room. There was a large pool of water in the center. Rocks were carefully placed along the edges and the ground beneath me was sand. Water seemed to bubble up from the center.

"You will all be bathed and dressed, you will be collected shortly after." A man with a deep tan and a serious face said before he walked out of the large room with two guards trailing behind him. Whoever he was, he seemed important.

I went to the edge of the water and dipped a toe in. The warmth put a small smile on my lips despite the stressful events unfolding around me. I slid into the water and started rubbing the grime off my body before I heard someone approach me from behind.

"Miss," said a small accented voice. "I will attend to your preparation." I turned to see a dark girl with wide eyes staring at my pale skin with open wonder. She averted her eyes when I caught her staring.

"I can take care of myself," I said a bit harsher than I intended. I saw a flash of fear in her eyes when she looked back up at me.

"I must miss." There was a finality in her voice, that and a deep desperation I could not understand.

"Please," she begged softly, her voice firm. I nodded and relief filled her features. She took a sponge and a bar of soap and started roughly scrubbing my skin. I grimaced as she worked the dirt off my body, surprised at her strength for one so small. I looked around and saw four other girls around my age receiving the same treatment.

The four others shared darker skin, their hair color a thick black which hung, for the most part, to the small of their backs. They looked very similar ethnically wise with their almond eyes and their oval faces, but each held independent features. All were equally beautiful though. I imagined these women dressed in elegant clothes, hanging off the arm of some hunk. Three of the women seemed to be happy to be in such a place, the fourth looked as miserable as I felt. I wondered if she had a family missing her right now, parents and siblings. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt the sponge brush against my sensitive nipples.

"Sorry miss, I must." The young girl blushed profusely as she moved to my nether region as well. The sponge rubbed against my clit and I felt my own cheeks flush with embarrassment as I felt my body reacting so easily. Soon after, she finished washing my body and took out what looked like long strips of paper.

"This is the worst part," she admitted, giving me an apologetic look. I suddenly knew it was for waxing and I gritted my teeth. She was incredibly thorough in the removal of my hair, and I stifled a little cry every time a long path of hair was ripped from my body. I had no pain tolerance. She ripped hairs from my face, arms, legs, and my pubic mound, only leaving a small patch of hair to prove my womanhood.

"What is your name?" I asked the young girl in front of me. She looked up, a little shocked I would ask such a thing and then she gave me a little smile.

"I am Kina, who are you?" I faltered for a second, trying to remember the name the man had given me.

"My name is Sabine." But I did not know who I was. The girl combed my long brown hair and fixed it so it would gently curl down my back.

Kina rubbed ointment onto my burned soles and sunburned skin, making me feel a thousand times better. After that she rubbed a sweet smelling cream all over my body that gave my skin a healthy glow before attaching strips of flimsy fabric to my body. Her steady hands applied kohl to my eyes before she applied a soft balm to my lips and powdered a shimmery substance all over my skin. She took in my appearance and seemed satisfied with her work. I, on the other hand, felt like a sacrificial lamb.

Before we could say anything else to each other, the man from before barged into the room. "I hope he chooses you," she said to me softly before I followed the man from the room.

I didn't know what to take away from her final words. Perhaps this man we would meet was kind? It seemed impossible based off the haunted look on Kina's face and the fact he had just bought five new sex slaves.

We walked down richly decorated corridors and ended up before a large set of doors. Perhaps I could find escape, I wondered while looking around. The windows I saw only showed a vast expanse of desert under the bright moon, I cringed thinking of the unbearable heat of the sun from this afternoon. There had to be another way. The man opened the double doors and motioned us to follow behind him.

The sound of tinkling laughter and rumbling voices halted as we entered. I surveyed the room and found many beautiful women lounging on cushions in a corner, their eyes were filled with hatred. I then moved my eyes across the rest of the room, my gaze settling on a powerful man sitting on a throne before us. The man had black hair like the others in the room, his skin was bronzed from the sun and his physique was rather impressive. In any other situation I would be happy to have met him.

"My Sheik," the man said before climbing the stairs to stand to his right. "The new batch."

