tagGay MaleThugs Break In

Thugs Break In


I am a young black man and a total power bottom slut. I love nothing more than being gang banged by a group of sexy guys, preferably black, with big dicks. This is the story of how I became this way.

After four years, I was finally moving out of my student apartment. I was 23 and a graduate with a top law degree. Black, good looking and ambitious in Philadelphia. Excited was an understatement for me. It had been a good time living here but I was quite looking forward to move on. My new place was definitely more uptown. Soon, I would start working for a highly regarded law firm and move into my new professional loft, leaving behind my slightly dingy place I had been renting for four years of college.

But things hadn't gone smoothly. I was pacing around the emptying apartment, with the phone to my ear and still on hold, annoyed because the moving company and security had mixed up the dates for my transfer. Somehow, the security company had uninstalled the alarm system a day early but the moving company had called late and told me that all my stuff would only be moved two days later. Finally, someone was started talking to me again.

"Very sorry sir- but our policies remain firm. Your request to move all your furniture came slightly later than a normal working window, which is why we couldn't guarantee you the day you asked for. It's part of the risk you took," the slightly high-up-in-the-company-man's voice from the movers told me.

"Part of the risk I took?" I asked, standing there, trying to negotiate.

"Yes. I'm very sorry sir. We are willing to offer you a 20% discount on your total price."

"Okay. I will take that up. But I just want you to know, my alarm system has already been shut down and I've still got my belongings here. How's that for risk?"

"Oh I see. My suggestion is that you stay another night in your apartment. Very sorry sir."

Angry was an understatement for me. "Ok," I said through clenched teeth and hung up the phone. "Fuck!"

Later that day, I was standing in my kitchen and drinking wine from the bottle. All of my expensive entertainment stuff had been moved already so I was pretty bored and a bottle of red seemed to take the edge of things. By ten I was on the second bottle and near drunk. By eleven I was stumbling to my room, tired after a busy day of organizing my leaving and dealing with bullshit. I got undressed, down to my underwear, crashed into my bed and fell asleep.

Something woke me up. I stirred in my bed, groggily yawning as I could feel the wine still having its effects and lifted my head of the pillow. I turned around and saw three figures standing over my bed. Instantly I jumped into sitting position.

"Wake up nigger." One of them said.

I rubbed my eyes and tried to focus in the dark. I switched my lamplight on and soon as I saw them, I felt instant fear. They were wearing balaclavas. Burglars.

"What do you want?" I asked, sounding a bit brave I thought.

"Where's all the expensive shit?" one of them asked.

"I've moved it all. I took most of that stuff over to my new place already." I said, trying not to smile as I realized that I had stopped them from stealing my prized possessions.

One of them turned to the other. "Nigger you fucked up! What the fuck we going to do? Your boy told you this place had goods. There ain't shit here," he said angrily.

"Man, he's lying," the guy said and to my horror pulled out a pistol from his waist and pointed it at me. "Where the fuck is it bitch?" he demanded.

"I'm serious man, it's not here." I said, holding my hands up.

"Search the boxes," the gun holder said. The other two guys left my bedroom and left me alone with the other guy, his gun still pointing at my head. He told me to put my hands down and relax, letting me know as soon as they took what they wanted, they would leave. This didn't reassure me very much but I put my hands down and tried to make the tension go down. He started to search some of the places in my room, obviously looking for expensive material and I don't know what else. He looked through one my clothes drawer, one I hadn't packed yet.

"Whoa!" he said," what do we have here?" He turned around, spinning underwear on his finger and looking arrogant. I squinted at him and saw that it wasn't actually underwear- it was a jockstrap, one that I used to wear when I used to play football. I told him that.

"Nigger, you ever suck dick before?" he asked me.

"Yes," I said. I was a little surprised that I told him that but the situation felt so candid. Plus I think I was still a bit drunk.

"Oh yeah? Glad to hear that nigger," he said. He started to unbuckle his jeans. I looked at him in bewilderment. "What's wrong dude? You know you going to suck this dick."

"Hell no, fuck off nigger!" I said. But he rushed at me, slapped me and pointed the gun very close to my face and asked me to repeat myself. I felt a mixture of fear; anger and adrenaline rush through my body.

"Don't say shit that will get you killed nigger. No is not a word you want to be using tonight. Now, while we wait for my friends to look through your shit, how about we pass the time by you making this dick wet? How about it nigger? And don't say no."

Well that left things down to really only one option. He dropped his jeans and underwear down and grabbed his dick, presenting it to my face. I had no choice but to lean in and swallow it.

"That's it boy," he said.