The new batch? I felt anger flair inside of me, how unimportant we were to them, how disposable I thought bitterly. How many other women had come here in this manner? I couldn't help the scowl that formed on my face and I saw the sheik lazily perusing my angry features.

He stood and came to one of the girls in the front who had a tiny mole on her butt. He gently cupped her breasts and stroked her skin for awhile before moving onto the next girl. He touched each girl in the same manner, coming to me last. I felt him cup my breasts and the feel of his calloused hands rubbing across my nipples made an involuntary shiver run through my body and straight to my sex. He caressed my slightly burned skin and his thumb brushed my belly button, his touch left a trail of goosebumps behind. I couldn't hold back a slightly disgusted expression at my wanton reaction and he leaned down to my ear.

"You will be mine." He whispered possessively before cupping my mound. I shook my head angrily, unsure whether my voice was safe to use without screaming in rage. His golden eyes darkened at my silent rejection.

"You do not have a choice." He saw the defiance in my eyes and a finger pressed between the folds of my cunt, finding me, to my dismay, slick. His eyes took on a different type of darkness, one filled with desire as he brought his finger to the light. It glistened with my juices.

"How dare you!" In my rage I slapped his finger away and his eyes hardened once more from the liquid state they had been in. I had no chance to react as he tossed me over his shoulder in one swift motion. I felt the air whoosh out of my lungs and I struggled to fight against him with the emotions I had suppressed since the time I had woken up this morning.

"Bastard!" I screamed out at him while throwing my arms against his back in tiny fists and kicking my legs out. I saw the completely shocked expressions of the people the sheik had left behind as he strode down the hall to a flight of staircases.

He threw open a door in no time and dropped me onto the large bed. I scrambled to get off the bed, but he pinned me in no time, his hand securing both of my wrists over my head. I tried to buck him off me with my hips, but realized that it had the opposite effect.

His mouth moved to my throat and started teasing my skin with little licks and nibbles. A little fire started and I let out an involuntary moan as his mouth pressed against the hollow of my neck. He continued his soft caresses until I melted beneath him, his lips trailing down to one of my breasts. He pulled off my thin garments and I shuddered with delight as his mouth closed over a nipple, sucking and scraping against it with his teeth. My nerves felt as though they were on fire under his expert mouth, I never wanted him to stop.

My thighs started rubbing against each other from my excitement and I felt his thumb massaging my inner thigh, releasing tension before he settled himself better between my thighs. I felt my cunt throbbing with need, and I tried to plead for my release, anything to stop the burning fire I could feel within me.

"Your highness," I whimpered as he started rubbing my clit in sensuous circles. His eyes met mine expectantly. "Please..."

I lost my ability to think as his other hand released my wrists and started probing the flesh around my throbbing sex. I made a soft whimper as his fingers touched the opening to my weeping cunt.

"Please, what?" He asked, his golden eyes smoldering with hunger and amusement. "Oh god," I moaned as he pressed two fingers knuckle deep within me, my hips rose to meet them as I bit my bottom lip.

"This is wrong." I said between breaths. He started moving his fingers back out before pressing them all the way in, applying pressure to the inner walls of my vulnerable sex. I was lost in the moment, my hips rising to meet the rhythm of his fingers.

"Don't fight it." He responded, my hands gripped the sheets beneath me as I writhed under his expert hands. I was so close, I could feel myself slipping off the edge of sanity before he withdrew from me completely. I cried out from my loss and seeked to finish myself off. I slid my hand down my body, yet my hands were restrained once again.

"This is my body," he said while tying my wrists together, I fought against him but it was to no avail. "Only I pleasure it." I tried to move away from him in anger, but he grasped my legs and spread them apart as he finished pulling his breeches off of him. I felt tears sting my eyes, but fought to prevent them from spilling. There was no way he would see my weakness.

In the dim lighting of the room I could see his large cock aiming towards the opening of my slick folds. I tried to close my eyes and turn my head, but he grabbed my chin between his thumb and forefinger.

"Open your eyes." he ground out, pressing the bulbous head of his cock against my entrance. As soon as I made eye contact with him, he pressed his member deep inside of me. I cried out with mixed pain and pleasure at his sudden intrusion. He felt snug within me as he slowly pulled back out and thrust deeper than before. Soft moans started coming from me as the thrusts became more and more pleasurable and he set a rhythm, pulling his cock out so just the head was settled inside and thrusting balls deep within me.