I sucked on his dick, swallowing the head and gently applying some suction. Somewhere in my head I was screaming but at the same time, I felt a little calm. How the hell did this happen? My tongue licked and swiveled around underneath his dick head. This caused him to cringe in pleasure and he put his hand on my head. Pretty soon, his dick started to grow in my mouth and I started to bob. I listened to him as he moaned and this encouraged me on. I hadn't sucked dick in a while and even when I was still on the bisexual side, I wasn't doing it that often. But I did know how and that was why this burglar was dick hard deep in my mouth. I tried to swallow more and more, accommodating as much as I could. He pulled out and I lunged back at him, needing his cock back in my mouth. Feverishly, I sucked his cock, bobbing my head up and down on it in rhythm with my hand stroking up and down the length of his fat shaft.

"Yeah you love this shit don't you, you slut," he said and I frowned a little. Normally, I wouldn't take that kind of shit lying down but with his gun so close to my head, I didn't think I had much choice. As a matter of fact, I was beginning to enjoy it.

He pulled out again and I stuck my tongue out. He started to beat my lips and face with his dick, now about 10 black inches and he pushed my head back so I was looking up at him. He smiled an aggressive sneer. All I could see were his menacing eyes and mouth as the black balaclava hid all his other facial features. I could hear the other guys coming back in and still didn't stop sucking his dick.

"We couldn't find anything yo- whoa! Oh my god! Nigger you still up with your faggot bullshit?" one of them shouted as soon as they saw his friend with his dick in my mouth.

Laughing, he replied to them," Shit niggers, this preppy motherfucker ain't got shit in this house. Best we can do is bust a nutt out of this bitch. At the very least, for our troubles. He's the best cocksucker I've had in a while."

"Motherfucker you crazy. I ain't doing any of that homo shit."

"Man don't be such a stiff, get your dick out and bring it here."

I listened to them as they talked. Somehow, this was actually happening. And somehow, he was able to persuade them and they now stood in front of me, their dicks out. I stroked on them while sucking the gun holder in the middle. Then I altered and sucked on the other dicks. Very soon they were hard too. Somehow my night had come to this, me sucking on three dicks belonging to thugs who didn't care about me.

"Get on your knees slut." The guy in the middle said and he grabbed me by head and began to face fuck me, driving his long dick deep in my throat. The others guys were impressed by this and decided I was to receive a similar treatment from them and they all took turns forcing me to take their face fucking and even tried to get me to deep throat, though I couldn't do that without gagging. Spit and pre-cum littered my face. I had already taken my shirt off. My own dick was rock hard and the more they abused me, the more excited I became and the more of their abuse I craved.

They undressed me and forced me on to the bed on all fours. One of them got in front of me and forced me down on his dick. I sucked it while the other two were playing with my ass. Fingers began to tease, probe and poke my butt. Slowly, they inserted their digits into my ass as they stretched it wider.

"Yeah niggers! Stretch that ass!" I said, encouraging them as much as they enjoyed actually doing it. I felt a fat cock head pressing against my ass and soon felt pressure and then my sphincter yielded as one of them penetrated me and began to fuck me. How it hurt and yet it didn't take long for the pleasure to build.

I remember the first and only time I had been fucked in the ass. Tyrone, one of my best friends and fellow football team mate. We had been living together for a few months and the sexual chemistry had been building. When we both realized we were actively bisexual, there were very few inhibitions left. Only Tyrone took me hard- in a battle of the tops I had come out bottom. Now here I was again, being a bottom whilst normally I would be topping. The truth was that I really enjoyed fucking guys but whenever I find that top- someone like Tyrone or these thugs here, who can exert that thug power and aggression, not only do I power bottom like I've been doing it for years, I actually become a complete whore.

As the first guy pulled out, in the brief seconds I wasn't being penetrated, my asshole ached to be fucked and felt empty and loose. The first guy came around in front of me and before I knew even what was happening, he shoved his cock into my mouth. He reached under me and grabbed hold of my nipples and began tugging on them, pulling me forward as he thrust his hips and shoved his cock down my throat. I had to quickly relax my throat to keep from choking, but it was obvious that he didn't care. My mouth was just a hole for him to use. I was only more turned on by being used so roughly and the tugging on my nipples made me ache for even more. I forced my ass back onto the guy fucking me, trying everything to satisfy the aching in my balls and begging him to fuck me harder. I felt the hard cock slide slowly into me and hips soon pressing against my ass. He grabbed my hips and soon there was a rhythm with me slamming back and forth between the cock in my mouth and the one in my ass. The third dick I tried to take care of by jacking off and occasionally sucking off. But it got to the point when they were recycling on such a regular basis that I didn't know who was fucking my ass or mouth anymore.

"Fuck me! Yeah beat that pussy up! Slap my ass boy! Beat it up!" I yelled as one of them slammed into me roughly, forcing inches of long black dick into my puckering hole. I was pushed on to the bed and my ass was raised up in the air. One of them began to fuck into me like a pneumatic drill, pressing my head onto its side and against the mattress, completely dominating me. I bit and slobbered onto the bed sheet and moaned loud.

"Yeah moan like that bitch! Fuck him dawg!" the other two encouraged the guy fucking me as they watched from the side. Eventually, they all had their rides on my back.

"I want this bitch on his back now," one of them said and flipped me onto my back."Spread your legs wide hoe!" he instructed."I want to watch your face as I rape your sexy ass. I ain't had pussy this good since coming out of prison."

He slid his fat dick up inside me. This was the guy who had originally stayed with me and therefore started this whole thing. Apart from the balaclava, he was completely naked. Menacing prison tattoos adorned his body and he grunted as he fucked me, grasping me by the neck as he drove all ten inches deep into my guts with furious speed, as if he were angry with me. The speed at which his thrusts were smashing into mine were not even close to what I thought the human body could take. How my ass would feel tomorrow I don't know but I was glad the movers weren't here for another day at least.

He pulled out and straddled my chest, forcing his nasty, musky dick into my mouth and sucked him clean. "That's right hoe, you nasty little freak. Bet you've never been dicked this good huh, college boy?" he taunted me as he fucked my face. He forced more and more of his dick into me until I was deep throating his massive pipe.

He climbed off my chest but suddenly I was grabbed by my ankles and pulled down towards the end of the bed, where another guy was waiting impatiently. He flipped my legs over me chest and pressed me down hard. I moaned in discomfort as I was made to endure a position I was not normally in but he didn't care. They held me down as he pressed his hard dick and entered me again, fucking me well and deep.

"Yes nigger! Like that! Fuck me just like that," I said, whispering intensely. I could feel his sweat dripping onto me as he breathed heavily in the exercise, mixing with my own sweat. Judging by his intense expression, I could feel that he was close to the edge. "I want your nutt. I want your cream inside me."

He listened to me talk dirty to him and drove closer and closer to climax. The other two dicks were presented above my face and I greedily sucked on them from below, indulging in them as if they were grapes from a servant. I moaned like a whore as I pleased them and the fat dick stuffing my ass felt so good.

"Oh fuck!" the guy fucking me said. He collapsed on top of me, panting heavily as he came. I suddenly felt the warmness of his seed fill my body and moaned as his fluid defiled me. He raised himself off me and grabbed me by throat, slamming roughly into me as he milked the remaining cum out of his dick with my ass. "Take that! Bitch!" he shouted as he slammed into me, holding my body stiff with his grip around my neck.

He pulled out slowly and straddled my chest, his dick covered in cum. I raised my head and sucked him clean, moaning as I did.

"Who's next? I need all your loads inside me," I said. Somehow, I felt a little bit more empowered, using my whorish needs and lack of inhibition to continually hold my own in this gang bang by never shying away. They had control over me and did what they wanted for their pleasure- but as long as I did not appear to mind how they treated me or even went as far as doing more than what they asked for, I robbed them of their feeling like they were in complete control. When they would leave the house in the morning, they wouldn't be sure whether they had made me into a slut or if they had simply just stumbled onto one.

Another one of them was fucking me now as I moaned on the dick that had just fucked and nutted inside me. The smell and taste of musk and cum drove me crazy. To my surprise, he came again. This time, he exploded all over my face, plastering my good looks with his second batch of thug seed. I was impressed with my talents. The guy fucking me came soon too, yelling uncontrollably as he blasted his seed deep inside my ass. After I cleaned his dick, I told the third guy to lie on the bed. I straddle him and rode him with my ass till I was driving him nuts, him slamming upwards with his hips to hit spots inside me that I didn't know I had. He started to yell, squeezed my ass in his hands as he did so and I knew he was busting a nutt. With the third and final nutt inside my ass, I felt somewhat accomplished and smiled as I collapsed on the bed, warm ooze leaking out of my stretched ass.

But they weren't done with me. After a brief respite, they were at my body again and I sucked dick only to prepare it for their further penetration of me. They fucked me again and when I was screaming with lust and abandonment, allowing my body to be fully abused as I was their slut I began to feel a strange sensation inside me. I was close to coming too. Never had I been fucked into coming but here I was, on the verge. And when his dick continued to pound deep inside my pussy, it finally struck too much and I erupted, blowing hot, steaming nutt all over my chest and up to my face. I cried loudly as I came, my hands throwing about wildly and my face screwed into an expression of ecstasy. My sphincter pulsed and squeezed uncontrollably and this caused the dick inside me to nutt and fill me up with another share of potent man seed.

I was still reeling in the aftermath of my intense orgasm when I noticed he had climbed off me, his dick spraying juice all over me as it exited me, and got off the bed. He pulled his mask off. I looked at him and at first didn't think I was seeing right, maybe I was drunk or too overcome with fucking. But no- it was Tyrone. He was standing, grinning menacingly. All I could do was look back in shock and horror.

"Wassup baby. You enjoy that. That's a nice little goodbye gift for you," he said. I couldn't say anything back. But it didn't matter.

After that night, I was his. The other two guys- friends of his- too. I had become their collective sex slave. Even though I had left college and worked in big, well known law firm- often I would drive back to be fucked by them and their friends, allowing them to gang bang me and use me as their private slut and to fulfill my unleashed craving for dick.

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