"This is your life now," He ground out, his voice husky with lust. I cried out as I felt my orgasm fast approaching, the fire that had been burning before seemed to consume my entire body.

"No!" I cried out as my body started to tighten beneath him. I repeated the word as if it were a mantra, my only lifeline, it died on my lips as my orgasm overcame me.

My eyes rolled back into my head as I rode my tidal wave of pleasure. My legs wrapped tightly around his hips, locking him in place as he continued to grind into me. My body shook beneath him and my cunt was rippling against his cock.

I came down from my intense pleasure and felt he was still hard within me. He untied my hands and rolled me over so I was on hands and knees on his bed. He pressed his cock back against my dripping cunt and thrust all the way to the hilt before setting a rapid pace. He was hitting all the right spots, making me squirm uncontrollably beneath him, and I was soon moaning again, feeling the build up of another orgasm fast approaching.

I was on the brink once more and a second orgasm, more intense than the first hit me as I felt his cock enlarge and swell deep within me. He groaned as his seed spurted into my womb and pasted my insides while I shook in uncontrollable ecstasy beneath him.

"This is your life now," he repeated huskily in my ear before I felt the toll of the stressful day take over and the edges of my vision blacken.


I woke up groggy and confused. I wasn't in the same place I fell asleep, I was in a smaller room with a black curtain that hung over the doorway on the far side. The floor was a cool, grey stone and the walls were colored a vibrant blue. Had the sheik carried me back here? I stretched for a split second, allowing my aching muscles to release tension before I was reminded of my unnurtured stomach. It growled irritatedly at me and I obediently crawled out of the twin sized bed in search for food.

"Sore?" Asked a voice filled with disdain. I had only just stepped out of my room when a beautiful woman with flowing black hair and olive skin walked in front of me. She stepped directly in front of me, her almond eyes glancing at my features from my feet to my hair, sizing me up.

"Watch yourself," she said very softly, her expression menacing before she left with a flourish of her barely-concealing fabrics. I stood in shock, was she jealous? All this because of some measly man? Not measly, God-like. I corrected myself. I shook my head at her in disbelief.

One day in and I was already making enemies, I thought wryly to myself. Before I could take another step a gentle hand grasped my arm.

"Miss," I turned around and met the wide brown eyes of Kina. "Are you hungry?"

I nodded, rather quickly and a small giggle burst from the girls lips. She covered it with a fast hand and turned around as though it had been a mistake.

"Follow me miss," she said solemnly as I was left to wonder at her odd behavior. I wanted to ask her about it, but dismissed it for that moment, my primal urge taking over. She led me through the long hall, which must have been the women's quarters, and down a series of stairs.

I tried to memorize the turns we took before we ended up in a large dining hall. Round, polished tables were scattered across the room, a longer, rectangular off to the side. I assumed that's where the sheik from last night would sit with his most important advisors.

We continued walking across the room to a double set of swinging doors where the busy kitchen burst to life.

"They will give you a quick snack here before I teach you what you must know." She left me for a second, immersing herself in the organized thrum of the kitchen before reappearing with a loaf of bread, cheese and a fruit of some sort.

"Eat miss," she said before pressing the food in my arms and disappearing once more. She came back and gave me a tall glass of water. I ate ravenously, swallowing faster than I could chew, since I had been deprived the day before. I finished the meal with the drink and thanked her.

"Please call me Sabine," I requested and the girl gave a small smile before nodding.

"Follow me," she said before testing out the name. "Sabine."

I gave her a friendly smile before she led me to the other side of the kitchen where a series of trays, pitchers and other items lay.

"When the men take their meal tonight you must be there to serve them alongside of the other women." She went through the process of telling me the order in which I would use each item and the rules when serving the men. I wondered how many other women she must have told these same directions to as well, she seemed very automatic in her explanations.

"How was he last night?" Kina suddenly asked. I looked up at her, surprised and she immediately blushed.

"I-I mean," she stammered a bit. "I hear he's inconsiderate." At this point I was the one blushing, I gave a small laugh at her curiosity.

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